27 Jigsaw Puzzle Gifts For All Levels

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There are many people that love jigsaw puzzles and gifting them a puzzle can be a great thing for them. However, you may feel that they have had lots of puzzles lately or that you want something a bit different for them. Therefore, we have put together a list of suggestions for you to get for them. Hopefully, there will be some more unique, original and quirky things than you have found already and you will be able to pick something with confidence that you know will really please them. So, whether they are children or adults, you should be able to find a great gift here for them.

27 Presents for People Who Enjoy Jigsaw Puzzles

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This is a cute 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle which features the design of a dog looking over a fence by the artist Pollyanna Pickering. The dog is a cute Cockapoo surrounded by poppies, buttercups and grasses with a pale blue sky behind. It is a square puzzle which measures 580mm x 580mm and made by Otter House. It comes in a space-saving box, so it is easy to store away afterwards.

These are fun jigsaw shaped keyrings for a couple that like puzzling. They can be personalised with names and dates so that they can be given as an engagement wedding or anniversary present. At the bottom of each, it says ‘complete when we’re together’ and they also have hearts on. They make a unique and personal gift for any couple who are celebrating a special date although you could choose to not have a date engraved on it and give them for any occasion.

This is a fun gin lovers jigsaw. It has 500 pieces and comes in a cardboard tube. The picture makes up a chart of different gin drinks, botanicals, spices and fun gin facts form around the world. The puzzle size is 35 x 59cm. The puzzle is made by Ridley’s Games and would make a great gift for a gin lover or puzzle lover or even better someone that likes both. Looks like an easy puzzle as it has a distinct border and lots of text so good for beginners.

This is a wooden puzzle which is in the shape of a motorcycle. Therefore, it is great for bike lovers as well as puzzle lovers. It is a wooden 3-dimensional puzzle which has 17 pieces. It should be easy with so few pieces but it is actually pretty tricky to do. When made up it makes a good ornament for a shelf or sideboard. It comes in a presentation box and measures 20.5cm x 13cm.

This is a lovely set of cut jigsaw puzzles for toddlers. It is a quality set made by Orchard Toys and there are 4 pictures of construction vehicles such as a cement mixer, digger and bulldozer. The pictures are made up of 4 or 8 pieces and also come with play pieces so once the puzzles are complete they can but used to make a scene or story. Lovely fun for children over the age of 3.

This is a really beautiful jigsaw puzzle which depicts a starry sky in blue and pink with a silhouette of a couple and a tree. It has 300 pieces and is made from thick, durable puzzle board which is 100% recycled, The finished puzzle measure 51cm x 36cm. It is suitable for children aged 9 years and upwards. It has a matte finish to minimise glare on the puzzle to make it easy to complete even in artificial light.

This is a puzzle made by Otter House and depicts a port with boats and shops. It has a French café with pretty shops and fishing boats and has a mountain in the background. It has 1000 pieces and is suitable for ages 14 and upwards. It measures 27 x 19 inches when it is complete. It comes in a small box so that it is better for the environment.

This is a wooden tractor which is a 3 dimensional puzzle. It is handcrafted from pretty wood which has been smoothed and polished. The puzzle has 21 pieces but due to the shapes and size of pieces, it is quite difficult to complete. Once made up it makes a pretty ornament for mantle shelf or sideboard. It measures 20.5 x 13cm and comes in a presentation box so all ready to give away.

This is a fun jigsaw puzzle which has 250 pieces. It is a double-sided puzzle and comes in a pringles tin. On one side of the puzzle the picture is of the pringles tin and on the back, it is an image of what the pringles would look like inside the tin. The pieces are made from thick durable puzzle board which is 100% recycled. A great puzzle for children to do.

This is a cool puzzle by Leafgame. It is 1000 pieces and has a picture of a monkey with sunglasses on with a black background. It looks really difficult to do. It is made from 100% recycled wood with hard durable pieces and printed with safe soy-based ink. It has been produced in a way to stop it tearing and to prevent the picture from falling off. It has a vibrant print. The completed puzzle measures 75cm x 50cm.

This is a 3D puzzle of a seaplane. It is a laser cut wooden puzzle kit which is smoothed so there are no sharp edges. There is no need for glue or scissors as the pieces just fit together. It is suitable for children aged seven years and older and once put together it makes a nice decoration. It could even be painted if required. It measures 21 x 20 x 9.5cm once it is put together.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which is great for anyone who likes puzzles as it says ‘puzzleologist’ on the front of it. It comes in a selection of colours: black, navy, asphalt, dark heather and heather blue. They come in sizes and fits for children, men and women so ages 4-12 and sizes small to extra large. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix so it is soft and can go in the washing machine.

This is a puzzle with a picture of vintage pocket watches on it. It has a letter design on the back so you can check whether you have done it properly or not. There is a choice of sizes of puzzles which have different amounts of pieces so you can choose from 300, 500, 1000 or 1500 pieces. These are different sizes too from 38 x 26cm to 87 x 57cm.

