26 Gift Ideas for Your Father in Law

Updated on January 27th, 2021
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It is not always easy to buy gifts for men and if you are looking for something for your Father-in-Law then it can be even harder as you need to find something special to show them how much you think of them. We have therefore decided to help by coming up with a list of gifts that we think will inspire you. The items are varied so we hope that it will mean that you will be able to find something that will suit the Father-in-Law that you are buying for. Prices vary too so there should be something that will fit in with your budget whether it is high or low.

26 Presents for Your Father in Law

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This is a white ceramic mug which measures 11 x 8 x 9.5cm  in size. It has ‘This is what an’ printed in black and below ‘awesome Father in Law looks like’ printed in green on it with some hands with thumbs pointing upwards. It is suitable for use in the microwave and dishwasher which means that it is really useful. A practical present which will also show how highly you think of your Father in Law.

This is a personalised whiskey set. It includes a whiskey decanter which can be personalised and a stopper, with 2 engraved whiskey tumblers and ten marble whiskey stones including a rock storage bag. It all comes in a wooden storage box. The box and decanter have the full name of the recipient on and the glasses have their initials on.  A very special and personal gift for a whiskey lover.

This is a tool stool in green and brown. It is a handy folding seat which has all sorts of slots in it for carrying tools. It is a great stool for sitting on while gardening and the hand tools can all be kept in there so they are easy to reach and transport along with the seat. The tools are not included so you could buy some to go with it to make it even more special.

This is a stainless steel tool set for a barbecue. Great for any Father-in-Law that loves to cook on a barbecue and there are all sorts of things included. There is a spatula, tongs, fork, basting brush, cleaning brush, steak fork, kebab skewers and sweet corn holders and they all come in a handy case. Everything is dishwasher safe so all easy to get clean and pop in the case ready for next time.

This is a relaxing moon lamp. It is a warm yellow mood light which is a globe shape that comes on a wooden base. You can choose from a 10cm or 15cm size and it has a built in rechargeable battery with a USB charger. It takes 3 hours to charge and then can be used as a reading light or desk lamp or just to create a pleasant atmosphere in a room. A practical and pretty item.

This is a lovely present for a bride to give to her grooms parents. It is addressed to Mother and Father in Law and is a sign which comes ready to hang. On it is a poem which explains how you are grateful to them for giving you their son and looking forward to being part of their family. It is a printed wooden board so it is sturdy and will easily hang on the wall.

This is a little useful tin to put things in. On the lid it says ‘Man Tin (leads, screw & other pointless stuff I must keep) and the lettering is in blue foil and black which stands out from the white tin. It is 75 x 155 x 20mm. You could use it to put a gift in to give, perhaps put sweets in it or just leave it for him to fill with the things that he needs a place for.

This is a useful multi tool pen. It comes in a choice of colours and each has all sorts of useful gadgets in it. It is a ballpoint pen comes with four refills so it will last a long time. It also has a built in spirit level, ruler marked on it, a slot and cross head screwdriver, stylus for mobile devices and also has a pocket clip so it is easy to carry around without being lost.

This is a fun collection of six socks. All of the socks are different but they are all multi coloured and striped. They are size 6-11 so should fit most men. They are made from cotton and there are 15 different combinations you can choose with the six different socks. They are fun to wear and a great gift for a man who likes to stand out and wear bright and colourful things.

This is a keyring with a circular wooden pendant on it. The pendant is engraved using a laser so the engraving looks dark brown. It says on it ‘world’s best Father-in-law’ and there is a picture of a globe with a heart. The text is engraved on both sides of the wooden disc. They are 50mm x 10mm and are useful to keep on your keys or to use as a bag charm.

This is a special slim wallet with a money clip. It makes a great gift for any man so they can fit everything they need in a small space. The bifold wallet has space for seven cards and there is an exterior sleeve for a card so the most often used one can be put there. There is a stainless steel money clip too so that notes can be kept securely in place. Comes in black, carbon or black and orange.

This is a multi function bedside or desk lamp. It is LED and can be used as a nightlight or for reading or close work. It has a built in Bluetooth speaker as well which produces good quality sound. It has variable brightness to suit different conditions including a red light for using at night. It has sensitive touch controls so it is easy to use and works using a rechargeable battery which lasts up to 18 hours and takes three hours to charge.

