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By Louise
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There are many people these days that enjoy making jewellery. It can be a rewarding and fun hobby and you may know people that do it or even have a go yourself. We thought that it would be helpful to put together a list of gifts that we feel would appeal to people that make jewellery. We have chosen a big selection of different items at different price levels in the hope that the ideas will appeal to as many people as possible. Hopefully you will be able to find something that you would like to buy, to treat people you know or perhaps even for yourself!

32 Gift Ideas for Anyone Who Makes Jewellery

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This is a starter kit for anyone that wants to make jewellery including lots of items to get them started. It includes a pair of round nosed pliers, nylon cord, beading wire and elastic and chains. It also has clasps and caps, spacer beads, jump rings, eye pins, headpins and crimp beads. All of the items are good quality and are silver plated. They come in gift packaging so are ready to give away.

This is a jewellery making supplies kit. It has things needed to make and repair jewellery. It includes tools such as pliers and tweezers, string and cord as well as rings, cords and clasps. They are suitable for professional use as well as for hobbies – even for beginners. There are a lot of items included and they come packed in a zipper bag to make them easy to carry and to store.

This is a large set containing lobster clasps and open jump rings in different sizes. They come in six different colours – bright gold, silver, bronze, dull silver, gold and rose gold. They are made from quality metal alloys so they are durable but also easy to use and practical. They come with tweezers and a jump ring opener as well as a box with different sections to keep the items in and neatly sorted.

This is a set of 40 pairs of sterling silver earring hooks. These are fish hook style with a French ball and wire hooks. They are designed to hang pendants from for making your own earrings. They are hypo allergenic and made from 925 sterling silver. They are useful for making earrings but also for repairing any that you have that may have broken.  They come with a jewellery bag to easily store them in.

This is a set of 200 Millefiori glass round beads. They are available in size 1 (6mm) or size 2 (8mm). They come in a random assortment of bright colours and designs and are great for making necklaces, bracelets, anklets or other types of jewellery as well as DIY craft activities. The size 2 beads have a crackle glass design and the size 1 beads have a milky appearance mainly with flower designs.

This is a giant set of jewellery making beads. There are around 1000 beads in this collection which is made up of three sets which are jade, orange and brown. They are made of acrylic and are different shapes and sizes from 4mm – 20mm. There are some duplicate beads which means that you can make jewellery with repeating patterns of beads. Great for someone who wants to make lots of jewellery and needs a big collection to start them off.

This is a set of 50 healing stone beads. They are all pendants so have a metal hanger on them so that they can be easily attached to chains or earrings or even keyrings. They are irregularly shaped and there are different designs and colours so you can match them to different outfits. They come in a velvet bag so they are easy to store and protected when not being used.

This is a starter set of tools for jewellery making. It includes various types of pliers and tweezers and some wire. It also has various pins, chain, jump rings, ribbon ends, calottes, bead caps, spacer beads, clasps and even some cute little ornaments. It is a very useful selection of items for anyone that is starting off with making jewellery and wants to get all of the tools that they need.

This is a selection of jewellery making items. It has black necklace cord with clasps on as well as medium and small pendant buckles. They will be a handy selection of items for anyone that wants to make necklaces and they are good quality too. The necklace is made from high quality polyester material which is very strong and tear resistant but is smooth to the touch so comfortable to wear.

This is a special magnifier that can be used hands free. It comes on a little stand and has crocodile clips to hold items in place while you look at them and either repair or make them. It has a 60mm lens in the magnifier and it will magnify 8x so it can really help to see things. It is mounted on a rotating arm which will allow it to be easily adjusted to the correct position.

This is a pack of E6000 jewellery and bead adhesive glue. It has a precision tip which means that it should be easy to apply to even the smallest of beads and other items. It is a 29.5ml tube and is an industrial strength adhesive. It dries clear and forms a permanent and flexible bond between items. It bonds easily with polymer clay, metal, wood, leather and many more materials.

This is 33 feet of stainless steel link chain necklace with 20 lobster clasps and 30 jump rings. They are designed for jewellery making and will give the recipient a good supply of these items. The chain comes in a choice of sizes of 1.5mm or 2.5mm and it can be easily cut to size using wire cutters. It will fit with most pendants and so can easily be used to make necklaces as well as other jewellery items.

Wrong picture This is a special piece of equipment for stretching and reducing rings. It means that it is possible to change the size of rings which might need to be done when someone loses or gains weight. It is made from high quality metal so it is durable and wear resistant. It is easy and convenient to use and it is much quicker than doing this job by hand as well as more accurate.

This is a book by Jinks McGrath called ‘Jewellery Making : A Complete Course for Beginners’. It is a hardback book and has carefully structured tutorials to guide you through every stage of the jewellery making process so that you can produce wearable designs and there is even information on selling your work as well. It has step by step photographs to make everything really clear and to demonstrate all of the required techniques.

This is a set of necklace extenders. There are three and they are made from 925 sterling silver and come in 2, 3 and 4 inch lengths. They have a dainty ring clasp on one end and a loop on the other. The idea is that you easily attach it to an existing necklace to make it longer so that it looks more appealing or fits you better. They are shiny and durable and therefore look good and last a long time.

