29 Presents for Engineers. They Might be Boring But Your Gift Doesn't Have To Be

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If you know someone that is an engineer then you might want to buy them a special present. It is not always easy to know what to buy them, but you might want something really unique that they have not had before. This is why this list of suggestions has been put together. You will be able to pick something from the list that suits them. There are serious and funny items, practical and ornamental and so you should find something that will suit them. With a good range of prices as well, you should be able to get something that will suit them and your budget!

29 Interesting Gift Ideas for Engineers

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This is a book all about engineers. It is called ‘Engineers: from the great pyramids to spacecraft’ and is by Adam Hart-Davis. It is full of tales of achievement and ingenuity and celebrates the greatest engineers and what they achieved. It is a great book to be inspired by as well as to learn from as it has technical drawings, artworks, blueprints and virtual tours as well as all of the descriptions.

This fun t-shirt would suit any engineer. It says on it ‘Engineer noun [en-juh-neer] someone who does precision guesswork based on unreliable data provided by those of questionable knowledge. See also wizard, magician’. It is black with short sleeves and white writing and comes in sizes small to XXL. It is made from 100% pre-shrunk jersey cotton and has a crew neck fitting with a taped neck and shoulder and a seamless double needle collar.

This is a useful engineers square made by Draper. It says on it ‘Draper confirms to BS939 for squareness’. It comes in sizes 100mm or 150mm. It is made from solid steel and is hardened and tempered and finely polished. This brand of tools are all made to a very high-quality standard so you know that you will be getting great value for money when you buy them from this family run business.

This is a lovely set of files that would be a thoughtful and extremely useful gift for any engineer. It has 4 pieces – each being a different size and they all have soft grip handles which will help to protect from blisters and stop the tools from slipping. They are made from high carbon steel and are hardened and tempered. They have a hang hole incorporated into the handle and are 200mm.

This is a tin of ‘The original Stuarts Micrometer engineers marking’. It comes in a choice of blue or red. It is easy to use and clean up and non-abrasive. It also has a long shelf life so could last a long time. It is easy to transfer to other surfaces and will save time and money in scraping surfaces. The paste is really easy to spread leaving a highly visible bright mark.

This is a fun white mug. It says on it ‘Engineer noun [en-juh-neer] someone who does precision guesswork based on unreliable data provided by those of questionable knowledge. See also wizard, magician’. The writing is in black and is UV resistant so that it will not rub off. The mug is a good size – 11oz and is dishwasher and microwave safe. It comes in a box and has free shipping.

This is a novelty engineer survival kit. It is a small organza bag filled with small items. On the bag is a card which explains why each item will be useful to the engineer. For example ‘star – to help you be a star employee’, ‘coffee – to make sure you are alert in the mornings’ and ‘candle – to brighten up your day when things get tough’. A funny and original gift.

This is a fun coaster which says on it ‘Engineer noun [en-juh-neer] someone who does precision guesswork based on unreliable data provided by those of questionable knowledge. See also wizard, magician’. It also has a picture if a man fiddling with machinery on it. The coaster is rigid and made of long-lasting MDF. It measures 9cm x 9cm and has a glossy wipe clean surface. It comes with free delivery.

L This is a fun retro sweet tin. It is 6cm high and 12cm in diameter and is silver in colour. The lid is blue and says ‘keep calm I’m an engineer’ on it. Inside there are retro sweets including fizz wizz, black jacks, fruit salad, refreshers, drumsticks, flying sauces and lollies. A cute little gift which could bring back some childhood memories and great for keeping in a pocket or the van to tuck into on the go.

This is a great print for an engineer gift. It is white with black writing on which says ‘Engineer a person who designs, builds or maintains engines, machines or structures. Someone who solves a problem you didn’t know you had in a way you don’t understand. It is printed in high quality using pigment inks which are very clear and crisp on 300gsm photography paper. Comes all ready for framing.

This is a really cute teddy which is wearing a white top that says ‘the greatest engineer ever’. It is really soft and fluffy and is brown with black eyes and light brown soles and a dark brown nose. It is 20cm when seated and 15cm wide and 9cm deep. Suitable for ages 3 years and older. A great way to tell an engineer how much you think about them or a lovely gift for a child that wants to be an engineer when they are older.

This DK book would be really interesting to an engineer. It is called ‘Manmade wonders of the world’ and is by Dan Cruikshank. It features statues, monuments, temples, bridges and ancient cities. It has photographs as well as 3D cutaway artwork and illustrations so you can really see what these things are like without having to visit them yourself and the engineering innovations that make each one remarkable are clearly explained.

This is a fun bottle opener by Top Bloke. It comes on a card that is shaped like a bottle and is actually a keyring with a pendant that is in the shape of a bottle top but is a bottle opener. It says on it ‘I’m an engineer what’s your superpower?’ in embossed text on it. A useful and fun item which can be carried about with keys to be used whenever needed or hung up somewhere in the kitchen ready for when it is needed.

This white travel mug has ‘The world’s best engineer’ printed on it with some stars. It is a 14oz insulated mug made of stainless steel. It has a black plastic base, handle and lid which swivels to reveal a drinking hole. It is 150mm high and 85mm in diameter and therefore fits nicely in a vehicle cup holder. Great for when traveling between jobs. A good way to show an engineer how highly you think of them.

