29 Gift Ideas for Husbands - Impress The Man in Your Life

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Husbands are not always that easy to buy for. It might be that you want to make a sentimental message without being too gushing and not know how to say it, make a joke with them, which they will really like or just find them the perfect thing then we can help. This list of items includes all sorts of things which are perfect for husbands and you should be able to find something which you will like for yours. They are also different prices, so hopefully you will be able to find something which fits within your budget as well.

29 Presents for Your Husband

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This is a keyring which says on the pendant ‘To my husband to my soulmate to my best friend I loved you then I love you still I always have I always will’. It is made of stainless steel so it is really durable, but still have a lovely silvery colour and shine.  It will not rust, tarnish or change colour. It comes in a velvet jewellery bag so looks just right to give as a present.

This is a sex coupon book for husbands. It contains 50 pre-filled out coupons for a husband to use and exchange. It is a great, funny gift to give to your husband who is bound to enjoy it. They should find it funny, but also appreciate the gesture and might want to start using the coupons right away! Just make sure that they open it when you are alone and not in front of your parents!

These black socks are a great gift for any husband. In white ink they have printed on them the message ‘The greatest husband in the world’.  They are a great way to show your husband how much you think of him while giving him a practical present.  They are size 6-11 and are made from 80% cotton, 18% nylon and 2% lycra and can be washed in the washing machine.

This is a really lovely gift set. It is a whisky stones and glasses set in a  wooden presentation box. There are two glasses, 8 soap stone whisky rocks and a lovely padded wooden box to keep them in. The rocks can be used instead of ice to chill the drink without diluting it or adding any flavour. The glasses are crystal cut and look really stylish. The box says iiiMY premium whisky stones on the lid.

This is a lovely leather journal for a wife to give to her husband. It has ‘To my husband thank you for being an awesome partner in life even on days I fail to be a better wife I promise that I will love you in the moment we’re together and the times we are apart I love you always and forever.’ It is a leather cover which has the message on it and inside it is a 120 page refillable notebook. It measures 7.9 x 4.7 inches.

This is a fun spoof Ladybird book from the ‘How it Works’ series called ‘The Husband’ by Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris. It features original artwork from the Ladybird book series. The writing is all new though some pages say things like: ‘The wife likes to read romantic fiction. The books are a fantasy and an escape for her. The husband does not waste his time on silly stories. He likes to read books about things that really happened and tales of real men.’

This short-sleeved t-shirt says on it ‘This is what an awesome husband looks like’ and has hands on it with thumbs pointing upwards to indicate that it is the wearer that this is referring to. It is available in a range of colours: navy, red, black, royal blue, charcoal, Kelly green, maroon and purple. They are made from 100% cotton and a loose fit style. They are available in sizes small – 5XL.

This is a mug for the best husband ever, as that is what it says on it! The mug is white and the writing is black and grey. It is an 13oz mug which is suitable for hot and cold beverages and can go both in the microwave and dishwasher. It is printed on both sides and the ink will not scratch or fade. It has an easy grip handle.

This is a lovely stylish wallet which inside has a message ‘To my husband I love you in the morning, in the middle of the day in the hours we’re together and the hours we are away’. It is a beige colour and has slots for notes, cards and a window section for ID or passes. It comes in a nice gift box, so is ready to give away as a romantic and thoughtful gift.

These are fun printed boxer shorts. They say on them ‘Property of Mrs [surname]’. They could be great for a wedding morning, but also for an anniversary gift or for a present at any time. They are made from cotton and are available in sizes small – XXL. They are mainly black with white piping on the elastic and the printing is in white.  A great fun present which make a real novelty gift.

This book is called ‘How to be a Good Husband’ and is a guide from the 1930’s. It is full of old fashioned advice some of which is very useful but mostly funny.  Things like ‘Don’t think that your wife has placed waste-paper baskets in the rooms as ornaments. Don’t tell your wife terminological inexactitudes, which are, in plain English, lies. A woman has wonderful intuition for spotting even minor departures from the truth.’

This book is called ‘Don’ts for Husbands’ 1913. There are hundreds of snippets of information which are entertaining but also still true after more than a hundred years. Includes things like ‘Don’t keep all your best jokes for your men friends Let your wife share them’ and ‘Don’t slouch.  No one who cares for a man likes to see him acquire a slouching habit.  Should bring a smile to his face but might even make him think about his bad habits too’!

This is a notebook for a wife to give to her husband. It says on the front of it ‘Epic husband since March 2019’ and has a retro style sunset picture picture on it. The cover has a soft matte finish and the book itself is 6 x 9 inches with 110 pages. It has lined white paper inside so it can be used for all sorts of things such as lists, notes, journal, diary entries etc.

This is a personalised milestone print. It has information about the day you were born. Therefore, you will send in the birthday of your husband and there is also space for their name too. It is made to order and available in either A4 or A3 size and there is the option to buy it framed. The print includes major events that happened on the day, number ones, information about their star sign, shared birthdays and dog years information.

