30 Furniture Restoring Gifts

By Louise
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There are many people that enjoy restoring furniture, whether they do it as a job or as a hobby. If you know someone that likes doing these things then it could be the case that you would like to buy them a gift that is related to furniture restoration. It is something which you may not know much about though and this could mean that you will not really know what to get them. This is why we have compiled a list of items which we think would make really great gifts for furniture restorers. We have found a variety of things at different budgets to help you to find something that will suit you and them.

30 Presents for Furniture Restoring Fans

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This is a book by Virginie Manual called ‘Restoring and Refinishing Furniture: An Illustrated Guide to Revitalising Your Home’. It is available in paperback and Kindle versions and will help you to be able to change the furniture in your home to give it all a new look. It has all sorts of different projects and also provides help with sanding and staining wood, applying fabrics and polishes and painting intricate designs.

This is a book called ‘The Complete Guide to Repairing and Restoring Furniture’ by William Cook. It is available in paperback or hardback versions and has step by step instructions in order to produce professional results with over 1200 photographs. It has basic and advanced guides for antique furniture restoration with information on tools, materials and equipment. It has instructions for fixing joints, broken legs, turning, carving, upholstery, graining, gliding and parquetry.

This is a hardcover book called ‘Furniture Care: Repairing and Restoring Tables’ by William Cook. It is a guide which includes professional techniques which will allow you to bring your furniture back to life. It has step by step instructions for things like repairing damaged legs, mending base and frame, dismantling and reassembling. It explains how tables are made as well as having information on tools and materials with specific projects included.

This book by Jen Crider is called ‘Amazing Furniture Makeovers’ and includes easy DIY projects to convert thrifty finds into custom pieces of furniture. It has step by step guides for a selection of projects including chairs, tables and sofas and includes before and after photographs. There are projects for all levels starting with simple stain and paint techniques and progressing through 25 different makeovers all with a low budget.

‘The Furniture Bible’ by Christophe Pourny is a book which covers everything you need to know about identifying, restoring and caring for your furniture. It includes different techniques that can be used to refinish furniture as well as information on how to care for it afterwards including how to clean leather, polish hardware and replace felt pads. There are even recipes to make your own wax, shellac, varnish and stain.

This is a Restor-A-Finish fluid which comes in a selection of different colours for different wood types and in 236 and 473ml sizes. It will restore the colour to faded wood, blend out scratches and blemishes, removes white heat rings and it is very easy to just wipe on and off. It will not remove any of the original finish but will polish and stain the surface of any wood furniture.

This is a furniture brush by Liberon which has super soft bristles. It has a good handle on the top to make it easy to grip and has tapered ends on it so that it is easy to use on corners, chair legs, etc. It has a curved shape to reduce damage to surfaces. It is for buffing wax polishes on furniture and so can be very handy if you are restoring furniture.

This is a jar of Gilboys rosewood beeswax furniture polish. It is 125ml and is a medium shade so useful for light mahogany, light walnut, golden oak, golden pine, honey oak and similar coloured wood. It is a blend of beeswax, carnauba wax, myrica wax and japan wax. It revives and restores wood finishes and protects them. It is easy to use, just apply and then buff after 15 minutes.

This is a book called ‘Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture and More: 40 Step-by-Step Projects to Transform Your Home’ by Annie Sloan. The author is a popular expert in the field of decorative painting and this book has 40 projects that you can try. It shows how to mix colours to create different looks and explains colour washing, transfer printing, gliding, stencilling and glazing.  There are expert tips, techniques, shortcuts and guidance.

This is a notebook which says on it ‘I love restoring furniture and maybe like 3 other people’ It has 100 blank lined pages which means that it can be used or all sorts of things. It could be used for general notes, journaling or as a diary or to keep a note of furniture restoration projects. It is 6 x 9 so a handy size for carrying around with you.

This is a white mug which is 11oz and says on it ‘I’m a furniture restorer to save time let’s just assume I’m always right’. It is made from premium ceramic which means that it is durable. It has the print on both sides and so is suitable for left or right-handed people. It has a large ‘C’ handle so it is easy to grip on to and comfortable to use.

This is a set of wood furniture repair pen and wax sticks. The set includes 8 coloured markers and 8 coloured wax sticks with a sharpener. The idea is to use them to repair scratches or to restore colour on furniture. There are different shades of colour to match in with different coloured furniture. They work for doors, chairs, tables and floors and they are fast drying and will not fade.

This book by Jan Webster is a hardback and called ‘French House Chic’. The author moved her family to a derelict chateau and spent countless hours observing French style and inspiring people to add French style to their lives. It includes never seen before images of French houses and the author’s personal address book of suppliers, creators and stores to help anyone who wants to create that style in their home.

This is a BBC book based on the TV programme ‘The Repair Shop’. The book has advice and stories from the shows experts so that you can care for the items that you have around the house, whether they are wood, ceramic, leather or silverware. It has information about materials and tools as well as terms and there are some small projects as well, that you can have a go at.

