28 Presents for Feng Shui Followers

By Louise
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Feng Shui is something that a lot of people like and adhere to in their lives. If you know someone that does, then you may find it hard to buy them a gift, as you may wonder whether it will fit into their lifestyle and the choices that they are making. We have provided a list to help you as we have found all sorts of items that we think will appeal to people that love Feng Shui and hopefully, as there is a good variety, you will find something that will inspire you and that will hopefully be within your budget too.

28 Gift Ideas for Feng Shui Fans

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This is a little feng shui desktop gong. It is about 19 x 5 x 20cm in size and the gong is made of brass with the stand being made of wood. The gong has a pretty design on it and as part of the stand there is a stick to hit the gong with. It is a cute little thing and it makes a soothing sound, which will attract wealth and frighten away evil spirits.

This is the ‘Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Feng Shui’ and it is the complete guide to the art and practices of feng shui. It includes information about the origins and formulas, about symbols, family and friends, luck, travel, education, health and business and as well as how to bring it into your home and garden.  An interesting guide to anyone wanting to find out more about feng shui. It comes in a hardback or kindle edition.

This is a crystal tree ornament. It has a copper coloured metal trunk, branches and the base and leaves are made from coloured gemstones. You can choose from green aventurine. Amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, 7 chakra, red agate, fluorite and amazonite gem. They are 12-16cm high depending on the size of the tumbled gemstones used. It depicts the tree of life or tree of knowledge, which illustrates that all life on earth is related and each stone that you can choose from has a different meaning.

This is a canvas hanging. It is a scroll painting to hang directly on the wall and is a HD print of two white cranes with black necks and heads on a tree. It has a ribbon to hang it up and a tassel at the bottom with a piece of bamboo at the top and bottom to give it weight, so it hangs flat and looks neat. It is 80 x 35 x 5cm in size and is fade and humidity resistant.

This is a set of Chinese coins. They come in different sizes and you can choose 0.8 inches, 1.1 inches or a mix of 0.8 and 1 inch sizes. They all have a square hole in the middle and you can choose from a set of 100, 200 or 300. They have the names of emperors on them and are thought to bring good luck, health and wealth. They are made from thin metal which is durable and sturdy.

This is a book called ‘Feng Shui – from Beginner to Expert, Illustrated Version – Start Using Feng Shui Today to Attract Happiness and Success’ by Joline McMathews. It helps to show you how to use feng shui to balance your life, gain positive energy and transform your life. It uses the Bagua map, lucky number and the Lo Shu square plus other tools to help you to harness the power of Feng Shui.

This is a pair of bell windchimes which have a dragon and cloud design and a fish clapper. They are made from a zinc alloy and are 25cm in size and 4cm diameter. They have an oriental style so look really pretty but also have traditional items on them and hanging them can bring you good luck. They have a clear and crisp sound and can be used indoors or outdoors.

This is a pair of Mandarin ducks. Mandarin ducks are a well-known traditional Feng shui symbol for love and they also symbolise happiness and fidelity. This pair is 2.5 x 8 inches in size and they can be put into a home to help couples in their relationship, so will make a great gift for a couple that live together to put in their house. They are made of resin and are shiny with black heads and coloured bodies.

This is a pack of three hanging sun catcher crystals. They are prism shaped on long chains with rainbow coloured beads. They create rainbows when the sun is shining on them. They are three different sizes – 50, 63 and 76mm in size and they are easy to hang up using the loop on the top of each one. They come in a gift bag so look lovely when giving away as a present.

This is a keyring in the shape of a pagoda. It is 12cm long with the building being 4.3cm high and it is made of metal in different colours, so it looks pretty with each piece a different colour. The key chain can be used with keys but would also make a pretty bag charm. It comes with a free red string bracelet as well, which brings good fortune. A lovely pair of gifts.

This is a gold lucky cat with a waving hand with its paw in the air. It has a red collar and ears with a green chest. It needs a battery to make it wave and it is a symbol of wealth and happiness. It is made from plastic so it is durable and the swinging hat provides a calm mood as well as bringing luck. It measures 13cm tall and 8.1 cm x 7.8cm on the base.

This is an elephant ornament. The elephant is looking upwards and has a decorative blanket over it in green and gold and gold detailing on the feet, chest and top of its head. It comes in three size options: small (8.5 x 4.5 x 9cm), medium (10 x 4.5 x 10cm), and large (13.5 x 6 x 14cm) and is made from non-toxic resin. The symbol of the elephant is lucky and it can help bring wealth, fortune and happiness.

This is a set of five wall canvases with a picture of water with a zen stone pile on it. There are peaceful green leaves, rippling water with black stones in a tower. It measures 150 x 75 x 0.7cm and it is a high quality art print using lightfast and vibrant colours. It has hangers on already so it is all ready to put up on a wall. Comes with free delivery.

