34 Gift Ideas for Under 10 Year Old Kids

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It is not always easy to find good gifts for youngsters. There are plenty of things available but finding something a little bit different can be tricky. If you want your gift to stand out, then you will want something that is going to be unique and original, and will not blend in with all of the other presents that the children get. This is why we have put together this list of gifts which should help you to be able to find something that is really suitable. The gifts are different prices so should suit different budgets too.

34 Fun Presents for Children Under 10

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This is a fun pack of 12 different colours of hair chalk. It is water soluble so can be washed out when needed. It is easy to use, just dampen the hair and then daub it with the chalks and blow dry it. The colours are metallic silver, metallic purple, metallic green, metallic pink, blonde gold, metallic blue, sky-blue, orange, red, black, brown and light green. You can use just the one colour or mix them up to get a good mix.

This is a fun box of bottle sand art. It comes with the bottles, sand and tools so that you can pour different coloured sand into the bottles to make pretty patterns. It comes with four bags of sand, bottle stoppers, bottles, funnel and tools. A fun rainy day project that will produce cool bottles that can then be used to decorate the child’s bedroom. Suitable for children over the age of three.

This is a great magnetic clock to help children to tell the time. It is bright and colourful and has hours, minutes and words on it to make it easy to help children to learn to tell the time using an analogue clock. Learning to tell the time is difficult and schools do not have much time to teach it.  So this is a great way that children can get some extra help, so that they can master it more easily.

This is a 7ft coloured skipping rope. It has soft foam handles which means that it is easy to hold for a long time and remains comfortable. It is a long length so three or more children can play with it at once. There are all sorts of games you can play with a skipping rope, so it can provide lots of entertainment. It comes in either orange, blue or green. Suitable for children over the age of three.

This is a lovely Melissa and Doug set of rainbow mini notes. The pack contains 125 mini notes which measure 3.5 x 3.5 inches and have a matte black coating. This can be scratched away to write messages, draw pictures or do doodles. There is a wooden stylus in the box that is used to scratch the patterns and to produce great results. Suitable for children over the age of four.

This is an LCD writing tablet. It is electronic paper which you can use to draw and write on and there is a button to erase it. It looks like pen and paper but there is no waste and mess. It just takes the press of one key to erase it all and start again. It has a one colour screen with no back light. You can take photos of your artwork with your phone so that you can keep it afterwards.

This is the fun game of Jenga. It has the option of the classic edition or a Fortnite edition. It has 54 hardwood bricks to pile up. It seems easy to remove a brick and then pile it on the top!  But as game play progresses the tower gets weaker and you need to plan moves more carefully, to make sure it does not tumble when it is your turn. The box includes a stacking sleeve.

This is a very handy waterproof apron for children aged 2-4. They can use it as an apron when cooking or eating or use it for art projects such as painting or gluing. It is polyurethane coated nylon, so is waterproof and therefore protects clothing from stains and splashing. It has half length sleeves which are elasticated to prevent anything getting on the sleeves of the clothing underneath. It has a hook and loop fastening on the back.

This is a junior version of the popular game of Uno. The cards are child sized and they have brightly coloured animals on them to make them more fun. They can help children to recognise colours and numbers while providing a lot of fun. The game is suitable for children aged over three years of age, but can also be enjoyed by older children and adults making it good for family fun. It comes in a red box and is available with free shipping.

This is a fun learning computer for children aged 3-6 years. It comes in pink, blue or yellow. It has different educational modes such as English letters, digital education, music, songs, word spelling, stories, addition and subtraction, letter problems, colours, animal words etc. It can entertain and teach children at the same time. It measures roughly 7.5 x 7.5 inches and has a handle on the top for easy carrying.

This is a really brightly coloured slapwatch. The bracelet is rainbow coloured with orange, yellow, green, blue and purple but there are also plain coloured options available. The face is white with black numbers so it is easy to read. It has a long life battery and high quality quartz movement. It is a really bright and fun way to learn to tell the time.  The bracelet will fit any wrist as it will just curl around it when it is slapped on to the arm.

These are a pair of unisex crocs wellingtons. They are available in a variety of colours such as cerulean blue, navy blue, grass green, candy pink, yellow and ice blue. They come in child sizes 6 – 3 and therefore will fit most children and have a 1cm heel height. They are made from rubber and just need to be slipped on. They have a handle design so can easily be carried when not being worn.

This is a fun kit to make chocolate bars. There are moulds, wrappers, a deco pen and stamps so that you can make all sorts of designs. You just need to get some chocolate and heat it up in the microwave to melt – using the special container. Then you can carefully squirt it out of the nozzle into the moulds, perhaps adding biscuits, sweets or caramel for the centre and then decorating the top.

This is a fun sound activated disco ball. It has a 4m USB power cable so can be used in all sorts of places. It has a remote control so settings can be easily changed. It reacts to the music or to other noise such as children singing or clapping. The remote control allows for different colour combinations such as red, green, blue, red & green, blue & green, red & blue or all of the colours together. You can also choose the speed of the colour change.

This is a pack of 12 colouring pencils from Bic. They include dark brown, light brown, red, pink, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, purple and black. They have a triangular shape which helps younger children to grip and are suitable from age two. They are sturdy too and the lead is 4.3mm and resistant to shock and will be less prone to breaking if it is dropped.

This is a fun selection of assorted paintbrushes. There are fifteen in the pack and they are in different sizes with different coloured handles. They are made of plastic so easy for children to use as well as being bright and attractive. Great for all sorts of art work with a big sized brush for bigger areas and small sized brush for more intricate details. Even comes with free delivery.

