33 Gift Ideas for Your Future Wife

By Eve
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If you are engaged to be married, then it is likely that you will want to spoil your wife-to-be with some lovely gifts. However, it is not always easy to know exactly what you should be buying. There are quite a few items though, that you can choose from and to make it easier for you, we have put them into a list for you. There is a big variety of items so you should be able to find something that she will like. They are at different prices as well, which means that you will be able to find something that is within your budget. It should enable you to get just the right thing!

33 Presents for Your Fiancee

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This fun book was written in the 1930’s and called ‘How to be a good wife’. Some of the old-fashioned advice is funny but some are also useful. Don’t forget that very true remark that while face powder may catch a man, baking powder is the stuff to hold him and ‘after all is said and done, husbands are not terribly difficult to manage’. A fun gift to give which will hopefully raise a few laughs.

This is a fun mug that says ‘morning tea for my wife to be’ with a heart on it. It is a 10fl oz sized white mug with black writing on it. It is hand-printed in the UK and is dishwasher and microwave safe. The mug is a great practical gift that will also remind someone of how much you love them and of the fact that you will be soon to be married.

This is a fun pair of pyjamas which says on the top ‘here comes a bride to be’. The top is white with black writing and also has some champagne glasses, bells, hearts and lips on it. The bottoms come in a choice of styles and colours: pink and white gingham, red and black plaid, pink camo, black and white tartan and blue stripe. They are available in sizes small to XXL.

This is a fun tote shopping bag. It is a shopping bag made of white cotton. It has a lips design on it with a ring between the teeth and it says ‘wifey’ underneath it. The design is in black and red and really stands out. A practical gift but also one with a strong design that will really stand out and also show that someone is about to get married.

This is a fun notebook that will make a good gift for a bride to be. It is light pink on the cover and says ‘kiss the miss goodbye’ with lips on it which are in rose gold. It can make a lovely keepsake and the bride can use it to ask her friends and family to all put good luck wishes in it. The pages inside are blank so it is easy to add messages to and even drawings or photos.

Water bottles make great gifts and this one is white and in black writing says ‘Trust me I’m a fiancee’ on the front of it also has a picture of two rings and two champagne glasses on the front of it. There are two lids on it, one has a sports cap and the other has a carabiner on it so that you can attach it to a bag, belt etc. It is 600ml in size and can easily be hand washed.

A cushion cover can make a great gift. This one has a sentimental message on it ‘To my gorgeous fiancée after all this time I still love you It’s always been you. It was you yesterday was you today will be you tomorrow and for the rest of my life it will be you, I love you’. The cover is 40cm x 40cm in size and is made from 100% polyester and has a silk feel.

A t-shirt is a useful item to have and this one has the word ‘girlfriend’ on it which has been crossed out with the word ‘fiancee’ underneath. It is written in white print. The t-shirt is short sleeves and comes in a selection of colours and sizes. It is a classic fit and is made from a lightweight material with a round neck. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix and is machine washable.

A teddy bear can be a lovely item to give to someone. This one is wearing a white t-shirt which says ‘Best fiancee ever’ on it with a pink heart behind the writing. It is a cotton t-shirt. The teddy is a light brown colour. It is about eight inches in size and is suitable for adults as well as children from three years of age.

If you are looking for a Christmas gift for a fiancée then this book could be worth considering. It is a lined journal which is really useful to be used as a diary, journal or notebook. It has a fun design on the cover which has a picture of a Santa face and says ‘Being my Fiancee is really the only gift you need!’. It has 110 pages and is 6 x 9 inches in size.

A mug can be a handy gift and this one has a sentimental message to a fiancée on it so it makes it special and therefore a lovely gift to give. The printing is in black and it has a pink heart design on it. The design is printed on both sides so it is suitable for right and left-handed people.  It is 9.5 x 8cm and so a good size. It comes in a box, so it is easy to wrap up.

Personalised gifts can be special and this is a Christmas tree ornament in the shape of a heart which can have names and a date on. It is mirrored silver in colour and is a cute small size. There is a red ribbon in it so that it can be hung up easily. It is 85 x 85mm and 3mm thick and sparkles and reflects the light. It is possible to order a gift bag to put it in.

Unicorn fans will enjoy wearing this t-shirt. It has a white unicorn on it with a rainbow mane and pink horn. It says ‘fiancee eventually!’ on it as well. It comes in a choice of colours and sizes so there should be one to suit all tastes and dress sizes. The t-shirt has short sleeves and a round neck and has a classic fit. It is made from lightweight fabric which is a cotton and polyester mix.

A photo frame can make a great gift, especially when celebrating an occasion. This one can be personalised with a couples names and date. At the top of the frame, it says ‘Engaged’ and underneath is the name and date. It also has some hearts, love birds and rings on the corners of the frame. The frame comes in three size options so you can choose the size of the photograph you would like to put in it.

A couple with a sense of humour will like this t-shirt. It says on it ‘I’m not spoiled my fiancé just loves me’. It is short-sleeved and comes in fits and sizes for men and women and in a choice of colours. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix fabric which is easy to machine wash and has a classic fit. It is lightweight and has a round neck.

