33 Best Presents for Foodies

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It can be great fun buying a gift for a foodie. You can get them some exotic food and they should be happy. However, it may not take long until you are out of gift ideas. You might feel that you want to look for something different for them. This is where this list of ideas comes in. You will be able to find something that will suit them that will be a bit different. There is a big mix of ideas from practical to funny, so you should be able to find the right thing. There is also a range of prices so you can get something that will suit your budget too.

33 Delicious Gift Ideas for People Who Love Food

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This is an interesting book for foodies. It is called ‘Foodie City Breaks: Europe: 25 cities, 250 essential eating experiences’. It is a great read for anyone who loves to travel and wants to sample the finest food while they are doing so. It has ten recommendations for each capital city meaning that it will be really easy for any foodie to find a fantastic gourmet meal wherever they choose to visit.

This is a really lovely gift for any foodie that likes to cook with exotic flavours. It is a boxed set of test tubes which each contain a different type of peppercorn. They are Vietnamese Black, Brazilian Pink, Indian Green, Rainbow Blend, Tropical Blend, Sarawak White, Malaysian Long, and Chinese Szechuan. Each has a distinctive flavour which will be enjoyed and savoured. The gift box includes details about the peppercorns.

This cheese making kit will be fun and tasty! Not many people are likely to have made cheese before and so this kit is likely to give them a new experience. It has instructions to make over 20 different artisan kinds of cheese such as mozzarella, halloumi, goats, cottage cheese and Cheshire. It has a 7-page recipe book as well as 2 cheesecloths, 3 moulds, herbs, spices, thermometer and containers to make the cheeses.

This is a great gift idea for any foodie that enjoys cooking. It is a selection of herb pots in a planter. There is everything in the kit to grow basil, parsley and chives including a planter, rustic pots, growing medium and seeds. It looks great and even has a blackboard strip on the planter so you can label the herbs using the chalk provided. Everything you need to grow a selection of indoor herbs.

This is an interesting selection of street food sauces in a fun truck shaped box. There are 7 sauces included: Victor’s Taqueria Mexican style hot sauce, Dragon’s Breath Green Hot Sauce, Hickory Smoked Flavour Barbecue Sauce, Hot Spicy barbecue sauce, original BBQ sauce, Diablo wing sauce and Louisiana style wing sauce. A great selection for anyone that loves to add lots of flavour to their food and likes things hot!

This is a really stylish tin of handmade confectionery from Italy. It comes in different flavours there is fruit garden nutty forest, Arabian nights, coconut follies, nutty mini eggs and the interesting sounding decadent spiced. The spiced ones are probably the most suitable for a foodie as they have the unusual flavours of a coffee digestif, apple and cinnamon, spiky almond, pistachio and chilli sorpresa, almond Caffe and orange zest zafferano. Very sophisticated flavoured sweets in tins of 175g and 250g.

This interesting book could help to expand someone’s cooking skills. ‘The borough market cookbook: recipes and stories from a year at the market’ brings information from the heart of London’s food scene. The book takes you on a journey through the year with events at the market and features recipes using seasonal food each month. Includes lots of lovely photographs as well as preparation tips and recipes by Ed Smith.

This is an exclusive boxed set of truffle oils from the Truffle Hunter brand. The elegant black box contains their three best selling oils: white truffle oil, English truffle oil and black truffle oil. They are high-quality oils made from shaving the truffles into cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil or rapeseed oil. The oils each have a different flavour with the white being garlicky, the English being earthy and nutty and the black being earthy too.

This is a special pack of items for making your food look really good on the plate. It includes all sorts of things that you can use to make it look good. There is a squeeze bottle, palette knife, ring mould, sauce brush, mini pipette, placing tweezers, fine sieve and cocktail sticks. It all comes packaged up in a presentation box with an instruction leaflet so it will make a fine gift.

