21 Gift Ideas For Anyone Who Enjoys a Jack Daniels Gift Set. Lets Drink To These!

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If you know someone that likes Jack Daniels then you may like to buy them gifts that are related to the drink. However, you may not be sure where to look or you might want something a bit different to the types of things that you normally come across. This list has a variety of different things to choose from which all have a Jack Daniels theme. Hopefully you will be able to find something that is a bit different that you will feel the person you are buying for will like or enjoy. There is a mix of practical and fun things and things at different prices so you will hopefully be able to find a brilliant gift.

21 Presents for Jack Daniels Drinkers

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This is a smart Jack Daniels microbar gift box set with artisan mixers. It contains 50ml Jack Daniel’s Ol no 7 Tennessee Whiskey, 50ml Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire, 50ml Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, 50ml Cointreau triple sec, 250ml Fentimans curiosity cola, 150ml Folkington’s Sicilian Lemonade and 250ml Folkington’s Ginger Beer. It comes with a card with suggestions on how you can mix the drinks to make the best tasting combinations.

This is a Jack Daniels wallet. It is a black wallet with a print on it in white which reads ‘Jack Daniels No 7 Tennessee sour mash whiskey’. It has plenty of slots and places inside to keep what you need safe such as a coin pocket with popper fastening, 4 card slots and spaces for notes as well. It is big enough to fit a large note in the pocket without it sticking above the height of the wallet. It is in a handy and compact bi-fold design.

This set of 5 Jack Daniels sauces are perfect for dipping, marinating or cooking. With Smooth Original, Smokey Sweet, Hot Chilli, Tennessee Honey and Full Flavour Smokey there is one for every occasion. These sauces are made with authentic Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey.

This is a set which contains a Jack Daniels mug and 250g tin of coffee. The ground coffee is made with Arabica coffee beans and Jack Daniel’s Whiskey but is non-alcoholic. Both the tin and the mug are black with white writing so match well. The mug says ‘Jack Daniel’s old No 7 brand’ and the coffee tin also says this but has details of the coffee on it too.

This Jack Daniels honey gift set is fully personalised with the receivers name on the wooden presentation box. The beautiful box also includes 2 cans of Fentimans Curiosity Cola and an official Jack Daniels glass. This is the perfect gift for the Jack Daniels drinker in your life.

This is a personalised bottle of Jack Daniels On the label there is a space to put a message which can be read on all sides of the bottle. It is a real bottle of Jack Daniels old No 7 brand and therefore will make a great gift for a fan of the Tennessee sour mash whiskey. It is a 70cl bottle and the message is printed on a bottle which matches the original style of the label on the bottle.

This is a high ball glass with a Jack Daniel’s old no 7 logo printed on it. It is 23.1cm x 7.6cm x 5.1cm and would be perfect for mixing some Jack Daniels drinks in. It is a genuine collectors item and will therefore be a welcome gift for anyone that is a big fan of Jack Daniels and like to collect their memorabilia or anyone that just loves the drink and the brand.

This is an interesting Jack Daniels old no. 7 poker set. It includes a logoed glass, pack of cards and poker chips. The glass tumbler is a square design and holds 330ml/11oz. The chips are black and white with the logo in the middle and the cards come in a black logoed box. It is a smart set which all comes packed up in a neat logoed box so all ready to give away as a gift.

This is a Jack Daniel’s theme pill box. The round box is black on the outside with the Jack Daniel’s logo on the top of it. It has a hinged lid which opens with a press of a button. Inside is a white plastic pill separator so you can put them in between the three different sections. A great little item to give to someone who loves Jack Daniels and takes medication regularly. It even has free delivery.

This is a bar towel with a Jack Daniel’s Old No 7 Brand logo on it. The towel is black with white writing on it. It is made from 100% cotton. It can go in a washing machine on a low wash; so is easy to keep clean. It is suitable for commercial bars but also for home bars too. It comes with free delivery. The towel measures 14 x 12.5 x 1.9cm.

