32 Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers That They Won't Say Neigh Too

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It can sometimes be tricky to get the perfect gift and this is why we are here to help. If you want to get something for someone that loves horses, then you are in the right place. Even if you feel that you have given them a big variety of things and have run out of ideas, you should be able to find something here. This list is a variety of items so it is more likely that you will be able to find something that will suit the personality of the person that you are giving it to and that you like as well.

32 Presents for Horse Riders, Owners & People Who Just Love Horses!

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This is a fun bag which comes in one big size. On it, it says ‘horse stuff’ and has a cute cartoon picture of a horse. The bag is 60cm x 38cm with a 20cm gusset so really is big. It can carry all sorts of horsey gear such as coat, gloves, hat, crop etc but also could be used for carrying about other stuff as well. It folds up and fits inside a mini storage bag so stays neat and tidy when not being used.

This is a lovely bobble hat with a printed message on the brim saying ‘easily distracted by horses’. The hat is available in a selection of colours including off white/mocha, black, bottle green, bright pink and maroon. The bobbles are two tone and are white and the main colour apart from the off white hat where the bobble is off white and mocha. This warm, 100% acrylic hat could fit under a helmet or just be worn to and from the stables.

This hoodie says on it ‘leave me alone I’m only speaking to my horse today’. It is available in grey, blue, black or brown and is available in a variety of sizes for children and adults from age 7 -XXL. It is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester so is comfortable and holds its shape. It has a drawstring around the hood and a pocket on the front and has been professionally printed.

This is a hardback book called ‘For horse crazy girls only: Everything you want to know about horses’. It has all sorts of information such as the breeds of horse, how their body works, quirky facts about them and ideas for horse themed parties, horse themed films to watch and many other things. There is even a quiz to test how horse crazy you really are. By Christina Wilsdon and Alicia Underhill.

This is a fun t-shirt for dog, horse and wine lovers. It says on it ‘If it involves [picture of paw print, wine glasses and horse] count me in’. It comes in black, navy. Asphalt and dark heather and is available in sizes for men or women from small to 3XL. The short sleeved t-shirts are a cotton and polyester mix, can go in the washing machine and come in a classic fit.

This is a fun water bottle. It is white with ‘crazy horse lady’ written on it and a picture of a horse. It is made from metal and is 600ml. It has two tops, one with a loop so that you can hook it to a belt or bag with a carabiner and the other with a sports cap for easy drinking. It is made of stainless steel so better for you and the environment compared with plastic.

This is a cute horse pendant necklace. The pendant depicts a child hugging their horse inside a heart. There is a choice of colours for the horse such as rose gold, black, gold or silver. The rest is 925 sterling silver which is highly polished. The pendant is 20 x 19mm and the chain is 45.3cm long. It comes in a gift box all ready to give to a horse lover as a lovely present.

This is a Horses and Ponies themed Monopoly game. The equestrian themed tokens include a riding hat, wheelbarrow, horseshoe and bucket. The streets are replaced by horse breeds and the chance and community chest are ‘carrots and apples’. Instead of houses and hotels you will need to build up stalls and stables and watch out for the tax squares which are now charges for straw and tack. The same Monopoly rules with a fun twist.

This horse themed colouring book is a great thing for horse lovers to do when they are not riding. It is aimed at horse lovers of all ages as the drawings by Gina Trowler have intricate patterns which could be used to make lovely pieces of art or just coloured over by less advanced artists. Each is blank on the back in case art mediums bleed through and so they can be cut out for framing.

This lamp has a horse design. It is a 3D illusion lamp where the 2D picture looks three dimensional when it is switched on using the simple touch control. There is a choice of light colours: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple and white and it has a colour change mode. It is powered by USB so great to go on a desk and plug into a computer. A great gift for a horse lover.

This is a lovely keyring or bag charm with several charms on it. It has a horse and foal charm, a birthstone (of your choice if required) and a charm with an initial on (again of your choice). You can also add additional initials if you wish. The clip and charms are silver plated so look really good.  A lovely personalised gift idea which comes wrapped in tissue paper in an organza bag.

This is a lovely set of wine glass charms all with a different horse design. They are useful for making sure that you can easily identify your glass at a party. Each has different coloured beads as well as a horse pendant. The pendants are things like a horse running, rearing up, trotting, going over a jump and a horses head.  They are handmade and come in a lovely gift box.

This is a snug snood for horse fans. The fabric is pink with horses printed on it so is ideal for a horse lover to wear at anytime and could be great for keeping warm while riding. It is 100% microfibre and seamless for comfort. It is a soft fabric and protects the skin from all weathers. They are thick to keep warm but have wicking to keep the skin fresh too. One size fits all.

This is a lovely set of chocolate for a horse fan. Everyone likes chocolate and any horse lover will like this selection of horse shaped chocolates. There is a horse head, rosette, helmet and horseshoes which are particularly good for anyone who likes equestrian or takes part in competitions. It is luxury Belgian chocolate with 130g in total and comes in a gift box which has a horse equestrian design

This is a useful toiletry bag with a horse print fabric. It measures 24cm x 17cm x 9cm and is made from a waterproof PVC material which can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. There is a bottle holder, side pockets and slots for smaller items, so room for lots of items. Some pockets are see through to make it easier to find items and some areas are very roomy.

