34 Presents for a Hairdresser

By Louise
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Many people like to buy a gift for their hairdresser or they would like to buy a gift for someone they know that is a hairdresser. This is why we have put together this list of hairdressing related items. We have found various items that we feel will make great gifts for anyone that cuts hair. They are all quite different so there should be something for every taste. They are also different prices which means that whether you have a lot or a little money to spend, you should still find that there is something that will suit the person that you are buying for.

34 Gift Ideas for Hairdressers

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A print can make a lovely keepsake gift. This one is a personalised word art print in the shape of a pair of scissors. You will be able to provide information such as the person’s name, date of birth, keywords about them etc and they will be included in the words that are used to fit in the picture. It is A4 size and comes unframed so you can choose a suitable frame or give it just as a print.

A travel mug is a useful thing to give so that the recipient can have a drink on the go. This one is silver in colour with a black handle, lid and base. It has purple printing on it which says ‘This is what an awesome hairdresser looks like’ with an arrow pointing upwards. It is 14oz and insulated with a leakproof lid that swivels to reveal a drinking hole.

A keyring can be a useful item to keep your keys attached to or could be used as a bag charm or keepsake. This one has three charms on it that are all hairdressing related. There is a hairdryer, comb and pair of scissors. It is made of stainless steel so that it will not corrode and has a highly polished finish and is silver in colour. It comes in a velvet gift pouch.

Mugs are great gifts as they are always useful and this one is fun as well. It is a white ceramic mug which says on it in black writing ‘ I may not be God, but I can work miracles on your hair’. It is dishwasher and microwave safe so is really convenient to use. It would make a fun gift for any hairdresser that you know to show them how highly you think about them.

Bracelets are nice items to give and this one would really suit a hairdresser because it has a scissor charm on it. The bracelet has an expandable wire which means that it can be adjusted to fit different sizes of wrist. It is silver in colour and made from brass with the charm being made from a zinc alloy. You can also choose from gold or rose gold coloured bracelets if you prefer.

Notebooks can be handy for anyone to have and this one is aimed at hairdressers. It is a black book which is 6 x 9 inches in size with a black cover that has white writing which says ‘Don’t make me use my hairdresser voice’. It has 120 pages which are black so that it can be used for all sorts of purposes such as a journal, diary or general notebook. A great size for carrying around or using at the salon or home.

Hairdressers that are training need a way to practice and this human hair training mannequin can be really handy. It comes with a selection of accessories as well for trying out different styles. The hair is 60% real human hair with a density of 230 – 260 hairs per cm cubed. It is 26-28 inches long from the forehead to the tip. Comes with a table clamp and a hair braid toolset.

A t-shirt can be a great gift to give and this one has a heartbeat design with hairdressing tools pictured within it. It comes in sizes suitable for men, women and children and is short-sleeved with a choice of colours. It is made from cotton and polyester which means that it will keep its shape well and is suitable for putting in a washing machine and tumble dryer.

A hairdresser will really appreciate this holdall bag. It is great for mobile hairdressers or those that work in several salons as they can carry all of their kit around. It is 11 inches high, 12 inches wide and 16 inches long and has lots of different compartments. This means that it is easy to organise everything within it. It has grab handles and a long shoulder strap to make it easy to carry.

A necklace can make a really special gift and this one has two hairdressing related pendants on it. It has a pair of scissors which says ‘stylist’ on them and a comb. They are hanging on a chain that is 43cm with a 5cm extender. They are made of durable metal which hypoallergenic and come in a velvet jewellery pouch so all ready to give away as a lovely present.

Any hairdresser will appreciate this hanging sign which says ‘world’s best hairdresser looking fabulous’ on it. It is a hand-sanded plaque that is 19.5 x 10 x 0.6cm in size. It has a pink background with white dots and black writing on it. It can be hung from a door handle or picture hook in a salon or home. It will be a lovely way to show a hairdresser how highly you think of them.

Any hairdresser will appreciate these hair clippers. They come as a set with a cordless hair trimmer together with eight guide combs to help with cutting hair to different lengths. They have titanium and ceramic blades and run for up to 90 minutes on one charge. They also come with some lubricating oil, a comb and cleaning brush and a storage bag to keep everything in. There are two speed options.

It is really important for a hairdresser to have a really good pair of scissors. This pair are professional and are stainless steel so they will not rust or tarnish and they will be easy to clean and sharpen. They have a warm treatment which helps them to remain sharp for a long time. They have an ergonomic design to make them easy to use and come with a black pouch to keep them in.

Clocks can be handy items to have and they are also often decorative. This one is made from a vinyl record and has faces on it with a pair of scissors across them. It would be ideal for a hairdresser or stylist to have in their home or salon. It is 12 inches in diameter and has a sticker in the centre for the clock face with black and red hands.

A pop socket can be a useful item to have. It fits on a mobile device and can make it easier to grip them or can be popped out to be used as a stand. This one is black with white writing on the top which says ‘Keep calm and let me fix your hair’ and it has a picture of some scissors on it. Makes a fun gift which is also practical as well.

A coin purse can be a very practical gift but it can be fun as well. This mini one has a cute design with hairdressing accessories on it such as a comb, hairdryer, scissors, mirror, hairspray, shampoo and a barbers pole. It is white with a black print and black zip with a wrist strap attached to it. It is made of high-density canvas which is wear-resistant and is 8.5 x 4.5 inches in size.

