27 Presents for Hot Sauce Fans That Will Blow Their Mind

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Hands up if you know a chilli head? Most of us do and it can be fun to try to find them a gift related to this mad obsession! You might want something different to the normal chilli sauce and if you have given them all the different types from your local farmers market, then you might be looking for something a bit different. This is why this list could come in really handy. Not only does it have a selection of sauces that you may not have seen before but it also has other things such as recipe books where they might be able to try out some new dishes.

27 Scorching Gift Ideas for Hot Sauce Lovers

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This is a boxed set of four sauce bottles. It looks good and provides a variety of sauce flavours. There is sizzling hot sauce, medium hot sauce, XXXextreme hot sauce and scorching hot sauce. Each is a 45g bottle so enough to get a real taste of the sauce. They are already in a gift box so really easy to wrap or slip in a gift bag to give away as a fun present.

This is a bottle of scorching hot sauce but is fun because it is in a bottle which is in the shape of a devils head. There is 740ml sauce inside so plenty to try out and it contains red chilli, chilli powder and concentrated chilli extract so plenty of heat! The bottle is 6.5 inches and once used up could be used as a fun container to keep things in because of the unique shape.

This is a fun novelty gift. It is a bottle of ‘Ass Blaster Hot Sauce’. It comes in a brightly coloured bottle with cartoons of an outhouse on fire and an ass (donkey) on and in a wooden box which is shaped like an outside toilet or outhouse which has a hinged door. It is made from the hottest of Habanero peppers and has added capsicum extract for a hot kick.

This is a 4 piece gift set of different types of hot sauce. The mini bottles are each 0.75oz and the set contains Hot sauce from hell devils’ revenge, spontaneous combustion hot sauce, ass blaster hot sauce and hot sauce from hell beyond hot. They come in a black box all together, which is 6cm high, so are all ready to give away as a fun gift and they look really cute too!

This fun, novelty item is 5 bottles of chilli sauce made to look like a stick of dynamite. They have a label on saying ‘danger taste explosion’ and they even have red packaging and strings coming out of the top to make them look like dynamite. The bottles all have different flavoured sauces – spicy hot sauce, garlic hot sauce, rattlesnake hot sauce, cajun jalapeno hot sauce and extra hot hot sauce. They are all 48g.

This is a bottle of Tabasco sauce, it is Mcilhenny co pepper sauce. This is the original tabasco sauce from the USA. It is 350ml and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is halal and kosher. It has no added sugar. It is made from fully aged red peppers, salt and distilled vinegar and it is a popular sauce all over the world and one that most people are likely to have tried. A classic!

This hot sauce is called ‘Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot sauce’. It contains 118ml and is rated at 135,600 scoville units. It is an extremely hot sauce. It does have flavour though as well as heat as it contains habanero peppers, chipotle puree, water, orange juice concentrate, natural pepper flavouring, tomato paste, spices and preservatives. Use just a dab at a time though as it is very hot indeed! It is suitable for vegetarians.

This cookery book will appeal to anyone who likes hot food and it will make a change from giving them a bottle of sauce. It is called Hot Thai Kitchen and it has authentic Thai recipes which have some kick to them. The recipes are simple and there are even video tutorials that you can access at points in the book so you can watch the author cook the recipes.

These are fun sauces with a silly face on the label! They are called ‘Crazy b*****d sauce’ and you get three flavours – ghost pepper and mango, Trinidad scorpion and clementine and Carolina reaper and blueberry. The bottles are 100ml each so you get a chance to taste each one a few times. The sauces are hot but they also have flavour and have no added sugar and are suitable for vegans. They are hand made too.

This is a bottle of Bravado Black Garlic Carolina Reaper hot sauce. It has a sweetness from the garlic but that is soon replaced by the heat of the reaper. It has natural ingredients rather than extracts which is preferred by some. It also has a heat which builds up so you can appreciate the flavours as well. It contains vinegar, red serrano, Carolina reaper, roasted garlic, maple syrup, black garlic, black pepper and sea salt. It is suitable for vegans and gluten free.

This is a Valentina Salsa Picante Mexican hot sauce. The bottle is 370ml. The sauce contains water, chilli peppers, vinegar, salt, spices and preservatives. It is the black label version so is hotter than others in this brand. Great idea to give to someone who likes hot sauce and wants something a bit different. The bottle is 18cm high and is orange in colour and says it contains about 74 servings.

This is a lovely boxed set of four sauces from ‘The Bonnies Sauce Co’. It contains four bottles of hot sauce: smoky chipotle, fiery scotch bonnet, mango and habanero and jalapeno and lime. Each bottle also has a skull on it with a different expression. In the lovely box you get four 275ml bottles all packed up and ready to wrap up as a gift or to slip in a gift bag.

