31 Gift Ideas for Interior Designers

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It can be a bit tricky trying to find a gift for an interior designer. This is because they might be very precise in how they want their home to look and the colour scheme, design and right down to every object in it. Therefore, you might find it quite tricky to find a gift for them as you may wonder whether you are getting them something that they will approve of to fit in. So, we have come up with a useful list of gift ideas which will hopefully make your choice a lot easier. There are all sorts of items at different prices so you should find something to suit them and your budget.

24 Presents for Interior Design Lovers

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This is a cute little notebook which says ‘It’s an Interior Designer thing: you wouldn’t understand’ on the front of it. It is a handy 6 x 9 inch notebook which has 120 lined pages. It can therefore be used for anything such as note taking, planning or any work related thing or as a journal or diary. It has a soft matte paperback cover with high quality paper inside so is easy to use with a pencil or pen.

This interesting book could be really useful to an interior designer who wants to help someone’s mood when they are designing a room. It is ‘The Little book of colour: how to use the psychology of colour to transform your life’. It helps people to express their personality through colour in the way they dress and the way that they colour their home. Would be great to use on clients to make sure how their home is coloured really reflects them.

Farrow and Ball have produced this book called ‘How to Decorate: Transform your home with paint and paper’ together with Joa Studholme. Full of interesting, practical and inspirational advice it is a must read for any interior designer. It has all sorts of tips and tricks including how to choose the right colours for rooms and how to make the most of a feature wall using paint and paper.

This is a great set of markers for designers. They have a fine point tip as well as a broad end so you can choose the best size and there is 60 different colours so you can really express yourself. The colours are specifically chosen to be useful for design. They come conveniently in a zip up bag so they are easy to store and carry around. Even comes with a free sketchbook, fine liner and highlighter pen.

This is an interesting book called ‘Little book of Chanel’. It is all about the life and legacy of Coco Chanel who was one of fashion’s most influential designers. It works through all her designs from her millinery, sportswear, jersey fashions and classics such as the little black dress and her perfumes. It includes photographs and sketches as well as catwalk shots and fashion photography which should inspire any designer.

This is a pretty folio organiser for keeping planners, documents and devices. It measures 9 x 11 inches and therefore fits a lot of things. It has a gold zipper around the edge and has an inner pouch to help you to organise the contents. It is an Erin Condren folio and has a premium neoprene cover which looks stylish and sophisticated and a plain black back but also keeps everything well protected and in one place.

This is an interesting book for anyone wanting to expand their skills. It is ‘The Beginners Guide to Upholstery’. It is a fun book which has ten simple projects that you can have a go at so that you can gain knowledge and increase confidence in the techniques of upholstery. It teaches about fabric choices and then techniques to transform a stool, sewing box, ottoman, headboard, dining chair, nursing chair, armchair and sofa.

This fun coaster can be personalised to let the interior designer that you know how highly you think of them. On it says ‘[name] is the best interior designer in the world lots of love [name(s)] xxx’ It also has a picture of paint rollers and colour swatches. The coaster has a white background with black and purple writing and measures 9cm x 9xm. It is high gloss so wipe clean.

This white mug says on it ‘As far as I’m concerned I am the world’s best interior designer’ in black and red print and would be perfect for any budding or established Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen! The message is printed on both sides of the mug so that it can always be seen by the person using the mug and others around them as well. Should bring a laugh to any room!

This hardcover book is called ‘Style me vintage home: a practical and inspirational guide to retro interior design’. Retro and vintage styles are all the rage at the moment but they have to be done properly to give a modern twist. This book by Keeley Harris will help to inspire you and has tips for the different decades including artwork, accessories, furniture and fabrics with the right advice to make it work in your home.

This is a blank paper book which says ‘sketchbook’ on the front with a modern art design. It is 8.5 x 11 inches and has 120 blank pages for drawing on. It is designed for quick sketches and notes that might come to you on the go. Carry it around and note down anything that inspires you and then you can incorporate it into your latest designs later. Would make a thoughtful gift.

This is a book which will teach you how to design fabric. You learn everything you need about how to start designing and then making your own fabrics. It is called ‘A Field Guide to Fabric Design’ and is straightforward to follow so even if you do not know the basics it will help. It has information on choosing colours, creating repeat patterns, screen printing and selling your designs including traditional and digital designing.

This is a book that will add an interior design look to any house. It is a black covered book with the word ‘Home’ written on it in white. It has a matte cover and is a book designed for decorating a room rather than for reading. It has blank pages inside as the 7 x 10 inch book is designed too look impressive when stacked up in a room with other similar books.

This is a fun, bright book called ‘Design your dream room’. It is a book to help you to design a bedroom. You have all sorts of patterns, colours, and styles to choose from in the book. It even has cut out paper pieces so that you can experiment with different looks and layouts until you have come up with the perfect look for you. It has all sorts of types of look including modern, vintage, boho, glam etc.

