32 Gift Ideas for Gin Fans

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Gin is such a trendy drink at the moment that it is likely that you will know at least one person that enjoys it. This means that you are likely to benefit from this list of gift for gin lovers. Whether you want something fun or practical you should be able to find something in this range. There are original and quirky items that you may not have seen anywhere else. There are also items at different price ranges so you should be able to find something that will fit in with your budget and that the person you have in mind will like.

32 Perfect Presents for Gin Drinkers

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This is a really interesting kit which allows you to change the colour of bottles of gin. It includes everything that you need to enhance 15 bottles of gin to make them shimmer or change colour. The kit includes blue pea flowers, shimmer, early grey infusion, bottle labels, cotton filter, infusion bag, stirrers, sieve pipette and instructions. You can give the kit away or use it to make interesting bottles of gin to give away.

This is a really pretty G&Tea infuser gift set. It includes a teapot and cups which are rainbow tinted borosilicate glass with gold detailing. This elegant set can be used to infuse your gin with various flavours (it just takes 15 minutes) but it can also be used to brew loose leaf tea. The teapot can hold 28oz and like the cups, is designed to fit elegantly and comfortably into your hand.

This novelty heart would make a great fun gift for a gin lover with a sense of humour. It is a wooden heart shaped plaque which says ‘Gin….how classy people get shit-faced’ with a picture of two glasses on it. It is 10 x 9.5 cm and has a hole in the middle with some twine on it so that it can easily be hung up. It is made from sustainable plywood and is a great size for hanging on a bottle or a bottle bag to give as a gift.

This paperback book is a fun collection of quotes for people who like gin. It is called ‘Gin is good for you’ and has all sorts of funny sayings all about gin, which just prove that gin is good for you. It is a fun small book which can pop in a gift bag with a bottle of gin or be put in as a stocking filler or something else.

This is a lovely gin glass which comes in a tube and therefore makes a great gift set. The glass has an inscription on it and you can choose between different things. You have a choice of ‘Its Gin O’clock’, ‘Gin Whore’ or ‘Gin and Tonic’. The highball glass will let you pour a really lovely long drink with lots of room for tonic, lemon or lime and ice. The glass is 15 x 6.8cm and has a capacity of 13oz.

This set of fun coasters is a great gift idea for a gin lover. There are four different designs ‘Shhh…There’s gin in here’, ‘you are the gin to my tonic’, ‘when life gives you lemons, grab the gin and tonic’ and ‘knock knock its gin o’clock’. Each coaster is 10cm square and they come in a presentation box and they have a cork backing to make them non-slip and to protect the surface that they are on.

This book could be a great one for any Gin lover. It is a gin dictionary by David T Smith. It is an A-Z compendium of everything you need to know about gin, from botanicals to the perfect G&T. It includes 20 gin cocktail recipes. It has information about its history, distilling techniques and varieties so the reader can learn lots about gin. Would make a great gift alongside a bottle of gin!

This gin lovers hamper makes a lovely gift. It comes with three miniatures in really pretty bottles and two bottles of tonic water in cucumber and hibiscus flavours by Lamb and Watt. The gins are sloe gin, elderflower as well as rhubarb and rosehip, and they are all made by The Lakes Distillery. They come in a card box with shredded paper in the bottom which looks pretty as a gift box.

This is a stainless-steel spirit measure set which can be used to measure either single or double measures. You can choose between either a copper or a silver coloured stainless steel. You can use the one end for a 25ml single measure and the other for a 50ml double end. The jigger comes in a presentation box which is perfect for giving as a gift. It looks really classy so would look great on any bar.

These fluffy slipper socks are great fun as well as cosy. On the bottom they say ‘if you can read this bring me gin’ on the bottom with a picture of a cocktail glass. The socks are made of fleece so they are really soft. They are made of polyester and elastane and are warm to wear. They come in a pretty bag with a pink ribbon on them, so all wrapped up ready to give as a gift.

This is a really fun bag which also has a gin related theme. It says ‘Gym? I thought you said gin!’ It is a long-handled shopping bag so it is easy to carry. It is 38cm x 42cm so plenty of room for your shopping. It is 100% cotton with a natural finish. It can be washed in a washing machine and ironed on the reverse and so it is easy to keep looking clean and tidy.

This lip balm is a great gift for anyone that loves gin because it is gin and tonic flavoured. It is vegan friendly with nuances of juniper within the gin and tonic flavour. It uses candelilla wax which prevents loss of moisture from the lips and helps them to heal and prevents dryness. The tin is 15g so easy to carry in a pocket, handbag, gym bag or to pop in a desk drawer and it comes in a pretty box.

If you know anyone that loves a gin cocktail then they will really like this set. It includes 4 stainless steel whiskey stones, a 750ml cocktail shaker, a jigger, a spoon, a strainer, a corkscrew, ice tongs, muddler, 2 liquor pourers, 2 wine stoppers and a bamboo shelf to hold the items in. Everything can be washed in a dishwasher and therefore kept really clean and shiny. It can be used to make gin-based drinks as well as any other cocktails as well.

This is a fun poster which can be used as a gin drinking bucket list. It contains a list of 42 craft gins and you will be able to scratch off each one as you try them. It will enable you to decide which gins you should try next and then work through the list. It even includes tools that you can use to scratch off the poster so you do not even need a coin.

This is a lovely presentation box called a microbarbox which makes a lovely gift. This is a pink gin box which contains four 50ml bottles of gin – Gordons pink gin, Edinburgh rhubarb and ginger gin, Pinkster gin, Anno Kent dry gin and four cans of Fentimans artisan mixers (light, Indian and pink grapefruit tonic water as well as ginger ale). They are all nicely presented in the box with a serving suggestion on the lid.

