25 Gift Ideas for IT Professionals, from Fun to Practical

Updated on January 18th, 2021
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It can be hard to buy good gifts for men at the best of times, but IT guys can be even harder. You cannot always buy them technical things as they may already have them and so finding something unique and fun that you know they will like can be pretty tricky. This list should help you though as it has suggestions of all sorts of gifts that we think IT guys would like. There are serious and fun things as well as practical and silly too. This means that you should be able to find something that will suit the personality of the person you have in mind.

25 Presents for IT & Computing Guys

This is a fun mug. It says on it ‘I.T. dept have you tried turning it off and on again?’. The mug is white and measures 9.5cm x 8cm. The writing is mainly black with the word ‘off’ in red and the word ‘on’ in green and printed using the dye sublimation method. It is microwave and dishwasher safe. It has free delivery and is carefully packaged to ensure that it does not break.

This notebook has a blue and yellow cover and says ‘try turning it on and off’ and at the bottom ‘IT department’. It is a journal which has white lined pages so it can be used for all sorts of things such as lists, notes, diary, journal or plans. It is 6 x 9 inches and has 100 pages. It is therefore a useful size for carrying about and noting things down.

This is a colouring and activity book for tech support and IT professionals by EB Nesser. The paperback book has 35 activities such as mazes, colouring pages, snarky activities and opportunities to challenge your knowledge. It has decoded messages for and from the help desk, circuit board mazes and customer hall of shame badges. A fun and unique gift which will reduce the stress of work and make them and their work colleagues smile.

This is a useful gift for any IT person that works with hardware. It is a 58 piece computer repair tool kit which comes in a handy case. Contains useful items such as screwdriver, flashlight, pliers, screwdriver bits, anti-static wrist band and other useful tools that could be useful around the home as well as for using the computer. Comes shrink wrapped and neatly packed so looks good to give as a gift.

This is a fun pen pot for a desk which is made from circuit boards. It is a recycled product which means that it is good for the environment and it is something which IT guys would recognise as well. It is an ethically sourced product from India which will make a useful and quirky gift. It is 6.5cm square and 10cm high and made from circuit boards that have failed checks and so would otherwise have been thrown away.

This is a fun figurine for anyone that uses their computer a lot. It is an 18cm figurine and shows a desk with a computer on and a chair and on the screen it says ‘surfed too long!’. In the chair is a skeleton wearing clothes and a gaming headset. It is made from resin and hand painted. Would look good sitting on the desk of someone who is always on their computer and perhaps forgets to take a break.

This is a set of 4 coasters which look like 1.44MB floppy disks. Anyone that was using computers in the 80’s and 90’s will remember these disks and may have even used old ones for coasters anyway, they therefore would make a great gift for them. They are made from silicon and are blue, yellow, orange and black. They are sturdy and go in the dishwasher. Great for homes and offices.

This is a fun retro style poster showing a ZX Spectrum which will bring back memories for anyone that had one in the 1980’s. It is an A4 poster with a white background which has a picture of the computer on it. It is printed on heavy duty photo paper so looks good quality. It is supplied in a carded envelope so that it will not bend in the post and has free delivery.

This is a fun grumpy mug. It says on it ‘go away I’m coding’ with a cute but grumpy looking figure in front of a screen. It is a ceramic mug which is 9.5cm x 8cm in size. The picture is printed using the dye sublimation method so it is suitable for putting in the microwave and dishwasher. Makes a fun gift for someone to use at home or at work. Comes in smash proof packing to ensure it arrives in one piece.

This is a fun mouse mat with a picture of an orange ethernet cable on it with little tiny people in white boiler suits examining it as if it is a crime scene. The mat has a pale blue background. Mouse mats can be really useful to help your mouse to work more efficiently and having one with a bright picture can help to cheer up an office or home desk area.

This is a novelty badge which says on it ‘have you tried turning it off and on again?’ The badge has a white background and black writing so it really stands out and has a picture of a power switch in the middle in blue. The badge measures 38mm in diameter and has a pin fastening on the back so is not suitable for young children. It is made from metal.

This is a foundation study book in computers and software called ‘Computers made easy: from dummy to geek’ by James Bernstein. It starts at the very basics of computers explaining what they are and then covers things like Windows, software, the Internet, email, productivity software, antivirus, errors, wi-fi, backups, security, cloud storage and networking. Great for anyone that wants to have a broad basic knowledge about computers and how they work.