This is a lovely boxed set of cute jars of salt. This is a floral mix so it includes rose salt, liquorice salt, rosemary salt, saffron flakes, lemon and lavender and Danish oak smoked. They all have different uses such as rosemary with lamb or potatoes, saffron for paella, risotto and soups, lemon and lavender for desserts, rose for truffles, liquorice for ice cream, smoothies and salads. These will really help to add an interesting twist to any dish.

This is a Ross & Ross Curing kit for bacon. It is a very simple seven-step process and will take 3-7 days to make your own cured bacon. The kit contains everything that you will need such as curing mixes, curing bags, muslin, plastic gloves, butcher hook and instructions. A fun activity to do and the results will no doubt be delicious. Just make sure the person you give it to invites you to sample some!

This is a funny notebook for anyone that loves cheese (and how doesn’t!) It has a blue cover and says ‘cheese is the glue that would holds my life together’ on it. It is a blank notebook which is 6 x 9 inches in size. It has a softcover bookbinding and contains 120 lined pages. It is great for noting down recipes, shopping lists or non-food related things such as using as a diary, journal, notebook or for to-do-lists.

This is a really interesting selection box containing cooking kits for curries. It has 4 of Thailand’s most famous curries – yellow, Massaman, green and red and has been put together by an award-winning Thai chef. It is made in Wales though so does not have many food miles. It comes in a lovely gift box by The Coconut Kitchen which makes it a lovely item to give to someone as a present.

This is a homemade curing kit for Salmon. It comes with an instruction booklet so you will know exactly what to do to have a go at doing this. It just takes seven steps and then you have to wait 3-7 days to taste the results. The kit includes curing mixes (spice rub, Cotswold chorizo cure and British BBQ cure), plastic gloves, curing bags, butchers hook and muslin so you have everything you need to cure your own salmon.

‘The flavour thesaurus’ is an interesting book which helps any cook with flavours. It explains which flavours go together as well as how to flavour certain foods, It has themes such as meaty, cheesy, woodland and fruity and it lists ingredients and suggests flavours that match it. You will be familiar with pork and apple as well as chocolate and chilli but lemon and beef, blueberry and mushroom and watermelon and oyster might be ones that you have not tried before. A great idea for a foodie as they will be able to try out all sorts of new things.

This is a fun gift for a foodie that loves to cook. It is a personalised apron. It says in it ‘Stand Back! [name] is cooking!’. You can choose the name to be inserted and the aprons come in blue, pink or black so you can pick the colour that you feel they will like the best. Comes in one size with a tie at the waist so that it can be fitted snugly.

This is a really fun short-sleeved t-shirt. It is red and says on it ‘when all else fails, eat pizza’. The writing is in white so it really stands out against the red fabric. The t-shirt is a female fit and in a size 12 with a crew cut neckline. A fun gift for anyone who loves pizza, whether they buy it as a takeaway or make it themselves.

This is a fun looking box of sauces. It is a black box with a handle so all ready to hand over as a gift. Inside are 4 really hot sauces: Satan’s revenge, XXX Chilli bullet, the Fiery Frenchman and Texas tongue twizzler. The sauces range in heat from a Smokey mild to an extra hot. A great selection for anyone who really likes a lot of flavour added to their food and has a taste for hot sauce!

This is a really interesting gift set for foodies. It is a smoking set and contains a polyscience smoking gun, a wood serving cloche and 2 sets of smoking sawdust, one hickory and one applewood. The apparatus lets you smoke your own food such as butter, cheese, cocktails, salads, chocolate etc. You make cool smoke and can infuse things and even use creative ideas of your own such as adding teas or spices to make different flavours.

This is a really cute mini tabletop oven. It allows you to make mini pizzas as it is 28 x 15.5 x 22cm. Guests can cook their own pizzas with this cute device as they all sit around the table. It cooks two pizzas at once in just 15 minutes. It is powered by gel fuel so need for gas or electricity and can stand anywhere on a table safely on the heat mat provided.

This is a selection of different mayonnaises so the foodie you know can get some different taste experiences! It includes Dr Will’s classic, avocado and spicy mayonnaises. They are made from quality, natural ingredients with free range eggs, British rapeseed oil and apple cider vinegar with no added sugar or gluten. A British brand that you can trust to deliver a quality product in a cute jar each containing 240g.

