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Expectant mothers often deserve a bit of pampering and so whether you are buying something for a baby shower or just a gift to spoil them, then you will want to get them something special. It can be hard to find something original or unique, but we have a long list of ideas for you to choose from. There are practical items, special things as well as funny gifts to choose from so you should be able to find something that will suit the mother-to-be that you have in mind. The prices differ too so you should be able to find something that will suit your budget.

33 Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women

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This is a lovely belly butter made by Burt’s Bees. It is designed to nourish the skin on the belly that can often get stretched and dry while pregnant for use during and after pregnancy. It is rich and moisturising and contains cocoa, shea and jojoba butters. It is not fragranced and is safe to use and formulated to be non-irritating. Has no phthalates, parabens. SLS or petrolatum and is not tested on animals.

This is a funny book called Little Miss Busy Surviving Motherhood. It is a Mr Men book for grown-ups and is a funny tale about the realities of motherhood with pictures from the original Roger Hargreaves Mr Men and Little Miss books. It will give any mother or mother-to-be a smile and a taste of the reality of being a mother. Could be paired with ‘Mr Grumpy Nails Fatherhood’ for the father-to-be!

This is a lovely pamper box for a mum-to-be. It contains nine luxury items: pink Himalayan bath salts, natural loofah, body exfoliating pad, a soy wax lavender-infused aromatherapy candle, bed socks, padded blackout eye mask, do not disturb sign, nail grooming kit, toe separators and a head massager. They all come in a laminated box which is 20 x 20 x 10cm so all ready to give as a lovely gift.

This is a lovely book by Beccy Hands and Alexis Stickland. It is called ‘The Little Book of Self-Car for New Mums’. It helps new mums to deal with the emotional and physical demands of having a new baby. It is written by a midwife and a doula so they know what they are talking about from answering embarrassing questions to boosting confidence, nourishing the body and doing simple stretches it can help a mum feel understood and empowered.

These are fun cotton knickers which will fit over your baby bump. Not only do they have a high waist to cover the belly with an adjustable drawstring waist, but they also have a comedy face on them. They are made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex with 100% cotton lining so that they are stretchy and comfortable and there are three in the pack and they have varying designs. They can be machine washed.

These funny maternity socks will also be practical. They are white and have a green non-slip message on the bottom which says ‘keep calm and push’ with a baby footprint on them. They are made from luxury cotton so they are soft and snuggly and are great for wearing while pregnant and especially good for the hospital. The non-slip bottoms keep them safe to wear on any floor and they are warm and comfortable.

This ‘My birth box treat’ has a set of luxury items in it. It has a 30ml quietude calming mist spray, 50ml balm for aching feet and limbs, 50ml peace be still calming balm, 4ml all talk lip balm, RHS English lavender candle, Belgium chocolate bar, 3rd trimester affirmation calendar. It all comes in a lovely box wrapped in tissue paper and would make a lovely treat for any expectant mum.

This is a lovely Disney Winnie the Pooh keepsakes box. It is a box with compartments for all of the things that you might like to hold on to. There is a section for first shoes, cards, treasures, keepsakes, first mittens memories, precious things and a place for a photo. It all has lovely Winnie-the-pooh illustrations featuring honey jars,  piglet and Christopher Robin too. It measures 23 x 17.6 x 8.6cm.

This is a unique poster. It contains a bucket list of things that a Mum to be should aim to do and each item can be scratched off as it is achieved. It has different weekly or monthly milestones as well as things like ‘have a maternity massage’, receive first advice given by a non-professional’, ‘have a babymoon’, ‘have someone feel baby move’ and ‘have 1st craving’. It is a fun thing to do and can be put away in a memory box once the baby is born.

This is a really cute maternity t-shirt. It has a picture on the front of a pocket with a baby peeping out on the tummy. It comes in sizes from 10-20 and comes in various colours such as black, blue, grey, bottle green, graphite melange, navy, dark green, green, plum, crimson, rust, fuchsia and khaki. It is super soft and stretchy and has short sleeves. Can be washed in a machine.

