33 Gift Ideas for Flower Fans

By Louise
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Many people love flowers and it can be such a lovely idea to give someone a flower related gift. However, if you do this a lot, then you might be looking for some original ideas and this is where we can help. We have put together a list of items that we think that anyone that likes flowers will love. There is a variety of things which means that there should be something to suit everyone. They even vary in price so there is something to suit every budget as well. Hopefully it will give you inspiration for the best gifts.

33 Presents for Anyone Who Loves Flowers

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This is a selection of assorted, real pressed flowers which have been dried. There are 166 different pieces which include a selection of leaves as well as flowers such as larkspur, hydrangea, daisy, baby’s breath and more in lovely blue, pink, yellow and white colours. They are designed to be used for scrapbooking, arts and crafts and making pictures out of. They are vacuum packed to protect them in transit.

This is a glass cup with a floral design and matching spoon. It has a red rose and butterfly design on the glass cup which are made from enamel. The spoon is made form stainless steel and has a matching design. There are also taller mug designs and different coloured flowers to pick from. It comes with an anti-slip pad to use under it and a cleaning cloth to keep it polished.

This is a set of flower scented candles. The four candles each come in a tin with a lid and each tin has a different coloured design on it. The candles are made from soy wax so they do not smoke and burn for 100 – 120 hours in total (25-30 hours each). They each have a different floral fragrance – lavender, jasmine, gardenia and French vanilla. They come in a gift box with a ribbon on it.

This is a 24k gold forever rise. It is a gold plated rose which has a plastic petal and leaf underneath but a string stem so it stands up. It will last forever and is 8 x 8 x 24cm in size. It comes in a gift box which means that it is ready to give as a gift. There is the option of a fully gold rose or one with a red or blur flower with a gold stem and leaves.

This is a set of tealight candles which all have different cactus designs. There are 12 in total and they are green, red and yellow with six of each design. They look pretty and decorative and ate about 4cm in diameter each. They are made from paraffin wax which burns for a long time – about 2-3 hours per candle and does not make black smoke. They come In two boxes tied with ribbon.

This is a Beauty and the Beast rose kit. It has a glass dome and inside is a gold foil rose. There are LED lights powered by a x AAA batteries so it can light up. The dome is 8 inches high with a diameter of 3.5 inches and the glass is 0.2 inches thick. It comes in a gift box, all ready to give away as a romantic gift.

This is a preserved rose. It is made from a real rise and is in a glass jar which is 3.9 inches high or in an antique style box. It comes in a selection of colours so you can choose the rose colour that you think will look the best or that the recipient will enjoy the best. A unique gift which will last for 2-3 years if the rose is kept away from direct sunlight, dust and moisture.

This is a pair of teacup planters. They are in cup and saucer shapes and look like they are woven from wicker in a basket weave design. There is a small size at 15cm high and 14cm diameter and a larger one at 17cm high and 25cm diameter. They are made by Maison and White and they are water tight so great to plant into as well as to hold a planted pot.

This is a teddy bear which is made of pink roses. The roses are soap roses and they are stuck into the polystyrene foam bear and the flowers are made of foam as well. It also has a satin bow on its neck. It comes in a gift box which will protect it in transit. It measures 5.9 x 8.3 inches in size and makes a cute gift for someone that likes teddy bears and also likes flowers especially if they like the colour pink.

This is a set of porcelain cups and saucers with a floral pattern. There are six cups and six saucers in the set and they have pink flowers on them. The cup is 7oz in size and the saucer has a diameter of 15.3cm. They are made from bone china so are thin and they are also white with a delicate handle and the pretty floral print. They can go in the microwave and dishwasher so are easy to use.

This is a set of beebombs. This is a bag full of wildflower meadow seed balls. They are very easy to use – you just throw the balls into cleared soil and they will grow. Each contains 18 species of British native wildflowers such as cornflower, chamomile, cowslip, poppy marigold and daisy and they are mixed with clay to protect the seeds as they germinate. You can choose between one or two bags.

This is a growing kit from Plant Theatre. This box contains everything you need to grow a cocktail garden. It even has a booklet with 18 cocktail recipes you can make using the items that you grow. It comes with six seed varieties – cucamelon, blue borage, lime basil, Agastache, lemon balm and mint. It also comes with starter growing pots made from peat, 6 peat blocks, plant markets and instructions.

This is a ceramic rose to hang on the wall. It is 18cm in diameter and is pink in colour with five layers of petals. It is 5cm high and is easy to dust with a soft brush or cloth. IT is packaged in a printed gift box so all ready to give as a gift. There is a hook on the back, so it is easy to hang it on the wall.

This is a palm tree in a miniature size. It has a pretty green moss ball on the bottom for the roots and is 25cm high. The moss ball has enough fertiliser for 2 months and it just needs to sit on a tray and be fully submerged in water every 6-9 days for five minutes and to be exposed to sunlight. It is small so will sit on a coffee table, window sill, desk, shelf or bedside table.

This a paper rose made from music sheers. It has an antique feel because of the browned paper. You get a bunch of 5-6 roses which are on wooden sticks that are rustic. The rose heads are about the same size as a real rose and the sticks are 15cm in length. They make an unusual gift for someone that likes roses or flowers in general and will last a lot longer than real flowers.

This is a small crossover bag which has a poppy design on it. It is made from tapestry and the design is red, black and green on a cream background with brown straps. The bag measures 20 x 21 x 7cm in size and is great for using on holiday as it can be easily stored and used for carrying travel documents. It has a secure zip fastening and is lined with nylon.