This is from ‘The World’s Most Difficult’ range of jigsaw puzzles. This puzzle has a dalmatian design and has 529 pieces. This might seem easy until you realise that it has the same picture back offset by 90 degrees, so not only will you have to place the pieces in the right place also the right way up. The finished puzzle measures 384 x 384mm and comes in a shrink-wrapped box.

This is a fun t-shirt which says ‘I Puzzle way past my bedtime’ on it. It is a long-sleeved unisex t-shirt which comes in black, navy, royal blue, dark heather or heather grey in sizes small to 2XL. It is a lightweight top with a classic fit and is made from a cotton and polyester mix so it is soft and comfortable. It is suitable for washing in a machine at low temperatures.

This is a high quality puzzle by Gibsons which comes in a marmite replica gift tin. It is made from thick and durable puzzle board which is 100% recycled. It measures 35 x 48 cm when complete. The picture is a brightly coloured grid of marmite jars on one side and a normal jar of marmite on the other. Great fun for marmite lovers and jigsaws lovers alike! A great novelty gift.

This is an original idea for a puzzle. It is 1000 pieces and has a wedding theme. It shows a couple making a heart shape with their hands in wedding clothing. It measures 50cm x 75cm when complete. It is suited for adults and children over the age of six years of age. On the back of the puzzle, it has lots of printed letters so it is easy to turn it over and see if you have completed it correctly.

This is a cute 500 piece puzzle made by Ravensburger. It has a kitten and cupcake design showing three little kittens playing on some shabby chic shelves. The shelves are blue in colour and have tins and bowls on then as well as a cupcake stand and some pretty bunting. It is made from strong premium grade cardboard with a linen finish to the print so that there is not so much glare on the puzzle.

This puzzle will be a real challenge for any jigsaw fan It is a 4000 piece puzzle which has a cartoon picture of a football game and it is called ‘Crazy World Cup’. It measures 96 x 136cm when it is complete. It is produced using high-quality cardboard and comes in a triangular box. The picture has lots of humorous details making it a fun puzzle to do and very satisfying to complete.

This puzzle if from Ridley’s alphabet collection and is of the letter A. It is a 150 piece puzzle and has full instructions in the box. It comes with a picture frame so when it has been completed you can pop it in the frame to hang on the wall. You could do several letters to form initials or even spell out a name or word. Completed it measures 203mm x 254mm.

This is a fun sweatshirt for a jigsaw fan. On the front, it says ‘puzzleologist’ and has two puzzle pieces printed on it. It comes in royal blue or heather grey and both have the lettering in black on them. It is a unisex fit available in sizes small – 2XL. It is a classic fit with a twill-taped neck and made from a cotton and polyester mix to make it soft.

This is a 3D wooden puzzle of London Bridge. It has 105 pieces and they are interlocked so there is no need for glue. Once it is assembled it measures 22.2 x 3.3 x 8.42 inches and makes a lovely decoration for a bedroom or other room in the house. It is made from eco-friendly plywood and is safe for children to use. Is recommended for adults or children over the age of 14.

This is a Ravensburger puzzle with a Harry Potter theme. It depicts the night bus from ‘The Prisoner of Azkaban’ film and has 216 plastic pieces. When it is finished it measures 31 x 7 x 21cm and forms a three-dimensional pen holder. The pieces slot together easily and each has a number on it so you can follow the instructions and use them to put it together, or just do it by eye for more of a challenge.

This is a cute puzzle by Orchard Games. It is a 12 piece jigsaw which is suitable for children over the age of three years of age. It is a double-sided puzzle with a red tractor on one side and a blue tractor on the other. The pieces are nice and chunky so easy for little ones to pick up and it can be done on the floor, even on a carpet, with ease.

This is a novelty love hearts jigsaw. It comes in a tin which looks like a packet of love hearts. The design is of lots of love hearts sweets. There are 250 pieces and they are made from thick, durable puzzle board which is 100% recycled. The jigsaw is heart shaped which makes it more difficult as the edge pieces are not so obvious or easy to place as with a regular rectangular puzzle.

This is a pretty 1000 puzzle depicting three birds, a bird box and some roses. The puzzle is unique in that it has letters on the back so that you can check if it is correct. The puzzle is split into eight sections and each of those sections has a certain letter on the back of it in a repeating pattern. The box comes with dividers so you can sort the pieces into those letters from the back to make it easier to put together.

This a lovely Thomas Kinkade jigsaw puzzle with ‘The Little Mermaid’ theme. The picture shows the mermaid and her prince next to the sea with seas creatures and other characters from the Disney film with a rainbow and castle in the background. It has 1000 quality pieces and it measures 69 x 49cm when completed. It is great for any Disney fan form the age of twelve years and upwards.

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