This is a bottle of wood stain remover. It is 500ml and it will remove dark stains and marks on wood furniture. It can remove stains caused by rust, alcohol, damp, ink and ring marks. It will lighten dark wood but will not harm it. The wood will need to be prepared first by sanding it down and making sure paint, varnish and oil are all removed before using it. It should be left on for just 5-10 minutes and then washed off with clean water.

This is a leather restoring set. It includes a deep cleanser for leather and a leather colour restorer. It comes in a choice of colours so you can match it to the leather item that needs restoring. It will clean it and then restore colour to faded and worn leather. It will clean the toughest of stains and is suitable for all leather particularly sofas on seats, bolsters, arms and even for steering wheels.

This is a special restorer pen. It is made by T-Cut and is called ‘Scratch Magic’. The pen can be used to hide scratches and damage on furniture it fills in and then disguises problems and it will protect the area from moisture and oxidation. It is suitable to use on all colours of items. It is suitable for kitchen appliances, radiators, photo frames, etc. It is quick and easy to use.

This is a set of three microfibre polishing sponges. They are 130 x 35cm and are specifically designed to be used to polish things. They can therefore be used to apply wax to furniture. They can go in the washing machine as well, which means that they can be cleaned to be used over and over again. They can also be used for waxing cars as well. They come in three different colours.

This is a novelty sign which says on it ‘I’m a furniture restorer to save time let’s just assume I’m always right’. It is printed in black on a white background. It is 12 x 12 inches in size and is made of wood with a sawtooth hanger on the back, so it is all ready to hang up on a wall. It could be propped up on a shelf as well though.

This is a book called ‘How to be Handy: Hairy Bottom not Required. Build Money-Saving DIY Skills, Create a Unique Home and Properly Look After Your Stuff’ by Ian Anderson. It is a paperback book and explains the principles of being handy and how to work stuff out for yourself. The author has 35 years of practical experience as a builder to share and rather than providing step by step instructions explains how to be handy.

This is a leather repair set by Furniture Clinic. It is designed to be used on sofas, car seats, chairs and other furniture. It comes in different colour options so you can pick the one that matches the leather that you have. There are clear instructions included. It includes a prep pad to clean, leather repair glue, leather repair patch, heavy leather filler, heavy filler applicator, sandpaper, colourant, tints, sponge stirrer and mixing cup.

These are bottles of teak oil. There are two five-litre bottles available and they are made by Bartoline. The oil is designed for garden furniture and it will seal the wood and protect it from drying out when it is in the sun for long periods of time. It will also give the wood a natural sheen that will last a long time. The bottles also have free delivery.

This is a kit of wax for repairing chips and scratches on laminate floors and worktops. It can be used to repair minor scratches and it includes wax blocks of various colours. You can combine them to create the colour that you need and then use them as filler sticks in order to fill in the scratches on the surface. It also comes with the tools needed and full instructions for use.

This is a portable workbench. It is made by Silverline and is lightweight so it is easy to move around and it folds up so that it is easier to carry as well as to store. It can take a max load of 100kg and has two 560 x 110mm worktops on it. It is made from powder-coated steel so is durable and should therefore last a long time.

This is a pack of cloth-backed sanding belts. They come in a pack of 25 and there are different grains. They are 75 x 533mm in size and are designed to be used on sanding belts. There are five each of 40, 60, 80, 120 and 180 grains so you can sand to the correct smoothness. They have a long life and they sand in a fine way without scouring.

This is a cordless sander made by Wesco. It is 18v and it comes with 12 pieces of sandpaper. It has a finger pad design which means that it is easier when you are using it in a tight space or sanding corners, edges, stairs, window bars etc. It has a hook and loop system to easily keep papers in place. There is strong suction to collect the dust as you sand to keep things clean and tidy.

This is a heat gun which can be used for all sorts of DIY tasks. It will be able to remove paint, varnish and adhesive. It is powerful and can be used for all sorts of restoration jobs. It has two temperature settings so you can choose the appropriate one for the job that you have in mind. It has a selection of nozzles as well so you can use the appropriate one for the job. It has an ergonomic design.

This is a corded rotary power tool and accessories set. It can be used for all sorts of different jobs. It is a 170w tool designed for fine or small scale DIY as well as craftwork and has a thumbwheel speed control button to make it easy to use and control. It can be used for cutting, drilling, engraving, grinding, milling, polishing, sanding, trimming and sharpening using the various tools that are included with it – there are 120 accessories in total.

This is a set of four painters pyramid stands. They are to support objects when you are painting them without leaving marks. They allow you to paint one side and then flip them over and immediately paint the other side without spoiling the paint on the other side. They work with all types of paint and varnish. The four pyramids can be laid out to give really good support for painting.

This is a set of special sliders to move heavy furniture. There are four casters and one moving tool. They come in different colours and they can be used to move all sorts of heavy items such as fridges and sofas. They can be used on different floor types such as hardwood floors, laminates and carpets. They are made of high-quality iron and ABS plastic which are durable and easy to use.

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