This is a cute bracelet by Joma Jewellery. On the card backing it says ‘A little Mummy to be these two little hearts are yours to treasure a symbol of love that will last forever’. It has a silver-plated chain with a large silver plated heart with small rose gold coloured heart on it. It comes with a gift bag and tag so all ready to give as a sentimental gift.

This is a really cute mug which says ‘Mama bear’ on it and has a cute cartoon picture of a bear on it wearing an apron with flowers on her head. It is ceramic and white and the writing is black and the picture is mainly grey, pink and red. It has a durable print which is on both sides of the mug and is suitable for the dishwasher and the microwave.

This is a useful and humorous book. It is called ‘Brand new Mummy Baby Brain Lists’. It has a white cover with black writing and a picture of a cartoon baby with hearts. Inside it has lined pages so that it is suitable for all of those important lists and notes that might otherwise be forgotten. The book has a plastic cover to keep it clean which could be very handy with a new baby!

This is a really lovely sentimental booklet which has letters in where you can capture memories to pass on to your baby when they have grown up. There are 12 letters in the pack and the can be sealed up ready to open in the future. They have a prompt for each letter to make it easier to write and they can be dated for when the writer wants them to be opened up. They come in lovely colours with envelopes and stickers.

This is a funny pregnancy book. It is a colouring book called ‘Pregnancy problems colouring book’. It has 20 stories to colour and each has a funny quote in it. Colouring is known to be relaxing and so could be a great thing to encourage someone who is pregnant to do and could also pass the time while they are on maternity leave or in hospital. However, the funny quotes will also amuse them while they are having fun with the colouring.

This is a unique tile with a fun message on it. It has a picture of a pregnant woman with leaves behind her and says on it ‘mother-to-be loading please wait’. It is a painted ceramic which measures 7 x 7 inches and has a hook on the back ready to hang it up or an easel so that you can stand it up on a shelf if you prefer. It comes in a gift box as well, so not only is it secure but looks good and is all ready to gift. It even has a gift card.

This is a fun Mummy Survival kit. It is a 22 x 15cm glossy organza bag which contains a selection of different items. Attached to the bag is a card which explains the significance of the items that are in the bag. It has things like ‘love hearts because you are so loved’, gold leaf parents are worth their weight in gold’, ‘candle you will be a gentle guiding light’ and ‘matchsticks for keeping your eyes open after all the sleepless might’.

This is a really great bag for new Mums. It is a large bag with room to store everything that they might need. It has all sorts of pockets for keeping things and even has a USB charging port. It comes in grey, blue or pink/grey colours and has straps to carry as a rucksack as well as carry handles. Inside there are elasticated pockets for keeping different things and there are also pockets on the outside too.

This is a lovely, sentimental photo frame for a baby scan photo. It says on it ‘Dear Mummy our adventure is about to start I love you already with all of my heart’ above the photo and under it says ‘love bump’ with some footprints and stork. It is available in 4 x6 or 5 x 7 inches. The frame has a solid wood finish and the words and pictures are engraved on it. The back has a stand so that it can stand up on its own.

This book has advice form a team of experts so could be very useful for any expectant Mum. It is called ‘The day-by-day pregnancy book’ and has lots of information that will be useful. It gives you information about how the baby is developing and your body is changing as well as questions and answers as well as information about the newborn baby. It is also written for a UK audience which can be a big advantage compared to other similar books.

This is a really lovely travel size aromatherapy balm set. It contains 5 pocket size balm sticks all in a really lovely tin which is embossed with a floral pattern as well as the words ‘Scentered – mindful aromatherapy minis’. The sticks all have different purposes – sleep well, destress, focus, happy and escape. They are simple to apply, just use on the pulse points such as temples, neck or wrist. Tin can be reused afterwards.

