28 Gift Ideas for Children Who Have Everything (also known as Spoiled Brats)

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Sometimes buying gifts can be tricky, especially if you are buying for someone that has everything. Even kids might be like this at times. If they have older siblings then they may already have access to all sorts of books, toys and games and therefore it can be hard to know what to buy them. You will want something original and unique to make them feel special and for them to have a treat of something different. Therefore, we have put together this list which will enable you to make a much easier choice as to what to buy them.

28 Presents for Kids Who Already Have Everything

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The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal for Kids: A Journal to Teach Children to Practice Gratitude and Mindfulness is a great book. It might sound a bit ‘hippy like’ at first glance, but it can actually be great for children’s mental health. To think of the things you are grateful for each day can stop you focusing on the negative and think about the good things, even if it is a nice bubble bath or having baked beans for tea!

This is a fun book containing 32 kid friendly slime recipes. The recipes have no borax or glue making them safe for all children and  they do not contain really expensive ingredients, as many are everyday ingredients found in the home. The children can have great fun making the slime and then playing with it afterwards. Recipes include glowing slime, edible candy slime and many other types with clear instructions and troubleshooting for faulty slimes.

This is a fun touch light which has a choice of a white or silver base to it. It is an LED lamp with incorporated alarm clock and music player making it great for a bedside lamp. It has Bluetooth connectivity which is where it can play music from.  It changes colour so you can choose light colour changing modes or one colour and there are adjustable brightness settings.

This is a wooden cube puzzle which comes in a wooden box.  It has 7 wooden pieces which all have be put together to make a 3×3 wooden cube. It sounds easy but the pieces are all different shapes and sizes, so it is different to work out how to fit them together properly. It is something that children are unlikely to have and will keep them quiet and occupied for a long time.

This is a special book designed to help children to create their own comics. It is a blank sketch book laid out ready to put comic drawings in.  It includes 100 pages so there is lots of room inside and is 8.5 x 11 inches in size. There are tips on how to make a good comic book and sample pages so they know what to do such as – creating word balloons. It has different layouts of panel grids that they can choose from.

This is Anki Vector Robot and space habitat. You put him in his habitat and he will hang out. He is engaged by sight, sound and touch. He can independently navigate and self-charge. He is connected to wi-fi so will learn and update. It needs a compatible device to download the app and comes with a charger and cube. It even has a camera and Alexa built in and has facial expressions.

This is a fun spinner or mini drone. It rotates by 360 degrees and has red shining LED lights. It is light weight and flexible as well as collision resistant, as it moves away from solid objects when it detects them. It is easy to control so great for children and adults. It is USB charged and can be played with for 10 minutes before it needs a new charge.  There is no remote control just throw it into the air for it to work.

This is a fun cupcake activity set. It comes with all sorts of accessories to decorate cupcakes. A great fun project for any child. It includes 6 silicon cup cake cases, a cardboard mermaid themed cake stand, some mermaid stickers to decorate it with, a mould for a mermaid tail and a piping bag with nozzles. It is suitable for children over the age of 5 years and should provide them with lots of fun.

This is a power bank which is in the shape of a smiley poo emoji. It has 1200 mha and has an original cable included, as well as a presentation box. It means that you have a handy power pack in case a tablet or phone runs out of charge. It is 9cm x 9.2cm which means that it is small enough to carry about and therefore will not take up much space in a bag or pocket.

This Amazon Kindle can make a great gift. It is a convenient way to read all sorts of books without taking up much room. There are many books available for free as well as the option to buy even more. This model of Kindle has a front light to make it easy to read comfortably for a long time indoors or outdoors in all light conditions. It has a glare free display and can hold thousands of titles.

This is a pair of unisex trainers for kids. They are made by Adidas and are white with white laces, and a three stripe detail to the sides and heel, which is in an iridescent material. It has the product band name on the heel and tongue of the shoe. They are made from leather and synthetic material with a gum rubber sole and textile lining. They come in various sizes for children.

This is a fun gift for children of all ages that like a practical joke. The whoopee cushion just needs to be blown up and placed on a chair (preferably under a cushion) and when it is sat on it will make an embarrassing noise! Great for pranking anyone at all, so it would be a suitable present for any child that likes practical jokes. It is cheap too so could be popped in with another present for some added fun.

L This is a fun stomp rocket which is suitable for kids of all ages. You place the rocket on the launch pad and just stamp in the right place and the rocket will go shooting up into the air. It is just powered by the child so no batteries required and it can fly up to 400 feet in the air. Great outdoors fun and it comes with three rockets, so if they lose one there are back ups to play with.

