27 Gift Ideas for Elderly Men - Both Fun & Practical Options

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It can be difficult to buy good gifts for men and if you need to buy for older or elderly men it can be even more difficult. They probably have everything they need or want and have had many gifts over the years and so coming up with something original can be difficult. This is where this list will come in useful for you. We have all sorts of things to choose from and hopefully you will find something that will suit the elderly man that you are buying for. Whether it is something really useful or practical something original or something humorous and fun, you should be able to find something that will work.

27 Presents for Older Men

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This hilarious gift will bring a smile to the face to anyone with a good sense of humour. It is a pair of emergency plastic pants with elastic fitting. They are unisex, waterproof and non-stick so can be worn over clothes to protect them from spills and stains. They are seethrough and so you can see your normal clothes underneath them. They are part of Boxer Gifts Old Age Accessories range.

These gloves are specifically designed for anyone who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis in their hands. They come in small, medium and large, are breathable but give pressure to the hands to relieve inflammation and pain. The compression helps blood supply which should help the blood supply to the joins and they will also warm the hands. The gloves are fingerless so can be worn while doing tasks like typing and come in a range of colours.

This cooking apron has the fun slogan ‘It took me 60 years to look this good’ on it. It comes in a choice of colours black, blue, pink and red and is one size. It has a 33 inches height and a 23 inch width with a tie back so that it can be tightened to fit varying waist sizes. It is made from a cotton blend and is machine washable.

This fun gift will give everyone a good laugh. It is a portable ear trumpet so anyone that is getting older and a bit hard of hearing can use it. It is 8cm x 20cm and can therefore be pulled out in a situation where it is hard to hear. The packet even suggests it can be useful for peeing in an emergency! It is from Boxer Gifts Old Age Accessories range of products.

This sign is designed to be stuck in a car. It has a sicker at the top to attach it to glass, It says on it ‘Elderly Driver Please be Patient Thank you!’. It is on a white background with black writing and picture of a person in a vintage car. The words ‘Elderly driver’ are in red capital letters so they stand out. It measures 7.5 x 7.5 inches.

This funny desk accessory is a stand-up hazard sign. It says on it ‘senior moment in progress’. It measures 11.8cm x 25cm and will unfold to keep it standing up securely without support. It is bright yellow with red diagonal stripes and black writing so it will be seen from a long way away. A senior moment is a kind way to describe a lack of memory so good for anyone who is forgetful.

This is a fun spoof Mr Man t-shirt which says on it ‘Mr. Bowls’ with a picture of a round figure with a white bowling hat. It is available in grey, sky blue or white and is available in sizes small to 3XL. This will make a good gift for anyone who plays bowls or who is getting older and you want to hint that they should be slowing down a bit. It is made from cotton by Jonny Cotton Clothing.

This is a fun sweatshirt for anyone that is getting older. It says on the front of it ‘Old Lives Matter’. It is a long sleeved sweatshirt and unisex in a heather grey colour in sizes small to 2XL. It is a cotton and polyester mix and has a classic fit with twill taped neck. It can be put in a washing machine at a cold temperature and tumble dried.

These Mendeng braces can make a great gift for men. They have a leather strap and a stretchy fabric for the rest. They come in one size but are adjustable measuring 80cm – 125cm and they are 3.5cm side. They come in a variety of colours brown, beige, black, black/beige, blue dot, blue copper, black polka, black dot, blue paisley, bright brown, burgundy dot, burgundy paisley, dark red, dark grey and many more.

These thermal sleep socks will aid restful sleep as they prevent feet from getting cold and keeping you awake. They are brushed inside for a snuggly and comfortable fit and they are thermal to keep feet really warm in bed. There are two pairs included and they are made from 90% acrylic and 10% polyamide/nylon. They are size 6-11 and come in a choice of navy, dark purple or black.

This is a heated waistcoat/vest for keeping the body warm. It is sleeveless and zips up but has pockets. The jacket is battery powered and there are three temperature settings. It is lightweight so easy to wear and insulated. It is also waterproof and windproof so great for wearing outdoors. It can not only be used for keeping warm outside but for indoor use to keep warm and to soothe aches and pains.

This pair of memory foam Moccasin slippers have a lovely warm fuzzy lining. They are available in sizes 7-12 and in tan, grey or black. They have a gum rubber base which means that they can be worn outside briefly, perhaps to put out the bins or hang washing and they are non-slip. There is also a handy heel strap to make it easy to get them on. The insole has supportive EVA foam to mould to the feet for extra warmth and comfort.

These spectacle accessories are really useful. They comprise of a silicone glasses cord to keep them in place around the back of the head and some grip hooks to stop them slipping off the ears. These are designed for anyone who wears glasses and does sports and has trouble with glasses slipping off. They come in a choice of colours blue, green, red, yellow, black and white so you can match them to the colour of the spectacles or make a bright statement with them.

