31 Gift Ideas for Hikers & Outdoor Fans

By Louise
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There are many people who like hiking and walking and this has increased lately with more people wanting to go outside and exercise when they can. This means that you may find that there are people that you know that are fans of hiking and you want to buy them gifts that are related to their hobby. We know that this is not always easy especially if you are not a hiker yourself or if you want something original and different. We have therefore put together a list of things that we hope will help you with finding the right gift for them.

31 Presents for Anyone Who Loves Hiking

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This is a pair of hiking poles. They come in different colours so you can choose the one that you think will be most appropriate for the recipient that you have in mind. They are shock absorbing so they are comfortable to use which is aided by the foam handles which also absorb sweat. They are made from aviation aluminium, so are durable and they are extendable so they can be folded up to pop in a backpack easily when not being used.

This is a pair women’s hiking books. They come in a choice of navy and fuchsia or black titanium. They come in UK shoe sizes 3-10 with some half sizes available as well and it has a medium width. They are made from synthetic material with a rubber sole which is non-marking and has a really good grip so will work well in all sorts of conditions. They lace up and so are easy to tie sup securely to get a good fit.

This is a special water hydration pack. It is designed to be kept in a bag and has a 36 inch tube with mouthpiece so it is easy to have a quick drink when on the go. It has a large opening so it can easily be cleaned and you can fit ice cubes inside it. It has a thermal cover which prevents the temperature of the water inside changing significantly.

This is a very handy folding stool. It is a tripos shape with three legs and can be used easily when out and about. Great for hikers to carry with them and then get out when they want to stop for a drink or picnic. It is only 0.9lbs and so is light to carry and it folds to 3.5 x 3.5 x 19inches in size. The sear is made from durable Oxford fabric and the poles are steel coated so they are also strong.

This is a hiking backpack which comes in black, grey, purple, navy, green, orange and blue and can hold 35 litres. It is lightweight as well at just 0.91lbs and has mesh pockets on the outside for a water bottle as well as compartments inside. It has wide shoulder straps to keep it comfortable to carry even when there is a lot of weight inside. It is even water resistant and made of non rip nylon.

This is a survival kit with all sorts of useful items inside. It has a compass, emergency blanker, fire starter, whistle, multi tools pliers, flashlight, multifunction card, saw. LED bright light keychain, survival bracelet, water bottle clip and a storage case that it all comes in. It measures 16.8 x 11 x 5cm in size and weighs just over a pound which means that it is easy to pop in a bag and light to carry but could be very useful.

This is a pair of men’s hiking boots. They come in black, dark brown or navy and are made by Karrimor. They have a leather outer and a synthetic inner with a rubber sole. The sole has a thick tread which means that they provide a good grip in all conditions. They have a lace up closure so they can be tied to right tightness to stay securely in lace and come in UK shoe sizes 6-13 with a normal width.

This is a pair of hiking trousers. The are lightweight and breathable and come in a selection of different colours and sizes from 30-40 inch waist. They are made from polyester and have a fleece lining and dry out quickly if they get wet as they are water resistant. They have an elasticated waist for comfort. They have lots of handy pockets on front and back including one big enough to hold a phone.

This is a men’s jacket which is waterproof with a fleece lining. It comes in a big choice of colours and in sizes from small – 3XL. It is also windproof and has a detachable hood. It has a zipper fastening with several large pockets inside and out which also securely zip shut. Will keep the wearer warm and snug while they are out walking even in cold, wet and windy condition.

This is a special heated vest for men or women. It charges through USB and provides warm heated areas for up to ten hours. It is a gilet style jacket with nine built in heat pads which will keep the wearer warm when it is cold outdoors, such as when hiking, camping or even just in the garden. It comes in black or grey and in sizes medium to 6XL.

This is a special portable urinal for using when out and about when camping, hiking etc. It is reusable and suitable for men or women to use. It comes in a drawstring bag so is easy to store in the car or a bag for use when out and about and makes journeys much more comfortable. The design means that you can wee in a bottle without needing lots of precision as it has a funnel design.

This is a book called Healthy for Life : Hiking by John McKinney. It is a paperback book but also available as a Kindle too. It has information about what equipment it is useful to have when you are hiking and the health benefits of hiking. It has coloured photographs throughout and has lots of information about hiking for the beginner or someone that has already got some experience of walking in the great outdoors.

These are special men’s socks which are anti-blister. They have wicking to stop moisture which can cause socks to rub and form blisters. There are three pairs in the pack and they come in different black and grey colour selections and in sizes 6-9 and 9-11.5. They are high density to provide padding and elasticated to keep them in place but still have a high percentage of cotton so that they are breathable and comfortable.

This is a handy mini first aid kit. It has a bright red bag so it is conveniently kept together but also easy to see. It has all sorts of useful items in it such as plasters and bandages, scissors, safety pins, a blanker and tape. It is a very handy kit to pop in a rucksack or car and it even has a hook on the outside so you could hang it off a belt or the outside of a rucksack if you wished to.

