32 Gift Ideas for Florists

By Louise
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There are lots of florists and when you are looking to buy them gifts, then you could get a bit stuck. It is not always easy to know what sorts of things they might like. Luckily, we can help you as we have come up with a list of items that we feel that florists will love. We have picked a variety of things, both fun and practical, as we hope that you will be able to find something then, if not several things that you like, think they will like and are within your budget. Hopefully, it will be really helpful.

32 Presents for Florists

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This is a keyring which has a plastic pendant on it. The pendant is shatterproof acrylic and has a picture of pink flowers on it which says on top ‘keep calm I’m a florist’ on it. It is 35 x 45mm and the picture is 25 x 35mm and printed on photo paper, on both sides. It would look good with keys or as a bag charm. It comes in a clear display packet.

This is a reel of green florist’s wire. It is 0.35mm thick and 120m in length. It comes on a white plastic reel. It is very strong but also soft and flexible which means that it can be used for making all sorts of arrangements. Would be a very useful gift for anyone that enjoys flower arranging and for florists as well as those that like to do art and crafts that require wire.

This is a pair of professional florist’s scissors. They have a yellow handle and carbon blades They are designed to be able to be used by left and right-handed people. They have long handles which are ergonomically designed for comfort. They are about 17cm in length in total. They are made by Oasis Floral Products and are designed for professionals. They would be very useful for a florist as well as for those that do lots of flower arranging.

This is a fridge magnet which has a pretty pink floral design and says ‘keep calm I’m a florist’ on it. It is made from clear acrylic and will stick to any flat surface that is magnetic. It is 68 x 97mm in size so is large and is very useful for attaching things to magnetic surfaces such as putting shopping lists on a fridge or just for using for ornamental purposes.

This is a notebook with a blue cover that says on the front of it ‘florist I [heart] my job’ with a picture of a man carrying a briefcase beneath it. It is 6 x 9 inches with 111 pages which are lined. This means that it can be used for all sorts of things, whether work or home-related. It would be great to use for a diary, journal, notebook or just for general use.

This is a floral arrangement kit which includes a selection of useful products. There is a floral garden wire cutter, three rolls of tape in different shades of green, 100 lengths of gauge green floral wire which is 36cm long and 0.45mm in diameter and a reel of 30m long plant wire with a diameter of 0.7mm. This would be a great selection for a florist, crafter or flower arranger.

This is a box of oasis foam. The foam is used for flower arrangements as stems can be pushed into it and it will hold water so they can stay fresh. The foam comes in square bricks which can be used as they are or cut to size. They are green in colour which means that it is harder to see them when they have flower stems pushed into them.

This is a selection of ribbons which can be used for crafting and by florists on bouquets of flowers. There are 20 bows in the set and they come in a random assortment of colours, although there is the option of picking all bows in just one colour. There are sets with other amounts of bows included as well. These are flat ribbons which will pull up into bow shapes.

This is a florist’s knife made by Oasis. It is a small knife which has a yellow handle which is comfortable to hold and also durable. It can be used for cutting flower stems as well as shaping oasis and other jobs. It is lightweight which means that it is easier to use over a long period of time without the hand getting tired. Comes with a plastic cover to protect the blade.

This is a keychain that has a pretty flower pendant on it. It can also be personalised with an initial pendant (with any letter on) and a birthstone pendant on it as well. It makes a lovely gift for any florist or indeed anyone that is keen on flowers, gardening or flower arranging. The flowers charm is 17 x 58mm and is silver in colour and the birthstone charm is made from a genuine Swarovski crystal and is silver plated.

This is a pack of florist spray trays. They are dark green and are 22cm in length and 3cm deep and they are sold in a pack of 5. The tray has a handle and inside there are moulded spikes to sit oasis or floral foam on so that the flower arrangement will stay in place. It can be used to hang floral arrangements such as when attached to pew ends.

This is a grey metal flower pot. It is in a shabby chic style with rope handles and a heart on the front which says ‘ le Jardin du Lavande’. It is 17 x 12cm in size and an oval shape. It is a pot that would be suitable for potted plants, herbs or bulbs to either be directly planted in to or for their pots to be stood in. Would make a pretty display item, gift or to give with a plant already inside.

This is a children’s flower party kit. It is a boxed set which contains enough items for six children to each make a flower crown and a mini bouquet. There are simple picture guides for the children to follow. It is eco friendly and recyclable as well as being a lot of fun. You can use garden or bought flowers with it or pick fake flowers for them to use – there are no flowers included.

This is a can of colour spray for florists. There is 400ml in the can and it is spray paint for flowers. This one is a red lilac colour and it can be used on fresh or dried flowers as well as on containers. There are lots of different colour options to choose from. It is a versatile spray which will allow florists to be really creative and to change the colour of items so that they suit their needs.

This is a pack of 100 white oasis cardholders. These are to pop into a display of flowers to hold a card. The cards are put there so that the recipient knows who the flowers are from and so will be very useful for florists who deliver flowers to different people. They are 23cm high and have different sections on the stick so that you can snap it off to shorten in should you need it shorter for the display that you are making.