This elegant mug has a horse design. It is a fine white china mug which measures 12 x 9 x 8 cm. It has a horse design with many breeds of horse depicted with their breed names underneath. Horses on the mug include: Clydesdale, Arabian white, palomino Shetland, sorrel dun, percheron, grey akhal-teke, bay, appaloosa, Arabian grey and Hanoverian chestnut. Comes in a matching box. This is a small sized mug so great for a child.

These are fun socks which will turn your feet into horse paws and hooves! They have black toes and white and brown legs so you will look like you have horses feet when wearing them! These are made of cotton so are soft and comfortable and are available in one size. A good fun gift and novelty to add on to other presents to raise a smile from the recipient and others watching.

This is a roomy horse themed bag which could be used as a pencil case, make up bag, for art materials or other things. It has a photo of a horse on the flap which can be personalised with a name of your choice at the bottom. It is a hard wearing bag which has so many uses and measure 220mm x 120mm x 60mm. It has two compartments inside which have zips. The front panel is held down with Velcro.

This is a personalised word art print which is in the shape of a horse. You can select a name to be added onto the print or any other words and it is printed on 270gsm photo paper. You can also choose the colour scheme. There is a choice of an A5 or A4 print which comes with a frame. A very individual gift idea which would go down well with anyone that likes horses.

This is a large holdall designed for carrying around riding kit. It has a picture of a horse on the side and space to have a name printed on it. It comes in a choice of pink, red, royal blue or navy blue. It comes with a wet pocket, internal and external pockets, protective base feet and a padded hand grip. It also has a long shoulder strap which is adjustable.

This is a horse and rider gift set from The Stable box. It includes a selection of lovely toiletries such as Hawkins organic winter warmer wash 250ml, show proof hair glossifier spray 400ml, Hawkins organic stable hands 250ml and a pair of smart Dublin argyle socks. Some things for the person and for their horse to make them look and feel great! Comes in a lovely gift bag / box.

This is a wallet with a horse design on it. The pair of horses depicted are in front of a sunset sky. The wallet is 11cm x 20cm x 2.5cm and has a zip all around it. Inside there are sections for notes and cards as well as for coins. There is a zippered section in the middle. A useful size of purse for keeping everything you need in one place and a lovely design.

This is a notebook with a horse design on the front which has an interesting 3D effect on it that is very impressive. It is ring bound and has 50 ruled pages so can be easily used for notes, lists, diary, journaling, to-do-lists or shopping lists. It is 105mm x 145mm in size. A very useful gift that would be welcomed by a horse lover. It even comes with free delivery.

This would be an extremely useful gift for any horse rider. It is a high visibility streamer for a horses tail to help to show them up when on the road. The waterproof streamers come in a choice of colour options: fluorescent pink, yellow, yellow & pink, orange or orange & yellow. Will help to remind traffic to pass wide and slow and will improve visibility in dim light. Comes with free delivery.

This is a lightweight scarf with a horse print design. The scarf is white and has grey and brown horses on it. It is soft and lightweight and easy to wear in different styles. Made of polyester it measures 34cm x 148cm and can be worn at any time of the year to keep out draughts, accessorise outfits or to protect the neck from the sun. Comes with free delivery.

This is a fun version of Top Trumps with a horse and ponies theme. Each card is a breed of horse and they are rated on things like height, athletic ability, colour types, speed and fantasy rating and there are fun facts as well. There are many breeds covered such as Mongolian horse, Lipizzaner, Quarter Horse and thoroughbred but also fantasy horses such as Pegasus. The cards come in a portable plastic box.

This horse grooming kit would be welcomed by any horse owner. It contains all sorts of accessories that would be useful all stored in a handy tack tray. It includes Body Brush, Dandy Brush, Hoof Oil Brush, Dog Bone Sponge, Hoof Pick, Mane Comb, Plastic Curry Comb, Synthetic Curry Comb, Water Brush. A very useful set to make horse grooming a much easier job and it can all easily be transported and put away in the tray which has a carrying handle.

This is a cute Melissa and Doug horse stamp set. It includes 10 stamps of which 6 are horses and there is also a stable two fences and a trophy. It comes with an ink pad which has two shades of brown ink and five colouring pencils. It comes in a lovely wooden storage box so everything can be tidied up easily. Great for horse loving girls as they can create all sorts of horsey scenes and colour them in.

This is a funny handmade sign which says on it ‘life is good but horses make it better. It is made of wood and has black writing and the top and bottom edge have a border of coloured hearts. It also has drilled holes with string through to hang it up. It measures 8 x 4 inches and is made from MDF with twine to hang it up. It has original graphics so cannot be found elsewhere.

This fun money box is white and says on it ‘horsey fund’ in red with black horseshoes on. It is cylindrical with a hole in the top and a rubber bung in the bottom. It is great for someone who is saving up for a horse or riding lessons or someone who has a horse and is trying to save for all of the costs that it brings! A fun gift idea for horse lovers of all ages.

This is a fun clock with a horse design. The centre depicts a horse with rider and around the edge, instead of numbers, there are different pieces of equipment such as a horseshoe, riding hat, brush, boots, jacket, saddle, gloves and jodhpurs. It is a very simple style and easy to tell the time on. It has the advantage of having silent movement so can be used in any room without being a distraction.

This is a selection of horse design keyrings. They have different cartoons with funny slogans on them. They are plastic keyrings which can be opened and a picture inserted and these each have a funny picture in. The ring itself is a durable metal. There is the option to buy just the one or a pack of 24, which could be good for parties, prizes or gifts. Great for using with keys or hanging on a bag.

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