31 Presents for Geology Fans

Updated on September 13th, 2021
By Louise
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There are some people that are really interested in rocks and fossils and maybe they even study geology or work in that field. If you know someone like this then you may want to buy them a gift that will fuel their passion and that they will really like. However, it can be hard to know quite where to start. We have therefore hunted for you and have put together a list of items that we think will be appealing to geologists. Hopefully you will find inspiration from the list and will find the ideal gift for the person that you have in mind.

31 Gift Ideas for Geologists

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This is a book called ‘Geology: A Complete Introduction : Teach Yourself’ by David Rothery. It is a paperback book and allows you to be able to understand geology faster and work in a step by step way to master the subject and even has tests throughout it to cement your new knowledge. Covers lots of subjects such as: plate tectonics, tectonic hazards, metamorphism, erosion, deposition, rocks and fossils.

This is a rock science kit. It has fifteen different rock samples and shows you how to classify them. It includes a magnifier, so that they can be studied in more detail and has examples of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rock. It has obsidian, granite, basalt, pumice, rhyolite, calcareous tufa, marble, sandstone, quartzite, conglomerate, gneiss, limestone and shist. Good for teaching or to give as a gift to a child interested in rocks.

This is a DK book called ‘Rocks and Minerals : The Definitive Visual Guide. It contains details of over 450 rocks to make it easier to identify them from their characteristics with lots of detailed photographs. Also has information about folklore and historical artifacts and stories behind some of the world’s natural treasures such as the Hope diamond and the Great Mogul Emerald. It even has information on collecting and cutting and polishing.

This is a short sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘warming easily distracted by rocks’ with a picture of a stick man about to climb a cliff. It is available in sizes for adults and children and comes in black, olive, dark heather, heather grey and heather blue. It has a classic fit with a round neck and is made from polyester and cotton, so it is soft to wear and retains its shape well.

This is a book called Geology for Dummies. It is a paperback book and covers all sorts of information in a straightforward way. It includes a study of the earth, rock records and geological time, large scale motion of tectonic plates, matter minerals and rocks and the geological processes that take place on the earths surface. It tracks the topics generally taught at college level, so could be useful for anyone studying geology.

This is a white ceramic mug which is good quality. It has red writing with a crown above it, which says ‘Keep calm I’m a geology teacher’ on it. It is 8 x 9 x 9 cm in size and is securely packed, so that you can trust that it will arrive safely even though it is being posted. It is a great gift idea for a geology teacher that you know or as a thank you to your specific teacher.

This is an Agate Geode. It comes in a choice of either blue, pink, purple or green. It measures about 2 -3 inches but each is unique so it will not be an exact size and the colours could vary quite a bit from the pictures too. It is genuine Brazilian agate and could be a pretty item to just display in the home, perhaps on a shelf or even to study and learn a lot more about.

This is a Natural History Museum branded pocket microscope. It is 5.1 x 16.2 x 12.2 cm in size and is light at just 141 grams so it is really portable. It has 20x and 40x zoom chosen with the push of a button, which means that it is great to carry around to study different things, such as rocks and minerals. It comes with slides, cover slips and a lens cloth in a box.

This is a tubular shaft brick hammer. It is 16oz and has a tubular steel shaft which means that it is really strong and it is chrome plated to make it weather resistant. It has a rubber handle so that it is comfortable to grip and non-slip. The head and face are polished.  It is designed for cutting bricks and masonry but can also be used for breaking up rocks, fossils and minerals.

This is a fossil collection kit. It contains 15 genuine fossils and there is a booklet with information about them too. The fossils include an ammonite, brachiopod, gastropod, crinoid, goniatite and more. There is also a mini magnifier so you can examine them in more detail. Great for anyone that is really interested in fossils or who wants to start collecting them as well as learning a lot more about them.

This is a magnifying glass with a 60x dual lens that is LED illuminated. It is designed for jewellers to use, but is also very useful when studying rocks, minerals and fossils. It is pocket sized and lightweight, which means that it is easy to carry about with you in your pocket when looking for samples. It is made from aluminium alloy, plastic and acrylic glass is used for the lenses so it is sturdy.

This is a Mosasaur fossil which is a large tooth. It is 40mm in size and it is a genuine tooth fossil. It comes presented in a treasure chest, so is a really lovely gift for a child that is interested in fossils and they will be able to play with it or display it in the chest. The chest itself is 8cm across and is really cute with a hinged lid.

This is a National Geographic gemstone dig kit. It includes genuine gemstones in it which are in a soft brick that can be dug with the special tools provided. There is also a magnifying glass that makes it easier to see what is going on and will help to make it all feel more authentic. It contains quartz, amethyst and tigers eye.  All comes boxed ready to give as a gift.

This is a create and break geode set for kids. It is a c=science set that will introduce a child to sparkling geodes. The idea is that they break two open and see how they look inside. It contains 2 bags of colouring powder, 2 geode moulding shells, 2 wooden mixing sticks, 2 real geodes, bag of crystal compound, bag of plaster, hammer, measuring jug and a pair of goggles with instructions.