This is an interesting selection of chilli oils. There are three bottles which have chilli and lemon, garlic and chilli and smoked chilli flavours. A great idea for anyone who loves rapeseed oil and chilli as they can experience these different flavours. The oil is cold-pressed for quality. The bottles come in a gift box with recipe tips so they are all ready to give away as a lovely present.

These are lovely terrines which will make a lovely first course in sandwiches and could give your foodie friend or relative something new to try. There are different flavours: Gascoigne, duck with green pepper, pork with chives, duck with orange, chicken liver with Banuyls, poultry livers with port wine and country terrine with hazelnuts. All 7 have different coloured tins so make a really colourful gift which will look good together in a gift bag.

This is a lovely wooden box with a selection of 5 small cute 35g jars in it. They contain jams or chutneys which are perfect accompaniments for a cheeseboard so truffle honey, red onion, green tomatoes and figs, sweet pepper sauce and mustard figs. They look really pretty to give as a gift and will also look lovely beside or on a cheeseboard on a table. They are made in Italy.

‘The Halloumi Cookbook’ is a hardback book with over 60 recipes to use with halloumi. Although halloumi is getting more and more popular, many people do not really know how to use it. They may just have the one way that they cook it. Therefore, this book could be a revelation, with its tips on how to grill, bbq, fry, bake. Or roast the cheese alongside lots of other delicious ingredients.

This is a lovely notebook which says ‘My Recipes’ on the front. It is designed for you to write down all of your favourite recipes, either ones that you have made up or that you have discovered. It has 120 pages so plenty of room for lots of recipes and the pages are set out so that you can easily write the recipes in. The book is 9 x 6 inches and would make a great gift for a foodie that loves to cook

This is a fun kids hoodie which has a Japanese foodie style to it. It has the word foodie on it in white and a picture of sushi and blue chopsticks. It is black and has a large pocket on the front with long sleeves. It is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester and is a high quality item. It comes in sizes 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11 and 12-13.

This is a lovely sweet set. It is slices of orange which are covered in luxury Belgian milk chocolate. Each slice is about 6cm in diameter and there are about 15 slices. The orange has been poached in syrup so it is sweet. It comes in a clear box so you can see the lovely segments and tied up in a pretty ribbon. It therefore makes a great gift that does not even need wrapping up!

This is a fun novelty street sign. It is white and green and says ‘Foodie pl’ on it. It is printed using UV resistant inks so that it will not fade. It has four holes for mounting it and it can be used inside or outside. Therefore, could be used by a front door or in a dining room or kitchen. It measures 40 x 10xm and is made from heavy aluminium.

This is an interesting box of Mexican chillies. It has all sorts of different chillies which means that any foodie will love to try them all out. They should enjoy trying out the different flavours to see which they enjoy the most. There are different chillies all from Mexico so you know that you will get a lot of heat. Great for any foodie that wants to try out some heat!

This chopping board will let everyone know who is in charge. It can be personalised with a name and under it says ‘King of the kitchen’. The boards are made from solid rubber wood and are hard-wearing but gentle on knives so they do not blunt too quickly. The design is laser engraved so it will show off the natural grain of the wood. A practical gift which should also bring a smile to the face.

These irresistible sauces are by Joe & Seph and are different flavours of caramel sauce. You will not need to be a foodie to enjoy the chocolate caramel, salted caramel and sticky toffee sauces that are included in this collection. The sauces can be served hot or cold and will be lovely drizzled on ice-cream crepes or any sort of pudding or even cereal. They are hand made in the UK and have 100% natural ingredients are gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians.

This is a boxed kit for making your own fudge. It includes instructions and mixes to make plain, toffee and chocolate flavour fudge with a thermometer too. The fudge is therefore easy to make with delicious results guaranteed! The pack makes 1.25kg of fudge in total. A lovely kit and something that a foodie is unlikely to have had before. It is a British product from a brand often sold in prestigious stores such as Harrods and Selfridges.

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