30 Impressive Presents for Females

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It can sometimes be tricky to find an original gift. Although women can be easy to buy for, sometimes you want something unique and special and that can make it more difficult to find something appropriate. This is why this exciting list has been put together. There are plenty of different ideas to choose from so you should be able to find just the right thing. Whether you want something practical or fun or a combination of both you should be able to find something that will suit your budget, your taste and the taste of the female you are buying for.

30 Gift Ideas for Females. From Partners To Family & Colleagues We Have The Answer

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This is a fun mug which is white with the following printed on it ‘powerful woman motto (in red): live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning Satan shudders & says ‘Oh crap…she’s awake’. This is a cheeky mug which will be appealing to anyone with a good sense of humour and is likely to be different to anything she has seen before. It comes in a box so all ready to give as a gift.

This is a really lovely rose gold purse. Printed on it in black it says ‘practically perfect in every way’ with a picture of Mary Poppins flying with her umbrella. It is black inside with a zipped centre compartment, two open areas for coins and some slits to put notes in and zips closed all the way around. It is 10.5cm x 20cm x 2.5cm and is an official Disney product.

This is a lovely gift set containing bath bombs and scented candles to give to a woman so that she can have a relaxing bath experience. There are four bath bombs: rose, lavender, tea tree and lemon and they are individually wrapped to preserve the fragrance. The candles and bath bombs come in a tin which is 6 x 4 cm with a burning time of 15-17 hours. They are nectarine & honey and vanilla & coconut.

This is a lovely spa gift set. It contains items so that you can give yourself a luxury spa treatment at home. They are made by Sanctuary Spa and each is 30ml. There are three and there is a 5 minute charcoal detox mask, vitamin C daily glow face mask and pink diamond dust face mask. They all come in a Sanctuary Spa gift box so ready to give as a lovely present to a woman you care about.

This is a funky bedside lamp with Bluetooth speaker made by MrCool. It comes in a choice of sizes and is a touch lamp which is dimmable and so can be used as a nightlight. It has different colours and made so can be used as a nightlight, an overnight lamp, a bedside light or a reading lamp, It can also be used with one colour, a mood light in multiple colours or a hypnotic light.

This is a fine wine glass. It is unbreakable as it is made from acrylic and stemless as well so they are safe to use anywhere such as outside. It has a fun design on it to show you how much wine to pour. On the glass, it says ‘seriously’ near the bottom, ‘keep going’ at the middle and ‘now we’re talking’ at the top. It holds up to 450ml which is half a bottle of wine.

These are a great fun pair of socks. They are pink cotton and furry so they are really cosy. On the bottom they have non-stick pads which read ‘if you can read this’ on one foot and the other says ‘bring me some wine’. They are great for anyone that sits with their feet up a lot and loves to drink wine. It comes it a pretty gift pack all tied up with a pink ribbon so you do not even need to wrap it.

This is a great hair towel wrap for curly hair. It is made of microfibre and therefore dried hair in a way that it will preserve the curls and reduce frizz that normally occurs when drying naturally curly hair. It comes with a towel and a wide-tooth comb which is specially designed for curly hair. Great for trying out the curly girl technique for perfect curls every time.

This is a lovely gift box full of essential oils which have been made using the latest steam pressing techniques and created using natural ingredients. They can be used in vaporisers, diffusers or humidifiers. They have different formulations and there are two 10ml bottles each of breath, relaxation, sleep and refresh. They come in a pretty blue gift box with a moon and stars design and a red ribbon on.

This is a beanie hat which has Bluetooth in it with stereo speakers and microphone. You can keep your head warm while listening to your favourite tunes for up to 12 hours between recharges. It has a crisp and clear sound and quickly recharges using USB in two hours. It even comes with a high-quality polar fleece neck warmer which can also be used as a half face mask to keep you really snug and warm.

These sparkly earrings contain Swarovski crystals in a selection of colours. You can choose between silvery, aquamarine, aurora borealis, light rose and vitrail. They are 0.6cm x 0.6cm in size and come in a gift box. The dazzling and cute earrings come with a butterfly back and catch the light so will look really expensive and will shine out at any angle due to the many facets cut into the crystal.

This is a lovely Casio watch called Baby-G. It is available in white, black/gold, white/brown, purple or pink. It is water and shock resistant and comes with a LED to illuminate the face. It has a timer which can show elapsed time, split time and final time and is 1/100 sec accuracy. The time can be displayed in a 12 or 24-hour format on the digital display and it also has hands to tell the time.

This is a fun journal notebook which has a black cover and says ‘only the strongest women become lawyers’ on the front of it with a picture of scales on it. The book is 6 x 9 inches and has 120 pages with a soft cover. Inside it has lined pages so it can be used for lots of things such as note taking journaling, diary, lists or inspirations. A useful gift with a sentimental message.

This is a Lovarzi women’s scarf or pashmina which has a frilled edge. There is a choice of colours and designs so you can find the right one. You can choose between black and red, blue, pink and blue. Purple and blue, red and blue, blue and red and silver grey with red and black. They all have a paisley design on the bottom with a plain middle part. They are made from 100% viscose and measure 200 x 70 cm.

