31 Gift Ideas for Families

Updated on September 10th, 2021
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Buying a family gift can be a good idea as it means that you can often get away with spending less money by buying something that everyone will enjoy. It is not always easy to find something that is original though and so we have come up with a list of ideas that we hope will help you to be able to find what you are looking for. We have a range of different things and hope that this will mean that you will be able to find something that will suit the family that you have in mind as well as your price range.

31 Presents for Families

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This is a piece of word art in the shape of a tree. It can be personalised so you can choose names to go within the tree word art as well as have the family name and address printed underneath. It is available in a choice of three sizes, A5, A4 or A3 and is printed on 250gsm luxury silk paper. It comes with a cardboard mount and backing board but with no frame so you can choose one or let the recipients pick one of their choice.

This is a wooden hanging heart with a hole in that has hessian twine through to hang it up. It says ‘Family like branches on a tree we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain one’. It has a picture of a tree on as well. It is 10 x 9.5cm and made from 3mm sustainable plywood. It comes in a transparent sleeve ready to give away as a gift.

This is a family tree ornamental photo frame. The tree has six mini frames on it where you can insert family photos and then you can move them around the tree to positions you like. The frames are 8.1cm x 5.6cm and have little ribbons on them to hang them. The tree itself is made from metal and is 58.4 x 53.3 x 1cm in size. A lovely and unusual gift for someone that likes family photos.

This is a special kit where you can make casts of hands. The idea is that you follow the clear instructions to make plaster casts of a hand of each family member. It comes with the powders you need as well as a bucket to mix it in, gloves and of course instructions. There is enough material to cast two adult and two child hands together. You end up with an ornamental piece to display in your home.

This is a fun game that families can play together. Each player has to either act, draw or describe the random identity on their card. It is the size of a double pack of cards so very portable and lots of fun for 4-10 players. It is family friendly and should be lots of fun and there are easy and hard levels on the cards so you can choose whichever is appropriate for the age of the players.

This is a third generation Amazon Echo which comes in a choice of charcoal, heather grey or twilight blue fabric covering. It has premium speakers so great for listening to any music and voice control using Alexa who can find music from Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, TuneIn etc. It can also be used to control lights and heating and there are many other fun features too that the whole family will enjoy.

This is a scrapbook which any family can use to record different events that have happened to them. On the cover it says ‘Our Adventure book’ and it has 80 pages to use to stick photos, tickets and other memory items. It comes with accessories to help you such as scissors, sticky lace, photo corners, postcards, coloured pens and stickers. The book has space for writing, sticking things in and drawing.

This is a 3 month membership voucher to Activity Superstore where you can discover your family history. It will allow any family to find out more about their ancestors and how they lived. The voucher comes in a very pretty box so they will be able to receive a lovely looking gift even though there is just a paper voucher inside. It will allow them to discover interesting information about their family.

This is a game called ‘Our Moments Families’. It is a card game which gets the conversation flowing and allows family members to learn more about each other. The questions do not have right answers but they are things like ‘What is one thing that you would like to learn how to do next year?’ or ‘what is your favourite childhood memory?’. They really help start interesting conversations and encourage sharing of memories.

This is a fun set of ‘Family Guy’ themed socks. They have three of the different characters from the TV show on them. They are mainly black so the characters and words really stand out and they are printed on the leg part of the sock. They are made from a cotton blend so are comfortable and you get three pairs in the pack and they fit UK shoe sizes 6-11.

This is a cute print which shows a row of Wellington Boots and has the family name on. Each pair of boots has a name underneath for a family member. You can choose a boot design for each family member and then accessories to go with them such as a hat, toy, sports equipment or drink. It is available in A4, A3 or A2 and can be framed or unframed.

This is a magnetic fridge planner and family organiser. It has a weekly planner with days and times to write in appointments etc. There is a meal planner bellow and a shopping list as well as a to do list. You can keep all of the family activities easily planned. It comes with marker pens to write on it with it all in a gift box so makes a really lovely gift for a busy family.

This is a Colour Brain game Disney Edition. The idea is that you have teams of adults and children and you go against each other to answer questions. Each team has colour cards and the idea is to put down the right colour or colours to answer the question such as ‘The colour of Scar’s mane’ or ‘The buttons on Olaf the Snowman’. For 2 – 20 players from age 6+.

This is a resin ornament of an adult owl with two baby owls under their wing. The three owls all come separately but cam be placed together so the adult is embracing the children. It measures 18 x 12 x 19cm and is mainly brown in colour. It is a cute ornament which will be a lovely gift for a parent of two children to show them how good a parent they are or how lovely they are as a family.

This is a cushion cover which can be personalised. It needs the role of the recipient such as Dad, Mum, Grandad etc and then the names of their children or grandchildren. The cushion has a tree design with six owls on it and each owl can have a name of one of the children or grandchildren by it. It is 45cm x 45cm so will fit a standard cushion which you could buy to go with it or leave for the recipient to find.

