25 Gift Ideas for Insomniacs

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If you know an insomniac or are one yourself then you will have some understanding of how difficult things can be for them. Missing out on sleep can have all sorts of effects on our mood and health and so finding things that could help aid sleep can be really useful. However, it is not always easy to know what might help. Therefore, this list has been put together to give you a good range of things that should help you. There are different items to try out and they are at different price levels which should help you to be able to find something that will suit your budget as well as your needs.

25 Presents for People Who Can’t Sleep

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This fun mug says ‘I’d rather be sleeping’. It is good for anyone who loves to sleep or who cannot sleep easily. It is a white 11oz mug with black writing on and has a large handle so it is really easy to grip on to. It is printed on both sides. It is suitable for use in the dishwasher and microwave and comes in a gift box so perfect for giving away as a gift.

This is ‘The Little box of Sleep’. It contains 3 x 10ml pulse point roller balls. They contain 100% natural essential oils which have special blends to help you to sleep. They are called Breathe deep, true comfort and sleep better. You use the roller ball to apply the oil to temples, behind the ears or the nape of your neck to help you to sleep better. They come in a pretty gift box and are suitable for vegans.

This travel mug has the words ‘Insomnia Queen’ on it with some wide open eyes above. It is printed in black on the silver/white coloured body of the mug which also has a black handle, base and lid. The cup is made of ceramic and is designed to be easy to use with a large handle. It is microwave and dishwasher safe. The print is on both sides of the mug.

This is a wellness kit to help with sleeping. It is a pair of different sprays. One is to help with sleep and one is to give energy. So you can use one in the evening to get a lovely, restful sleep and the other in the morning to wake you up and give you a lot of energy for the day. They both have different mixes of essential oils with one having 21 and the other having 28.

This is a pillow spray to aid sleep. It is made by Bloom and Blossom and comes in a really pretty box. It has a blend of aloe vera, frankincense, honey myrtle and rose geranium which will naturally aid sleep when sprayed on the pillow. Uses high quality ingredients and can be used to help sleep deprived parents get a good night’s sleep. Contains no nasty parabens, SLS, petrochemicals or synthetic colours or fragrances.

This is a fun white mug with a funny print on it. It says ‘Barely functioning human being’ in white inside a black circle and underneath says ‘the lights are on, but there’s no one home!’ in bright and vivid print. It is an 11oz mug with a C handle for easy grip. It is safe to use in the microwave or dishwasher and safe for hot or cold beverages.

This is a novelty metal imitation road sign. It is green with a white border and white road name. It says ‘Insomniac Road’ on it. It is 4 x 16 inches and is made of heavy duty metal which means it is weather resistant. It is rust proof and durable so it can be used indoors or outdoors. It even has pre-drilled holes so that it is easy to hang up.

This is a weighted blanket which can help sleep. It is made of organic cotton and it has glass beads in it. This means that it is not too hot but it still feels heavy and the beads are sewn in compartments throughout the blanket to give it an even weight. This gives a sense of comfort and helps sleep. It is 60 x 80 inches and weighs 20lbs or there is a 48 x 72 inch one which weighs 15lbs.

This is a pretty box set of bath products made by Tisserand Gifts. It contains a bath oil and a massage and body oil in lovely sizes to try out. They are made from jasmine, sandalwood and lavender which will aid relaxation and sleep. The two bottles are 100ml and can be used together or separately and the scents make them suitable for men or women. They come with free delivery.

This is a fun cushion cover. It is black with white writing on saying ‘insomniac’. It is 45cm x 45cm so will fit a standard cushion. There is a colour matching invisible zip so it is easy to remove the pillow if you wish to. It is machine washable. Would make a great pillow to go on a sofa or bed and the plain colours mean that it will match with many different designs of room.

This is a useful sleep mask. Some people find that they can aid sleep, particularly in the summer or if they have thin curtains as they block out the light. This one is black and says ‘do not disturb’ in red on the front of it. It is 21 x 10cm and is satin padded for a comfortable fit. It has an elasticated strap for a nice fit around the back of the head.

This white noise maker can help with sleep. Some people find that noises distract them from going to sleep or they might have tinnitus which prevents them from sleeping. This will produce soothing sounds such as ocean, thunder, soothing music, wind, brook, summer night, rain or white noise. There are buttons for each sound so it is easy to select the one that you are interested in and it has a handy timer.