This is a glass planter which is a glass vase on a wooden base. The base is 13cm x 6cm and the vase is 13cm at its widest part and 11.5cm tall. There is a choice of dark or light coloured wood base and you can order one vase or a pair. You even get a cleaning sponge brush so that you can easily clean the vase out. It can be used for any types of flowers.

This is a mug with a sunflower design. It has a white inside and handle and, on the outside, has a great background with a yellow and brown sunflower design. It is made from ceramic and has a 325ml/11oz capacity. The image is long lasting and will not fade or rub off and it is dishwasher and microwave safe. Is sent in a polystyrene box inside a cardboard gift box.

This is an artificial plant. It is a carnation and you choose form pink, peach, white or yellow and they come in a pot which is white. They come packed in a gift box. They are UV resistant so will not fade in the sun. It measures about 15cm high and the box measures 20cm x 10cm x 9cm. A great way to give long lasting flowers that will not need looking after.

This is a glass flower vase. It has a pretty design with lines engraved into it and is 19.7cm x 19.7c, x 30cm in size. It is crystal and will add a lovely look to a home whether it has flowers in it or not. It will make a lovely centrepiece once filled with fresh flowers, whether on a table, mantle shelf, in a fireplace or on a coffee table.

This is a bath set with a floral fragrance. It has a vintage plant container which holds all of the items inside. There is a 25oml shower gel, 250ml bubble bath, 50ml body lotion, 120g foot soak, 100g bath salts and a 50g bath bomb and they all have a poppies fragrance. A lovely selection designed for flower lovers. The tub can be used as a plant pot afterwards or used to store bathroom products in.

This is a cushion cover which has a pink rose design on it. The background is a brown linen colour and it measures 12 x 20 inches or 30 x 50c,. It comes without the pillow inside it. It is printed on one side and has a hidden zipper so that it is easy to pop a pillow or cushion inside it. It can be washed carefully in cold water if necessary.

This is a bunch of dried flowers. They are craspedia or billy balls in a bright yellow colour. There are 40 stems in total and they are each 2.5-4cm in diameter. They are 100% naturally dried so that they last a long time. They make a lovely bunch on their own or added with some dried foliage or other coloured flowers to provide a lovely coloured contrast with the yellow.

This is a glass chopping board with a sunflower design. There is a full colour print photo under the glass which shows a sunflower and some oil in a bottle on top of a slice of wood with sunflower seeds scattered around it. It is frosted glass and measures 27 x 20cm in size. There are also some feet under the board to protect the surface underneath it from being scratched.

This is a short sleeved t-shirt with a colourful lotus flower picture on it. It is available in black, royal blue, baby blue, silver and purple and in sizes suitable for children ages 2-12 years old and adults size small – 2XL in fits suitable for men and women with a classic fit and a round necked collar. They are made form polyester and cotton and are suitable for machine washing.

This is a vintage style necklace with flowers on it. It is made of acrylic and has five flowers – a large red one in the middle with medium one above then smaller ones and those are in lighter shades of red. There is a metal chain by the clasp so the necklace can be adjusted in size to fit. The flowers are shiny so they will really stand out especially on a pale coloured top.

This is a chintzy, floral cup and teapot. They are pink and white in colour with a pink or blue rose pattern on them. There is a cup and saucer and there is a teapot which balances on top of the cup.  They come in a pretty hat box style gift box. They are made from high quality white porcelain with a Victoria rose design. The cup is 6 x 10.5cm, the saucer 15cm and the teapot 15 x 11cm.

This is a glass pendant with a flower inside. The glass ball is 300mm x 20mm in size and it has a copper lid and 18k gold chain on it with a lobster clasp. Inside the glass waterdrop shaped pendant is a selection of purple Myosotis flowers which are real. It comes in kraft paper packaging so it is ready to give as a lovely gift to someone that like flowers.

This is a book called ‘What’s that Flower?’ by DK and it is an identification guide. It has 150 flowers in it from the UK and Europe making it easy for you to identify flowers that you see. It even shows similar flowers side by side so you can see the differences between then and it makes identification easier. It will tell you where to look for certain flowers as well.

These are solar powered lights that look like lilies. You get four which are all different colours – purple, pink, blue and white. They are charged by the sunlight and will then light up at night. They have wire in the stems so they can be bent and adjusted. They are 80cm tall and have a point on the bottom of the stem so they can be easily put into the ground.

This is a Sylvanian Families set which is a blooming flower shop. It is part of the town series and has a pink shop building with furniture and accessories including lots of colourful bunches of flowers and wrapping so they can be made into bouquets. There is a ribbon rack, counter, shelves, gift boxes and lots of different types of flowers. It is suitable for children of age three years and above.

This is a set of 100 postcards each with a flower fairy design. These are taken from Cicely Mary Barker’s paintings and the box includes pictures from all of her eight flower fairies books. They would be lovely to frame, give away, to use as notelets or just to send as lovely greetings to friends and family members. A beautiful gift for anyone who loves these whimsical and cute images.

This is a live orchid plant. It is a twin spiked purple Phalaenopsis orchid and it is in a white pot which is wrapped in tissue paper and ribbons to make it really special. The flowers on the orchid plant last a really long time which means that they can make a great gift because it will be in flower for ages and could be a much better value gift than fresh cut flowers which might only last a week on average.

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