33 Presents for Gardening Lovers, Both Him & Her!

Updated on May 1st, 2021
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It can sometimes be tricky to find an original and unique gift for a gardener. They would probably welcome the gift of plants or tools and anything garden related, but if you have got them a lot of things like this before, then you might then decide that you want something a bit different. This selection of items has original, quirky and fun items which will hopefully give you plenty to choose from and you will be able to find something that is different to what you have got them before. There should be something for all budgets and tastes.

33 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Gardeners

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These are a special pair of rose pruning gloves. They are made from goatskin so they are really tough and they also protect the wrists and lower arms as well so if you have to reach into a bush you will get scratched. They are still pliable so that they can help you to maintain dexterity for things like planting seeds. The separate thumb design allows you to be able to move more freely which makes it easier to grip garden tools.

This is a fun sign for gardeners which says in it ‘gardeners know all of the dirt’ and has a picture of a spade on it. It is 200 x 100mm and has a duck egg blue background which has a worn look to it. The writing is in green, brown and black. It is in a shabby chic, contemporary style and made from high-grade PVC. It can be hung up with a thread which is knotted through two holes in the top.

This Plant Theatre Gardeners box of tricks contains all sorts of useful things that gardeners will need. 40 flower link holders, mixed rings, 6 spring loaded plant clips, 4 spools of binding wire, 40 universal ties, 20 wooden plant markers and pencil, ball of raffia and 12 metal tool hooks. Comes in a nine compartment wooden box with a clear lid, so easy to wrap up as a gift for a gardener.

This gardeners survival kit is a fun novelty gift. It is a small organza bag 13cm x 18cm with a selection of very small items in. Attached to the bag is a card which explains why each gift is appropriate for a gardener, For example it has ‘plaster’ for any cuts you get from those sharp thorns when pruning’, tissue – for cleaning up after gardening’ and ‘sweets – to keep your energy up.’

This humorous t-shirt says ‘I love plants so much I soil myself’ and has three cacti pictures. It comes in a fit suitable for men and women and sizes small – 3XL. It also comes in a selection of colours – black, navy asphalt, red, brown, olive, purple and heather blue. The t-shirt is a classic fit with a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem and is lightweight and has short sleeves. It is machine washable.

This is a practical set of durable gardening tools. It includes shovels, rakes, secateurs, shears and spray bottles all in portable sizes and in a carry case. They have soft ergonomic handles making them comfortable to use and the tools are also rustproof so they will last a long time. They are lightweight which makes them easy to carry around and the box means that they are kept tidy and clean and they can be easily transported. Also means that they make a nice set for giving as a gift.

This is a fun gift to add a bit of creativity to gardening. It is a set to help you to make biodegradable pots out of newspaper. It comes with a wooden pot maker, 10 wooden plant markers, 1 pencil and 15 quality brown paper seed envelopes. It makes paper pots that measure 4.5cm diameter and 5.5cm high. It comes in a lovely box, so is ideal for giving as a present to a gardener.

This is a very practical kneeling mat. It is a thick memory foam cushion which is covered with a double water-resistant layer which is easy to clean as it can be removed. It has handy carry handles on each side and is thick and shock absorbing to protect the knees. It folds in half for easy storage and measures 11 x 13.4 x 4.72 inches folded and 22 x 13.4 x 2.36 when unfolded. It is available in green or grey and green.

This is a fun wacky tomato kit. It is a boxed set which includes everything you need to grow tomatoes in odd shapes and colours. It comes with peat growing biodegradable pots, peat disks, plant markers, seeds, propagation bags and instructions. The tomatoes include elongated shapes, dark mahogany coloured fruits, small pear shapes fruits, red with yellow stripes and green tomatoes. A fun kit for serious or novice gardeners to try.

This is a very useful thermal cover for an outside tap. The jacket fits snugly over the tap (measures 18 x 15cm) and is made of Oxford fabric with a waterproof coating and fixed with Velcro. The design means that the tap is protected from cold temperatures which could otherwise cause it to freeze up. The tap sock has a picture of a tap on it and comes in a choice of colours: black, blue or navy blue.

This is a handy garden tool belt. It has an apron design and fits with an adjustable strap and clip. There is room for holding small tools, seeds, plant labels, pens and other little things. Save them getting lost in the garden or the gardener having to make lots of journeys to retrieve them. It is 34 x 34cm and made of nylon so is strong. Useful for the garden but also for DIY, decorating and other jobs where tools are needed.

This is a fun tin and enamel mug which says ‘Dedicate gardener: I’d rather be outside’ on it. It has a white inside and a silver coloured rim with a blue outside. The print is in white or red. Its sturdy shape and construction mean that it is great for using in the garden as if it gets knocked over it is less likely to break compared with a china mug. It is 3.75 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches high.

This is a lovely trowel by Spear and Jackson which has ‘world’s best gardener’ etched onto the stainless steel. It has been mirror polished for easier cleaning and rust resistance and helps it to slip easily into the ground. It has a hardwood handle which is weatherproofed. It has a hole in the handle with a leather loop so that it can be hung up. Comes in a presentation box.

This is a very useful cart to be used for gardening. It has wheels and is great for storing things in to take into the garden. There is a compartment tray inside so you can store lots of little things easily. It also doubles as a seat which can be used for resting with a cuppa or when doing lower level gardening. It is 560 x 230 x 270mm and is sturdy and durable.

These are lovely small sized hand creams formulated for gardeners. Each has shea butter and vitamin E to nourish the skin. It helps strengthen nails and leaves hands feeling soft. The pack has three creams in it and they are in different coloured packaging which is really pretty with plants and birds on it. The creams are all 30ml in size so a lovely way to sample each of them to see what they are like.