This is a reel of cord for jewellery making. It is 1mm elastic string and is designed for beading. It is round in shape and there is 100m on the reel. It is black and so will not show up and means that you can make a bracelet which will stretch to fit many different wrist sizes. It is one long length so you can cut it to size really easily. It is made of polypropylene which is strong and flexible.

This is a prestige professional set of jewellery making tools. There are eight different tools all in a zip up case. There are round nose pliers, flat nose pliers, side cutters, chain nose pliers, bent nose pliers, double nylon jawed flat nose pliers and two types of tweezers all included. They are all good quality with non slip handles. A useful set for someone starting off in jewellery repair or jewellery making.

This is a kids jewellery making set. It is a charm set and there are 18 metal charms with different designs and colours such as flowers, star, cat, dolphin, ballet shoe, stiletto, shell, poodle and cup cake, which all have fasteners so they are easy to clip on. There are also silver and coloured beads to make lots of different bracelets. A fun set for children aged between six and twelve years of age.

This is a 2020 planner which says on the front of it ‘I hear what you are saying but I really just want to talk about jewellery making’. Inside there are printed pages with each day of the year so that you can write in your appointments as well as your thoughts, plans and goals. It has 120 pages and a soft cover and is 8.5 x 11 inches in size so very portable.

This is a friendship bracelet making kit for children. It has ten different coloured threads included which can be used to make bracelets in different styles as well as colours. They come with a kitting board for making the bracelets using different colours and patterns. They are fun to make and can be worn or given away and they can be made alone or with friends. They are suitable for children aged eight years and above.

This is a jewellery making set which includes the necessary equipment to makes nine bracelets and necklaces. Included are pendent trays and glass covers for them as well as bracelet cords and necklace chains. Then there are lots of stickers that you can choose from to put inside the pendants in order to complete the jewellery or you can paint or draw your own designs to put inside them. Comes with full instructions.

This is a kids kit to make your own candy jewellery. It has different compartments in the box to hold the various candy beads and pendants which make it easy to find the ones that are needed. They all have fruit flavours and there are different colours so pretty jewellery can be made. There are three pendants and five colours of beads as well as elastic cord to thread them on to.

This is a Melissa and Doug wooden bead set for kids. There are two to choose from – shimmering hearts or sparkling flowers and each have lots of wooden beads and thread to make fun jewellery with. The beads are a good chunky size for little fingers to manage and the sets are suitable for children aged between four and six years of age. They encourage hand-eye coordination and fine motor skill development.

This is a selection of small jewellery bags. They are great for anyone that makes jewellery to sell or give away as they can put the jewellery in these bags. There are 60 bags which measure 4.7 x 3.5 inches in size and they have a drawstring closure using a tiny ribbon. They come in dark and light blue, dark and light pink, gold, salmon, white, yellow, red and grey and there are 6 bags of each colour.

This is a child’s jewellery box that can be customized. There are different designs such as fairy’s and princesses, rainbow doodles and unicorn ombre and any name can be put on the lid. It has a drawer in the bottom and a top section with ring/earring holder. It also can be wound up to play a tune and the item inside spins as the tune plays and you can see it reflected in the mirror on the lid.

This is a jewellery stand that rotates. It has 8 tiers and can be used for hanging on earrings, necklaces, rings or watches. It is black in colour and has a simple design. It measures 40 x 20 x 20 cm in size. It can be rotated to make it easier to see the jewellery that is placed on it. There is a tray in the bottom which could be used to hold make up as well as jewellery.

This is a pack of metal heart charms. There are 24 in the pack and they have metal backs and have enamelled fronts in various shades of white, pink, red and purple. There are several different designs with six of each design. They are 10mm in size and can be used for all sorts of jewellery making tasks such as bag charms, key rings, charm bracelets and necklaces. Made by Baker Ross.

This is a Galt children’s set to make Treasure Lockets. It contains items and instructions to make 4 keepsake lockets with charms, flower gems and sequins. There is a punch that can be used to make heart confetti that can be used to fill the lockets and also used for other crafting activities as well. The lockets are 30mm in size and there are also beads, gems, cord and patterned paper plus the instructions included.

This is a choker jewellery making kit. It includes everything needed to make seven necklaces including six charms, beads, metallic pieces, ribbons in lace, satin and velvet, waxed cord, chains and full instructions on how to make each design. The metallic pieces are all gold in colour and include clasps, pins and rings and the charms have crowns, hearts and other fun shapes. For children aged eight years and over.

This is a cute terrarium jewellery set for children. It includes everything you need to make the bottle pendants. It includes the three bottles as well as flowers, gems, charms, sand and moss to complete them and the chains to hang them on. A great fun kit for children aged eight years and over to make jewellery that they will want to wear or to give away to their friends.

Wrong picture This is a jewellery design sketchbook. It says so on the front and has a picture of some earrings on it too. The book is paperback and purple with a bokeh background. The pages are laid out so that it is easy to note down the required information. For example, you can plan your projects and include drawings, budget, client details, deadline and materials that you plan on using. It is 6 x 9 inches in size and has 100 pages.

This is a set for children to make wrist bands using the art of paper quilling. Quilling is the art of folding paper strips into shapes to create pretty designs and the paper is included with full instructions on how to make eight bracelets. There are different patterns such as flowers and hearts and even a hot air balloon design. Comes with full instructions and tools. For children aged seven years and above.

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