39 Unique Presents for Elderly Parents

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Buying gifts is not always easy especially if you want something really special. If you are buying for your elderly parents then you could have problems. You will want something which you can use to show how much you think of them but also will be something original that they have not had before. They will have seen a lot of things in their lives and you want to make sure that you get them something that they have not seen before. With this list, we have tried to pick out items which you may not have seen before but will be really appropriate for older parents.

39 Best Gift Ideas for Elderly Parents – Perfect for Your Mum and Dad

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This is a fun sweet selection box with a ‘Born in the thirties’ theme. The sweets are all retro ones such as Cadburys Dairy Milk, Fry’s peppermint creams, coconut ice and sweet shop favourites such as sugared almonds mints, liquorice and jellies. The inside lid has a number of 1930’s style pictures and the box is flat so that it can be delivered through a letterbox, so is perfect for sending in the post.

This is a very useful calendar clock. It can be difficult to know what day it is when you are retired and if you have memory loss it is even harder. This clock has been designed by specialists and recognised in the National Dementia Care Awards. Has alarm settings for medicine reminders etc, has a clock and calendar display but also doubles as a digital photo frame. Can be customised to 12 or 24 hour clock, different languages and the alarms can have your own music or videos rather than just a beep.

This is a handy addition to any elderly persons desk who is hard of seeing. With a vast range of uses it is very versatile for example, embroidery, painting, crosswords and reading your phone just to name a few. With 5x zoom and 30 bright LED lights which has adjustable brightness it is great for any situation. Featuring a USB charging port for capability to charge your mobile phone or any USB compatible device.

This is a novelty picture holder for any grandma who wants to proudly display pictures of their family and friends. Made of MDF wood it is durable and long lasting. With 6 sleek clips to hold your favourite memories and an easy to hang design it is perfect for a proud granny. The frame measures 13.5 X 5.5 inch making it the perfect size to hang on the wall.

Included in this set is 11 tools and a tote bag made of special cotton and polyester for easy storage and carrying. Each tool has a hole in the handle for hanging on a hook , this would be perfect for any proud gardener to keep their patch in flowers and garden plants pristine. The high quality SK-5 stainless steel anti rust tools are made to last and will be the perfect pruning partner.

This is fun and nostalgic selection box bringing memories back all the way from the 40’s. All sweets included are iconic and memorable throwbacks sure to bring back great memories. This gift can be posted through the letter box so it’s a great gift to send to someone from the war era. Including classics like Dairymilk, Fry’s chocolate cream and an assortment of jelly sweeties.

This is a lovely novelty book called Letters to my Grandchild. The letters are all prompted so that a grandparent can write down some memories or words of wisdom for their grandchild to read. It is something that they are likely to treasure and therefore could be kept for a long time. The letters start with things like ‘here is a special story about our family’ or ‘what I want you to know about me’ or ‘the best advice anyone ever gave me was’.

This is a great way to get exercise in a safe way. It is a leg training machine which takes up very little space. It has an LED screen so you can adjust settings such as the resistance. As well as general fitness, this can be useful for rehabilitation, perhaps for those with arthritis or following surgery such as a knee replacement. It can actually be used to exercise arms or legs and has rubber floor grips to make sure that it is safe to use.

This is a fun tasting pack of jams and marmalade from Wilkin & Sons Ltd. There are 16 mini jars to try all sorts of lovely flavours such as strawberry with champagne, orange marmalade, cherry, apricot, raspberry with cassis, strawberry, blackcurrant, orange with malt whiskey, apricot with Armagnac, raspberry, ‘Tawny’ orange marmalade and little scarlet strawberry. They all come in a presentation box so ready to give as a lovely present.

This is a mobile phone which is designed specifically for senior citizens to use. It has a big screen, big buttons, amplified volume and big fonts to make it really easy to use. It is also really simple to use, has a built in torch, radio and camera. It is 3G and has an easy lock function so you cannot accidently ring someone. It even has an SOS button which just takes one press to alert someone that help is needed.

This watch is specifically designed to be really clear to read. The face is white with very clear black numbers and hands so that it is easy to see the time and date. It also has a night light on it. It comes with a choice of brown leather strap or a metal one. There is also an option for an elegant blue face with white numbers and hands. It comes in a box so all ready to give as a gift.

This is a lovely hamper set for teatime. It has three boxes of traditional English tea – afternoon tea, breakfast tea and earl grey tea – each box has 10 teabags in it. It also has a packet of border biscuits – lemon drizzle melts and a jar of Duerrs blackcurrant jam. The box has a hamper design and ribbon printed on it so it looks really pretty and is all ready to hand over as a lovely present.

