27 Gifts for Judokas of All Ages

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When you’re trying to choose a gift or present for a Judo enthusiast, things can be a little tricky if you don’t know anything about the sport or what they would find useful, funny or exciting. We have put together this fantastic lift of everything Judo and Judo related that you would ever need. Judo equipment comes in a variety of categories from sports clothing, books and tutorials as well as novelty presents and a whole range of health and fitness programs. Take a browse through our list below and you will find everything you’re looking for.

27 Gift Ideas for Judoka Fans

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As the t-shirt says, all you need is Judo, this gift is ideal for any Judo lover. The 100% cotton shirt is very high quality and comes in one colour, black. It is fully machine washable and would be perfect to pull on after their shower in the changing rooms and be the envy of all their Judo pals.

This brilliant novelty Judo tea or coffee mug is a great way for your Judo fanatic to enjoy a hot cuppa after, or before, their next Judo class or match. The mug is printed with the logo of a Judo throw with the words “You May Think That I Am Listening to You, But in My Head I Am Doing Judo” above it, it is a great addition to anyone’s kitchen cupboard.

Travelling to and from the dojo and carrying all your equipment can be done with any bag, but this specialist Judo kit holdall lets them do it in style. Emblazoned with the Judo logo it has 2 sections, a large main compartment and a front zipped compartment for smaller items. This is the perfect gift for any Judo enthusiast.

There are estimated to be over 20 million Judoka, people who practice Judo, in the world, and although there are many facets to the sport, Strength and Conditioning are 2 of the fundamentals all Judoka need. This book by Andy Burns and Mike Callan covers all the aspects of Judo’s core elements, covering strength building and power, coordination, speed and agility; the importance of nutrition; and finally, injury prevention and maximizing recovery.

Judo is widely used in MMA fighting and some of the worlds best are proficient in judo, including Conor McGregor, but the one thing they all have in common is practice, practice and then more practice. This MMA Judo practise dummy allows you to perfect your, moves and techniques even when your classes are over, with sizes for children right through to adult, it’s an ideal gift for a judoka.

Judo was a feature of the London 2012 Olympics and to celebrate its inclusion Corgi had this collectable 50 pence coin made embossed with 2 Judoka in full action. This commemorative collectors coin would be an ideal gift for any Judo fan, who followed team GB, the coin comes in its own case and would make a great addition to any trophy cabinet.

No serious Judoka would consider even starting judo without the right kit, this Cimac Judo Gi is made by The official ADIDAS combat sports distributor for the U.K and comes in sizes from 110 to 200 centimetres. The Gi comprises of trousers, jacket and the white belt is included, however for more advanced Judo enthusiasts other colour belts are available.

This is the perfect novelty gift for all Judo lovers, the keyring comes in silver with an embossed resin dome covering the charms logo. The logo shows two judokas in a grapple with the words “Keep Calm and Love Judo”. The pendant is attached to a large steel key ring that keys can be attached to, it also comes with its own gift bag, so it is ready as a present on arrival.

This is a great gift for the younger Judo lovers, a six-piece Lego Olympic Team BG set. This present is the perfect way for the children to re-enact their favourite Judo fights. Lego is a worldwide recognised toy brand, and this original gift comes in an official Lego branded box and would make an ideal gift for any young Judoka.

Believe it or not, Judo is not just all grappling, throwing and choke holds, the concept of Judo can be used in all aspects of like. This brilliant book Verbal Judo shows the techniques and skills it takes to have a conversation without falling into the usual traps and pitfalls many of us find ourselves in. The Gentle art of Persuasion is a fantastic alternative gift for any Judo lover.

Another fantastic novelty gift for a Judo enthusiast, this Kdomania Mouse Mat with I Love Judo across it, is a great way to surf the net for Judoka’s. The Mouse Matt is just under 20 centimetres by 23.5, so whether playing online Judo games or just browsing Judo websites it would look great in any office or bedroom.

Judo fans start young, really young, this incredible children’s beginners Judo Gi can fit children of 3 to 4 years right through to 12 and 13 year olds. This authentic professional Gi will be the perfect present for any young child looking to get their teeth into Judo and as we know having all the right equipment is top of every kid’s list.

Now this gift is amazing, an impressive 3 DVD box set that gives you all the instruction and tutorials you will need to become the head of your Judo class. It gives detailed lessons on all the main holds and chokes used to immobilise opponents on the mat. This is an essential gift for all Judo lovers.

