29 Gift Ideas for Joiners & Carpenters

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If you know anyone who is a joiner then you might hope to find them a gift that is related to their job. There are lots of possibilities but you might like to see whether you can find them something a bit different that is unique or original or you may just be stuck for ideas. Hopefully this list will help you as there are all sorts of great ideas of things that you could give them. You might like to choose something useful, practical or just something funny or perhaps a combination of these things. Hopefully you will be able to find something suitable from this list.

29 Perfect Presents for Joiners & DIY Enthusiasts

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This is a fun and novelty mug. It says on it ‘I’m a joyner joinar joinup I’m good with wood’. The misspelt words are all crossed out. The mug is white and 10oz in capacity and has a comfortable D shaped handle.  The writing is in black and printed to a high quality on both sides. The mug is suitable for dishwashers and microwaves and is hand printed in the UK.

This is a fun t-shirt which says ‘If I said I’ll fix it I will. There is no need to remind me every six months’. It is suitable in styles for men and women and in sizes small to 3XL. You can choose from black, navy, dark heather and heather blue. The t-shirts have short sleeves and have a classic fit with a round neck. They are made from a mix of polyester and cotton and can then go in a washing machine.

This is a very useful magnetic wristband. It has 15 powerful magnets in it so that it can hold items such as screws, nails, tacks, nuts, bolts and drill bits easily. It also has a pocket to hold plastic items. It is time saving as the wearer will not have to keep returning to their toolbox and is especially good for when working up a ladder. It is adjustable so that it fits most wrists.

This is a pack containing two plastic contour profile gauges which measure 10 inches and the other is 5 inches. They are well built and made of high quality plastic so they are durable and will not corrode. They are really easy to use, just push the pin close to an object to form a contour line. Great for woodworking, engineering and architectural design, DIY and other tasks.

This is a pack of carpenter’s pencils with a sharpener. The pencil leaves a very clear visible line on all materials. It comes in a tube which contains 12 pencils and a plastic sharpener, especially shaped to work with the square pencils to avoid having to cut them with a Stanley knife. The square shape means that they will not roll onto the floor. They are medium grade and coloured red so they can be seen easily.

This is a notebook which is great for a carpenter or joiner. It is black and on the cover and says ‘nailed it’ in white and has some tools pictured on it. It is 6 x 9 inches and the cover is premium matte paper. Inside it has 120 white pages which are ruled.  It can therefore be used for note taking, lists, as a diary, journaling or just to keep records of things. A useful book in a handy size.

This is a good quality Draper Redline double tool belt. It is made from leather so it is really strong and has ten pockets spread across both sides. It has two hammer loops, tape measure holder, pliers holder and plenty of pockets for other tools as well.  It has an adjustable nylon strap, so it can fit different waist sizes, which has a quick release buckle on it. Great gift to make work easier.

This is a really handy universal socket set. It has fixings that will work with different sizes of nuts, screws and bolts. It is especially useful for irregularly shaped items that you do not have the right tools to remove.  Or for ones that are broken and therefore cannot be removed in the regular way. It has a set of pins inside which will move around to form a strong grip for removing all sorts of items.  A really handy gift for any joiner.

This is a handy pair of graphite grey work trousers. They have lots of pockets which are useful for keeping lots of things in and have reinforcement in the knee and crotch areas, so that they do not wear out so quickly. They even have padded knees. They are made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton so they are sturdy and comfortable. They are available in a large selection of waist sizes.

This is a fun multi tool pen. The pen has a ruler and spirit level in it as well as a set of mini screw drivers and a double ended screwdriver head. The end of the pen can be used as a stylus as well. It comes in a choice of colours yellow, black, gold, silver and rose gold. A practical as well as quirky gift that would suit any joiner, workman or DIY enthusiast.

This is a great novelty keyring for a joiner. It has a series of four pendants/charms on it, a drill, hammer, screwdriver and pliers. Each charm is silver in colour and is between two and three centimetres long. They are attached to a silver tone keyring using silver plated bails. They come in an organza gift bag so all ready to give as a thoughtful and interesting gift.

This is a set of Rexel Blackedge carpenters’ pencils. This is a set of 12 pencils which have been specially designed for carpenters, joiners and builders. They have a comfortable grip and are rectangular so they will not easily roll away. They are made from graphite and clay. These are classified as a hard lead and are coloured green. There are 12 in the box and they come with free delivery.

This is a handy rotary multi too set. It has six different attachments and 128 accessories so can be used for all sorts of jobs. It has variable speed as well and so can be used for many jobs such as cutting, sanding, cleaning, routing and grinding. It has a soft grip so it is easy to use for long periods without causing blisters. Would make a very useful present for any joiner.

This is a funny mug which has says ‘joiners rates’ it lists ‘exceptions to standard charges if you watch £50, if you offer advice £60, If you or your mate had a go first £100, if you or your mate had a go and didn’t tell us £150, if you saw it on the internet and it looked easy £300’. A funny white mug with black print, which is suitable for the microwave and dishwasher.

