30 Gift Ideas for Your Employees - Pretend You Like Them With These Thoughtful Suggestions

Updated on January 8th, 2021
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If you employ people then it can be good to give them gifts every so often. This can mean anything but it can be nice to be original. Some people give hampers at Christmas or corporate items such as pens or mugs but it can be fun to be a bit more original. This is why it can be worth looking through this list of things. They range from the serious to the silly and there are things with all sorts of prices so you should be able to find something that will suit your companies’ budget and be right for your employees.

30 Presents for People Who Work For You

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This is a great box for any boss to have on their desk. It contains 4 x 50 Kudo cards which are blank to be filled in with a message of appreciation for an employee that has impressed them. There are different messages at the top of the card ‘awesome, thank you, very happy and great job’ and they have a coloured border with a blank middle. The boss can then write in what it is they appreciate, are thankful for, think was done well or they are happy for.

This badge will allow you to show your team who has impressed you the most. It is a black badge with yellow writing on which says ‘employee of the month October’ and has stars on it. The badge is 45mm in diameter and has a safety pin on the back for easy attaching to clothing. It is made of plastic and metal. A good reward for the hardest working team members.

This fun mug will help a boss to keep their employees in their place. It says ‘me boss not you’ and is coloured blue on white. It is a 10oz capacity mug which is 95mm tall and 80mm diameter and is dishwasher and microwave safe. It can be given by a boss to remind employees who is the boss or used by the boss. It comes in a sturdy box all ready for gifting.

This is a DVD called ‘Employee of the month’ starring Dane Cook, Jessica Simpson and Dax Shepard. It is a comedy about employees working at a store. One is competitive and has worked their way up and the other just sits back and does not do much. However, when a new attractive female employee starts a big rivalry starts between the two and the comedy fun really starts! Rated 12 so suitable for any employee.

This book is called ‘The Truth About Employee Engagement: Fable About Addressing the Three Root Causes of Job Misery’ and is by Patrick Lencioni. The book is about how to get job satisfaction and is full of advice to put into practice so that you can get job satisfaction. It helps both managers and employees to find ways to make sure that employees feel better so that they are more productive and more likely to stay in their job.

This is a fun trophy to be awarded to the best employee. It is a mini star on a plinth with a shield on the front which says ’employee of the month’. It can be engraved with a name on the plinth if you want to give it permanently or you could award the same one each month to the deserving person. Up to 60 letters can be engraved on it and there is a choice of fonts that can be used. The mini trophy measures 8cm and has free delivery.

This is a biometric machine that can be used to track employee attendance. It has a 2.4 inch easy to read display which you can use to view the attendance records. It is very simple to operate and has fingerprint technology which the employees use to scan their fingerprint to show that they are present in the office. The machine comes with power adaptor, mounting screws, expansion tubes and user manual.

This book by Elizabeth Aylott is called ‘Employee Relations’ and is a guide to helping employees to get on well in the workplace. It covers things like trade unions, governing bodies, conflict, dismissal, rights, ethics and much more to help a boss able to maximise their relationship with their employees. Although not a direct gift to employees the book may help the boss be a better one which will have an impact on employees.

This cute baby vest has short sleeves and no legs and fastens underneath with pop studs. It says ‘employee of the month’ on it and is available in white, baby blue, dark green, maroon, red, light pink, green, royal blue, sapphire blue, grey or black and the writing is white apart on the white one where it is black. It comes in various sizes from newborn to 18-24 months.  Made from 100% cotton.

This keychain shows appreciation for someone and could be used to reward an employee. It has two pendants on it, one is a heart shape and says ‘thank you’ and the other is circular and says ‘may you be proud of the work you do, the person you are, and the difference you make’. Made of high-quality stainless steel it will not rust, tarnish or change colour and has a highly polished smooth surface. It comes in a gift bag all ready to give away.

This sign is great to put in any office as it says ‘employees only’ on it and has an Exclamation mark to warn people that the areas are only meant for employees. It comes in a selection of size options, A6, A5 and A4 and it has 4 pre drilled holes in it for easy hanging. It is manufactured and silk screen printed in the UK using weatherproof and UV resistant materials so can be used on outside as well as internal doors.

This is a fun Ghostbusters employee welcome kit. The boxed set contains manual and protocols as well as an ectoplasm container, plaque, logo patch and rookie patch, ECTO-1 routes map, pen, invoice template, property protected sticker, certificate flyer and business card. Everything has a Ghostbusters theme. A fun gift to give to a new team member or to give to the whole team for team building or just general fun.

This is a lovely book to show an employee how much you think about them. It has a black cover and printed on it is ‘thank you for the fantastic job you do every day’. It is a lined notebook with white paper and 120 pages. It can be used for all sorts of things such as notes, diary, journal, lists and many other things. Measures 15.2 x 0.7 x 22.9cm.

Giving someone this sentimental heart shaped sign will show them how much you think of them. It says on it ‘colleagues like you are special and few I just want to say a big thank you. It is 10cm and made of walnut with a leaf design around the edge in orange, yellow and white. It has a hole in the top middle with some cord through for hanging it up.

