26 Grandparents Gift Ideas They Will Both Love

Updated on January 13th, 2021
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It is always lovely to give grandparents a lovely gift. However, as they are older, they often have everything that they need or want. This can make gift buying difficult, especially if you want something unique. We have therefore put together this list of suggestions to help you. There is a big range of things, so that you should hopefully be able to find something that you think will be really appropriate. There are unique items which will hopefully be different to things they are already own, sentimental and practical items and things for all sorts of budgets, so there should be something you want to get them.

26 Presents Your Gran & Grandfather Will Appreciate

This is a lovely personalised cushion. The cover has a sentimental message and says Grandma and Grandad (words that can be changed to the names you use) are thoughtful, great, amazing, funny, wonderful, happy, special, caring, helpful, kind, delightful, super love [name]. It has a fun crossword style design so the words all line up to spell out the word grandparents through them. The cushion cover comes with an infill pad and measures 46cm squared.

This is a cute photo frame which is wooden and engraved. It says on it ‘only the best parents get promoted to grandparents’ which is above the photo and there is a heart underneath and they are engraved into the wood. The frame is 4 x 3 inches and has a space for a baby scan photo in it. It is landscape and is a lovely present for grandparents to be.

This is a wooden hanging sign. It says on it ‘Nanny and Grandad I love you all the way to the stars….and back again’. It is made of FSC certified ply wood and is made in England. It is in a rustic or shabby chic style with holes drilled in and a hanging cord tied in the display bit. It would match in any room because of its plain design and the sentimental message would please any grandparents.

This is a light up wine bottle with a sentimental message on it. It says ‘Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter caring deeds wonderful stories hugs and kisses loving memories lots of fun’ it has two hearts at the bottom. The writing is in black and the bottle has a black bow around the neck and a black cork in it too so it all matches. Inside there is a set of fairy lights which when lit will show off the message.

This is a lovely set of mugs. On one it says ‘New Grandad’ and on the other it says ‘New Grandma’. The mugs are white with gold writing and measure 90 x 113 x 80cm. The writing is printed on both sides of the mugs. They are made of bone china so are elegant and cannot go in the dishwasher or microwave due to the gold on them.  They are pretty and could be used as ornaments or to keep pens and things in or for drinking from.

This is a fun spoof Ladybird book from the ‘How it Works’ series called ‘The Grandparent’. It features artwork from the original Ladybird books which they will remember and has fun things like ‘Grandparent’s spend a lot of time in the garden making everything tidy and pretty, so they have something tidy and pretty to look at while they are doing the gardening’. They are cute hardback books in the same size as the original series.

This is a novelty ‘New Grandparent survival kit’. It is a small organza bag full of little gifts that would be useful with a printed card explaining why those things will be useful. Things like ‘confetti – time to celebrate the new arrival’, ‘penny: every penny counts’, ‘plater: to make things better’ and ‘peg: for nappy changing time’. You can pick from blue, pink or gold colours depending on the gender of the baby.

This is a fun tea towel which has ‘Grandparents’ House Rules : The Complete A-Z Guide’. It has things like ‘no rules’ ‘chocolate for breakfast is acceptable’, ‘mess can be cleaned up later’, ‘jumping on beds permitted’ and ‘ice-cream after half-eaten dinner is allowed’. It is 100% cotton and machine washable. It measures 50cm x 75cm and is hemmed on all four sides, It is brown print on a natural coloured towel.

This is a personalised candle for grandparent’s. It says ‘I really am so lucky – and thank the stars above for when it comes to Grandparent’s I’ve got the best to love love from [name] x It can be personalised with a name and you can even choose a different poem if you wish, as long as it fits. It is a small candle holder which holds a tealight in it. A lovely, sentimental gift to show how much you care.

This is a personalised cushion cover which can be printed with any name. It says ‘Granny & Grandad’s House love from [name]. The text is surrounded by a drawing of a house. You can also personalise the grandparent’s titles as well to become the names that you call your grandparents. The cover measures about 46cm square, is made from woven polyester and comes with an infill square. It has free delivery.

This is a sentimental glass plaque. It says ‘Grandparents thank you for your love and guidance, for all your wisdom and encouragement. You’ve always shown me how to be, the best I can be without judgement. If you were to look inside my heart, you would clearly see, how very special you both are, and how much you mean to me. It has a pink rose decoration too and is free standing.

This is a lovely oak wood photo box. On the front it says ‘Our Grandchildren’ and then a space for a photo and underneath there is room for the names of the children. It is laser engraved so is good quality that will last. There are 3 wooden edged removable photo albums with 72 slip in sleeves to store photographs. There is also a photo window on the face which takes a 100 x 150mm photograph.