These are really useful secateurs which are designed to be more ergonomic than standard ones. They are made for weak hands or for anyone who has arthritic pain as they have a ratchet mechanism to make them work more easily. They make cutting much simpler and can be used for flowers, shrubs or trees and can cope with delicate pruning as well as getting through branches up to an inch thick.

This is a fun kit to make three bonsai trees. Bonsai trees are delicate and small and look really cute but there is a special art to growing them. The box teaches you how to grow a silver birch, red maple and mountain pine tree and contains the seeds, growing pots, propagators, peat blocks, plant markers and instructions so that you should be able to easily grow them. You will need patience though as even a small tree needs a long time to grow!

This forbidden fruit kit gives you everything you need to grow some exciting things. You will get the biodegradable pots, peat, plant markers and seeds as well as instructions and growing tips to grow the fruit. Included are wild red strawberries, alpine white strawberries, golden berries, Charentais melon and goji berries. Fun to do and all comes in a box ready to gift to a novice or more experienced gardener.

This green baseball hat says on it ‘I’d rather be gardening’ and has a plant design on it. It is one size and adjustable so suitable for men or women. It is 100% cotton with a Velcro strap so it is easy to change the size. It has a large brim to shield the face from the sun as well as small holes to give ventilation. It has free delivery.

This is a lovely storage box for garden tools. It is a vintage apple crate so made of lovely wood and has the words ‘garden tools’ stencilled on to it in a rustic style to fit in with the look of the crate. It makes a very useful garden caddy and has a lovely rustic look that would fit in any shed, greenhouse or conservatory. Would make a very practical gift that also looks great.

This is a 5 pack of seeds which are Bee friendly. The seeds are for plants that are high in nectar and pollen so they attract bees. Each pack will cover one meter squared of a garden with lovely wild flowers but can be used in window boxes or pots too. On the front as well as a picture of bees and flowers it says ‘bee friendly wild flower seeds thank you’ therefore is great as a gift to give someone you want to thank.

This is a very useful book for gardeners. ‘My Gardening handbook’ is a sturdy hardbacked book which comes in a colourful slip case. The idea is that it is used for recording planting plans, ideas and growing secrets. It is fabric bound and available in cover colours of black or green. It has 300 pages of clever tips with blank pages and templates where you can enter photos or pictures and information.

This is a decoration for an old tree. Coming in four pieces you can make a face of an old man on a tree. It has eyes, nose with spectacles and moustache and you can choose to space them in a way that you feel looks good. On the back of each piece is a keyhole-shaped hole so that you can hang it on a nail and screw which you put into the tree. It means that you can move it, should you want to.

This is a flower pot display stand. It is in three layers so you can fit lots of pots on it. It is mildew and moisture resistant and can be easily wiped clean. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, so could be used in a conservatory, garden, greenhouse or anywhere else. It comes in a size 50 x 40 x 96cm. Comes with free delivery.

This is a lovely sticky memo pad with a gardening theme. It contains note paper and sticky labels to use around the garden or home. There is note paper called gardeners notes and plots and plants and there are 5 different colours of sticky tabs to use for labelling plants. It is pocket-sized and can easily be carried around in a coat or jeans. It measures 10.5cm x 8cm and has a lovely design of tools, wellingtons and vegetables on it. A very cute gift idea.

This Royal Horticultural Society book ‘Gardening Through the Year’ would make a great gift for any gardener. It is hardcover and has ideas on what you need to do in your garden month by month. It is fully illustrated and explains everything well so will be good for someone that is new to gardening. It has all sorts of information such as plant care, growing vegetables, lawns, ponds, pruning and all sorts of project ideas.

This is a lovely personalised cushion cover with a gardening theme. It has a colourful picture including shears, fork and trowel on it and says the name of your choice at the top with ‘gardening expert’ at the bottom. It is 40cm x 40cm and made of canvas type material which is 50% cotton so is textured and has a matte finish. It has a concealed zip fastener so you can easily remove it for washing.

These funky coloured propagator pods will brighten up any greenhouse. They come in a set of three in yellow, green and red. They are circular in design so they can easily be turned to help the plats to stretch out towards the sun. They each have a clear lid so you can see what is growing and 8 x 6cm pots. They make a great gift idea for a gardener who likes to grow things from seed.

These are specialist herb cutting scissors. Great for any gardener that likes to grow their own herbs. They are different from normal scissors because they have 5 sets of blades and cuts with them all at once to make chopping fresh herbs really easy. They have soft handles for a comfortable grip as well. They measure 20cm in length and 8cm wide at the handles.  They are green in colour.

This is a fun insulated drinking mug. It has a white body and says on it ‘Keep Calm I’m a Gardener’ and has a black handle, base and lid. The lid can rotate to reveal drinking holes but closes up to become leak proof. It is stainless steel and measures 150mm high and 85mm in diameter. It fits in a car cup holder so great when on the move but also useful for in the garden.

This is a fun art clock. Instead of numbers it has gardening tools around it such as a trowel, watering can, fork and rake. It has an LED light behind it as well and there is a remote control to work it. The face of the clock is see-through so you can see the workings of the clock. The rest is almost all black as it is made from a record.

This is a really cute flower pot keyring. The design is of a bunch of daffodils in a pot and it is made from pewter. It is 40 x 30mm and comes in a deluxe black velvet gift pouch so it is perfect for giving as a gift to a gardener or someone that loves flowers. It is hand crafted in the UK and suitable as a gift for men or women.

This is a gift set containing a bird house and apple feeder. The two items are made from wood with a cream colour paint on the main part and they have a copper trim on the top of the wood ridged roofs. The apple feeder is designed to insert a standard side apple for the birds to peck at. A different idea for feeding the birds, as most feeders are for seeds not an apple and would look pretty in any garden.

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