This is a set of geology chisels. They are different sizes – 16 x 170, 12 x 150 and 10 x 140 and they are flat hand chisels. They are forged and tempered from chromium vanadium steel with a hardness of 52 – 58 HRC. They can cut, smooth and bevel materials such as iron, brass, bronze and copper. They are professional and regrindable with blue handles and come packaged together so ready to give away.

This is a pair of safety goggles, which can be useful to protect the eyes when doing all sorts of tasks including when geologists work with rocks, fossils and minerals. They are wrap around, so give protection at the side and well as the front and are made from polycarbonate. They are a size for children to wear and they have anti scratch lenses which are permanently attached to the frame so they do not get lost.

This is a fibreglass hammer. It is 2.5lbs (or you can choose 4LB) and is black with a blue Ox logo on it. It has a quality steel head but a fibreglass handle which is ergonomic and provides a non slip grip. It is robust and the head is very securely attached to the handle. The fibreglass body absorbs shock and minimises vibration so makes it more comfortable to use.

This is a book called ‘Geology for Kids : A Junior Scientists Guide to Rocks, Minerals and the Earth Beneath our Feet’ by Meghan Vestal. It explains the layers of the earth, how mountains valleys and oceans form and has all sorts of other facts as well about tectonics and the impacts of them. It has engaging activities, ideas on places to visit and has explanations about lots of terminology too.

This is a mug which has the colours of the rainbow on it, even though it is white inside. It shows all the layers of the earth in the making through the different colours. It is 14oz and is dishwasher and microwave safe. Inside the mug, the bottom is uneven to represent the relief of a trilobite fossil.  Comes in a colourful box, so is easy to wrap and looks good when you give it as a gift.

This is a fun keyring which has a round pendant on it. The pendant has a triangle road sign with red triangle and rocks falling on it and underneath it says ‘geology rocks’. It is 45mm in diameter and it is made from plastic but attached to a metal ring. It would be a fun gift and it could be used as a bag charm or with keys. It even comes with free delivery.

This is a poster with a geology theme as the picture shows the layers of rock on it in bright colours. It is available in different sizes, so you can pick the one that you think will work the best. It is printed on high quality paper and packed in a sturdy tube or envelope to protect it during transit. It can make a really interesting gift and you could always choose to frame it before giving it away.

This is ‘A Dictionary of Geology and Earth Sciences’ by Michael Allaby. It contains 10,000 entries which cover all areas of geoscience such as planetary science, oceanography, palaeontology, minerology and volcanology. There are also diagrams and web links to help out and so the reader can find out more information if they want to. It is authoritative, jargon-free and a good resource for students who are studying geology, geography, geosciences, physical science and related areas.

This is a poster which shows little pictures of different minerals, fifteen in total and looks like it is a copy of a page from a vintage textbook from France. It comes in a choice of sizes from AO to A4 and is a high quality print with coloured minerals on it. It is on heavyweight satin photopaper and comes rolled in a tube so it will not be damaged during transit.

This is a pop socket for a mobile device which is black with ‘rock scientist’ written on it in white and a picture of a rock. It is a fun gift but will also be useful as it can make a phone easier to grip and also will pop out, so that it can be used as a stand when you are using the phone to watch videos or to video call.

This is a funny mug which is white and 10oz in size and in black it says ‘of quartz I love geology’ with a picture of a stone on it. It is a fun item but also useful and it can go in the dishwasher and the microwave. It is made from ceramic and can be used for hot or cold drinks and even has free delivery so it is good value for money.

This is a kids science set called ‘The Science of Volcanos’. It comes with protection goggles, food dye and citric acid with a little volcano made out of plastic that can be made to erupt and you can also make a geyser and lava flows. There are four experiments included altogether. It also has a booklet with instructions and information about volcanoes. Suitable for children over eight years of age.

This is an apron which says on it ‘geology rocks’ with some rocks pictured. It comes in red, pink, indigo denim, black denim, black and royal blue. They are 65% polyester and 35% cotton and come in one size which is 72cm width and 86cm length. They have a sliding adjustable buckle on the neck loop and tie that you tie behind the back to the tightness that you need.

This is a long sleeved sweatshirt which comes in black. There is white writing on it which says ‘wait I see a rock’. A funny top for someone that is always annoying people by stopping to look at the different rocks that they can see. It comes in sizes small to 2XL and is suitable for men or women to wear. It is made from a polyester and cotton mix, which means that it is easy to wash and soft to wear.

This is a hoodie which says on it ‘geology rocks’ with a picture of some rocks. It comes in a choice of different colours, some plain and some with grey inside the hood. They have a large pocket on the front and come in sizes small – XXL. They have long sleeves so are nice and warm and the cotton and polyester mix means that they are soft but also keep their shape well.

This is a cushion cover which says ‘geology rocks’ on it. It comes in black, pink, green, red, grey and yellow, all with white writing on. There is the choice to just buy the case or to get one with an insert in. It is 41cm x 41cm so a standard size for a cushion cover, so the person you give it to may already have one that will fit. Comes with free delivery.

This is a set of six geology themed coasters. Each has a microscope picture on it of rocks. There is hornblendite, peridotite, gabbro, piemontite, pyroxene and withamite. They are made from MDF so will protect the surface they are on.  They are 90mm square and are glossy so they can be wiped clean and are hard wearing. They come in a cellophane bag so are easy to wrap up as a special gift.

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