This is a useful gift bag that could be used to give a gift in at a baby shower. It says ‘Mum to be’ on the bad which is 0.2 x 24 x 32 cm and is made of a satin type material and white coloured. The words are in a diamante finish and there are also two baby footprints also with the same effect in red and green. There is also a yellow bow at the top of the bag and the top folds down to make a handle in the top.

This is a fun and useful travel mug. It is white in colour with ‘keep calm soon to be a mummy’ written on it in red. It has a black handle and lid, which swivels to reveal a hole to drink through. It is 150mm high and 85mm in diameter so fits in a cup holder in a vehicle. It is insulated and made of stainless steel and can hold 14oz of drink.

This could be a really useful book. It is called ‘Hypnobirthing Practical ways to make your birth better’ by Siobhan Miller. It explains what hypnobirthing is and how it can help women to have a really positive birthing experience. It is not about being hypnotised but about how you can be more relaxed during the birthing process and work with your body to make the whole experience more comfortable and efficient.

Stretch marks are something which many women get while pregnant and this Organic stretch marks oil can help. It has 95% certified organic ingredients and is a fusion of extra virgin cold-pressed oils and Ayurvedic herbs to moisturise and make the skin more elasticated. It will help to get rid of stretch marks as well as blemishes and scars and to reduce uneven skin tone. It has natural ingredients and has visible results.

This is a fun make up bag. It is a cream cotton canvas bag and measures 28cm x 18cm with a generous gusset of 8cm so will hold a lot of items. On the front, it says ‘Best looking Mum’ in black which matches with the pretty beaded tassel that hangs off the silver zip that is on the top. Just the thing to make a new Mum feel really special.

This is a special rose quartz baby bonding bracelet. It is believed that the rose quartz will protect Mum during pregnancy and childbirth as it the most powerful fertility gemstone. It has round beads and then a heart shaped one that is larger. It is designed to be worn on the wrist and then placed on the side that the baby last fed form so that you can remember where to feed them from next.

This is a Mum and Me Bump Gift pack made by Cussons. It is a wash bag with stretch mark cream 25ml, soothe and nourish body lotion 100ml, relax and unwind bath soak 100ml and hydrate and nourish shower gel 100ml. All designed for daily use but to nourish the body when it needs it the most. A lovely gift to give as the bag can be reused when the items are finished.

This is a supportive V shaped pillow available in a wide range of colours. These can be really useful for pregnancy as it can be so difficult to get comfortable when sleeping with a bump, especially if it is big. Can be used behind the back, between the knees or anywhere to aid a good nights sleep. Can also be useful afterwards for getting into a good position for breastfeeding. It comes with a pillowcase so that it is easy to keep it clean.

This pregnancy journal is a great gift. It has a cute tatty teddy design and says ‘the littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our heart’ on the front of it. It is a week by week calendar where pregnancy appointments as well as firsts can be noted down. Keeping a track of feelings and positive things that happen during pregnancy means that you can have a lovely book to keep in your child’s memory box.

This is a casting kit to make a memorable keepsake of your pregnancy belly. It is very easy to make this cast of your baby bump so that you have a memory of what it was like that you can keep forever. The materials have all been dermatologically tested to make sure that they are safe for baby and mother. There are even idea cards included as to what to do with it to make it look fabulous.

This ‘Feel-good pregnancy cookbook’ is a great idea for any mum-to-be. It can be difficult knowing what to cook so that you can nourish your body really well and make sure that your baby gets everything they need to grow. The book even has meals that help to relieve cramps and promote lactation as well as dishes which the whole family will enjoy eating. There are 100 straightforward recipes included.

These nausea relief wristbands can be really useful for morning sickness or general nausea caused by pregnancy. They are acupressure bands so there are no potentially harmful chemicals. They just have to be carefully positioned on the wrist to touch the acupressure points to prevent nausea. They are made from acrylic, nylon and elastane for comfort and stretch and are latex free. They bring relief without the need for drugs.

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