26 Presents For Your Girlfriend. Or Someone Else's Wife

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Buying a nice gift for your girlfriend can sometimes be tricky. This is because you will need to know exactly what she likes and you may not be sure. You may also want to get it just right with the right level of sentimentality without being too soppy or you might want something funny without being too silly. This list of gifts should help you to find the right thing. They vary a lot so you should be able to find something that is right for her personality, will show how much you care and fit in with your budget.

26 Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend – Show Them You Care

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This cushion cover will be a lovely sentimental gift. It is plain white with pink hearts on it and says, in black writing ‘to my gorgeous girlfriend after all this time I still love you. It’s always been you it was you yesterday, it was you today, it will be you tomorrow and for the rest of my life it will be you, I love you’. It measures 45cm x 45cm and has a silk feel to it.

This is a funny mug. It is a white 11oz mug and written on it is ’I don’t need Google my girlfriend knows everything’. It is a premium quality mug and should bring a smile to the face of any girlfriend as she will know that it is right! Designed by an in house designer so makes a unique and original gift. A useful item which will be lots of fun to use in the home or office.

This is a lovely scrapbook photo album. It says ‘our adventure book’ on the front and is designed to stick photos and to note down events that happened. It has a shabby look cover and has 40 sheets of craft paper inside (extra can be ordered if needed). The pages are tied into the book so it is easy to add and remove them if necessary. It comes with stencils, photo corners and decorative stickers so that it can be personalised.

This is a lovely print of a love poem. At the top and bottom there is room for names so the girlfriend and boyfriends’ names can be inserted. It is a framed print and you can choose a white or black frame as either match the white paper with black printing on. Is a lovely sentimental love poem which will help you to show just how much your partner means to you.

This is a lovely penguin print that can be personalised. There are two penguins facing each other which have been printed in black with a red heart between them. On their tummies you can have an initial put so you can put each of your initials on. It comes with a laser cut mount and a black or white frame and measures 12 x 10 inches. A simple design but very effective.

This soppy coaster has a picture of a mug with a tea bag in yellow and says ‘here sits the tea of the world’s best girlfriend’ in red. The text really stands out from the white background so will make a big impact. It is 9cm x 9cm and has a gloss finish so that it can be wiped clean. With its non-slip base it is practical as well as fun and sentimental.

This is a lovely romantic candle. The white candle is printed on in black with the words ‘I love you to the moon and back’ and has a moon and stars design. It is a pretty keepsake gift but if burnt will last for about 58 hours. It is 13.5cm x 6.8cm x 6.8cm. A lovely gift which can be burned in the bathroom or at dinner to make a romantic atmosphere or just kept to admire the lovely message on it.

This is a ‘love you girlfriend: the gift of colouring’ book. Colouring is a popular hobby which is really relaxing and creative. This colouring book has lots of different pictures to colour which are blank on the back so that they can be cut out and framed if required. Great for anyone that already loves to colour or who has not tried it and needs a new relaxing hobby. Great paired up with some art pencils.

This is a fun egg board to serve breakfast on. It is a wooden board which is shaped like a piece of bread and has ‘a toast to an egg-cellent girlfriend’ carved on it. It has a space for an egg cup and the toast can be laid on the board. Ready for those romantic breakfasts, whether being taken to her in bed or served at the kitchen table. Made from eco-friendly wood.

This long sleeved hoodie says ‘taken’ on it with a red heart. It is a unisex style with a classic fit and twill taped neck and has a coloured drawstring around the hood and a double pocket on the front. It is available in royal blue or heather grey. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix and can go in a washing machine and tumble dryer if required.

This is a sweet and sentimental keychain for a couple that is apart. It says ‘I love you more than the miles between us’ on the pendant. The pendant is 4cm x 2cm and is made of stainless steel so that it is durable and will not rust, corrode or fade and it is hypoallergenic. It comes in a black velvet bag so all ready to give as a lovely present.

This is a Tiowo stuffed pillow soft toy. It comes in a selection of sizes 10cm, 20cm, 30cm or 50cm. The 10cm one comes with a loop and can be used a keychain or hung up. They are made of eco-friendly short plush material and filled with PP cotton which makes then soft and comfy. They are a great gag gift but also comfy and a good comfort to a girlfriend when she is alone.

