29 Gift Ideas for Jam & Marmalade Makers

By Louise
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There are many people that enjoy making jam and marmalade and it is something which is growing in popularity with people wanting to eat more natural and home-made products. You may know people that make jam themselves and if you do, then you could be interested in looking at this list of gift suggestions. We have put together a selection of things that we think that people might like if they like to make jam. There are lots of different things on the list and we hope that it will be an inspiring collection for anyone looking for gifts for people that enjoy making jam.

29 Presents for People Who Make Jam

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This is a stainless steel funnel which is 13cm across and 11cm long with a 4.5cm spout. There are other sizes available as well. A funnel is very useful for jam making, to get the jam into the jars and this is a 100% food-grade funnel which will not break, bend or rust so it will last a long time. It also comes with a fine mesh strainer that will sieve out the seeds if you want to get rid of those.

This is a pair of cherry stoners. They are very handy to quickly remove the stones from cherries when you want to use them to make jam. They can also be used to remove the stones from olives. They are safe and easy to use and made from plastic and stainless steel so are durable and easy to clean. They can be latched closed to make them easier to store.

This is a 90 x 200cm piece of cotton gauze material. It is an ultra-fine muslin cloth which can be used for all sorts of purposes such as butter, cheese and yoghurt making and also for straining things such as jam. In jam making, sometimes the pips need to be removed and this cloth can be used for that. They can be used for high-temperature items so even if the jam is very hot, it can still be passed through the cloth.

This is a jam strainer made by Lakeland. It is a special stand with a muslin bag which fits over it. The idea is that the jam is put in the bag and a bowl placed underneath and the liquid drips through leaving behind the seeds. The tripod is a secure design so that it stays in place well. The bag is washable so can be used time and time again and can hold up to 2kg of fruit inside it.

This is a packet of jam pot covers. The pack contains 24 transparent covers, 24 waxed discs, 24 rubber bands, 24 self-adhesive labels and they are all designed to fit on 1lb jars. They are made in England and come sealed up with a card label so you know that they are sterile. There are also fruit and gingham design packs if you would rather something that is not just plain.

This is a tub of pectin powder. There is 100g in the tub, which is plastic and it is 100% pure and natural. It is designed for use when making jam, marmalade, chutneys or preserves. Pectin will help to thicken the product so that it sets to the correct consistency when it cools in the jar. It has a shelf life of two years and it is a good quality product.

This is a pretty set of jam jar labels. They are sticky labels which are easy to apply to the jars with a space to handwrite what the jam is. It means that you will easily be able to see what is inside. It is useful to also write on the date that it was made. There are 100 stickers in the special dispenser box and they have three different fruity designs.

This is a collection of jars with labels for jam making. The glass jars are 8oz in size and have a hexagonal shape and metallic coloured lid. They come with a sheet of stickers which have a fruit design on them. They are great for making little jars of jam to give away as gifts or to eat yourself. The jars are 7cm high and could also be used for other items such as herbs and spices.

This is a jam sugar and confectionery thermometer. It is important to know the temperature of the jam to make sure it is cooked to a high enough heat so that it sets at the right consistency. The thermometer has no mercury and measures temperatures from 40-200 degrees Celsius or 100 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It is made by Tala and comes in a stainless steel case with a glass tube so is easy to keep clean as well as to read.

This is a set of jam jar labels. They come in a pack of 30 and there are pretty designs such as red gingham, red with white spots and a fruit design. There are other packs with different designs and shapes to pick from as well. They are self-adhesive and therefore easy to stick on the clean jars or bottles and add a lovely finishing touch to homemade products.

This is a special jam thermometer spoon. It is a red silicone spoon which has a probe in the bottom so you can take the temperature right at the bottom of the pan. The top of the handle shows the digital temperature reading. It makes it easy to take the temperature without burning hands and you can keep stirring at the same time. The probe and thermometer can even be removed from the spoon to be used for cakes, meat etc.

This is a Tala jam funnel. It is lightweight and made of stainless steel so it is easy to use and clean and it will not rust or tarnish so will last a long time. It is 11.5cm in diameter and is designed to fit on the top of a jam jar to make it easy to get the jam inside without spilling it. It is a great idea for anyone that likes making jam, preserves, chutneys or marmalade.

This is a Lakeland book on preserves. It has over 50 recipes inside which also include hints and tips from experts to make the process easier. It has lots of coloured photographs inside and it has 128 pages. There are recipes for fruity jam such as strawberry, orange, berry and peach as well as preserves. A great introductory book for those starting out as well as those that want to expand their recipe knowledge and make more flavours of jams and preserves.

This is a jam-making notebook which has a picture of ice cream cones on the cover and says ‘jam making’. Inside there are 100 dot grid pages which are great for bullet journaling but it could also be used for noting down your favourite jam recipes, taking general notes or even as a diary. It is 6 x 9 inches in size and has 100 pages which are numbered.