This is a set of 3 lined florist hat boxes. They have a pretty pearly white finish. Inside there is a plastic removable liner. They are used to put in floral arrangements. There are three sizes of boxes in the set which are different sizes large is 15cm high and 19cm diameter, medium is 13 x 17cm and small is 11.5 x 14cm. It is on-trend to use hat boxes like this so they will be great for any florist.

This is a flower display stand. It has three levels to it with sections to hold three pots on each level, so nine in total. It has wheels so it can be easily moved, with a brake for safety. It is a really stable design and is 105cm tall and 70cm wide. It comes with nine flower buckets which fit nicely into the spaces for them. There are smaller size options with fewer buckets.

This is a set of florist’s tape. There are 3 rolls which are dark green and they are 122mm wide and 88.6 feet long. They have a good adhesive which means that they stick well. They can be used to wrap around stems on real or artificial flowers and have a realistic appearance. The tape can tear easily so is simple to use and the surface has a good texture and smooth surface.

This is a set of steel pins for florists or people that make flower arrangements. Each of the pins has a red heart on the top of it which is shiny and pretty and they are 4.5cm in size. They are made from steel and they are 4.5cm long. They are used to put into button holes and well as other bouquets so they look pretty. They come with free delivery.

This is a special tool for flowers. There is a pair of green plastic shaped pieces which have little claws on. They are used to remove dead flowers from plants, such as roses so that the user will not get pricked by thorns. The tools are soft and easy to use and measure 12 x 12cm in size. Removing dead flowers can encourage a plant to produce more flowers and make it look better, so they can be very useful.

This is a pair of Oasis brand pruning scissors. These are 18cm with a yellow handle which is soft to hold and therefore comfortable even after a lot of use. They are designed for professional florists and home flower arrangers. They are strong and heavy duty and 18cm long. They can be used by right or left-handed people and are great for pruning all sorts of plants and bushes. They come with free delivery.

This is a set of cardboard boxes for flowers. They are 24.5 x 18 x 18cm in size and they are red. They have a design which is larger at the bottom than the top to hold the flowers well and they are designed to hold hand-tied bouquets in to keep them looking at their best. They can make a display of flowers look really special. The red colour could be great for Valentines or Christmas or to match a bunch of flowers that are red.

This is a flower arrangement kit. It has four round plastic bases each of which has flower foam in them so that you can use it to make displays. The foam can be cut if necessary and it can be used wet or dry so for fresh or dried flowers. Each bowl is 12cm across and the foam is 8cm across and together the bowl with the foam in has a height of 4cm.

This is a quantity of raffia to use on flower arrangements. You can pick 100g, 150g or 300g sets and you will get it in 50g bundles. It is a natural colour and it can be used to tie plants as well as to decorate them. It still works when wet so can be put inside a vase if needed. It is very strong and has a natural look so works well with flowers and other natural products.

This is a florists apron. It comes in a choice of colours and has lots of handy pockets in it. This means that it can be used to hold tools and other things. It is 80 x 67cm in size and has an adjustable neck strap with extra-long waistband so it should be able to fit most people. The apron will protect clothing from any wet or dirt which might be splashed around when flower arranging.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which comes in a selection of different colours. It has a white heartbeat pattern with a flower in the middle of it and the word ‘florist’ underneath it. It comes in fits suitable for men and women and in sizes small – 3XL. It is made from cotton and polyester which means that it is comfortable to wear and it is easy to wash as well.

This is a set of pretty flowery mugs. There are six, 10oz mugs in the set and they are made of fine bone china. They each have a different flower design such as tulips, roses, daffodils and irises. They are microwave and dishwasher proof which means that they are really practical as well. They will make a lovely gift for anyone that loves flowers and they even have free delivery.

This is a pretty poster which is of a vintage print. It has a big display of daffodils and underneath says ‘British bulbs give the earliest blooms’ on it. It is available in A3 or A2 size and it is printed on 210gsm silk coated paper using high-quality laser ink. It is sent in a cardboard tube to keep it protected. Would be a great gift for someone that loves flowers, particularly daffodils and could look great in a florists shop too.

This is a set of florist message cards. They have different designs and spaces to write so are designed for florists to be able to write personal messages on for their customers. They are a mixed set with different colourful designs and they are approximately 6 x 9 cm in size and on quality card. They would be a very useful item to give to someone that is a florist.

This is a personalised coaster for a florist. It has space at the top for a name of choice, then a picture of some brightly coloured flowers and underneath it says ‘world’s best florist’. It is a 9cm x 9cm hardwood coaster with a glossy surface. This means that it can be wiped clean and it will protect the surface that it is on from the heat or cold of the object placed on top of it.

This is a duvet cover set which has a bright floral design. It has large flowers in different colours. It comes with the duvet cover and a pair of pillowcases. It comes in double, king and super king size. The material is brushed microfibre so is lovely and soft and really comfortable. It has a hidden zip to keep the duvet inside in place. It will not fade in the wash even in the washing machine or dryer.

This is a cushion with a floral design on it. It has a cream and pink design and it measures 18 x 18 inches in size. The print is on both sides of the cover which is made of tightly woven polyester. It has a hidden zipper so it is easy to get in the inner in and out. It is an outdoor pillow which means that it will ho in the garden or you can take it on picnics and it can be spot cleaned.

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