This is a fun space projector torch. It is a projector torch which has various slide discs which each have 24 coloured space images in them which can be projected onto a wall. They have NASA pictures of things such as the Hubble Telescope, planets and constellations. It can be focussed by twisting the end. It creates clear images up to 1m in length. The torch comes with batteries included.

This is a set of stabilisers for a child’s bicycle. It is made by Raleigh and works on many different models of bikes. They are silver in colour on the fittings with black and white wheels. They are easy to fit onto wheels that measure 12 – 20 inches. Great to give your child more confidence on their bike while they are learning to ride. They even come with free delivery.

This is a fun Lip balm studio by Girlzone. The set includes everything needed to make flavoured lip balms. It includes 5 lip balm pots, 2 sticker sheets, 4 juicy flavour tubes, 1 pot lip balm base, 3 sparkly glitter pots, 5 mixing bowls, mixing tools and a make up bag. There are cherry, orange, pineapple and grape flavours to choose from. They can decorate the pots, mix up the lip balm and then place them in the make up bag.

This is an extendable fishing/butterfly net which is available in pink, green or blue. It has a telescopic handle which means that you will be able to change the length depending on how far away you are from the thing you are catching in the net. A fun toy for catching bugs, crabs and other things and as it can fold down it fits easily in a bag or the car. Even comes with free shipping.

This is a really cute Peppa Pig tea set. It has all sorts of plastic accessories such as a kettle, teapot, sugar bowl, cups with saucers and cutlery.  So much fun for creative play and adults love it when children pretend to make them a cup of tea.  It comes in a lovely presentation box which measures 38.8cm x 8.4cm x 27.7cm and is suitable for children aged three years and above.

This is two useful pairs of kids safety scissors. They are 5 inches long and have rounded blades with plastic handles which come in various colours (sent at random). Great for children to use for cutting paper or card, when they are doing art projects at home. They are like the scissors that most schools and nurseries use so children will be familiar with them too. They even come with free shipping.

These are a pair of children’s safety goggles in a small size. They are clear plastic goggles which are flexible and have a black elastic strap. They are designed to fit the face of a child and the strap is elasticated and can be altered to fit. They are great for a child to use with a chemistry set, when playing with nerf guns, or if helping with DIY projects.

This is a very cute projector camera.  It is available in blue or orange. The camera has four tunes which can be played as well as sounds such as laughter. You insert the film at the top and it will project patterns on themes of flying animals, terrestrial animals, aquatic animals and transportation. It is easy to grip and carry around so is fun for toddlers. It needs 3 x AA batteries to operate.

This is a children’s remote control racing car. It is a rally car style but chunky for younger children in a bright red and blue appearance. It has a strong shock resistance with an alloy cap which absorbs shock and vibration with an anti-slip hollow tyre. You can race it backwards, forwards, left or right with the remote control which has a steering wheel and throttle. It comes in a box all ready to give as a gift.

This is a fun inflatable ball game. It is a target game, where you throw balls to try to get them in the targets and make three in a row. You can also play a different game where you can add up the scores that you get and see who scores the most. Comes withan inflatable play mat and six balls.  It is for two players and great for playing in the garden with family or friends or at parties.

This is a fun kids steering wheel. It fits in a car so they can drive as well as you and stay amused on journeys. It has realistic car sounds such as horn, gear change and breaking as well as a revving engine sound. It also has flashing indicators and a speedometer. It is 9 inches in diameter and has suction cups so it can fit on a window and stay secure.

This is a fun pair of DJ style headphones. They come in a choice of colours pink, blue, red/black and violet/white. They provide a rich and clear sound. The adjustable headband makes them comfortable to wear and they have a 1.2m cord, so you do not need to be that close to the sound source. They are suitable for children over the age of three years and are sturdy as they were designed for children.

This is a fun glitter tattoo studio. It has everything you need to create pretty tattoos. It has 24 tattoo stencils, 6 posts of cosmetic glitter in various colours: purple, pink, gold, silver, green and blue, and 2 makeup brushes to apply it. Designs include fairy, butterfly, hearts, stars, flowers, castle and crown. It is easy to apply as well as remove and has all non-toxic ingredients. It is suitable for children over the age of four years.

This is an education and fun looking desktop solar system. It is a rotating planetarium which is easy to assemble. It is 34cm in total span and it even comes with a special code which unlocks all sorts of online information. It has the sun, eight planets and even has the moon by the earth. Great for science projects or space enthusiasts. Suitable for children from age six and upwards.

This is fun tube of 3D planets which glow in the dark. There are nine planets (as it includes Pluto) and they are all bright colours. They will create a great solar system on your ceiling and it includes adhesive putty and string, so that you can hang it up. The planets range in size from 1.9 to 5cm. Provides a glowing effect when the room is dark due to luminous properties.

This is a fun space lab set by Galt. It includes 12 fun experiments and you can build a telescope, launch a rocket and make a glow in the dark constellation model. It includes 22 glow stars, 46 glow connectors and straws, galaxy slime powder, rocket bottle and fin, telescope lenses, notepad and lab book as well as other fun accessories. It is suitable for children from six years of age.

This is a paperback book with Easy Keyboard Pieces for Kids. It has 40 simple keyboard pieces for beginners. It has simple and popular tunes with music notes and the letters written in. It has chords for the left hand and finger numbers to make it easy. It is a great gift for any child just learning to play the keyboard or piano. The tunes are mainly nursery rhymes with other popular tunes children may know.

This is a fun book for children aged 6-12. It is ‘Would you rather…game book’. It has all sorts of silly scenarios that you need to consider and you make it into a game. The book has full instructions on how to play. For example, one person may ask another ‘would you rather wrestle a dinosaur or stroke a tiger?’ and the other has to choose and explain why. Then they swap. The idea is that it is fun, should provide some laughs, but also help people to get to know each other better.

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