This is a lovely scented candle. It comes in a jar with a shiny lid and has a black lily scent which will burn for up to 24 hours. It has a floral and earthy woodland scent and the light can make for a relaxing atmosphere.  It comes in a really pretty gift box with a black ribbon on top so it does not even need to be wrapped up.

This is a lovely pair of keychains for lovers. They both have pendants which are envelopes and says ‘I love you’ on them with a heart with an arrow through. One is printed in red and the other in blue. They are made of metal so they will be strong and long lasting and they are about 4cm x 3cm. Great for use with keys or to go on a bag.

This is a romantic decorative rose. It is made from metal with a red flower and a 24k gold foil stem and leaves. Roses are given as a sign of love so what better way to show that your love is forever with this everlasting rose. It comes with a stand which says love on it in gold so that you can easily display it. It comes in a pretty, elegant gift box.

What better way to win a place in your girlfriends’ heart than to give her a chocolate pizza! Combining two favourite food choices this has a Belgian milk chocolate base, white chocolate curls to look like cheese and brownie pieces and vanilla fudge as toppings. It even comes in a box that looks like a pizza take away box so it is really authentic. It is 7 inches and 8 slices.

This is a unique gift of a real rose that lasts a year. The rose is sourced in South Africa and expertly cut and treated to make sure that it stays in bloom for a whole year without any need to water or use flower food. It has a Swarovski Crystal in baby pink in the centre which compliments the delicate pink colour of the rose itself and comes in an acrylic gift box.

This is a really cute red heart keepsake. It is a glass token which has a red heart and the word ‘ always x’ across it in white. It is 30 x 30 x 19mm so is really cute. It is hand painted glass and gives a contemporary and chic look. It is a lovely keepsake and is free standing so can be put anywhere such as a mantle shelf or sideboard.

This is a lovely locker. It has a space for a personal photograph inside and it is a lovely heart shape. It is 925 sterling silver plated with 18k gold and is easy to wear and lightweight. It is 16 x 21mm and comes on a chain. You can choose the size of the chain from 40cm, 45cm or 55cm. It can be personalised by sending in a photo to be put in it and some text to go on the back. It comes in a lovely jewellery pouch.

This is a really cute elephant couple made from wood. They have they trunk pointing upwards to touch and a heart as well. They can be split up and the heart removed if you want to arrange them differently. They are made from three hand-cut wooden parts which are sanded really smooth. The heart is painted red. When they are assembled they measure 13cm x 10cm. They come in a gift box.

This is an avocado planting set so you can grow your own avocado tree. The planting set comes in the shape of a lotus flower and you put the seed in the centre and float it on the water to grow. Once the roots appear you can pot it in soil and start to grow the tree. Avocados are so delicious everyone will want to have a go at growing their own scrumptious fruit.

This is a lovely ‘Name a Star’ gift box which will make a romantic gift. Inside there are all sorts of information about stars and you have the opportunity to choose the name for a specific star. A lovely idea to think that you have named your own star and really romantic to think that when you look to the sky there is a star named after you. Is a very pretty set.

This Sass and Belle ceramic ring holder would make a great gift. It has a white dish with a gold pineapple in the middle. It is made of ceramic and measures 11cm x 11cm x 6cm. It would provide a sparkly addition to every dressing table and would also help keep things tidy. Can be used for all sorts of small jewellery so rings, earrings, brooches etc. Has free delivery.

This is a lovely Tiffany lamp. It has the lovely stained glass shade associated with the Tiffany style and it has a pattern of lovely flowers including a red rose. The resin base and stand is in a vintage style with a leaf pattern on the bronze colour. It is 6 x 10 inches in diameter with a height of 22 inches. It has a simple on and off switch. Would look very elegant on a desk or side table or even on a shelf.

This is a romantic print which comes in a choice of a white or black frame. The print has the song lyrics from the chorus of ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis. The print is on 250gsm matt card and measures 12 x 10 inches. It has a laser cut mount. A romantic gift to show your girlfriend how highly you think of her. It is a unique gift idea and will show someone how highly they are thought of.

This is a pretty tote bag with a romantic slogan. It says ‘Paris j’adore’ on it with a picture of flowers which are pink. It is made from 100% ring-spun cotton and is machine washable at a low temperature. It is one size 3cm x 42cm and has long handles which are 67cm. Has a capacity of 10 litres and so can be used for carrying shopping, books or other things.

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