This is a fish hook pendant. On the pendant it says ‘You are my greatest catch’.  It is made of stainless steel so it is durable and will not corrode, tarnish or rust. It comes in a box which has a card inside saying ‘to my husband’ and has a piece of prose explaining how special they are.  On the outside of the box it says ‘especially for you’.

This is a print of a signed photograph of Harrison Ford as Hans Solo in Star Wars.  As well as the signed photo it also has a plaque at the bottom which says ‘signed by: Harrison Ford Born: July 13th 1942 Chicago, Illinois, U.S.’ It also has a small black and white photo of him in the film too. It is 12 x 8 inches and is a reproduction copy of an original signed photo.

This is a very useful beard grooming apron. It has suckers on the bottom of it which you stick to the mirror, and then as you shave or trim your beard it falls into the apron and will therefore keep the floor, sink and other surfaces free of hair.  It is 100% nylon which is durable and non static.  It is very easy to clean and is lightweight so it can be taken anywhere to keep the house and other places free of hair.

This is a lovely pocket watch. It is black coloured and has white printing on the black which says ‘To my husband I loved you then I love you still always have always will’ in white with two interlinked rings at the bottom. It is made from a zinc alloy so it is strong and shiny. It is 4.5cm in diameter and has a watch chain that is 40cm in length. The watch has digital quartz movement.

This is a very useful magnetic wristband. It has 15 magnets in it so that it can hold screws, nails, washers, drill bits and all sorts of things. Great for when doing any sort of DIY making it is easy to find all of those little bits, especially to save going up and down a ladder to fetch them.  It is made from durable polyester and is adjustable to fit any size of wrist.

This is a fun cheese making kit. You can make different types of artisan cheese such as Mozzarella, Halloumi, Cottage Cheese, Goats and Cheshire etc. There is a book with full instructions and a recipe book.  It includes all the equipment and ingredients that are needed to make over 40 batches of cheese at home. A unique and fun gift for all cheese lovers; even comes in a wood look gift box.

This a cute and romantic mug set. There are two mugs and two matching spoons. One mug is red with a white hEart and the other is white with a red heart. They are shaped like faces and can be fitted together to look like they are kissing. They have a hole in the top of the handle to put the spoon in so it will not get lost. They are suitable for microwaves and dishwashers.

This is a smart male grooming set. It contains everything you need to keep your facial hair tidy. It has a beard comb which is wooden to slide easily through dry hair, a wooden beard brush to untangle as well as exfoliate the skin, stainless steel scissors for trimming and a travel bag to put it all in. It also comes in a gift box making it lovely to give as a present.

This is a big case full of BBQ grill tools. The utensils are all stainless steel and include everything that you would need for a BBQ.  Includes spatula, basting brush, cleaning brush, corn holders and skewers. They are all strong and rust proof and will last a long time. They have elongated handles to keep you away from the flames. They all come in a handy carrying case which measures 27cm x 43cm x 8cm.

This is a bathrobe which is white and has either Mr or Mrs embroidered on it. It is made of 100% cotton and is in an adults S/M size or L/XL. It is made of Terry towelling and is therefore absorbent and warm. It has two side pockets, a large collar and a matching belt and is comfy and cosy.  This would make a lovely snuggly gift for a husband that feels the cold or likes to chill after a bath wrapped in something comfortable.

This is a fitness tracker which would make a good gift.  It is available in a selection of colours: black, white, lilac and sangria. It tracks all day and can also measure sleep patterns, as well as exercise and heart rate and it even has a calorie burning tracker. It is made by Fitbit so it is a quality product that you can buy it with confidence. It has free delivery too.

This is a matching necktie, cuff links and pocket square set. It is great for formal occasions and will make any husband look even more dashing than he does already! There is a choice of patterns and colours so you will be able to find one that will work for the occasion that you have in mind. It all comes in a gift box to make a lovely gift set.

This is a fun 13oz glass tumbler for wine. It has a wreath design on it with a date inside it (which can be personalised) either side of it, it says ‘limited edition’ and underneath it says ‘vintage aged to perfection’. The writing and the rim is 24k gold so it will never fade. When the glass has a coloured drink inside, it really shows up the printing on it. It comes packed in a durable box to keep it safe in the post.

This present is bound to bring a smile to your husband’s face. It is a tube of fragrant and soothing bollock balm. It deodorises and contains aloe vera to keep the man fresh in his most private of areas! It makes a good gift for the man that has everything.  Any wife would want to buy this for her husband to make sure that he keeps sweet smelling in all areas.

This is a wooden heart shaped plaque which says on it ‘Husband if I search the whole world I would never find a husband who is more caring and kind than you! Thank you.’ It has a hole in the top with a cord, so that it can be hung up easily. It is 10cm x 10cm and is in a rustic/shabby chic style and is made from FSC certified wood.

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