A cute and sentimental gift can go down really well. This is a little trinket box which says on the top ‘I love you to the moon and back’. It also has a moon and stars design on it. It is nickel-plated which means that has a silver-coloured finish and is shiny. It is 2.9cm high, 6.5cm wide and 6.6cm deep and it has a heart shape.

A cute, novelty gift can go down really well and this one is a small sack with a label that says ‘The engagement recipe’ and on the back it explains the significance of the small items inside it. There is a heart-shaped hanging ornament, a sheep because ewe were made for each other, a brick to build your future, a diamond your forever, a dice to roll on the wedding and a spoon to mix it all together.

A wedding planner book can be very useful to give as a gift. This one has a duck egg blue and gold cover and a spiral binding. Inside there are five sections including a step by step planner and two pull out sections for table plans and a guest list. There are also zip lock plastic pockets for storing important items. It is a pretty book that can be kept as a memory.

A Tote shopping bag is a useful one to own. This one says ‘Totes getting married’ on it. The bag is made from the heavy canvas so will last well and is 38 x 40cm in size and has long handles. It would make a really useful item just for general shopping or for storing wedding-related things in. It could even be used to keep engagement memory items in.

A personalised gift can be extra special. This one says ‘The future Mrs [name]’ on it and the buyer will choose the correct surname to put on it. The mug is white with black writing with an elegant swirl under it and a red heart to the side. It is a 10oz ceramic mug that is dishwasher safe. It makes a lovely gift to present to a wife-to-be.

If you are gifting a bottle of bubbly, then a specially engraved chest to give it in will be a great way to present it. This one can be personalised with names and date so it is ready for you to put in the bottle that you have chosen. It is made of wood and has a rope handle. The lid is hinged with a clasp so that it can easily be opened but says securely closed when required.

A keyring can be a great novelty gift and also useful. This one has two pendants on it. One is intertwined fingers and the other has words which reads ’one day we will never have to say goodbye only goodnight’. It is made of stainless steel which means that it is durable and will not rust or corrode. It is also an attractive shiny silver colour.

A wishbone can be a sentimental item to give as a gift. This one comes in a gift box which says ‘An engagement gift for you’ on the front of it. It is snappable so it can be used to make a wish or kept as a keepsake. It comes with a gift card and envelope which can be written before it is handed over as a gift.

Notebooks are always useful. This one is pink with a rose gold print on it that says ‘last fling before the’ and has a picture of a ring. It is a memory book which has 34 blank pages is that hen party guests will be able to write in it and leave lovely messages. It comes with a rose gold pen that has an imitation diamond on the end of it.

This mug will make a great gift for anyone that has a great sense of humour. On it, there is a picture of an engagement ring and underneath it says ‘f*cking finally!’. It is 11oz in size and the artwork is on both sides. It has a large handle so that it is easy to use. It is dishwasher and microwave safe. It comes with a free gift box and so is ready to give away.

Friends is so popular again and this hoodie has a reference to Friends on it. It has print which says ‘He’s my lobster’ in the Friends Tv programme font. It comes in a choice of three colours (navy, black or white) and a selection of sizes (from small – 5XL). It has a matching drawstring around the hood, a useful kangaroo pouch pocket and long sleeves. It is machine washable.

A plaque can make a good keepsake. This one is heart-shaped and says ‘may your hearts only know happiness from this day forward congratulations of your engagement’. It is 15 x 11.5cm in size and is hand-painted in grey with black print and has pearlescent hearts to decorate it and an organza hanging ribbon in white. It is something that is likely to be treasured.

Notebooks are very handy and this one has a black cover with white print on it which says ‘she said yes’ with a picture of a ring in a box. It has ruled pages and a glossy cover. It is of good quality and 6 x 9 inches in size. It can be used for all sorts of things such as writing, doodling, journaling, note-taking or using as a diary.

Christmas ornaments can make lovely keepsake gifts. This one can be personalised with names and a date. It has a holly design around the edge and a calendar showing the engagement date with the words ‘she said yes!’ underneath. It is made of ceramic and has a ribbon threaded through a hole in it. It has the same print on both sides and is about 3 inches in size.

Date signs can make interesting gifts. This one is printed so that the text is white on black. It has three dates which you can customise. Under the first it says ‘he stole her heart’, under the second it says ‘she said yes’ and under that last it says ‘they said I do’. The print has been directly printed on the wood. It can be used inside or outside and its rustic look will fit in anywhere.

A glass ornament, like this one, can make a lovely keepsake gift. On the glass, it says ‘I love you to the moon and back worlds best fiance’ and it has a moon and stars design. It is a small item that measures 8 x 1.9 x 8 cm in size. It comes presented in a gift box which means that it is all ready to give away without the need to wrap it up.

Novelty gifts can be fun and this one is a fiancé survival kit. It is a small organza bag which has lots of items inside it to help out. Attached to the bag is a card that explains the significance of all of the items inside. There are fourteen small items inside which will all make sense when the card is read – such as ‘puzzle piece – we fit together well’ and ‘sweets – because you’re really sweet’.

Pillowcases are practical but they can also be romantic. This one has a floral pattern on it and a sentimental message as well with the print in red and black. The words promise that the fiancé will always be there, to encourage, befriend and love. It is made from 100% polyester and has a cotton feel to it. It is 75 x 50cm and will hold a standard-sized pillow with a flap inside to hold it in place.

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