33 Gift Ideas for Gymnasts of All Ages

By Louise
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Gymnastics is a fantastic sport for people of all ages, men, women, boys and girls. Always an individual sport but one that thrives on working with and learning from other people. There are many elements to gymnastics such as Artistic and Rhythmic and also a number of fitness advantages both physical and mental. These carefully selected gifts range from practical gymnastic support such as gymnastic equipment that can be used for practice and training at home, different types of grips and clothing, props, foot supports, mats and a manual. But also trendy accessories for the gymnast for when they are not training such as bedding, jewellery, bags, and a mug. You will be certain to find a gift here.

33 Presents for Gymnastics Fans

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These grips will help prevent little ones damaging their hands and give them much more hold when working the apparatus. With a white flexible piece that covers part of the palm and attaches to the third and fourth finger, a pink fastener is wrapped around the wrist to hold the grips in place. You can use the size chart to choose the most suitable size whether extra small, small, medium, or large.

This beam gives the aspiring gymnast the perfect opportunity to practice their beam and other skills at home. Made from wood and suede this balance beam measures 2.1 m long with a height of 10 cm and width of 6.5 cm. It is appropriate for children from the age of 2 years, with a maximum weight capacity of 100 kg. This beam in available in four beautiful colours, purple, dark and light blue, and a pink.

The perfect Christmas or Birthday gift for the passionate young gymnast, this hoodie is available in sizes from three to thirteen years of age. On the front is the wording ‘Eat, Sleep, Flip, Repeat’ with an image of a gymnast doing a backflip. It is depicted in either white or black dependant on your choice of background colour whilst the back of the hoodie is plain. The hoodie is available in eight vibrant colours.

This large mat will help the budding gymnast with their exercises and practice at home! It can also be used for multiple other uses such as yoga. At a 1.8 m long and 60 cm wide, this mat has impressive 5 cm depth. It is available in colours that will appeal to both girls and boys – purple, pink and blue. Great quality, easy to store and to put away this comfortable mat is a must-have.

This back-bend support will help the gymnast to train to increase their physical ability in kicks, splits, and strength. Easy to use and set up by just utilising a door, this strap has a comfortable cushion for the body and a flexible buckle which can be adjusted to fit.  The trainer comes in seven different attractive colours including Rose. Included with this strap is a door fastening and storage bag.

Bringing the gym to the gymnast’s garden, this bar will give the young gymnast lots of training and practice opportunities. Made from strong and durable materials this bar is easy to set up and take down as required. This bar is appropriate for children between the ages of three and seven years old up to a maximum capacity of 50 kg. With over 10 colours to choose from the Bright Pink which really stands out.

Another fantastic gift option for the gymnast to help train at home, these loops will aid training in the home or any other environment. Easy to install with durable adaptable nylon belts for a personalised fit and a swift fastening system. Composed of sundried wood these rings are comfortable to use with a smooth and splinter-free finish. The width of the rings are 23 cm and can take up to 225 kg in weight.

This versatile leg stretch band will be appreciated by not only the budding gymnast but also those interested in general fitness, dance and yoga. The set includes a lengthy 3m band and a shorter band made from long lasting cotton material, a welcome massage ball to aid post workout recovery and a handy bag for storage. Easily attached to the door or other sturdy objects this set will make the perfect stocking filler for the aspiring gymnast.

The pretty leotard will set the ambitious gymnast apart from the rest. Suitable for girls from ages 2 to 14 years old this leotard is available in three different colours – Black, Blue, and Purple and is made from Polyester and a Plastic/Rubber material. With impressive stitchwork, a comfortable close-fitting material this leotard is decorated in beautiful colours and/or pretty embellishments and materials and will dry speedily.

These uber cool leggings will be an awesome addition to the gymnast’s wardrobe. Available for ages 3 to 13 years old, these leggings are available in eight impressive trendy colours such as: hot pink, orange and neon green, in both full length and 3/4 length. Made from elastic material with a flexible waistband, these legging are versatile and can be used for not only gymnastics but ballet and other dance activities.