This boxed set would make a lovely gift. It contains a gin maker infusion kit. There are 8 artisan gin botanicals that you can use to make your own flavours of gin. It has all the instructions included so that it is really easy to make the gin. The flavours include hot chilli chock, heated pink gin, sweet chilli, pink punch, aurora, citrus zinger and winter warmer. A gift and experience all in one.

These drop earrings are great fun. One earring is a green bottle of gin and the other is a white bottle of tonic. They are 2.5cm and are just so cute! The bottles are made from shrink plastic and have been treated with a lacquer which means that they will not fade and they are attached to a silver-plated kidney wire which measures 25mm. A lovely, quirky little gift for a gin lover.

These gin scented candles are a great gift idea. They come in a choice of sizes, the large ones are Gin fizz band and are a pink gin scented candle and the small ones are Gin & bare it and is gin and cucumber. The candle comes in a tin and has a ring pull top. The tin is vibrant in colour with white, pink, turquoise and black colouring which will make it stand out.

This book is called ‘Fever-tree the art of mixing’ and is a hardback book which has cocktails from the world’s leading bars. It has recipes for more than 125 different cocktails so you can learn how to make all sorts of exciting drinks. This book stands out from other though because it puts the mixers first rather than the alcohol pairing up different botanicals for the very best drinks.

This funny apron is a must for a gin lover. It says on it ‘Yes You’re right its definitely gin o’clock and has a picture of a glass with a straw in it. It comes in a choice of colours: black, blue, pink or red and has a handy pocket on the front (maybe to keep a gin bottle!) It is made from a cotton blend and is machine washable. It is 33 inches in height and 23 inches in width.

This party game is a fun idea for a gift! Gin Fling is an adult drinking game where if you sink it, they drink it! It includes 12 glasses and 4 ping pong balls and is for two teams. Each team tries to fling their ping pong balls into the glasses of the other team and if you get it in they have to drink it all in one go. The team to get the balls in all of the glasses wins.

These sweets are a lovely present for gin fans. They are made by SugarSin and they are gourmet cocktail gummies in a dry gin flavour. They are infused with a gin flavour, blended with lemon and covered with fizzy sugar crystals to replicate a gin and tonic. You get the flavour of the drink even if it is too early in the day to have a real gin and tonic! They are even suitable for vegetarians.

These gin glasses are really pretty. They have no stems so they are much sturdier than a typical gin glass and their fishbowl shape is really elegant. They are made from crystalline glass and are dishwasher safe. They can be used for all sorts of different drinks as well as gin, even soft drinks. This is a pair of two in a presentation box so perfect for giving as a gift.

This unique piece of glassware is a fun idea for a gift. It is a bloom glass but, in the stem, there is a glass bell. On the glass, it says ‘ring for gin’ in black writing. The glass is 7.5cm x 16cm so perfect for a really big drink. It comes in a presentation box so just ready to give away as a gift. It even has free delivery.

These pretty heart-shaped bottles contain gin and are all handmade in the UK. You can pick between Parma violet, rhubarb and Turkish delight and each is a different colour. The recipient may wish to keep the very pretty bottle but if not, it can be recycled. The bottles have a heart shaped cork as well as being heart shaped themselves so a good gift to give to a loved one.

This is a fun kit called ‘Gin lovers hangover survival kit’. It is an organza bag full of small treats with a card attached that explains how each item will help. For example, ‘coffee for that caffeine boost’ and ‘starburst to give you a burst of energy’. A fun item that will bring a smile to the face to any gin lover and hopefully help them through a hangover too. Comes with free delivery.

This fun teaspoon expresses the thoughts of many gin lovers: ’tea now gin later’. The words are engraved on the stainless-steel spoon as well as a picture of a cup and saucer and a glass of gin. The engraving is high quality so should last. The spoon is a 7-inch teaspoon and would be a great gift for anyone that likes a cup of tea but can never wait until it is gin o’clock!

This is a lovely boxed set of gin infusions. There are 12 cold-infusion botanicals with 2 of each type to choose from so that you can add lovely flavours to your glass of gin. The flavours are orange osmosis, summer equinox, passion star, stirring botanicals, rooibos spice and blooming blossoms. The lovely boxed set comes with a bar spoon to mix them with so the recipient will have everything they need to make their gin taste amazing.

This is a fun gin themed cushion cover that can be personalised. You add a name and the rest says ‘is powered by gin’. The cover is 100% cotton and white and will have black writing on. This means that it should fit in with any decor, whether placed on a sofa or a bed as the colour of the room will not matter. It is designed and printed in the UK by The Perfect Prink Co.

These giant gin glasses will bring a smile to any gin lovers face. The super-sized pair of glasses are in a Spanish style and take 990ml of liquid. They are good quality and are made from internationally recognised Royal Bohemian crystal and have an elegant juniper stem. They come in a gift box, so all ready to give away as an impressive gift which is bound to please any gin drinker.

These fun jelly sweets come with a gin and tonic flavour. They are boxed and made by Bonds of London. The colourful but stylish blue and green box contains 175g of jellies. They would make a great gift for someone who has a sweet tooth but also enjoys a gin and tonic and the presentation box makes them look like an elegant gift to give. They have free delivery too.

This boxed space set contains botanicals to use with gin and other spirits. They come in pretty spice jars but also with instructions on how to use them. Each tube has a different spice such as juniper, cardamom, oolong tea, laurel, thyme, lemongrass, lavender flowers, rose petals, rosemary, orange peel, pink pepper and hibiscus flowers. Each bottle has a cork and pretty sticker on it. It comes with a guide and cocktail recipes.

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