This is an interesting wall clock which has been made from a vinyl record. In the centre is a see through clock so you can see the cogs. Around the outside is a pattern cut out from a record so it is black with spaces in which will show your wall through when it is hung. The patterns are IT related such as a mouse pointer, power switch sign, email, volume and things like that.

This is a fun LED sign. It is black and says on it ‘computer geek parking only’ with a picture of a computer and arrows pointing in both directions. The sign is 12 x 8.5 inches and has a remote control. There are 20 colours to choose from and different light modes so you can have the light static or flashing in different patterns. They use LEDs so the bulbs last a long time.

This is a fun dog vest or coat which will keep them warm when outside. It says on the back of it ‘the original computer’ and has a picture of a pencil with a rubber on the end. By the lead it says ‘print’ and by the eraser it says ‘delete’. It is black and comes in small, medium or large sizes. It is machine washable and made from soft and comfortable polyester.

This is a sweatshirt which says ‘push my buttons’ and has a keyboard underneath. It is available in black, charcoal, heather, royal blue, burgundy and lipstick pink and in sizes small to 3XL and therefore suitable for both men and women. The sweatshirt is made from a cotton and polyester mix and is long sleeved with a round neck. It is machine washable. A fun top for anyone that likes using computers a lot.

This is a fun mobile device stand or popsocket. It is black and on the top has ‘computer repair hourly rate: $100 standard, $120 if you watch, $149 if you help, $199 if you worked on it first, $299 if you tell me how to do it’. The grip allows you to more easily hold your mobile device and it pops out so that it can be used as a stand when you are watching films or using video chat.

This is a Crumpler briefcase which will fit a laptop up to 13 inches and a tablet with accessories. It comes in black, red or orange. It has handy mesh pockets to keep accessories in on the outside as well as an A4 document sized pocket on the back with a pen slot. It has a padded compartment for your laptop and a padded compartment for tablets or a phone. It is made from water resistant, ripstop nylon.

This is a white wooden plaque which says ‘just google it’ on it in black and is surrounded with red hearts. It measures 8 x 4 inches and is made from MDF. It has holes in the top corners with some hanging twine threaded through it. It is an original design and handmade in the UK so is something that the recipient is unlikely to have seen before so will make an original gift.

This is a fun t-shirt which says ‘computer whisperer’ on it. It is available in sizes and fits for children aged 2-12 and adults size small to 3XL. It comes in black, navy, asphalt, royal blue and brown. They are a classic fit of a light weight, short sleeved t-shirt with a round neck, which are made from a cotton and polyester mix. They can be washed in a washing machine.

This is a latte mug designed for computer programmers. It has a picture on it of a monitor with a brain pictured on it and says ‘alt + F4’ on it. It is made of sturdy ceramic and has a comfortable D shaped handle which is large and easy to grip. The design is in a vibrant colour that will stand out and it will not fade even after lots of washes.

This is a computer coding ballpoint pen. It is a cool pen which has a printed insert which is a bright blue colour and has lots of computer code printed on it. It is a ballpoint pen which writes in black with a retractable nib with a push button on the base. It has a pen clip so it can be attached to a pocket easily. It has a soft feel finger grip towards the nib.

This is a pair of cufflinks one of which has ‘Esc’ and the other ‘Ctrl’ engraved on it. They are rhodium plated brass so have a silvery shine and are durable. They are oblong in shape so look like keyboard buttons and measure 18mm x 13mm. They have a twist fitting so should fit with any dress shirt. They come in a presentation gift box so all ready to give away as a gift.

This is a fun poster for a gamer. It has a noughts and crosses grid with two hearts and three skulls on it in a computer type font. Underneath it says ‘game over’. It comes in a selection of sizes A0, A1, A2, A3 and A4. There is also the option of having it in a glossy or matte finish. It is printed on heavy weight paper and has vibrant print so it will stand out and last well.

This is a premium laptop bag. It has space for plenty of additional items such as accessories and books. It has shock absorbing layers to protect the computer and anything else inside. It has a comfort padded grab handle and a padded shoulder strap so you can carry it however you want to. It has zipped mesh pockets and compartments so that it is easy to organise everything inside.

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