This hoodie cannot help but put a smile on the gymnast’s face. Available in black and pink and is suitable for ages 5 to 13 years old. These hoodies feature a gymnast doing high splits and the personalised name of the person who the gift is for, made from glittering embellishments against the black or pink background. Great for everyday casual wear or training, this gift is perfect for the gymnast.

This bar in a fetching purple colour will facilitate flexibility and strength training for the gymnast and even those with an interest in Yoga or Pilates. With a width of nearly 4 cm and length of 45 cm the bar is made from metal and coated with foam. This set comes with two resistance bands that are adjustable to fit the gymnast’s height. You can see how to use this bar on YouTube or PDF instructions are available on demand.

Another perfect stocking filler for the gymnast, these caps will provide support to the gymnast specifically in tiptoe manoeuvres. Available in sizes extra small, small, medium, and large and made from synthetic polymers, these socks are seamless and therefore comfy to wear and with no pressure points. Not just for the gymnast, these caps can also be used for ballet and other dance types.

These gloves will help the gymnast obtain better grip and protect their hands when practising or competing in bar loops. Consisting of two gloves and made by a trusted brand, these cotton gloves are suitable for men, women, boys, and girls. These gloves are available in sizes extra small, small, medium, and large and are hard wearing. These snug gloves are white and will make a great gift for the gymnast.

This beautiful, customised and handcrafted necklace will make a lovely gift for the aspiring gymnast. Made from silver alloy, this set comprises of a chain with a fastener that is available in two sizes, one just over 40 cm and the other just under 46 cm, and a pendant. The pendant features a gymnast undertaking a backflip manoeuvre and your choice of initial of the name of the person the gift is for. This necklace is delivered in a presentation package.

These colourful dance ribbons will complement the young gymnast undertaking rhythmic gymnastics and dance. Included within this set are four ribbons and a pole where the ribbons can be attached to. The metal pole measuring just under 30 cm has a metal clasp at one end where the ribbon can be attached to. The soft silky type material ribbons themselves measure just under 2 metres long and feature a neon green and hot pink-coloured ribbons.

These soft shoes can not only be used for gymnastics but also when doing Pilates, Trampolining and Yoga. Well-fitting and of good quality these comfortable and stylish shoes are white and made using natural materials. Suitable for both adults and children these shoes are available in children’s sizes from 6 to 12 and for adults from size 1 to size 10, in UK sizes. When ordering a useful sizing chart is available.

A superb book for the budding gymnasts to introduce them to gymnastics and to enable them to develop beginner skills. With 144 pages, this highly appraised book is suitable for boy and girl gymnasts aged between 7 and 10 years old, but also for parents too. Within this visually appealing book you will find topics such as an introduction to gymnastics jargon, safety considerations, gymnastic moves with visuals. The perfect introduction to Gymnastics.

This pretty bag will make a lovely accessory for the budding gymnast. This bag features a gymnast doing high splits and the personalised name of the person who the gift is for, made from glittering embellishments against the black background. Good quality and well-designed this is the perfect gift for the young gymnast, that they can take to school and gym practice!

This trapeze swing is for children, boys, and girls, who enjoy and want to practice gymnastics and even circus skills at home. It can even be used as an outdoor swing. Easy to install, the maximum length of the swing is just under two metres and it has secure fasteners. Made from wood this swing comes with a maximum weight capacity of 110 kilograms and is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

The ball can provide a fabulous prop for the gymnast and particularly for the rhythmic element. Hard wearing and of good quality, this ball is springy with good grip. The diameter of the ball is 16 cm and weighs just 0.3 kgs. Easy to clean, the ball is an attractive yellow colour.  An additional needle is provided with the ball. A great little gift that the gymnast will appreciate.