This is a fun pair of cufflinks which says on one ‘trust me’ and the other ‘I’m an interior designer’. They have a twist clasp fastening so will work with any dress shirt that has holes in the cuffs. They look smart with their oval shape and metallic silver colour. They come in an organza bag so look all ready for giving as a lovely gift to any interior designer.

This is a cute romper for a baby which says ‘when I grow up I want to be a designer’ on it and has some flowers and a heart on it. They are written in black on a white romper. The romper has long arms and long legs with feet in. It is professionally printed and is 100% cotton. It is available in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-12 months.

This is a really cute pair of elephants. One is white and the other grey and they have intertwined trunks. They are made from ceramic and are 25.5cm tall, 8cm wide and 8 cm deep. They make a lovely statement in their modern colours and would make a great gift for someone you love or as a stylish statement for any home. They come packed carefully in a box for protection.

This is a stylish towel rail which will look really good in any designer bathroom, it is made from copper coloured metal and looks very modern and is designed to hold a hand towel. It has an over the door deign which is really easy to install in a few seconds with no need to drill the wall or anything like that. It is a clever design so it utilises space that would not normally have anything on.

This is a stylish and modern 5 shelf ladder style bookcase. It is in a modern grey colour and is 189cm in height with a tiered shelf design which starts off narrow at the top and gets wider towards the bottom. The colour will help it to fit into any modern home and it will be very useful for storing all sorts of items whether you put pots and pans on it in a kitchen, food on it in your pantry, books on it in the bedroom or ornaments on it in the sitting room.

This is a lovely set of storage hampers. They are all different sizes and coloured white. The size difference means that they can all stack on top of each other and make a great storage solution and will look stylish as well. The colour means that they will fit in with any home. They can make an interesting design statement and keep things tidy in a home so are great for a designer to use as well as anyone else who wants to keep their home tidy.

This is a designer sink caddy to keep the sink area not only tidy, but also stylish. It is made of durable metal in a copper colour so looks really great and can be used to hold sponges, dishwashing brushes or washing up liquid. It has suction cups on it so it is easy to attach to a sink area and keep it looking great. It is 14.6 x 5.7 x 6.4cm.

These stylish and modern cushion covers have a really modern look. They are grey and white in colour so will fit in with today’s trends and have a mix of patterns on them in a geometric style. There are 4 cushions in the set which all have different designs but also match each other and would therefore look great on a black, white or grey sofa or bed. They are 100% cotton.

This is a set of two planters. They are prisms and come with a copper coloured hanger to attach to the wall. They are designed to hold succulents or air plants and the pots are made of fashionable concrete. They come in a choice of small or large sizes so you can get something that will fit in the space that you have in mind. They are lightweight and very easy to hang.

This is a vintage industrial style lamp shade. It is a steel shade in a duck egg blue which adds a pretty atmosphere to contrast with the industrial look of the lamp. The lampshade is 34 x 40cm and the cable drop length is 135cm maximum but it can be adjusted to make it smaller. The cable is covered in white fabric to give a more elegant look to it.

This is an antique style telephone with a vintage look. It is corded and has an intricate handset as well as a wooden base. It has a press button dial and a display screen though, so it is easy to use. Very eye-catching and would make a design statement in any home and would fit well into a period home. Also, great to use when there is a power cut as cordless phones do not work.

This is an American vintage style table lamp. It has a metallic base and a visible element to give it a stylish look. It is a steampunk style and can be used as a desk lamp or bedside lamp or just in any room to make an interesting statement. It has 1.5 meters of cord which has the on/off switch on it. It has a soft light which creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

This is a unique handmade candle holder made from wood. It is a natural log tealight holder with the space for four candles. It is made from driftwood and will give a rustic look to any room with the candles providing a lovely warm light. It is 28cm long and 19cm high and would add an original look to any home with a piece that is a one off and something that no one else is likely to have.

This is a diffuser which will add a relaxing atmosphere to any room. It is quiet and comes with a mood light so it can also add a lovely relaxing light too. It is designed to be used in a bedroom so you can drift off to sleep in a relaxing state. It is remote controlled so you can have it some distance away and still control it by changing the colour of the mood light or turn it on and off. There are also timed modes.

This is a retro looking wooden tissue box. It has a handy sliding panel at the bottom so that you can change the box of tissues for another when it has run out. It means that you no longer need to search for a box of tissues that will match your room as you can pop them inside this box and no one will know what they look like.  It measures 6.5 x 6.5 x 5.5 inches.

This is a piece of abstract wall art. The design is of rose gold hexagons in slightly different shades of colour. It comes in different sizes from 30cm x 20cm to 150cm x 100cm so you will be able to choose one that will fit the space that you have in mind. It is all ready to hang and made with fade resistant ink. Will fit in with many different rooms in the home.

This microwave oven dust cover is in a stylish grey and white geometric pattern which would fit in with a modern kitchen. It is great to make your microwave look better and to keep it clean when it is not in use. It even has a pocket in it so you can use it to store recipes or other things. It will need to be removed before using the microwave as it may cover the air vents.

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