Another fantastic Judo book from renowned author Mike Callam, the book “The Science of Judo” examines all aspects of the sport and what it takes to become a winner. An absolute must-have gift for any Judoka the book goes into detail on coaching techniques, sports science and how the top athletes in Judo reached the very top of their sport.

Practicing your techniques doesn’t just have to be left to the dojo or sports centre where you train, these fantastic, clip together, easily stored Judo floor mats mean that you can set up your own training area at home or in the garden and practice your moves in perfect safety. The mats are double sided and at 40 millimetres thick provide the perfect environment to get grappling.

This fantastic poster gift is a one-of-a-kind present that can be custom printed to your Judo fans personal details. The design is all down to you, send all the information that you want to be included in this unique print and when it is delivered all that info will be shaped into the martial artists form and would look incredible on any wall.

We all remember the smurfs and let’s be honest there is a smurf for almost anything and with Judo there is no exception. This Schleich Judo Smurf is hand-painted and the smurf is posed in quiet contemplation in proper Judo style. Wearing a Judo Gi with a black belt this smurf is top of his game and ready for combat.

Judo is not just a sport for throwing each other around a padded floor, there are some very technical and intellectual teachings involved in the sport and why millions of people follow the sport and various levels. This book by author Brian Watson explores Judo and life and the various stages a Judoka can be expected to achieve over the course of time. This book is a must for anyone serious about their Judo.

Do you have a party organised and your special person is a Judo lover? If so this is the perfect gift for them. Coming in a variety of packages, the I Love Judo sticker sets are a perfect way to plaster his or her party with a Judo loving theme. You can order the stickers in a variety of amounts, the more you buy the cheaper they are.

Everyone loves a cup of tea or coffee in their favourite mug. All other mugs in the house will be overlooked after you have bought this amazing Keep Calm I do Judo cup. The cup is dishwasher and microwave safe, stands 92 millimetres high and will hold 11 ounces of piping hot drinks. The mug is delivered in a double-lined postage box to ensure safe arrival.

All contact sports require protective equipment and in Judo one essential item is a mouthguard and there is no better or aggressive looking guard than this Unstoppable Professional Mouth Guard. It comes in it’s own hygienic protective capsule and with instructions on how to fit it perfectly to your individual bite shape. In black with Unstoppable emblazoned across the front, it will intimidate even the hardest opponent.

We have all seen babies dressed in their parents favourite team shirt while being pushed around in their prams but how about this! The ultimate in baby gifts for a Judo lover, the Azeeda ‘Judo Slam’ Baby Bandana Bib is the perfect accessory when the little one needs feeding and can double down as a bandana when not being used to save their clothes from food.

Another fantastic gift for the Judo enthusiast, this Judo USA baseball cap is fully adjustable and is the perfect complement to any Judokas outfit. The cap comes in Red with a 9-centimetre brim and the Judo USA logo on the front. Whether it’s just to keep the sun out of your eyes, a novelty gift for a Judo nut or a combination of the two this is a great present.

Progressing through the various dan’s and belt colours of Judo is all part and parcel of becoming a Judo master. This red and black belt represents a certain level of Judo skills and is worn with pride once achieved. If your Judoka is climbing through the ranks and winning new belts this is the perfect gift for them to celebrate their new accolade.

We all know how popular tattoos are and millions of people have them done each year, however what if you’re not 100% sure? This Black Judo Karate Belt Martial Arts Temporary Tattoo is the perfect gift as it gives the impression of a real tattoo but only lasts a couple of days and then is gone after bath time. It is non-toxic and FA approved so a safe way to try out what having a tattoo is really like.

The single most important item of equipment for any serious Judoka is, of course, the instantly recognisable Judo Gi. This Malino Kids Polycotton Lightweight Student Judo Suit with Free White Belt is the ultimate present you could give to an up-and-coming young Judoka. Worn with pride and giving them a feeling of professionalism, it would be the best gift they could wish for.

This is a brilliant novelty gift that would adorn the wall of any bedroom or office of your judo lover. The print is available in 5 different sizes from A2 (large) through to A6 (small). The print has the definition of Judo and what it means. Printed on high quality card of slightly different weights depending on the size, this present is a great way to show your Judoka that you care.

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