Brushes can be useful items for hairdressers to own. This set has three barrel brushes for use when blow-drying hair, which are different sizes and there is also a comb. The brushes are radial with ceramic plates for styling big curls and the tail comb is perfect for sectioning hair. They are all rose gold in colour and come in a box, all ready for giving away to someone as a gift.

A hairdresser will found this storage trolley really useful. It has three layers of vanity boxes that can be filled with all sorts of items such as hairdressing equipment. It is 54cm high and 35 x 25cm in width and depth. It has high-quality metal clasp locks to keep everything secure. It is made of MDF with a black waterproof covering with an aluminium frame that should last a long time.

Cufflinks can make a great gift and these are great for those that cut hair as they have a scissor design. They are made to a high standard and therefore should last a long time. They have a silver colour which looks just right for pairs of scissors. They come in a gift box which means that they are all ready to give away or to send directly to the recipient.

Hair Straighteners will be a must-have part of any hairdresser’s kit. These are GHD ones which are professional standard. They have an optimum temperature of 185C and dual-zone technology for constant heat regulation. It has just a 25-second heat up time. The plates are smooth and contoured so they never snag as you style your hair. They have a 2-year warranty and come in a smart, branded box.

A good hairdryer is important and this one is a great brand as it is made by GHD. It comes in a choice of colours and it is 2200 watts. It maximises performance which means that it can speed up the time it takes to dry the hair. It has an aerodynamic design which means that it is easier to control and gives professional results. The nozzle is contoured for control.

A set of hairdressing equipment could be a welcome gift for a hairdresser. This set has a selection of items. There is a cape, stainless steel scissors, thinning shears, comb and hair grips. There is also a case for keeping items in. There is everything that is needed to cut hair at home, for a mobile hairdresser to use or for a stylist to use to add to their kit.

Curling wands can be handy items to have. This is a ceramic wand with a 6.5-inch barrel. It has five very precise heat settings between 280 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit and it has dual voltage. There is an insulated tip and wand stand. It has a six-foot cord with a 360-degree swivel. It comes in a box with a heat resistant glove and a couple of hair grips.

It is important to have a cutting apron to use when cutting hair to protect peoples clothes from the hair. This one is black with a pattern depicting hair styling accessories on it in a vintage style. It is 110 x 100cm and so a good size. It can be adjusted at the neck to fit adults and children and is suitable for all sorts of hair cutting, styling and even when dying hair.

Hairdressers all like to have a handheld mirror to show their clients what the back of their hair looks like. It has a black border with a handle on each side. It is 22cm wide and is a high-quality product with a black gloss finish to it. The casing is sturdy which means that it can cope with some knocks. It is rectangular and will be a welcome gift for anyone that cuts hair.

It can be useful to use this special haircutting umbrella cape when cutting hair. It is designed with a turned up bottom so that it catches a majority of the hair when hair is being cut. This will not only keep clothing clean but also the floor. It is about 57 inches in diameter but it will fold up to a smaller size for storage or travel. It is made of a soft material that will clean easily and also dry quickly.

A sturdy collar can be useful for hairdressers to use to help to keep the water away from the clothing of the person whose hair they are cutting. It will sit tightly against the neck and is weighted to hold it in place. It is made of hard-wearing black plastic. It is lightweight as well, which means that it will be suitable for anyone that is not happy with a heavy weight around their neck.

After cutting hair, there is often a lot of hair around the back of the neck. In order to remove this, a hairdresser will often have a special brush and this is one of them. It has really soft bristles which means that it will not scratch or hurt the skin but will also not tickle. It has a wooden handle which makes it easy to grip and to use.

When cutting long hair, it is often useful to have some clips to hold hair back while cutting it in sections. This is a set of handy clips which come in either black or red. There are 12 altogether and they are thick and made of durable plastic. They can hold lots of hair even if it is thick and heavy and can be used when blow drying as well as cutting and styling.

Anyone that wants to colour hair will need a set of tools. This set has a large mixing bowl for the dye and a whisk to mix it up. It also has three brushes in different sizes to apply the dye. It has some protective plastic ear muffs as well as some disposable ear protectors, gloves, shower cap and cape which would need to be replaced each time the kit was used.

A hairdresser might like to really look the part with this tunic. It comes in lots of different sizes as well as a selection of colours. It is made from 100% polyester and has a modern design with a cross-body panel. It is comfortable and flattering and has side vents for comfort. It is short-sleeved and is easy to look after as it is machine washable.

A cart can be a really useful way for a hairdresser to keep all of their items handy and organised. This one has a top tray and a coil on the side for holding a curling iron or hair straighteners. It has a number of drawers for storing things. It is made from durable material so should last well and has casters so it can be easily moved into place and then tidied away when finished with.

A mobile hairdresser may find this inflatable sink really useful. It will mean that hair can be easily washed in all sorts of locations. It can be used over a kitchen sink or even for someone in bed. It has a comfort cushion and a drainage system and is easy to use. It is very easy to inflate and it gives good neck support while the hair is being washed.

Hairdressers may like this special tool bag. It fits around the waist comfortably and has different compartments. The idea is that scissors, combs and other articles can be easily stored in it so they are always at hand for the hairdresser to use. There is a zip fastened compartment at the top and then pockets on the side with room for three pairs of scissors and other items as well.

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