28 Gift Ideas for Your Grandmother - Presents Your Granny Will Love

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It can be lovely to find the perfect gift for Grandma. Whether you are buying for your grandma or choosing something for your children to give to your mother or mother-in-law you will want to make sure that you can get just the right thing. You may like sentimental items and there are plenty of those, but some will be more so than others. You may also like to find things that are original, that she may not have seen already and if this is the case then you will be in luck as there are plenty of these in this list. We also have a range of prices so that there is something to suit every budget.

28 Presents for Your Grandmother

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This is a lovely coffee mug which has black writing on it which says ‘Best Grandma ever’.  It has two red hearts on it underneath and a black rim on the mug. The high quality printing is on both sides of the mug. The message would make every Grandma feel really special and loved by her grandchildren. A lovely gift without being overly sentimental. Comes in a presentation box, so all ready for giving.

This is an angel ornament which says on it ‘Grandmas hold our tiny hands for just a little while but out hearts forever.’ The ornament is an angel which is holding a star. The angel has brown hair and a cream dress. It is a really simple design but this draws attention to the words that are printed on the bottom of the dress. Would look lovely on a mantle piece, shelf or dressing table and will remind Grandma of how highly she is thought of.

This is a silver coloured metal bookmark with a silver tone heart shaped charm on it. The charm has a rhinestone set in it and says ‘Granny’ on it. The charm measures 2 x 1.1cm and the bookmark is 8.3cm x 1.8cm and is in a gentle zigzag shape. It comes in an organza gift bag which means that it is all ready to give away as a very special gift.

This is a very pretty trinket box. It is a heart shape and on the lid it says ‘Grandma’ and has butterflies around the word. The box is silver coloured (nickel plated) and shiny and measures 6.5 x 6.5 x 2.9cm. It has a fabric lining so will look really special and will be a great place for Grandma to keep some precious items such as jewellery or just be a pretty ornamental piece.

This is a fun coaster which says on it ‘Grandma you are tea-riffic’. It is made of wood and the message is engraved in it. It is hand made so is likely to be a gift that she has not seen before. It would make a great gift for any Grandma that really enjoys her cups of tea and also a useful item for protecting surfaces from hot cups and cold glasses.

This is a lovely plant marker which is made from slate. It is hand crafted and says ‘Grandma’s garden: where love grows’ on it. It also has a few flowers on it. It measures 10 x 10cm not including the stake and can be used inside or outside. It is hand made in North Wales so is a unique gift which she is unlikely to already have. It is great for any Grandma who loves her garden and planting.

This is a special cushion cover for a Grandma. It says on it ‘Grandma I love you to the moon and back! Lots of love from [name]. You can choose the name at the end but also change whether it says Grandma or a different name such as Nanny, Granny, Nan, Gran etc. It is 18 x 18 inches and come with an inner pad so it is all ready to gift.

This is a light up jar with a sentimental message for Grandma’s on it. It has a cork stopper and a set of fairy lights inside which need a battery to power them. The bottle is 8cm x 8xm x 17cm and has a sparkly heart pendant on a ribbon tied around the neck. It has a message printed on the front too – ‘Grandma’s are so special, they have the biggest hearts and the warmest smiles, They give the best hugs and tell the best stories. But most of all they are loved very, very much! x’

This is a handy tote shopping bag which measure 42cm x 38cm. On it says ‘I love my Grandma to the moon and back’ and it has a moon, stars and rocket design on it. It comes in a big selection of colours: black, bottle green, burgundy, classic pink, French navy, cornflower blue, coral, classic red, fuchsia, graphite grey, light grey, mint, yellow, white, surf blue and natural. The bags are made from 100% cotton.

This is a jumbo teacup which says on it ‘Loveliest Grandma’ on it. It is a white cup with orange and yellow writing and pictures on it which include flowers, leaves and butterflies and it has an orange ring around the rim and base of the cup. It measures 11 x 15.5 x 9.5cm. A lovely sentimental gift that could be used or just displayed as a pretty ornamental item.

This is a cute keyring with a moon and heart pendant. The moon says on it ‘I love you to the moon and back’ and inside it is a heart shaped pendant which says ‘Grandma’ on it. It is inscribed on both sides. The moon measures 29 x 28 x 1.5mm and the heart is 18 x 14mm. It is hung on a chain which is 31mm from a keyring. Can be used for keys or hung on a bag.

This is an ornament which features a lady and child standing on the pebble. Both are wearing long dresses and the girl is holding a bird.  On the pebble it says ‘Grandma’s hugs are the best’. The figures are in cream and natural pink and brown colours so the artwork is subtle and would therefore fit in any room. It measures 10.5cm x 7cm and is made from high quality resin.

L This is a fun apron with a cupcake design. It says on it ‘We love Grandma and her baking’.  It has a white background with the writing in the middle in pink and blue and cupcakes all over it with pink icing on. It is made from 100% polyester and has a tie back so that it can be adjusted to fit any waist size. It even has free delivery.