This is a special inhaler sleep stick which has essential oils in it. It is 100% natural and contains ingredients which should lead to a good sleep such as lavender, red mandarin and frankincense. It is a 1ml tube so is easy to carry around with you and it is easy to use as you just remove the lid and inhale. It is cruelty free and made in the UK.

This is a special pillow to help sleep. It is a full body length and designed to support the body so that you can get a better sleep. It is 160 x 35cm and comes in heathered grey, navy, blue or white. It has a super soft removable cover which can be easily washed and it has hypoallergenic fibre inside it. It is especially good for those with injuries, pregnant women, back pain or those that have trouble sleeping.

This is a cute sleep aid which looks like a sleeping cloud. It is for babies and is lightweight so that it can be attached to a cot, car seat, pram or bed. It has 4 soothing sounds such as pink noise, lullaby, waterfall and heartbeat to soothe the baby. It also has two light options, a calming pink glow and a soft white night light. It plays for 20 minutes before switching off to conserve energy.

This is a special light which helps to aid wellbeing after waking it. It has a wind down breathing setting for going to sleep while relaxing and there is a sunset simulation (with personalised brightness settings) to help to prepare your body for sleep at night. It has a smart touch display which makes it easy to use. It is 225 x 220 x 120mm and has a 1.5 meter cord.

This is a unique device to aid sleep. It is a metronome with a light system which helps you to fall asleep naturally. You can set an exercise on it for anything from 8-20 minutes and then it switches off. It can be used to get off to sleep in the evening or if you wake at night. It projects a blue light on the ceiling which changes in size and you synchronise your breathing as the light expands and retracts.

This is a paperback book called ’This Book will make you sleep’ and it is by Dr Jessamy Hibberd and Jo Usmar. The authors use the latest Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques to help you sleep. It helps you to break negative patterns and get more rest to improve your wellbeing. It will help you to feel more rested, happier, and you will see results in your everyday life as a result.

This is a Bluetooth eye mask. It is soft and silky and comfortable made from 97% cotton and 3% silk. It is also a speaker so you can play HD HIFI sound through it to help you sleep using Bluetooth to pair up with your mobile device. It is adjustable so that you can move the speakers nearer to your ears so that you can more easily hear the sound.

These are sleeping tablets which provide a herbal remedy to help you to sleep. It is a pack with 48 tablets which are made from a traditional recipe. They are a good alternative to prescribed sleeping tablets for anyone that prefers a more natural product. They contain extracts of hop strobile, valerian and passion flower in order to help you to more naturally fall into a deep sleep. They even come with free delivery.

This is a fun bedtime book for parents but definitely not to read to their children. It is called ‘Go the F**K to Sleep’ and is by Adam Mansback. It is a picture book and each page has a rhyming passage about how the child is not getting to sleep and the parent who is telling the tale is getting more and more frustrated. A perfect gift for parents of toddlers.

This is a deep sleep bath soak made by This Works. It is designed to be used before bed to help to relax the mind and body. It contains lavender and vetivert salts and a spoonful in a bath before bed will help to soak away anxiety. It will relieve stress and help you to prepare yourself for a relaxing nights sleep. It also has a pleasant perfume which is left on the skin.

This is an interesting book called ‘The Effortless Sleep Method’ by Sasha Stephens. It provides a different approach compared to many other books as it is a step by step treatment written by a doctor to cure insomnia. It is a course which will teach you how to sleep without pills and how to train your body to give you the perfect sleep every night. If followed properly it can have incredible results.

This is a special pillow spray which will aid sleep. It is called super sleep and is made by This Works. The bottle actually contains two different sprays so you can choose which one you think will suit you the best. The one spray is deep sleep which targets active minds to relax and helps you to fall asleep faster with Sleep Plus which then helps you to have a restful sleep. They contain lavender, camomile and vetivert.

These are Somnifix sleep strips. It is actually special shaped tape to put on the mouth which will allow better nose breathing at night. It will also help to reduce snoring which may not only help the snorer to have a more restful sleep but also anyone they share a bed with. Nose breathing leads to better blood oxygenation, a deeper sleep, less snoring and a more restful sleep too. They are easy to apply and remove and allow limited mouth breathing and can easily dislodge when mouth is opened.

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