This is a great fun and humorous travel mug. On it says ‘My job is top secret even I don’t know what I am doing!’. The writing is in black and red on the white mug. The mug has a black lid, handle and base. It is 14oz and insulated stainless steel. The lid is leak-proof but has a swivel lid to reveal the drinking holes. It fits into car cup holders.

This luxury pen would make a great gift for an employee to show them how much you think of them. It is an ergonomic design with a long balanced shape and it is light. It is a ball pen that takes blue ink that is easily refillable. The pen is made of cork which means that it is unique due to the individual patterns in the wood. It comes in a presentation box all ready for gifting.

This is a fun book which stands up on a desk with ring binding. You can flick the pages back and forth easily and they have fun phrases on to let the rest of the office know how you are feeling. Things like ‘Whoop! Friday Feeling’, Blah, blah, blah, Not listening!’, What part of NO don’t you understand?’ and ‘Payday! Time for biscuits!’. Will add a smile to the face of all team members!

This Attacoin award will really show employees how much you think of them. It comes in a presentation box which says on it ‘Thank you-you’ve made a difference’. And has a sun and cloud image on it. Inside the box is a 3 inch coin which says on it ‘Awarded for going above and beyond’. The quality coin weighs nearly four ounces so could be used as a paperweight if not being displayed in the box.

This pocket watch would make a great gift for an employee that is leaving the company. It is engraved with a scene of people playing lawn bowls. On the back you can have it engraved with a message of your choice. The face of the watch is mother of pearl and the hands and writing on the face is black. It comes with a chain in a wooden presentation box.

This is a novelty boss survival kit, great for new employees. It is a small organza bag with all sorts of items inside which should help them to cope. On the outside is a card which has a list of the items and an explanation as to why they will help such as ‘coffee – to make sure you are alert in the mornings’, crayon – to make each day bright and colourful and ‘mint – you are worth a mint to your workplace’.

This is a funny sign to give to an employee with a sense of humour. It is a yellow hazard sign which is free-standing and says on it ‘caution mood swing in operation’. It is 25 x 11.8 x 1cm and stands up on a desk. It is printed on both sides and would make a great gift for someone that likes a laugh. It even comes with free delivery.

This glass clock can be engraved with your own message. It could make a great gift for an employee to show you what you feel about them or even as a retirement gift. It is heavy so will stay upright easily on a desk or shelf and could even be used as a paperweight. It can be engraved in portrait or landscape. It comes in a satin lined presentation box.

This is a fun mug which would go down well in an office. It is 11oz and has a funny design printed on both sides. It is a list of ‘company policies’ signed ‘thank you, management’. It includes things like ‘ sick days – we no longer accept a doctor’s note as proof of sickness. If you are able to go to the doctor you are able to come to work’. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

This short-sleeved t-shirt says ‘Employee of the month – runner up’ on it. It comes in a choice of colours: asphalt, white, baby blue, silver, Kelly green, olive, heather grey and heather blue. They are a classic fit, lightweight and a cotton and polyester mix with a double needle sleeve and hem. They can be machine washed and are available in a range of sizes for men and women from small to XXL.

This is a fun piece of desk art that would make a really unusual gift. It is a metal sculpture of a stick figure playing the guitar with a pencil holder by it. This means that it is a practical gift as well as it will enable the desk to be kept tidy and the owner to always know where they can find a pen, pencil or other stationery. It measures 4.75 x 5.25 x 2.5 inches in total.

This is a fun award booklet for a receptionist. Called ‘best receptionist ever’ it has 24 pages to be simply filled out before gifting. It has a few gaps to fill in a name and put in photos and stickers but apart from that it is pretty easy to just give it to the receptionist to show her how much you appreciate her. It will not take long to fill out and will mean a lot.

This is a funny book which would be great to give as a gift to an employee with a good sense of humour. It is called ‘Adulting Sucks! 101 Jokes and relatable moments for employees’. The book features 100 jokes and scenarios across 34 pages. It is 5 x 8 inches and therefore light to carry around and will hopefully have the whole office laughing. It even has a dedication page so you can personalise it.

This metal sign should add a smile to the face of anyone that comes across it. It says on it ‘Notice Not an employee exit emergency exit only’ and has a picture of a person with a red circle round and line through. It has pre-drilled holes in it to allow it to be easily hung on the wall. Printed in high resolution with quality graphics it is also weather resistant, waterproof and rust proof so should last a long time.

This mother of pearl desk caddy with add sparkle to any desk it sits on and would make a great gift. It is square and mine of pine MDF so sturdy for holding pencils and the outside has mother of pearl on it. It is available in green, pink, black and white shades. It measures 3 x 3 x 4 inches and can hold about 12 – 15 pens in it. Each is hand buffed and is handmade meaning that each is unique.

This is a cosy hoodie with ‘employee of the month’ printed on the front. It is pre-shrunk and so will be a good fit and comes in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL. It is black with white writing on and has a grey drawstring around the hood which is jersey lined. It also has a pouch pocket on the front and is made from 75% cotton and 25% polyester. Made by Milky Way t-shirts in the USA.

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