This is a book called ‘Grandma’s Great Big Puzzle Book: Fun and easy word and number puzzles and brain teasers with solutions’ This is a book for Grandma’s who like to have fun with a few simple puzzles rather than serious puzzlers as they are easy and fun. It includes word puzzles, Sudoku, word searches, visual puzzles and code breakers. The solutions are in the back just in case.

This is an angel ornament which says on it ‘Simply the best Grandma’. The cute angel figure has small grey winds and a cream dress, which has the writing on it and a leaf pattern around the bottom. She is holding a bird. It is made from high quality resin and measure 6.1cm x 3.8cm x 10.1cm. A sentimental gift for a very special Grandma that is highly thought of.

This is a candle shade on a plate. The candle shade says on it ‘I love you Grandma’ and has a dandelion and grasses design on it. It has a hole in the top of the dome to let out the smoke. When candles are lit and put on the plate it will light up the dome which looks pretty and lit up. It means that the message lights up and you can see it more clearly.

This is an ornamental gift by Crystocraft for a Grandma. It is a silver coloured circular stand which has a banner on the top that is engraved with ‘For you Grandma’ and hanging from it is a butterfly which is decorated with a purple Swarovski crystal. It measures 10.2cm x 7.8cm x 5cm and would make a sentimental ornamental gift to display on a mantle piece or in a display cabinet.

This is a little journal called ‘What I love about Grandma’. It is a little book which can be filled in by a grandchild or grandchildren. It has prompts inside so that it is easy to fill in and it can be made sentimental, sweet, serious or even silly depending on the relationship between Grandma and grandchild. It has a hardcover with a removable plastic jacket so it will stay clean and is durable.

This is an engraved wooden plaque which says ‘Grandma’ on the top which has been cut out of wood. It is standing on a wooden block which is in a white and pink shabby chic style and says ‘Grandma’s like you are precious and few’.  It measures 20cm x 7cm x 3cm and would easily fit on a mantel piece, Welsh dresser, bedside table or any other shelf in the home.

This is a colouring book designed for Grandma’s to colour with their grandchildren. It has 30 designs printed twice in the book so Grandma can colour one and their grandchild can colour the other. The back of each design is left blank to prevent bleed through from markers or paint.  A lovely way to encourage a special bond between grandma and grandchild and to give them a fun activity to do together.

This is a pair of bright pink fluffy slippers with ‘No 1’ on one and ‘Grandma’ on the other. The writing is crystallised so it really stands out and is sparkly. The slippers are made from a soft suede material and have a high quality rubber sole. This means that they are non-slip and are warm. They are backless so are easy to slip on and off and will keep toes nice and toasty.

This is a Guardian Angel pin which comes on a card with a sentimental message. It says on it ‘Grandma: This guardian angel watches over you every day with loving care to gently guide your way’. The silver coloured angel pin has a crown and wings and has a gemstone for a face. It is a pretty and sentimental present for any Grandma especially one who feels they need watching over by a guardian angel.

This is a useful and comical gift for a Grandma. It is an angel glasses holder. The angel is ornamental and will brighten up any shelf and you can rest glasses on it to keep them safe and so you will know where they are. There are a choice of designs including a footballer and a doctor so you can pick the one that you feel will be most appropriate. Works for sunglasses and prescription glasses.

This is a pretty wine glass which has a purple base and purple flower in it. It also says ‘Grandma’s wine’ on it. It is hand painted and is 20cm high, 8cm wide with a volume of 340ml which is about 1/3rd of a bottle. It comes with a label tied to the stem with a pretty ribbon and in a plain cylindrical box to keep it safe, so is all ready to give as a gift.

This is a little brown bag tied with string which has a card on that says ‘The Little Grandma’s Recipe’. On the back of the card it explains the contents of the bag such as: ‘smile – the happiness we share, teddy – everything is bearable with you, spoon, mix it all together’. The bag contains a spoon, candle, book mark, wooden teddy, smiley face disk and black hanging heart with twine.

This is a small organza bag containing ’Grandma’s survival kit’. There is also an option for ‘Nan’s survival kit’ which is the same just with a different name. It is a small organza bag 13 x 18cm which contains a selection of different mini items. For example ‘candle – you light up my life’, Elastic band – you are always flexible, coffee- to give you the energy you must need to be so amazing’. Contains 13 items in all.

This is a personalised keepsake box It is a wooden box and it is laser engraved with ‘Grandma : Grandma’s like you are precious and few love [name] xxx’ and it has a butterfly with blossoms as well as hearts on it. It is made from wood and can be used to keep 6 x 4 inch photos or other special items. It is hinged and measures 17cm, x 17cm x 7cm.

This is a cute and very useful sewing kit.  It could be great for Grandma to keep her sewing things together. It is a hinged wooden box and contains 24 different coloured spools of thread, 400m of white thread, 400m of black thread, metal thimble, tape measure, seam ripper, sewing needles, large scissors, needle threaders, extra large needles, 20 black/white buttons, pins, pin cushions, safety pins, pop studs in different sizes and tweezers.

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