This is a cute figurine depicting an old couple. They are sitting together on a swing dressed up with him in a blue suit and her in a red dress. They are both wearing glasses and are hanging from an arch which is decorated in roses. Would make a great gift to go on a mantel piece, bookcase, desk or shelf. It is a cute size that can be held in the hands. It has free shipping.

This is a tree photo holder. It is a metal tree which has six photo frames hanging from the tree, so you can use it to put family pictures in. The tree is black metal and so will really stand out against a lightly painted wall. The frames are 8.1cm x 5.6cm and they each have a ribbon attached to tie them to the tree so you can move them around if you wish. A great idea to give to grandparents with pictures of their grandchildren on.

This is a lovely hamper box containing a selection of traditional selection of biscuits and cakes. It has all butter shortbread, pretzel shaped sugar crusted cookies, a tin of cranberry biscuits, chocolate chip biscotti bites, vanilla fudge, fruit cake and black Ceylon tea. A lovely treat packed with all of the best quality and delicious items that you will want. It comes in an elegant red box with black edging.

This is a fun short-sleeved t-shirt. It has the Jurassic Park logo (TM licensed) but says across it ‘Grampasaurus’. It comes in black, heather grey, navy, red, royal blue or white and in sizes small to 4XL. It is made from cotton and has a crew neck and club collar with taped neckline. It contains no harmful substances and is suitable for machine washing. It even comes with free delivery.

This is a cute resin wall plaque. It says on it ‘Nan + Grandads Garden’ and has some flowers underneath it. It is hand crafted from resin and has a lacquer finish which means that it is weather proof. It measures 17cm x 11cm and has pre drilled holes for screws. It is a great gift for grand parents who love their garden as it could be put up on a shed wall or house wall to decorate it.

This is a sugar free sweeties hamper box. It is a great treat for grandparents who might be diabetic or need to be careful with the amount of sugar that they are eating. It contains 6 bags of sugar free sweets, fruit salad chews, sherbet lemons, rhubarb and custard, barley sugars strawberries & cream and humbugs. The hamper measures 25cm x 8cm x 17cm and there are three windows through which you can see three of the bags of sweets with the other three hiding behind them.

This is a lovely variety box of different types of marmalade. There are six jars of Wilkin branded marmalade. You get six different flavours Tawny orange, orange and tangerine, old times orange, lime, orange with malt whiskey and lemon. These are all full sized jars of marmalade so 312g each. You will know this is a good quality gift as this is a fine brand of marmalade, so should please any grandparent.

This is a lovely photo album. It says ‘Grandchildren’ on the front and has a slot for putting in a small photo. Inside it holds 100 photos of 6 x 4 inches in size. It is a lovely gift to give a grandparent, either with photos already in for them to enjoy or for them to fill with photos themselves. It has free delivery. The light coloured cover has a lovely velvety feel which gives it a luxurious touch.

This is a fun apron. It comes in black, blue or red and says on it ‘stand back! Grandad is cooking!’. It has a handy double pocket on the front of it. It is made of a cotton blend fabric and can be cleaned in the washing machine.  It comes in one size which is 33 inches tall and 23 inches wide. There is a tie on the waist which can be altered to fit different sized waists.

This is a clock which can be personalised. It has space under the clock face where you can personalise it.  It says ‘Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary’ and underneath you can put names of your choice and then a date. The clock face is white with black lettering in roman numerals so it is really crisp and clear. The clock body is wooden and is cream in colour and matte so it fits in with any design.

This is a white mug which says ‘Best Grandma ever’ on it in blue with two red hearts underneath. The design is printed on both sides. The 380ml capacity mug also has a blue rim so it looks really smart. It is ceramic and comes in a colourful designed presentation box, so it is all ready to give as a lovely gift for a wonderful grandma. It is also dishwasher and microwave safe.

These are funny gnomes which can be personalised. They are a pair of Mr and Mrs Gnomes and on the base it says ’60 years’ so they are a 60 year anniversary present. On their hats there are names, which can be personalised. They are both 7 inches in height and they are hand cast and painted. The Mrs gnome has a diamond effect necklace and a bouquet of flowers and Mr gnome has a celebration pint and his daily paper.

This is a fun retro look book. It is called ‘Our Adventure Book’ and it is 29 x 19 cm and has 40 sheets of blank paper inside. The idea is that it is used for documenting things such as trips and experiences or can be used to stick in photos or for scrap booking. It is possible to buy refill pages as well in case the 40 sheets provided is not enough. It can fit in 80-160 photographs depending on the size of them.

This is a wooden flower ornament for a grandma. It says on it ‘A few words to describe Grandmas: generous, creative, patient, nice, devoted, memorable, amazing.   It is a free-standing plaque which requires simple assembly which is made from wood and is 200 x100mm. It is made of FSC certified wood and made in England. It is a mint green colour with red flowers printed on part of it and red writing.

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