This is a fun notebook which says on it ‘Take it easy because I’m engineer’ with a picture of men in hard hats, light bulb, tools, file and a clipboard on a black background with small white dots. It is 120 pages which are lined so all ready to make notes, write lists, or use as a diary or journal. It is 6 x 9 inches so a great size for carrying about.

This is a fun kit that any budding engineer would savour. It is a build it yourself hydraulic arm which comes in 229 pieces. It is powered by hydraulic power so no need for batteries. It is a good way to learn about hydraulic power and how it works, but also just a fun project to have a go at. Comes with a manual of full instructions and it can take a long time to build so lots of fun and entertainment to be had.

This is a fun necklace and pendant for an engineer. The pendant has a pair of compasses, protractor and set square on it. It is silver in colour and the unique design is likely to be something that you have not seen before. The pendant is about 2.8 x 1.2 x 0.2cm and would make a great gift for any engineering or architect student.

This is a really fun wall clock. It has a background that looks like a circuit board and the numbers are like those displayed on a digital clock although this is an analogue wall clock with silver coloured hands. It is a quiet clock so there will be no annoying ticking and has quartz movement for accuracy. It is easy to read and it has hooks to make it easy to hang. It just takes one battery and would look good in an office, man shed, garage or even sitting room or dining room.

This is a large selection of stickers that would appeal to developers There are all sorts of PVC stickers included which are all waterproof and sunproof and are 2 – 5 inches in size. Stickers include names such as Angular, React, Redux, Android, SASS, Webpack, Handelbar, Grunt, Redux, NPM, Bitcoin, Karma, V8, Python, Mocha, Babel, NodeJs, MongoDB, C Sharp, Eslint, Ruby, Git, Gulp, Swift, Stackoverflow, Express, Github Octocat, Nginx, Jade, Coffee Script, Yeoman, Java, Docker, Vim, Jenkins, Vue, Postgres.

This is a very smart looking tie. It is a regimental tie for the Royal Engineers so great as a gift for anyone that was in it. It is handmade from 100% polyester in the UK. The designs are woven in and not printed do that will nor wear off or fade easily. The design is a traditional and authentic one and the tie is a burgundy/wine red colour with a gold logo/design on it.

This is a lovely nickel-plated alloy metal tobacco tin. It has the badge of the Royal Engineers on it and you can have a personal message engraved on it. Perhaps a name or a congratulations method or the date of a milestone birthday. It is designed to hold tobacco and has an easy opening clasp. Comes in a gift box so all ready to present as a really special and thoughtful gift.

This is a smartphone case which can be personalised. IT has the badge of the Royal engineers on it and it can be personalised with the rank and name of the person that you are gifting it to. There is a choice of sizes to fit different phones – Apple 5s, Apple 6s, Apple7, Apple 7+, Apple 8 and Apple 8+. The print is quality and will not fade and the case will protect the phone.

This is a fun cushion cover which says ‘worlds best engineer *superhero in disguise’ on it with a picture of the earth. It is printed on one side of a white cushion cover which measures 40cm x 40cm. The wording really stands out so the engineer will be easily reminded of how highly they are thought of and it will also fit in with many different styles of décor and sit nicely on a sofa or bed.

This is a really fun keyring. It is a small robot which has been cut out of a circuit board. The keychain is nickel plated and has a 20mm ring which is swivel topped so it is easy to open to fix on keys or to attach to a bag. The robot is cut out of a circuit board so is green and silver and is 6cm x 3.5cm in size. It is a really fun and quirky gift.

This is a stylish hipflask which has been engraved with ‘Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers’. Therefore, it would make a suitable gift for anyone that was in the Royal Engineers. It is stainless steel and has a 6oz capacity. The lid is attached so that when it is removed for drinking, it will not be lost. Would make a very special gift for someone that has good memories of their time as a royal engineer or who is still one now.

This is a fun science kit. It is an edge detecting robot which can be made from a tin can It is suitable for children of age 8 and upwards. It builds a robot that will move all over a tabletop and never fall off. Lots of fun both with the building of it as well as playing with it and it could teach the child a lot about engineering and robotics.

This is a fun popsocket for a phone. It says ‘No sleep money life Electrical engineering student’. It is a fun thing and also very practical as it will allow a phone to be easily held in one hand securely or angled on a tabletop. The grip is expandable for balancing on a table and pushed in for use when holding. It has a good adhesive which allows it to be repositioned.

This is a Liumy metal scale ruler. It is made of aluminium and triangular in shape which is designed for use by architects and engineers, It is 30cm and black and laser etched with white writing on to make it really clear to read. It has six of the most commonly used scales on it 1:20, 1:25, 1:50, 1:75, 1:75, 1:100, 1:125 which saves time in calculating. It is lightweight anodizes aluminium which is corrosion resistant.

This is a fun book for preschool children called ‘Look I’m an engineer’. It will help young children to understand what they can do to become an engineer. It shows them how to make paper bridges, power a tugboat with an elastic band, choose the best material for a parachute and lots more. With photographs and clear instructions, there are lots of lovely projects for them to get their teeth into.

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