This is a double pack of jam sugar. The sugar is made by Tate and Lyle and it is 1:1 sugar meaning that it is designed so a 1kg pack of sugar should be mixed with 1kg of fruit to make a traditional jam. There are two 1kg bags included in the set and the sugar is Fairtrade. They have free shipping. They could be a very handy gift for someone that likes to make lots of jam.

This is a 9L stainless steel jam preserving pan. It is an official Oypla branded product and is 9L with a diameter of 16cm and a height of 30cm. It is made from high-quality stainless steel which guarantees a uniform heat to the product especially across the base to prevent burning. It has a carry handle and spout to make it easy to pour. It is suitable for all hobs and dishwashers.

This is a set of 24 jam jars ready to use for jam making. The jars are 1lb in size and the lids all have a gingham design and you can choose which colour you wish to have. They are made of glass and are cylindrical and the lids are twist off. They can be sterilised in the dishwasher or oven and the lids can be blanched in hot water.

This is The National Trust Book of Jam. It has 70 mouth-watering recipes for jams, marmalades and other preserves and is by Sara Lewis. There are traditional recipes such as strawberry as well as more unusual ones such as minted marrow and blackberry or windfall apple butter. There are many combinations of fruits included in the recipes and even low sugar jams as well. There is even fruit growing information and jam trivia.

This is a set of jam jar covers. There are 24 wax discs included in the set as well as covers and jar labels. They are transparent. They come in sizes suitable for either a 1lb or a 2lb jar. They are very simple to use – just pop the wax disc over the hot jam and then add the lightly moistened jar cover. The wax discs help to prevent mould growth and the covers shrink as they dry. They also come with bands to hold them in place.

This is a set of Belle Vous muslin cloths. There are six in the pack and they are 50 x 29.5cm in size. They are cheesecloth bags and they can be used to strain or filter all sorts of items. It can be used to strain the seeds out of jam and so could be very useful as a gift for anyone that makes jam. Having a nice batch of bags means that you will be able to strain different batches at the same time.

This is a set of Nutley’s 8oz jam jars. They are hexagonal in shape, so prettier than a circular jar and they have a gold lid. They are 28 x 22 x 21cm in size and they hold 8fl. Oz. They are made of glass and come carefully packed in a cardboard box which is reusable and recyclable. There are also 24 adhesive stickers with them which can be used to label them.

This is a fun apron which comes in red or green and says in white ’Quit Your Job and Make Jam’ with a picture of a jam jar and some fruit all in white. It is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton and is a bib style apron with an adjustable neck loop and tie waist. It is 72cm wide and 86cm long and the self tie means that it fits most people. Has a useful pocket on the front.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which has a cartoon picture of someone with an apron and chefs hat and a jammy wooden spoon in their hand. It comes in sizes suitable for children aged 2-12 years and men and women of sizes small – 3XL. They come in different colours and have a classic fit. They are made from a cotton and polyester mix fabric which means that they are comfortable to wear and easy to wash.

This is a set of five colourful plastic spoons with long handles. They are made from melamine and they are 18.5 x 3 x 1.8cm in size. The long handle means that they are ideal for using to get jam out of pots, particularly tall ones. They come in mixed bright colours in a random mix and would also be good for use for eating sundaes, for coffee, Chinese soup or anything else that requires a long-handled spoon.

This is a fun coaster which is white and says ‘I [heart] jam’ on it. The writing is black and the heart is red. It is gloss finished which means that it can be wiped clean with a wood back which means that it will not slip and it will protect the surface that it is on from hot or cold. It is 3mm thick and the printing is in full colour. It even comes with free delivery.

This is a hat which has a cute jam jar design. The hat has a white background with a jam jar design that has hearts and the word love on it. It is a unisex sun hat and is in a fisherman’s hat style and is 56-58cm in circumference and so fits most head sizes. It protects the head from the sun and is made of a polyester twill fabric. It can be folded so it is easy to store or carry around to wear when needed.

This is a set of jam jar labels made by Nutley’s. There are 96 in the pack and they have varied colours. There are red, blue and green designs all with white dots and they have a white square in the centre for writing on. They each measure 6.5cm x 3.5cm.  They come on four sheets and the vintage design looks great on any jar of jam, whatever fruit it is made of.

This is a set of tags. There are 150 circular tags which say on them ‘handmade with love’ and have a heart. The tags come with twine which can be cut and threaded through the holes in each of the tags so that they can be attached to handmade products such as jars of jam when they are being given as gifts. The back of the tag is blank so a personal message can be added.

This is a cute set of Christmas labels for jam jars. There are two designs, one is red and white with a pretty border and the other has a holly design and says ‘homemade’. They are great for Christmas jams and preserves or for putting on jam which is being given as a Christmas gift. They fit on regular sized jars and they are made by Nutley’s and designed by Becky Sheppard.

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