32 Gift Ideas for Anyone Who Loves Hunting

By Louise
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If you know someone that likes hunting, then you might feel it will be nice to buy them gifts which relate to their hobby. However, you might feel a bit stuck as to what to get them as you may wonder what to get – especially if you do not have this hobby, so do not know much about it. Luckily, we have it covered! We have put together a list of various items that we think might make great gifts for hunters and hopefully there will be some things on it that you will want to buy, as there is a good variety.

32 Presents for Hunters

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This is a padded wax jacket for men. It is made by Walker and Hawkes and comes in sizes XS – 4XL and is olive green in colour. It is made from 100% cotton but the wax means that it is waterproof. It has a warm polyester filling and a tartan lining. There are two large and useful pockets on the front with a heavy duty zip and pop studs to fasten it.

This is a vintage style flat cap. It comes in a selection of colours such as army green, beige, black, coffee, navy blue and dark grey. It is made from 100% cotton and has a buckle fastening on the back, so that you can adjust it to fit different head sizes between 56cm and 62cm. It is hard wearing and strong but also stylish and comfortable to wear. It has a retro newsboy look.

This is a stainless steel hunting catapult. It is powerful and a professional design with replacement rubber bands included with it. There are two types of bands which are different lengths and strengths. It has a non slip design with rope to grip onto as well as a strong metal frame, which is also durable so that it can cope with use during hunting out of doors on lots of occasions.

This is a book called ‘The Trapper’s Bible : The Most Complete Guide on Trapping and Hunting Tips Ever’ by Jay McCullough. The author is an expert with over fifty years of experience and so this book is full of everything that he has learned. There are different types of animals covered in it such as: big game, deer and waterfowl and there are all sorts of hints and tips on how and where to trap to get the most success.

This is a special balaclava designed for hunting. It has a choice of different camo patterns so that the wearer stays hidden and it is made of a breathable mesh fabric. It is soft, absorbs sweat and it is sturdy and stretches. It protects from UV light and wind as well as dust and it is machine washable and dries very quickly. It fits most heads and can go underneath a helmet if required.

This is a men’s stalking smock. It is actually an anorak jacket which is windproof and waterproof but also breathable. It is green in colour and is available in sizes small – XL. It has a detachable zip off hood and a very high collar to keep the neck warm and a zipped pocket on the front. There are also other pockets as well, so lots of space to store things.

This is a handheld hunting spotlight. It is really bright with an LED and has a range of up to 300m. It can also run for 6-10 hours and takes 4-6 hour to recharge via USB using a car charger, power bank, computer etc. It comes with a collapsible stand which you can use, so that you do not have to always hold the torch and can keep your hands free for other things.

This is a pair of hunting boots for men available in UK shoe size 5.5 – 11.5. They are a Chelsea boot style with a leather upper and rubber sole with really good grip. They have a 2.2cm heel and they do up with laces. They are dark brown in colour and the laces are black and white. It has front stone guards to help them to last longer and there is a membrane to keep feet dry.

This is a headset which you can use when shooting to protect your ears. They come in orange/green and red/black with interchangeable shells in each colour, have a foldable headband and they protect the ears from loud noises. There is a sensitive microphone which will dampen hazardous sound but amplify ambient noise, so you can hear talking and movement around you. They last for 600 hours on one set of batteries.

This is a combat trouser and jacket set which come in different colours and camo patterns. They come in sizes small – XL and they are lightweight and water resistant. They are made from polyester cotton and have plenty of pockets to store all sorts of items. They have reinforced elbows and knees and the fabric is rip resistant so really tough. There are hooks on the jacket so that badges can be attached.

This is a right handed hunting recurve bow and arrow set. It comes in different levels of tension support between 25-60lbs, so you will have to pick the appropriate one. The set includes the bow, a bow string, a finger tab, an arm guard, an arrow rest, a 3 tube arrow quiver and 12 fibreglass arrows. It is a full size set designed for adult use for hunting, competition practice etc.

This is a pair of leg gaiters. They are worn on the lower leg and over the shoes to protect the socks/ankles from dirt and getting wet. They can be used in all sorts of conditions such as rain, snow and when climbing, hunting etc. This pair is black and they have a buckle fastener under the shoe to keep them in place as well as elastic on the ankle and an adjustable elastic on the top so they stay in place.

This is a men’s wallet which has a design of a man shooting ducks on it. It is made of leather and is a bifold design. It has slots for credit cards and a place for notes. It also has a coin purse section inside as well. It is made by the Leather Guild design studio and looks good as well as being very practical and a great design for a hunter.

This is a pair of Nikaro shooting gloves. They are neoprene gloves which come in sizes M, L, XL and have a camouflage design. They have  a special finger and thumb which can be removed, so you can expose just those parts if you need to use them for precise movement. They are made from 100% polyester. They have a good grip on the palm as well, so they can be used for all sorts of things.

This is a duck call whistle which is made from durable PVC. It is a sturdy design and comes with string threaded on it so can be worn around the neck. It is lightweight and measures 11.2cm x 2,8cm so easy to wear and the sound will allow you to get closer to ducks when you are hunting without them getting startled. It is very easy to carry as well as to use.