This is a fashionable folding walking stick. Really handy to store in a bag or car, it has a fun snow leopard design on it. It has a light aluminium shaft which is also strong and it folds into four sections. It is very easy to fold and unfold, even for hands which do not have much strength. It has a rubber ferrule on the bottom for anti-slip and a metal collar which looks smart. The plastic handle is petite in size, designed for smaller hands.

This is a lovely warm scarf design for elderly gentlemen. It is made from cotton and measures 30x180cm. It has an elegant pattern on it and is available in black ash, nasal grey and navy blue colours. It can be tied in all sorts of ways so it is convenient to use. It is a good size for most people so not too long or short. Will keep the neck warm in all sorts of cold weather conditions.

This is a winter hat designed to keep the head really warm and snug. It is made of leather and fits a 57-58cm circumference head. It has a peak to keep off the winter sun and a fur lining to keep the head really warm. It also has ear flaps which can be unbuttoned to keep the ears warm or buttoned up to look smart when not needed or when the wearer needs to hear better.

These super soft protective knee pads will help to keep knees protected and warm. They are made from high-quality soft cashmere to warmth and comfort to protect knees for the cols. They have an elastic design so are easy to fit securely at the back with Velcro without being too tight and they will not slip. They can also protect the knees from injury. They come in a choice of grey or black.

This Is a great hat for an elderly gentleman to keep his head protected from the sun. It is made of straw and breathable so it is cool. It is 59cm with a internal elasticated band. This item is made from woven sea grass straw, it has a brim to shade the face and is comfortable and cool in the summer. It can be folded for storage and has a cord around the brim to finish off the look.

This is a fun apron as it says ‘Founding member of the grumpy old men’s club never happy unless complaining’. It comes in a choice of black, blue, red or pink and is made of cotton. It is one size being 33 inches in height and 23 inches in width with a tie that can be adjusted at the waist for a good fit. It has a pocket in the front and is fully machine washable.

These men’s 100% brushed cotton pyjamas will be warm and snug. They come in a striped design in a choice of blue or wine. The set has a pair of long trousers with elasticated trousers and a button fly and a collared long-sleeved jacket with a breast pocket and buttons all the way down. They will keep any man warm and snug in bed or work as lounge wear when they are relaxing.

This personalised whisky glass is a fun and useful gift. The glass says on it ‘limited edition vintage aged to perfection and has a choice of dates from 139 to 1970. The top of the glass is gilded in 24k gold. The gold and prints will not fade and the glass is an old fashioned 10oz tumbler which is easy to hold and suitable for all sorts of drinks. It comes packed in a durable box all ready for gifting.

This is a fun book called ‘The Little Book of Senior Moments’ by Freddie Green. It is a hard cover book and full of funny anecdotes such as ‘Eventually you will reach a point when you stop lying about your age and start bragging about it’. It is a great book for any older person with a good sense of humour that is happy to laugh at themselves and the situations they get into.

This funny plaque reads ‘warning grumpy old git approach with caution’ which is permanently engraved into the wood. It is made from FSC certified ply wood and made in England. It measures 200 x 100mm and has two holes with a hanging cord so it is easy to hang up somewhere. It has a rustic or shabby chic style which will fit in with any home and any décor or would look good in an office.

This is a fun mug which reads ‘keep calm you grumpy old git’. The mug is a 10oz white mug with a blue background behind the white writing and crown. It has a really glossy print as it is printed using high-end presses. It is dishwasher and microwave safe so a really practical gift as well as a funny one. It even comes with free delivery in a polystyrene box so it is easy to wrap.

This is a fun book called ‘Life after 50: A Survival guide for men by Martin Baxendale. It is a spoof cartoon manual to help men come to terms with getting older. The content of the book has a lot of sexual innuendoes or risqué humour which many will find really funny. Not for the easily embarrassed or for someone with young children but good for anyone who enjoys this sort of naughty humour.

This is a fun coaster with a senior texting guide on it. It has all sorts of short codes for when texting such as ‘ATD at the doctors’, ‘GHA got heartburn again’, ‘LMDO laughing my dentures out’ and ‘BTW bring the wheelchair’. It is made of MDF so will last well and is rigid with a wipe-clean glossy surface. It is 9cm x 9cm and even includes free delivery.

L This is a Schon brand nose hair trimmer. It is rechargeable so no need for batteries and fits in a shaver outlet. It is useful for trimming nose hair as well as ear hair and other facial hair too. It is made form premium stainless steel and so will not break and can be cleaned under a running tap without the risk of rusting. Comes with a cleaning brush and in a box all ready for gifting.

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