This is a fun short sleeved t-shirt in an olive green colour. Printed on it in black it says ’joiner noun: someone who does precision guesswork based on unreliable data provided by those of questionable knowledge’.  It is made from 100% cotton with a round neck andcomes in a standard fit and available in sizes small to XXL. It is machine washable. Would make a practical and funny gift for any joiner.

These are a fun pair of short black socks. On the leg part, in white it says ‘this guy is an awesome joiner’ with an arrow pointing upwards which is also in white. They come in one size and would make a fun gift for a joiner, and will also make them smile as they will know that you think they are great! A practical, warm, unique and interesting gift.

This is a 360 laser level. It can give 2 x 180 vertical lines and a plumb point. Can be used to cover floors, walls and ceilings all over a room to make sure everything is measured and marked up properly with straight lines. Can be used for marking, alignment and levelling tasks simultaneously. It has visibility of up to 85 feet and is highly accurate. Can be put on a tripod if needed, has a magnetic base and a power saving mode.

This is a Stanley spirit level. It is a shock proof design and measures 9 inches or 230mm. It has a vertical, horizontal and diagonal (45 degrees) level so works in many directions and on cylindrical surfaces such as pipes. It has an aluminium frame with rubber ends to protect it and really high visibility vials. It is also bright yellow so cannot easily be lost in a workshop or on site.

This is a box of 8 different sized chisels. They come in a wooden box and have comfortable handles which give a good grip when they are being used. They are orange and black, which means that they can be seen easily, even in a dimly lit workshop. They come in sizes 6, 10, 12, 16, 18, 25, 32 and 36mm. They have precision ground blades for maximum sharpness and have a protective holster.

This is a large LED light to light up a work place. It has 20 x 0.5W white LED lights so that it delivers a really bright and even light. It has a 2 mode operation so it can give half the strength of light if required. Can be angled and rotated so that it can easily light up any area. Is powered by main or battery soit is very versatile. Would make a very useful gift.

This is a waterproof junction box outdoor cable connector. It is also fire proof, dust proof and shockproof so it can be used in lots of conditions. It is made of high strength ABS + PVC material and is designed to be sturdy enough for use in the home or garden. It is suitable for outdoor lights. It supports cables from 4-8mm and 8-12 mm making it very versatile. Would make a useful gift.

This is a very useful organiser case. It is made by Stanley and has lots of different storage areas to keep and organise small things. The lid fits securely so they do not move into different sections when it is carried. It has an extra wide handle so can be easily carried even with gloved hands. It has a crystal clear lid so you can easily see what is inside and it is break resistant and strong.

This is a very useful kitchen worktop jig. It comes in a choice of 9700mm and 900mm. It helps with the fitting of kitchen worktops and bathrooms tops to make sure that the joints fit precisely. It is made from 12mm solid laminate so it will last for a long time giving accurate results every time. It needs a suitable 1/2inch collet capacity router fitted with a 12.7mm diameter router cutter and 30mm guide brush.

This is an all in one boiler suit which can be used for workwear. It looks smart as it has a collar and it has a pop stud fastening which makes it easy to remove when necessary. It is made from polycotton and is 210gsm making it sturdy. It has two handy trouser pockets, as well as slits for access to inner trouser pockets and 2 breast pockets as well. Comes in sizes small – 4XL.

This is a handy set of wood carving tools which would make a lovely gift. It includes a carving hook knife, whittling knife, chip carving knife, a leather strop, a polishing compound and a carving knife sharpener. The wooden handles are ergonomically designed for easy handling. It comes with a cloth roll bag for easy storage and transportation and it will keep them clean too. Great for carving, whittling and sculpting.

This is a wooden mallet made by Amtech. It is 4.5 inches and is made from Beech. It is suitable for use with most woodworking chisels and has a solid head with angled striking faces. Is fairly lightweight, but that could be an advantage if you are doing precise chisel work and want to work gently. Would make a great gift for someone who likes woodwork, perhaps paired up with some chisels too!

This is an interchangeable brick jointer made by Amtech. It has a cast aluminium handle and comes with 4 interchangeable steel jointer barrels in ½”, 5/8”, ¾” and 7/8”. It has an ergonomic handle shape and design to make it really easy to use. It even comes with a handy storage pouch so that it can stay clean and all in one place when you are not using it. It even has free shipping.

This is a fun wall clock which has a joiners tool design. In the centre is a sticker which looks like a see through clock face showing the cogs. Around the outside are the shapes of all sorts of tools which have been cut out of a vinyl record. It is a unique design and will really stand out on a plain wall. It has quartz movement and is silent so has no annoying tick.

This is a fun phone stand or popsocket with a wood effect look, which would be suitable for a woodworker, joiner or lumberjack.  It is a great tool for helping you to hold your mobile device more easily and pops out to form a stand for using your device when you are watching a video or using a video chat room. The adhesive allows it to be removed without leaving a residue.

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