This is a waterproof bag. It is designed to keep everything inside it completely dry even if it gets really wet due to the taped seams and stiffened roll top closure. This means that it is ideal for hiking even if the weather gets very wet. It comes in army green, black, blue, camouflage, green, orange or a tree print and is lightweight and comes in 5, 8 or 11 litre sizes.

This is a collapsible water bottle. It has a two stage filtration system built into it which removes germs and heavy metals. It has a carabiner on it so that you can hang it form your bag or belt and it holds a litre of water. The filter means that you can scoop water form rivers or other sources and know that it will be filtered to remove impurities and it folds down to easily fit in your bag.

This is a mini pocket picnic blanket. The travel mat is 70 x 110cm in size and comes in either black and red or blue and black. It comes in a small drawstring case which can fit in the palm of your hand but folds out to form a good sizes mat to sit on. Just fold it in half again and again and it will fit back into the pocket which is attached to the blanket so will not get lost.

This is a set of 6 neck gaiters which can be used for lots of things. They can be handy for hikers to wear to keep their neck free from draughts or protected form the sun but also could be work as a hat, wristband, headband or mask. There are two choices of either plain colours or patterns with skulls on so you can pick the appropriate ones for the person you have in mind.

This is a pair of hiking gaiters. They are designed to fit over the boots, being secures underneath and cover the whole of the lower leg to protect the trousers from splashes of mud and wet. They are also windproof so will keep your legs warm too. They are elasticated but also adjustable so you can fit the snugly and securely to your legs and they will keep the legs warm and dry and even protect from insect bites.

This is a pair of powerful binoculars. They are 12x magnification and has a 42mm lens and they even work in low light, but not in the dark. They can be easily focussed for different users even those wearing glasses. It comes with a tripod and a smartphone holder so you can take a photo of the image that you can see through the binoculars. A great addition to any hiker’s rucksack.

This is a pair of handy lights. They are designed for outside use and can therefore be handy when walking in dim conditions. Each has a carabiner on it, so it can be hung from a rucksack while you walk or from a belt. They have three modes, bright light, half light and flashing light. They take a 3 AAA batteries which last a long time so you should have all of the light that you need.

This is a handy compass which is lightweight and comes on a string so it can be worn around the neck. It has a 11 x 6cm sturdy baseplate and it really easy to use. It has luminous markings on the needles and index lines so it is easier to see. It also has degree marks, cardinal points, orientating arrow and declination marks. It can therefore be used with any map.

This is a bum bag which can be used for all sorts of activities such as hiking. It provides a safe place to put items such as your phone, keys and money. They are different designs available as well as plain coloured options so you should be able to find one that you feel will suit the person you are buying it for. There is an adjustable waist strap so it should fit all waist sizes from 16 – 45 inches.

This is a pair of anti-slip gloves. They are thin so you can feel things when wearing them but thermal so they are warm. They work with touch screens as well so no need to remove them when using a phone. They are therefore useful when you need to grip things while walking such as a drink, map or even gate or stile. There are breathable and have silicon on the palms to aid grip.

This is a windproof lighter. A useful item for anyone that spends a lot of time outdoors. Not only does it have the useful flame, it also has a built in torch and compass. The flashlight has a bright light and can also flash if required. It changes using USB for 2.5 hours on average. It even comes with a cord so you can hang it on a belt or bag if you need to.

This is a hat which has a built in speaker so that you can listen to music while walking and keeping your head warm. It also has an LED light built in which you can use to light your way or to make sure that you can be seen.  It is washable and so easy to keep clean as well but you have to remove the electronic parts first. It has a USB charger.

This is a rechargeable torch. It can be charged using micro USB and is waterproof which means that it is ideal for using outside. It is really bright with three modes to use – with three brightness modes, a flashing mode and an SOS mode which you can switch between easily. It is telescopic so you can fold it small to pop in your bag and open in out to use.

This is a pair of walking trousers/shorts. The trousers have a zipped part below the knees which you can remove so you can wear them as shorts if you wish. They come in grey, khaki, green and black and in US sizes small – XXL. They are made form nylon and elastane so are stretchy and lightweight as well as fast drying. They can be washed easily and they have various useful pockets in.

This is a survival bracelet. It is a handy cord bracelet which has all sorts of useful things on it. It has a compass, thermometer, flint fire starter, whistle, umbrella rope, LED light and multi tool. It can be adjusted to fit different wrist sizes and come sin different colours so you can choose the one that you feel is most appropriate for the person that you are buying for.

This is a Lifestraw which is a personal water filter. It is a product for emergency use where you can use it to drink water from a natural source and it will filter it as you drink. This means that you will not need to carry other purifiers with you and will be able to carry it just in case you need to drink some water form a rive, stream or spring and need to be sure that it is safe to drink.

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