This is a bar runner which has ‘man cave rules’ printed on it and there are ten rules listed in white on a black background and it has a picture of a caveman on it. It comes in a choice of 1.5mm or 3mm thick and 215 x 455mm in size. The print is high sublimation which means that it will not fade. It has a rubber backing so that it will grip to the bar without slipping.

This is a short sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘I’m a proud Father-in-Law of a freaking awesome daughter-in-law (and yes she bought me this t-shirt)’. It comes in black, red or blue with the writing in white so it really stands out and in sizes small – 3XL. It is made from 100% cotton and can go in a washing machine so is easy to keep clean. It has a regular fit with a crew neck.

This is a gin makers kit which has enough ingredients and equipment to make ten bottles of botanical infused gin. There are instructions included as well as juniper berries, botanicals, funnel, metal strainer, kraft paper, bottle tags and testing pipettes. A fun kit which would be ideal for anyone that enjoys drinking gin and wants a fun challenge and it could be a start of a fun new hobby for them.

This is a print which has a white background with black print which is a definition of a Father-in-Law. It says ‘Father-in-Law: noun – the father of one’s husband or wife, giver of advice, love and inspiration’. It comes in a choice of A6, A5, A4, A3 or A2 and is printed on thick quality card which is water resistant and photo lustre. Comes at a budget price so you can get a frame for it too if you wish.

This is a bottle opener which says on it ‘Father in Law’. You can choose the font and you can also change the text if you wish to. It is a rectangular metal plate with a hole in which fits over the top of a bottle to remove the lid. There is a small hole too, so you can attach it to a chain to put on a keyring or put some twine through to hang it up.

This is a novelty parking sign which has a white background with red writing. It says ‘No parking, reserved for world’s greatest in laws’. It is 30 x 45cm and made of metal. It has small pre drilled holes so that it is easy to hang up without worrying about damaging the sign. It is waterproof, colourfast and non-glare which means that it can be put anywhere, inside or outside.

This is a fountain pen which can be engraved with up to 30 letters such as ‘father-in-Law’. You can choose the font as well as the wording included. The pen is silver in colour and would be a lovely item to give to a father in law that enjoys writing, particularly if they still like hand written letters as a fountain pen can add a lovely touch to any letter.

This is a hip flask which is engraved. It is silver in colour and has a hinged lid so that it will not get lose when you are using it. It has ‘Father in law’ engraved on one side of it which makes it really special as it is personalised. It comes in a black velvet pouch, which means that it is all ready to give away as a special gift.

This is a very useful rechargeable torch. It has a strong LED light and comes with a USB cable to charge it up easily. It has a hook in the base which can be folded out so that it can be hung up to keeps hands free when using it. It is a strong light designed to be used as an inspection lamp but also has many other uses too.

This is a five compartment valet tray organiser. It has five soft, velvet lined compartments of different sizes, one with a hinged cover. It can be used for keeping watches, cuff links, phone, coins, wallet, keys, glasses etc in without them getting scratched and damaged. A great way to store things tidily and in a place where you will always be able to find them without a frantic daily search.

This is a travel mug which is made from stainless steel and engraved with ‘you’re the best father-in-law, keep that sh*t up’ with a thumbs up underneath which is printed on both sides. The mug has a black plastic base, handle and lid and the rest is silver coloured. It has a double wall to keep drinks hot or cold and the handle means it can be carried easily but is high up so it still fits in a car cup holder.

This is a ship in a bottle made in the traditional way. It has a wooden stand with the name ‘Victory’ on it on a gold coloured plate. It is 23cm long and the ship has lots of attention to detail even though it is small such as rigging and flags. It is something you do not see so much these days and would make an unusual gift for a Father-in-Law that enjoys nautical items.

This could be an interesting gift for a Father-in-Law that has everything and loves cheese. It is a cheese making kit which contains instructions and equipment for making over 20 different types of cheese. It has a recipe books, cheesecloths, thermometer, moulds, herbs and spices so it is easy to make all sorts of different and tasty cheeses such as cottage cheese, mozzarella, ricotta, paneer, labneh, chhena, Cheshire and goats cheese.

This is a useful magnifying glass with a light. It has a 3x and a 45x lens in it so you can see really clearly. It is lightweight so it is easy to hold and has 3 LED lights built into it so it makes it really easy to see in dim light too. It is powered by batteries and comes with a lens cloth to keep it clean and a storage bag to protect it from getting scratched.

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