This is a Jack Daniels whiskey and gourmet nibbles tray. It is a wicker hamper basket with shredded paper in the bottom containing a 35cl Jack Daniels bottle of whiskey, Rick Stein savoury oat biscuits, epicure duck and orange pate, sweet onion relish and three Mrs Bridges jars: cranberry sauce with port, sweet onion relish and ploughman’s chutney. A lovely gift idea for someone over the age of 18, they just need to add some cheese.

This is a tin sign with the Jack Daniel’s old No 7 brand logo on it. It is 8 x 12 inches and is made from good quality tin plate. It is in a vintage style but is in the recognisable black background with white writing associated with the Jack Daniels brand. It has a pre-drilled hole in each corner so it is all ready to hang on a wall.

This a Jack Daniels themed hip flask. It is black with the white Jack Daniels No 7 brand Tennessee whiskey logo on it. It is made of stainless steel with a leakproof screw top that is attached to the flask so will not get lost. It comes with a free stainless steel funnel so that it can be filled up easily, which is really easy to clean. Holds 8oz of liquid.

This is a bar of Jack Daniel’s original recipe Tennessee honey chocolate. It is a 100g bar which has milk chocolate encasing Jack Daniel’s Tennessee honey liqueur syrup. The bar can be easily broken into small portions each containing a sphere containing syrup. It comes in a smart-looking cardboard box with the chocolate bar wrapped in gold foil inside. It looks luxurious so a really great bar to give as a special gift to a whiskey or Jack Daniel’s fan.

This is a boxed set containing a Jack Daniel’s glass and keyring. It is the Jack Daniel’s old no 7 brand so the box is a smart black with white writing. The glass has the logo on it and is square and holds 11oz. The keyring also has the logo on it but it is embossed on the metal. Being made of metal it is durable so will last a long time.

This is a bag of Jack Daniel’s no 7 brand Tennessee whiskey coffee. It contains 100% arabica ground coffee which has been infused with the whiskey flavour but is non-alcoholic. It is a 1.5 oz bag and therefore makes about 6-8 cups of coffee. This is an officially licensed product and the bag is black which fits in well with the Jack Daniel’s theme. Great for coffee drinkers who love whiskey.

This book is called ‘Jack Daniel’s (It’s all in the whiskey)’ and is by Jane Talty. It is a romantic novel about characters working at whiskey ranch including the main character Jack Daniel or JD for short. He has to help the newest female employee settle into her job, but when she hurts herself he has to look after her and her toddler and there is a chance romance may blossom between them.

This is a short sleeved black t-shirt with a white Jack Daniels old No 7 Tennessee sour mash whiskey brand logo on it. At the bottom it says ‘distilled and bottled by Jack Daniels Distillery Lynchburg, Tenn, USA. It has some white ribbing around the sleeves and base and is plain black on the back. It is a medium size, 100% cotton, suitable for washing in a washing machine and comes with free delivery.

This is an officially licensed men’s sleeveless vest. It is black and has a Jack Daniel’s old no 7 brand Tennessee sour mash whiskey design on the front. At the bottom it says ‘distilled and bottled by Jack Daniel Distillery Lynchburg, Tenn, USA. It is made of 100% cotton and can be washed in a machine at up to 30 degrees. It comes in sizes small medium, large and XL.

This is a very stylish looking tobacco tin. It has the Jack Daniel’s old no 7 brand engraved on the lid. It is made of chrome and has been polished to a high shine. It has a hinged lid and van take 1oz tobacco and has a paper holder in the lid as well. It comes in a presentation box so all ready to give away as a very luxurious looking gift.

This is a leather wallet with a square pewter badge on the front which has ‘Jack Daniel’s old no 7 brand Tennessee whiskey embossed on it. It unfolds to reveal a coin section which closes with a popper, a card section and room for storing notes. The wallet closes with a popper too. It comes with free delivery and is sent in a box so good for giving as a present.

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