This is a fun family game called Soundiculous. The idea is to make and guess silly sounds so things like a train, eating, roller coaster, electric shock and woodpecker. There are different levels of difficulty and it can be really funny listening to and guessing what everyone is trying to do. It is a small game so you can take it in the car, on holiday or when visiting friends and relatives.

This is a family set of tops. They are all grey with a Batman mask on in black and the adult one says ‘Superhero’ the child’s one says ‘sidekick’ as does the baby vest. As each item is sold separately you can carefully choose tops which are the right size to fit all family members and you do not have to even have one as a baby vest, just pick what works for the sizes of your family.

This is a chocolate hamper in a family size. It contains a big selection of different chocolates to keep all members of the family happy. It is even tied with a ribbon to make it look really pretty and a lovely gift. Inside are Belgium truffles, Hazelnut Raisin chocolate bar, chocolate coated brazils, Russian caramels, chocolate coated biscuits, Lindt truffles and more! There is bound to be something everyone likes.

This is a onesie that comes in sizes to fit all of the family. They have a Fair Isle design with moose and polar bears with snow. There are sizes to fit babies, children and adults in the different designs so you can pick a matching set for all of the family and there is even one for the dog. Made of 100% cotton they will be cosy and soft and they are machine washable.

This is a special family themed gift. It is a see through jar with ‘Friends are the family we choose’ written on it in black. Inside the jar there are battery powered lights with the battery pack attached to the lid of the jar so that it does not show. It measures 13cm x 8cm and makes a cute and sentimental gift for a friend which will light up any room.

This is a retro sweets hamper which has enough items to keep all of the family happy. It has all sorts of different sweets in the 22cm x 15cm x 7.5cm box. It includes Haribo, wham bars, fizz wiz, parma violets, fruit salad, black jacks, candy sticks, rainbow drops, jawbreakers, fizzers, chewits etc. A great gift for a family that have a sweet tooth and enjoy all sorts of sweet treats.

This is a set of magnetic photo frames which make up a family tree. They can be arranged so that you can see who is related to who and you can write their names on too using the pen provided so that you do not forget who anyone is. There are lots of frames and links as well as tree accessories to make a really lovely display on your fridge or other metal item.

This is a set of three keyrings for sisters. Each has a heart shaped pendant on it and one says ‘big sis’ one says ‘mid sis’ and the other says ‘lil sis’. The pendants are 2.7 x 3.8cm and the rings are 3cm in diameter. They are made from stainless steel and therefore are durable, shiny and will not rust or fade. They come in a black velvet drawstring pouch which means that they are ready to give away as a gift.

This is a cute ornament called ‘family outing’. They are 22cm tall and they depict a couple holding two children. One is giving a child a piggy back and the is other holding them on their hip and they are standing on a platform so they balance well.  They are made from cast iron with a mocha powder coat so are black in colour. A nice gift idea for a young family of four.

This is a die which will allocate jobs for all of the family. On each face is a particular task and they can be rolled to find out who does which job. There is ‘do nothing’, ‘sweep ground’, ‘buy vegetables’, ‘wash clothes’, ‘cook’ and ‘wash dishes’. It can be a fun way to allocate the choirs and perhaps fairer to stop people complaining that they always have to do a certain job.

This is a fun board game. It is a retro game called ‘Chinese Checkers’. The idea is that between two and six players choose a colour and move their pieces from one side of the board to another by jumping them over each other. The first one to get all their pieces across is the winner. The box contains the playing board and 30 coloured pegs. It is suitable for children aged from three years.

These are personalised oak coasters. Each has a design around the outside and then you can choose a name to go in the middle. So, you can choose a surname or you can choose to put Christian names of all family members. You can pick between one and eight coasters and have them all the same or different. They come in a gift box and are made with solid Scottish oak which is responsibly sourced.

This is a book called ‘The Great Big Book of Families’ by Mary Hoffman. The book explores the big diversity of different families around these days. So, it looks at different sizes of family as well as differences in the homes, what they eat, what they celebrate, jobs, housework, languages, pets, family trees and extended families. It is a great way to let children feel that their family does not need to be the same as every one elses as there are so many. It comes in either hardback or paperback.

This is a word definition print. It is printed on white paper with black writing which says family and has a sentimental definition of the word. It is a crisp print which comes in a choice of A6, A5, A4, A3 or A2. You can then choose to frame it before giving it or leave it unframed. It has free delivery and would make a lovely gift for a family that are really close.

This is a motoring kit which is great for family journeys in the car. It has all sorts of useful items in it. It has a red hazard triangle in case of break downs, a pack of breathalysers, reflective jacket, GB plate, first aid kit, universal bulb kit and 2 headlamp beam converters. It all comes in a bag so it is easy to store in the car and includes everything that you need to travel safely in Europe.

This is a frame with words spelt out in wooden Scrabble letters. You can personalise it to include the words that you want in it such as family, love, home, together and things like that. You can have up to 6 words of up to ten letters. The frame is 8 x 8 inches in size and you can choose a wood, white or black one. A thoughtful and sentimental gift for a family.

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