This is an electric lamp which has jellyfish inside it. It has a colour changing light and the jellyfish float around in the water inside. It is driven by a quiet motor which means that it creates a peaceful environment. You can choose to have just one colour by easily touching a button on the front. It automatically shuts down after 4 hours, so great to use as a night light.

This is a 4 in a row game travel set. It is the classic game with red and yellow counters, where players take turns to try to get a row of four of the same in a horizonal, vertical or diagonal line. This travel version means that you can play anywhere, such as day trips out, holidays or in the car. It folds flat for easy storage and quickly folds up, so you can play the game quickly when required.

This is a stress relief magic ball toy. It has a series of small balls inside it, which you can mix up and move around. Then you are challenged to put them back into their corresponding holes. It can be amusing and help to entertain children, as well as being a toy that will relieve stress as the balls are manipulated around. Great for keeping children amused when travelling or out visiting.

The Deep Space projector will project a clear image up to a metre away in a dark room. There are 24 NASA images to choose from of which there are 8 images each on 3 slides, and you will see star or constellation patterns projected. It required 3 x AA batteries to work. It is a high quality projector which can be fun to play with but could also be used as a night light.

This is a pocket projector for children. It is only 3 x 3.9 x 2.36 inches and so is very easy to carry. It has lots of ports, so it is easy to plug in all sorts of cables such as HDMI, USB, Micro SD card, audio and AV interface. You can connect it to different devices to receive either photos, films or TV stations. It can be connected to a portable charger for convenience.

This is a fun Charades game suitable for children over the age of four. It can be played by all the family, so can get everyone doing something fun together. It includes picture cards so even children that cannot read can still take part. It has things like animals, actions or things like that for them to act out and the others need to guess what they are doing.

This harmonica is in the key of C. It has 10 holes and is suitable for players from young to old. It is small in size which is most suitable for beginners. It has a phosphor/bronze reed and a stainless steel cover, which means that it is not only durable but also produces good sound quality too. It comes with a hard case, which has a cleaning cloth in it and it also has an instructional leaflet.

This Samsung Galaxy Tab A would make a great gift. It is available in black, silver and gold as well as LTE or wi-fi. It provides lots of entertainment in a small device as you can read, watch films, play games, watch programmes or do anything else online with it. It has a 10.1 inch screen and Dolby Atmos surround sound. It comes with a charger, user manual and a child friendly setting.

This is a complete boxed set of Mr Men books. It has all of the 48 books by Roger Hargreaves in a lovely presentation box. These are always childhood favourites with Mr Tickle, Mr Strong Mr Bump and all of the other Mr Men and their funny ways. The author wanted to make children laugh with these books but hopefully they will entertain parents and children alike! Nice short stories so you can read the whole book without the child getting bored.

This is a mini bag by Converse available in black or blue with a Converse All Star logo in the corner.  It has a shoulder strap that can be adjusted and has a main zipped compartment with an internal zipped pocket and a smaller zipped compartment. There is also an outer zipped pocket too. The bag measures 22.5 x 17 x 9cm in total.  Suitable for use by children of all ages.

This is a unique scratch off map. It allows the person to learn a lot about animals and where they live in the world. Each country is represented by an animal and has facts about them too. There are over 70 different animals to learn about. The map measures 82.3 x 59.2cm so would make a good poster to hang on the wall when completed or it could even be framed.

This is a Winmau dartboard which comes with the most refined triangular wiring system. It is made for advanced players but could be suitable for anyone. It is 450mm in diameter and is 38mm thick. It is possible to remove the numbers and rotate the board which is great if certain areas are getting extra worn – perhaps around the 20! A great fun game for children to play, although youngsters might need to have close adult supervision.

This is a fun mug which says on it ‘I’m the youngest child the rules don’t apply to me’ and has an emoji on it with a tongue sticking out. It is a white mug with a comfortable ‘C’ handle with black writing and a yellow and pink emoji. The pattern is printed on both sides. It is suitable for dishwasher and microwave use. A great gift for the youngest child in a family.

This is a secret diary with a unicorn theme. It has a lock on it with two keys so that secrets can be kept in it. It has 45 blank and 45 lined pages with a unicorn and rainbow theme. It comes with a pen which has a design to match the cover of the diary and writes with multiple colours of ink. A great gift for girls over the age of four years old.

This is a fun Aquadoodle mat by Tomy.  Just fill the pen with water and then write with it on the mat and pictures will appear like magic! The drawings fade as the mat dries out ready to use again. There are shapes included to trace round or the child can just draw whatever they wish and create their own drawings. There is also an ABC version to help them with their letter formation.

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