This is a hunting knife. It is made from black coated 420 stainless steal and has a paracord wrapped around the handle for comfort and good grip and that can be unwound to use as a lanyard. It has a nylon sheath on it and is 195mm in length with 100mm being the length of the blade. It is very sharp and therefore suitable for all sorts of different tasks.

This is a roll of camo netting. It comes in different camo designs so you can choose the one that will work best for your needs. It is available in all sorts of different sizes and can be cut up as well if smaller panels are needed. It can be used as camouflage when hunting, bird watching or for camping or other general uses. It is made from 150D polyester.

This is an outdoor vest which could be used for hunting. It has no sleeves and has lots of pockets for storing all sorts of things. It is green in colour and has three removable accessory bags and is made from a string 600D Oxford material, which is wear resistant and strong but comfortable to wear. It is adjustable using buckles on the sides, so fits most sizes of adults.

This is a handy shovel which folds. It can be used for all sorts of things and it has other attachments too. Try using it as a shovel, hoe, axe, saw, hook, crowbar, harpoon, an awl, knife, wine opener, compass, fire stick or a screwdriver. Great for any time when you are out and about and need something to help you out. Is made from stainless steel with an aluminium handle.

This is a backpack which has a choice of different camo patterns and is designed for use while hunting. It is made from 600D nylon, so is made to last and it is water resistant. It is lightweight and has a 40L capacity. It has three zippered sections so it is easy to separate and sort the contents. There are even straps top and bottom to attach items to the outside.

This is a camouflage face mask which is made from 100% microfibre. It protects the wearer from UV and it can be worn in lots of different ways such as on the head, around the neck or over the mouth and nose. It is good for different outdoor activities, cycling and motorcycling, as it can be worn for warmth and protection. It is quick drying as well as moisture control.

This is a pair of embroidered wool socks. They come in either burgundy or green and have a flying pheasant embroidered on them with a tassel hanging from the turned over cuff. They are knee high and are 72cm long when the cuff is opened up. They are made from wool and acrylic so are really warm and they have cushioned foot to keep the wearer comfortable. They fit UK shoe sizes 8-11.

This is a Pulsar Helion XQ38F thermal monocular scope. It has high magnification and detection fields at 1350 meters. It has a built in wi-fi module, video recorder and sound with a 640 x 480 screen. It has 8GB internal memory and a 38mm lens. It is just 450g in weight so light enough to carry around and has an 8 hour battery life as well as being able to be powered off the mains.

This is a pocket chainsaw made from steel. It has a paracord handle which allows it to be easily folded up and put in a pocket. It comes in two sizes – 24 inches with 11 teeth and 36 inches with 16 teeth. It is very lightweight and can be used for high branches due to the length. It can cut small branches and even large tree trunks in a steady bi-directional motion.

This is a set of 4 telescopic hunting poles with a carry bag. They are made by Nitehawk and they have hooks on them so that it is easy to attach the hide net to it and they extend to 200cm. They are made from strong and sturdy steel with a robust foot bar, which means that it can be securely put into the ground. The bag has a handy carry handle.

This is a nylon heavy duty military style belt. The buckle is made from heavy metal which means that it is strong and the belt is made from nylon which is breathable. It is wear resistant and it can therefore be used a lot without any worry about it wearing out quickly. It is 125cm long and the size can be easily adjusted using the loops, so that you can get the perfect fit.

This is a survival kit which has all sorts of useful tools which are designed to be used outdoors. They include a multi-function knife, emergency blanket, silver whistle, compass (which glows in the dark), keychain light, fire starter, wire saw, flashlight, carabiner, paracord bracelet, alcohol tablets, iodine, band aids, cotton swabs, fire velvet, tourniquet, tweezers, bandage, lace, pins and scissors all in a handy box which is waterproof and lightweight.

This is a keyring which has a pendant on it that shows a man shooting up into the air. It is made from solid pewter and so is a shiny silver colour. It comes on a ring so that it can be attached to keys or even a bag. It is 70mm in size with the charm being 45mm and it comes in a jewellery pouch which means it is ready to give away.

This is a pair of neoprene wellingtons. They come in green or black and are suitable for men or women of UK shoes size 3-13. They have an Achilles support and four way nylon as well. They are made from rubber on the outside and neoprene inside with a rubber sole which has a really good grip. They have a handy tab on the back to pull them on more easily.

This is a short sleeved t-shirt for men which comes in olive or orange. It has a stag design on it with ‘Waidmannsheil’ written across it (which means Good Hunting) with a small logo of crossed guns and ‘Jagen ist naturschutz’ on it which means hunting is nature. It is an original Lobo Negro design and is available in sizes small – XXL. It has a modern sporty cut and is printed in Germany.

This is a telescopic seat which can extend to a high height with ladder steps to get up so you have a good view for a long distance. It unfolds to 2.5 meters and is specially designed so that it does not trap fingers when being folded and unfolded. It takes a few minutes to open and close it fully. It is 12kg and so completely portable and when folded can be carried like a backpack using the shoulder straps.

This is a white dishwasher proof mug by Farm Cottage brands, which is made from bone china and has a picture of a chap with two dogs having a drink with a gun resting on the ground. Underneath the picture it says ‘A hard day’s shooting’.  It holds about 350ml of drink and the picture is on both sides which means that it works for both left and right handed people.

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