This is a high quality leather credit card holder. It zips all around to keep them secure and inside has 9 sections to put cards in and two for cash. It measures 11cm x 7cm so is a perfect size for cards. It is available in a choice of colours: brown, black, coffee, orange, purple and red. It has a durable fabric lining which protects the cards from wear and tear. It also has RFID blocking in it so it protects your cards from being skimmed.

This is a very pretty, floral long kimono style robe. It comes in a range of different colours: black, baby blue, navy blue, royal blue, turquoise, baby green, dark green, olive green, grey, fuchsia pink, pink lilac, baby purple, purple violet, red candy and white pearl. They are lightweight and made of rayon.  It has a shaped neckline with belt loops and a belt and long flowing sleeves which do not come all the way to the wrist so it is practical to wear while doing chores etc.

This is a really pretty teacup with an intricate design. It is enamel craft and has a vivid flower handle. It is available in 320ml or 350ml and comes in blue, coffee, green or red. The design includes a butterfly on the main cup and a flower on the handle and near the base. It comes with a matching spoon and cleaning cloth in a gift box so all ready to give away as a thoughtful present.

This is a large light up make-up mirror. It has 24 dimmable LED lights around it so that you can always see well. It can be adjusted so that you can see in it easily. It has a detachable design so that it is easily portable and can free stand on a dressing table or counter. It is scratch resistant and lightweight. It comes in a three-layer protective gift box.

These are fun Harry Potter themed pyjamas. They have a sorting hat on the front with the word ‘sorted’ and the houses listed below with a tick in the box next to Gryffindor. They have a small Harry Potter design on the trousers and sleeves. They are available in sizes 8-10, 12-14, 16-18 and 20-22 and are 100% cotton. They have short sleeves but long legs with an elastic cuff at the ankle.

This is a unique explosion box scrapbook. It is a homemade box which opens out, 5 colourful cards, a ribbon and a small ribboned box. You can fit nearly 100 photos into the 20 different designed parts in the box. In the small box you can hide treasures such as jewellery or even sweets. It packages up as a square box but opens out flat so you can look at the photographs and has the small box as a surprise inside as well.

These are very useful gloves. They are suitable for use when walking, running cycling or doing other sports but they are designed to allow use with a touch screen. They are available in a range of colours: black, graphite, black & white, beige, grey, purple, blue etc and they have different patterns as well. They come in either lades medium or large sizes. They are soft and comfortable, fit well and work with all touch screens.

This is an elegant rose gold watch. It is made by Sekonda and has a two tone stone design around the rose gold face and on the bracelet. It also comes with a matching pendant which is in a heart shape and also has rose gold with two tone stones. The bracelet is in a bangle style and is slim and elegant. The watch face has a rose gold colour and looks stylish.

This is a vintage style trinket box. It is silver in colour and made of a zinc alloy. It has a rose design with a crystal in the centre. The lid is the rose which opens out on a hinge to reveal the storage inside. It is available in small or large sizes. The small is 5.4cm x 4.8cm x 5.4cm and the large is 6.9cm x 6cm x 6.7cm.

This is a sterling silver necklace with crystal pendant. It is made by Alex Perry jewellery and has 925 sterling silver and a Swarovski crystal. There is the option of a paradise shine or a tanzanite colour crystal. The crystals reflect the light at many angles so they sparkle with rainbow colours and will really make the wearing stand out from the crowd. Comes in a gift box so it is all ready to give away as a lovely gift.

This is a PrettyStern scarf which has an art nouveau design. There are many different scarf patterns available all with different art styles so there should be something that you would like to give. Some designs are bright and bold and others are in more muted colours and so there should be something to suit all tastes. The scarves measure 63 x 16.9 inches and are made of pure silk. It is lovely and light to wear but also warming and will add a colourful touch to any outfit.

This personalised gin glass can make a great gift. It has an elegant wax seal style pewter badge with an initial of your choice on. The glass has an elegant stem and a 620ml capacity so will fit plenty of tonic and ice as well as gin.  It is a unique gift and right on trend as gin is now a very popular drink. It comes in a velvet bag and gift box.

This is a useful facial cleansing brush. It can be used to remove make up, sunscreen, blackheads, acne and dry skin. There are different fittings on the brush for the different uses: soft brush, rolling pin massager, make up remover deep cleanse sponge, latex smooth soft sponge and smooth and rejuvenate brush. It is suitable for all skin types; even sensitive skin. Can be used with cleansers and oils if required.

This is a lovely personalised book that can be used for putting recipes in. It has lots of space to put in ingredients, methods and techniques. The cork top to the cover can be engraved with a name to go on the book. There are 80 sheets of lovely craft paper inside which are lined for easy writing on and it uses vegan, eco-friendly corn for the cover. You can choose black or grey banding on the cover of the book.

This is a lovely remote controlled, battery operated pillar candle. It looks like wax with a realistic flame effect with a coloured trim on it. You can choose different colours for the candle from white with gold trim, white with silver trim, white with blue trim, white with peach trim, pink with pink trim, grey, blue, purple, red or off white. In the set, you get three candles of different heights.

This is a lovely set of three ballpoint pens by Sara Miller. You can choose from the Chelsea collection which features birds, flowers and foliage in black, white or turquoise with a gold trim or the Tahiti set which features animals and foliage in red, black or turquoise with gold trim. The pens have black ink, measure 13.5 x 0.8 x 0.8 cm and come in a presentation gift box.

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