This impressive inflatable mat can be used internally or externally at the gymnast’s home. Once inflated it can provide a safe area for them to practice their moves such as rolls, cartwheels, walkovers, and handstands with a soft landing. It measures a huge 6 metres in length by 2 metres width and has a depth of 20 cm. There is a smaller size available as well. Included with this mat is a pump.

This beautiful lamp will brighten up the gymnast’s room and will make a lovely gift whatever the reason. There are seven colours and sequences that can be chosen from, by using the remote control that is included. When lit the lamp will give a three-dimensional effect of a gymnast mid-way through a split handstand. This lamp is powered via batteries or a USB cable.

This multipurpose mat can be used not only by the gymnast but also for those doing exercises for yoga, fitness, martial arts and stretching within the home environment. With an eye catching blue and green colour, when ready for use this mat measures a rather large 1.2 metres long and is 60 cm wide with a maximum height of 46 cm. Sloped, foldable and waterproof this mat is easy to put up.

This liquid chalks makes a practical and useful gift for the gymnast. It can also be used by people undertaking other sports where grip is required such as rock climbing. Great quality and long-lasting chalk that is easy to use and easy to remove with water. Made by Seven Sisters and manufactured in the UK this chalk is well packaged with a fetching outer design. You can choose from 100 ml, 200 ml, or 1,000 ml squeezable bottles.

This charming leotard will make a lovely gift for the female gymnast.  Available in sizes extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large, this leotard is made from quality materials and is long lasting. The leotard has no sleeves and comes in four pretty styles – black, blue or red featured on a black background with a black lace finish on the back of the leotard and a floral pattern on a black background.

This cool mug will make a great accessory for the gymnast. With 325 ml capacity, this ceramic white mug features the wording ‘I might look like I’m listening to you but in my head, I’m doing Gymnastics,’ in black. This mug will make the perfect gift for the adult or child gymnast. This gift will be with the Gymnast at all times, whether at work or at home.

This novelty apron is available in one size. Made from natural materials, this apron comes in three colours – either black, blue or pink, with the wording ‘Born to do gymnastics, forced to go to school,’ on the front of the apron in white. The apron has a material fastener, and the length of this apron is 87 cm with a width of 60 cm. This apron can be used for arts and craft and of course whilst cooking.

This badge will make a great stocking filler and is available in 3 sizes – 2.5 cm, 3.8 cm and 5 cm. With a white background the words ‘Floor, Bars, Vault and Beam’ are written in black and the words ‘Blood, Sweat and Chalk,’ are written in hot pink. The young or even adult gymnast will wear this badge with pride. Perfect for birthdays or as a stocking filler.

This fabulous duvet set will brighten up the gymnast’s bedroom and put a smile on their face. Available in sizes Double, King and Superking, these sets come with a duvet cover and two pillows. This set is beautifully designed, featuring a gymnast in various gymnastic poses such as a backflip, a split handstand, and using the high bar, the beam and vault. The set uses a subtle pastel colouring.

These curtains will add some sparkle to the gymnast’s bedroom. Measuring 160 cm by 160 cm these curtains features a gymnast in a pose on a multi colour background of purples, yellows, reds, blues, pink and white. Long-lasting these curtains block up to 99% of UV-rays and can help reduce light and outdoor sound from the bedroom whilst keeping the room a comfortable climate.

This Gymnastic Half training ball is an alluring orange colour and will help the Gymnast to practice and improve balance skills. It can also be used in fitness training whether gymnastics, bodybuilding, yoga, or Pilates. The width of the ball is 62 cm and the maximum weight capacity is 150 kgs. This set includes the half ball, a pump and straps that can be used to help with balance on the ball.

These cushioned foot sleeves will be a welcome gift for the gymnast, adults and children. Consisting of two sleeves, they can also be used for people struggling with foot conditions. This will help the gymnast protect against cracking of the foot and help safeguard the bones, whilst providing pain relief. Simple and easy to put on they can be worn with or without footwear.

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