This is a lovely tea and biscuits hamper. It has two caddies containing 50g (20 tea bags) of special blend breakfast tea and afternoon tea made by Mrs Bridges. It also has two boxed or Cartwright and Butler biscuits: stem ginger biscuits and chocolate oat crumbles. It all comes in a lovely box and there are gift wrap options too so would make an ideal gift to send directly to someone.

This Activity Book for Adults is a way that older people can keep mentally fit. It is in large print and has a selection of puzzles such as word search, sudoku and word scramble. The print is large so it is good for those that struggle to see small print. Puzzles have been found to help dementia as well as reducing anxiety, boosting logical thinking and promoting a sense of accomplishment so they can be a great gift.

This book could become a really useful reference in the household. Called ‘The Essential Family Guide to Caring for Older People’ the book has all sorts of useful information about caring for older people which could be useful to either parent. This is because they may end up having to care for each other but could also be useful if they have to care for themselves. It has information about how to get legal help, caring options and which health issues might occur.

This is a really useful folding walking stick. It is great because it can be folded to fit in a bag or car or to be stored away neatly at home. However, it is high-quality aluminium and is really strong. It is stylish in a plain black colour but has LED lights in it to help the person be seen. It also has an alarm in it so if the person gets into trouble they can easily signal that they need help. It can also be set to go off automatically if the stick is dropped.

This walking frame can be used in the house or outside. It is ultra narrow so it can fit inside smaller homes and it does not have wheels so it is safe to use. It is adjustable in height too so that it suits different heights. It has a width of 48cm and a depth of 42cm and a height of 72-80cm. It is easy to wipe clean and has plastic handgrips which fit the hand and rubber feet to make sure that it does not slip on any surface.

LThis is a fun book which elderly parents with a sense of humour will love. It is a spoof Haynes manual called ‘Hayne explains pensioners’. It is a smaller book compared with the original Haynes car manuals but uses the original drawings. It is a fun book with a car based theme explaining how to get the best value from retirement. It helps with deciding what work needs to be done and whether to do it yourself or hire someone in the same way you might decide this with a car.

This jar opener is very useful for anyone who has weak hands. It has a selection of different shaped holes for different jars and bottles and will help with opening anything from a bottle of sauce to a jar or jam. It can be extremely useful and it is very sturdy. It has non-slip rubber in the inside to make the job really easy. It even has hooks so that it can open ring pull cans.

This is a fun car sign. It says on it ‘Elderly driver please be patient thank you!’ and has a picture of someone driving a vintage style car. It is laminated so that it lasts a long time and it has a suction cup to stick it to the window. It is 14cm a 14cm and has vivid colours so that it stands out. It is all ready to hang and is not too big to obscure the view from a car window.

This bath pillow is unlike many others in that it is for the full body. A bath can often be hard and uncomfortable and this pillow will allow a person taking a bath to be fully supported and comfortable. It has suction cups to keep it safely in place has air mesh technology for comfort and is quick-drying and anti-bacterial to keep it free from mildew or odour. Can be cleaned by hand or in a machine.

This is a very handy half step with a non-slip top. It can be used to make it easier to go up a high step, such as a front door. Often it can be tricky to get in or out of the home due to the doors having extra high steps and this can help. It is weather-resistant so can be kept outside all of the time. It can hold up to 180kg in weight and is 49cm x 10cm x 39cm so will fit by most doors.

This is a very useful garden hand. It is a bench seat with a kneeling pad and tool holder. Great for any gardener as it has so many uses. It is high quality steel with foam padding and folds so that it can be easy to carry and store away. There is room for keeping three tools handy in the side such as a trowel, hand fork or dibber and the seat of the bench can be removed to be used as a kneeler.

This is a fun t-shirt which says on it ‘I’m never sure if I actually have free time or if I just keep forgetting shit’. It is short-sleeved and comes in a selection of colours: black, navy, asphalt, brown, cranberry, royal blue or heather blue. There are sizes for men and women from small to 3XL. They are a cotton and polyester mix and can go in a washing machine.

This is a fun book called ‘The little book of senior moments’ by Freddie Green. It has a picture of a couple on it with a walking stick in a triangle. The book is all about those memory loses that happen in older age. Such as ‘you decide its time to pull up your socks and realise you forgot to put any on’ or ‘eventually you will reach a point where you stop lying about your age and start bragging about it’.

This is a safety bath chair. It can be attached to a wall and then folded up or down when needed. Can be used in the sower for someone that cannot stand. Can take up to 130kg in weight. It is 33 x 33 x 6cm in size. It is easy to clean and wear resistant, anti-bacterial and anti-split. It is designed for load bearing so should last for a long time and be safe to use.