This is an unusual jar or chilli mustard by Chilli Mash Company. It is 190ml and comes in a glass jar. It is made from British grown jalapeno and Dijon mustard. It is a combination that is not often found together so will make a great gift for anyone that likes hot food as they may not have come across it before. It is hot and spicy and blends flavour and heat.

This is a fun box set for anyone that loves to barbecue or just loves the barbecue flavour. It contains four 48g bottles of sauces. There is a hot and spicy barbecue sauce, Louisiana wing sauce, salsa verde hot sauce and garlic BBQ sauce. A great range of different flavours to choose from so you can try a different one on each meat type or dedicate one barbecue to one sauce and try another the next time.

These are a must for any Nando’s fan so they can recreate the Nando’s flavours at home. There are five bottles of sauce included and a jar of peri-peri salt. The sauces are XX hot, hot, medium, garlic (medium) and lemon and herb (extra mild). Each bottle is 125g so enough to give you a good taste of the flavour of each of them and it is nice to have a good selection.

This fun cookbook should appeal to anyone that likes hot sauce. It is called ‘The Hot Sauce Cookbook: turn up the heat with 60+ pepper sauce recipes’. By Robb Walsh. The recipes are for pepper sauces such as Indonesian sambal and Ethiopian berbere and salsas and even has instructions on fermenting your own pepper mash. Also has recipes for spicy food dishes such as Buffalo wings, Pickapepper pot roast and Mexican Micheladas.

This book by Jennifer Thompson has all sorts of recipes for making hot sauces. Called ‘Hot Sauce!’ it has 32 recipes for various sauces that you can make at home. It teaches all about what the best sauce bases are and even how to buy the best chillies and how to find them and work with them. A great idea for a chilli head that loves to cook as it will give them some new ideas for the sauces that they make.

‘The Red Hot Cookbook: Fabulously fiery recipes for spicy food’ is by Dan May. It has more than 60 recipes which really celebrate the chilli. It has information about the history of chillies, how to grow them, about the varieties and what gives them heat. Then there are recipes for soups, salads, nibbles, mains, sides, sauces, sweet things and even drinks. The best variety of chilli is recommended for each so you start to learn the differences between them.

Jenni Fleetwood has written this book called ‘240 Best-ever Chilli Recipes’. It has recipes from all around the world with photos as well. There are many different ways to use chilli and there is also nutritional information for each dish. The instructions are really clear so even the most inexperienced cook will be able to use them. The recipes use different types of chillies and include all types of other ingredients.

These are fun car seat protectors. They are black in colour and say ‘hot sauce addict’ on them in white with a picture of a fiery bottle. They are made from polyester which is comfortable and flexible. They will protect chairs from spillages or rejuvenate an old, stained or damaged seat. They have elastic straps to make them easy to put in and they will fit with different sizes of chair as well.

This is a fun t-shirt which says on it ‘I am the hot sauce boss’ in black with orange and yellow flames behind it. It is a white t-shirt with short sleeves and is available in sizes small – XXXL and there are tall fittings available in some sizes too. They are made from pre-shrunk cotton and are soft and durable. They can go in the washing machine and tumble dryer.

This is a novelty hoodie which says ‘put some hot sauce on it’ on the front. The words are in white but ‘hot sauce’ is in red to really stand out. The tops are either in black, navy or dark heather and in sizes small to 2Xl. They are a cotton and polyester mix and come with a drawstring in the hood and a front pocket. They are suitable for machine washing and can go in the tumble dryer.

This cushion cover would make a great fun gift. It is orange in colour and says on it ‘Hot born saucy’ in bold letters. It comes in different sizes so you can get one that will fit a standard pillow – 16, 18, 20 or 22 inches square and is made from cotton linen. The pattern is on the front and the cover has a plain back. It is comfortable and soft and would brighten up any room.

This is a fun drying up cloth or dish towel. It says on it ‘hot sauce gone wild’ and features lots of cute bottles of hot sauce in earthy tones of green, brown and yellow colours. It is a great fun gift for anyone that is a big fan of hot sauces and more unique than getting them a bottle of sauce but also very useful. It comes with free delivery.

This is a fun tote bag. Shopping bags are always useful and this bag has a useful 10 litre capacity and is 42cm tall and 38cm cm wide. It has a funny slogan on it ‘Put some hot sauce on it’. You can choose the colour that the bag is between black and natural and the colour the writing is between black, white, red, gold, blue or pink.

This is a fun garden flag which could look great at a barbecue. It is black and says on it ‘I (heart) hot sauce’ which is printed on both sides and the writing is white with a red heart. It is 45.7 x 32cm and is made of 100% polyester so it is durable. It does not include a flagpole stand but fits all standard sized garden ones. It could just be hung on a wall, garage or shed anyway.

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