This is a Bagua mirror which is a traditional Chinese Feng Shui mirror. You can choose from convex or concave and the surround is octagonal and made from engraved wood. It is 17.5cm in size and protects and provides fortune. It draws in positive energy and the eight straight lines represent the blessing brought by the union of nature and virtue. It has an eye hook on the back to hang it.

This is a bracelet which is made from tiger eye stones with some obsidian and agate. The beads are 12mm in size and they form a symbol of good luck. The red agate is carved with the sutra which increases wisdom, removes cravings, aversion and ignorance. Tiger eye protects us from others and brings luck and prosperity. The stones are all smooth and they are threaded onto elastic so they fit on all wrists, whatever their size.

This is a crystal pyramid. There are different colours available and this one is rainbow coloured with different stones in it. It is used for positive energy, healing, meditation concentration, balancing and peace of mind. It is 3cm high with a 2.5cm x 2.5cm base and it comes in a gift pouch which is either red or black – you can choose, so it is all ready to give away to someone as a gift.

This is a book called ‘Feng Shui, the Invisible Universal Force’ by Araine Chancelor. Anyone that reads this book will get the opportunity to learn a lot more about Feng Shui and so it is a great gift to give to someone who is just starting to learn about it or who wants to expand the knowledge that they already have. It comes in a paperback form and would make a great gift.

This is a mini meditation garden kit. It is a wooden box with white sand, a little wooden rake, pebbles, a stone with ‘zen’ written on it and an ornament. It allows the person to put together their own garden that they can use to create a peaceful atmosphere in their home.  They could even add decorations of their own if they wish. It measures 15cm x 11cm in size so is really cute.

This is a book by Simon G. Brown called ‘Feng Shui Life Coach : Become the person you’ve always wanted to be with Feng Shui’. It is a book which teaches you how to use the principles of Feng Shui to transform your inner space with regards to goals and energy as well as including information about how to arrange the rooms in your home to maximise the potential of Feng Shui.

This is a cushion cover with a zen garden design. It is a beige colour with a bamboo design on it in green. It is available in sizes 16 x 16 inches, 18 x 18 inches or 20 x 20 inches. It is made from 100% cotton linen and is durable. It has a hidden zipper so it is easy to put a pillow or cushion inside. It can be washed gently in a machine if necessary.

This is a white mug with black writing on that says ‘F*cking awesome Feng Shui Consultant’ on it. It is made from ceramic so it is sturdy and it is 11oz in size with an easy grip handle. It is designed for hot beverages and can be put in the microwave or dishwasher, so is practical and easy to use as well. Great for a Feng Shui consultant with a sense of humour!

This is a short sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘Feng Shui King’ in white and has a yellow crown on it. It comes in black, navy, royal blue, baby blue, red, purple, pink, heather grey, dark heather and Kelly green. It is available in fits suitable for men and women and in sizes small to 3XL. It is made from a polyester and cotton blend so keeps its shape and is soft to wear and it can be washed in the washing machine.

This is a short sleeved t-shirt which comes in fits available for men or women. It is available in different colours such as black, navy, royal blue, baby blue, red, purple, pink, heather grey, dark heather and Kelly green and in sizes Small – 2XL. On the front in white print there is a crown and under it is writing which says ‘Feng Shui Queen’. It is a classic fit, lightweight and can go in the washing machine.

This is a long sleeved, unisex hoodie which is available in sizes Small to 2XL and in black, navy, royal blue, dark heather and heather grey. It has a ‘yin yang’ logo design in the middle with five elements around it in Chinese writing. It is made from polyester cotton and therefore washes easily in a washing machine and keeps it shape well. It has a classic fit with a drawstring around the neck in the same colour as the hoodie.

This is a floral car seat cover. It has a blue flower botany themed fabric on it with a non slip backing. It is 57 inches long and 30 inches wide and made from durable polyester. It can easily be put on and then taken off as required and it will help to keep car seats clean or to protect them from pets, children, or other risks of getting the seats in the car dirty.

This is a plaque which is gold with nine squares and a crane design. The crane is associated with high rank and elevation of status and each of the nine squares features a crane. The idea is that the picture is put on your desk to attract career advancement or to activate the luck of the number nine. It is 2cm x 20cm x 1cm in size and it even comes with free delivery.

This is a Feng Shui game pack. It is based on authentic Chinese designs and is a unique way to learn about Feng Shui. It has cards and a board for the game and it teaches you about energy flow, blocks and remedies and each player needs to get their energy across the board without being blocked. The game demonstrates how energy flows around everything. It comes boxed with clear instructions.

This is a heather grey hoodie with long sleeves. It has a picture of a laughing buddha printed on the front of it in black. It is a unisex design available in sizes Small – 2XL. It is made from a cotton and polyester blend, which is suitable for washing in washing machine and is soft and comfortable. It has a drawstring around the hood in the same heather grey colours and a large pocket on the front.

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