This is a useful log book for an elderly person to have for their caregiver. It is a daily log book which is pretty with a blue cover with lowers on. T has special pages to record the care that has been given each day with spaces for name, date, toileting, times up during the night, washing, food, activities, appointments, health concerns, plans, pain, happiness, alertness, supplies needed, medication and notes.

This is an anti-fall barrier designed to prevent the elderly from falling out of bed. It is designed for double beds and has a non-slip design so it can protect then from falling on the floor. It is put between the fitted sheet and mattress to keep it in place as it has an anti-slip system. It comes in a case which can be removed for washing. It prevents any injury due to falling against furniture such as bedside table or the floor.

This is a useful password notebook for seniors. It has room for passwords for over 140 websites which means that there should be plenty of space. It could also be used for things like wifi password, software licence keys, credit card details, Christmas gifts, birthday presents, gifts or card lists. It is 6 x 9 inches and so can easily fit in a drawer or on a shelf and has a premium matte cover with high quality paper.

This is a fun general knowledge quiz book for seniors. It has 1001 questions, so plenty to keep them busy. The questions are specially designed so that they refer to things that seniors should know about. Things like ‘According to Greek mythology what was the last thing that remained in Pandoras box? To which actress was Richard Burton married twice?’ Will keep them entertained and help to keep their memories fresh.

This is a comfortable safety helmet to protect anyone who tends to fall over a lot. It is breathable and anti-shock and comes in either grey or brown. It is made from cotton so is lightweight and comfortable and will fit safely. It has Velcro adjustments to make it fit comfortably. It is suitable for indoor daily use. It is washable and will not lose shape afterwards, so can easily be kept clean.

This book is called ‘The book about getting older (for people that do not want to talk about it)’. The book deals with all sorts of questions. It is written by a doctor who specialised in geriatrics and covers all sorts of issues that could occur as parents get older. Things like power of attorney, medical treatments, incontinence, driving, care homes and all sorts of issues that are useful to think about.

This is a big buttons telephone for easy use. It is white with black buttons with clear white numbers on it. It is also has a loud and clear sound. Therefore. it is extremely useful for anyone that has trouble seeing or hearing. The handset also has a hearing aid loop built into it which is compatible with T mode on a standard hearing aid. It also has one touch memory storage for numbers that are used frequently.

This is a very useful key finder keyring which could be used to attach to things that are often lost. It can be used with things like phones, wallets and keys which can often be lost in the home. There is a receiver which you press and that will cause the corresponding keyring to beep and flash and then you will be able to locate it. The beep is very loud so it is easy to heat even through walls, cushions or leather.

This is a handy shopping trolley. It is stainless steel so is wear resistant and has an adjustable handle so can be used by people comfortably even if they are not average height. The design of the trolley means that it can be used as a seat if the user needs a rest. It is lightweight and can bear loads up to 40kg so can be used for shopping, groceries as well as outdoor travel and luggage.

This is a lovely small gift hamper. It has in it three Farrah’s of Harrogate products – a three fruit marmalade, wildflower honey and chocolate chip biscuits. The items are traditionally made so will be appreciated by those who remember how things used to be. The items come on a lovely gift box and the jars have a pretty fabric on the top and are tied with string. Would make a really pretty gift.

This is a handy gadget to aid the turning of keys. It is called a keywing and it can be attached to keys easily. It extends the size of the top of the key making it easier to grip and also has a non slip surface. It is available in azure blue. Bright green, dove grey or fuchsia pink. This means different coloured ones can be used for different keys which will help them to be easily found. Useful for those who have arthritic hands or struggle with cold hands. .

This is a CD of 100 hits called ‘Wartime memories’. It includes songs by Vera Lynne, Gracie Fields, Glenn Miller, Irving Berlin, Billy Cotton & his band, Flanagan & Allen, Arthur Askey, George Fornby, the Andrews Sisters, Doris Day, Bing Crosby, Duke Ellington, Peggy Lee, Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, Noel Coward and many more. There are 5 CDs in total in a box set which is all packed up ready to give as a present full of great memories.

This is a handy magnifying glass. It is made of metal and plastic so it is durable and increases size by 6x. The image is really clear and bright so great for seeing small print, reading books, newspaper or magazine, maps, pill bottles, jewellery, crafting or even electronics. It has a cool blue designed handle which is pretty, lightweight and comfortable to hold. The optical glass lens is impact resistant and not brittle. The lens is 6cm across.

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