33 Gift Ideas For Younger Children

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There are all sorts of gifts available for kids and it can actually be really overwhelming when you try to decide what to buy for them. You may also be buying for a child that has a lot of different things and want to try to find something for them that is a little bit different or unique. This list of gifts includes all sorts of interesting things which will hopefully help you to find the perfect present for them. There are a range of different prices as well, so you should be able to find something that fits within your budget.

33 Best Presents for Children

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This is a fun tablet designed especially for children. It is available in pink or blue and has parental controls on it, so they can limit the time it can be used for as well as control which apps they can use. It has a vivid display with a blue light filter to reduce eye fatigue. It has 32GB storage which can be increased with a 128GB micro SD card. It has a kid safe case which protects the tablet from drops and bumps.

This is an LCD writing tablet which is a ewriter that can be used to write or draw pictures. It has a black screen so the drawings and text really stand out. In comes in a choice of pink, blue or aqua blue case and has an erase button to delete the picture when done. It feels like writing on paper but it is less messy and uses less resources. It even has a maze game for younger children to use on the back.

This is a rechargeable toothbrush for children. It is made by Oral-B and is designed for children of 6 years and upwards to use. It comes in a choice of colours or patterns. It has an automatic timer for two minutes to help children to brush their teeth for the right amount of time. The battery will last for about a week before it needs recharging. It comes with a sensi ultra thin head designed for children’s teeth.

This is a fun pair of walkie-talkies for kids. They come in a choice of colours – blue/green, pink or red/yellow. They have a crisp and clear sound and are light to carry. They can be fun for parents to use to keep in touch with their children, when in a large house or out and about or they can use them to play with friends. They are fun to use and much cheaper than making mobile phone calls!

This is a fun 35 piece doctors set with a carrying case. The case measures 21 x 13.5 x 14.5cm and is suitable for children aged 3 years and older. It includes a stethoscope, flashlight, oral mirror, tweezers, hammer, eyeglasses, medicine bottles, syringe, scalpel, blood pressure monitor, toothbrush, dentures, teeth hook, screw filler, spoons, toothpaste and doctor’s costume. Great for fancy dress and role plays. The stethoscope lights up and makes heartbeat sounds.

This is a kids microphone speaker for karaoke. It comes in a choice of colours: pink, blue camo, black, silver or coloured zebra. It is speaker and microphone and has flashing LED lights which move to the beat of the music. It has a rechargeable battery that is built in and can be charged by plugging into a USB. Has an echo function to make the singing sound more like it is live on stage. You can also pick different tracks.

This set of 24 colouring pens from Bic come in a great range of colours. They come in a cardboard sleeve and there is a big selection of different colours in the pack including browns, red, yellows, greens, blues, purple, grey and black. They have a fixed medium sized nib that is strong and will not break. Suitable for children over the age of 5 years old for art projects and everyday use.

This is a pink smart watch designed specifically for children. It has educational features where children can learn and play. It has a durable design which is splash proof. It has 55 digital and analogue customisable watch faces as well as games and an augmented reality feature allowing them to learn learn in new ways. There are 2 cameras so they can also use it to take photos with.

This pack of Slime Baff will turn bath water into a bath of slime. Once the child has finished playing in the slime, you will be able to run more water on it and it will drain away. It could be used in a bowl for sensory play or even in a paddling pool. It is safe for children and does not stain so it can be used for lots of fun play. The pack contains powder which will turn water to oozy red slime.

These are headphones designed especially for children. They come in a variety of colours and designs such as blue, green, beach, blue camo, grey, llamas, monster trucks, pineapples, pink, red, robots and vroom. They have a sharing port so they can connect to other headphones and children can listen with others as well as a volume control. They are lightweight, durable and comfortable and recommended for children aged 3-8 years of age.

This nightlight for children has fun stars all over it. It comes in a choice of base colours: black, light pink, purple, orange, white and blue. It can act as a bedside lamp or also a star projector to display a star pattern on a ceiling or wall. It is noise free so does not disturb sleep. The soothing light can help children to feel more relaxed and comfortable in bed and could help them to have a better nights sleep.

This version of the Articulate! Board game has been designed especially for kids. This means that children can have fun and join in the game. The aim of the game is to describe a word without mentioning it, so that the other players can guess what it is. The words come from categories such as nature, random, person, world, action or object. Fun for children aged 6-12 years – a great family game.

This is a Melissa and Doug scratch art set. The set includes 6 key chains and scratch art inserts for them so you can design your own keyrings. There are also stylus sticks that you use to scratch patterns with. The inserts are black with rainbow backgrounds, so as a picture or message is scratched it reveals the rainbow colours below. Great for children to make and give to their friends.

This is a fun scooter which has flashing LED wheels. It comes in a selection of colours and patterns; black, graffiti, green, pink, starry night and white graffiti. It has an adjustable handlebar which means that it is a suitable height for children aged 3 to 8 years old. It has soft foam detachable grips. It is lightweight and easy to control with a back brake. It can be folded up to make carrying it easier as well as making it easy to store and keep in the car.

This is a book called ‘The Beginner Art Book for Kids’. It teaches all sorts of art skills including drawing, painting and sculpting. It is aimed at children aged 7-10 years old. It has step by step instructions with all sorts of project ideas. There are 46 different creative projects which will keep them entertained and develop their art skills. It will also encourage them away from their screens which is something that parents and grandparents like to do.

This is a little roots gardening set for children. It will help to develop children’s love of plants and includes 8 different tools and gloves. It has a long handled rake, a lawn rake, hoe, spade, short handle fork, trowel, watering can, rake and a pair of gardening gloves. It comes with a handy and durable backpack where the tools can all fit into specific sections. The tools are designed to be easy for children to use.

This is a pretty drinks bottle by Nuby. It has a pink and purple lid with pictures of unicorns and diamonds on it. There is also an option of a shark or rainbow design as well. The bottle is leak proof and has a straw to drink from. It is made from a shatter proof, super durable, stain and odour resistant material and can go in the dishwasher. It is see through so you can see how much the child has drunk from the bottle.

’10 Minute Brain Games for Clever Kids’ is a paperback book which is full of puzzles by Gareth Moore. It has 50 different puzzles which all take 10 minutes to do. Things like memory tests, word squares, simple calculations, jumbled sentences, verbal reasoning, Sudoku and Kakuro. It is designed to give you a ten-minute puzzle each day so that you can improve your brain function and be a puzzle master.

This a National Geographic metal detector. It is waterproof and has adjustable sensitivity and can detect things up to a foot below the ground. When it locates metal it will beep and an LED will flash. It is lightweight which means that it is suitable for children to use and can be folded up for easy transportation. There is a learning guide as well which will teach children about metal detectors and how to find metal underground.

This is a Samsonite backpack designed for children. There are different themes to choose from such as Toy Story, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Mickey and Minnie, Spiderman. Minnie Neon and Frozen. The bags are available in two sizes and have one main zipped pocket and shoulder straps with a sternum strap as well. They have reflective details and room for an ID tag. The back is extra padded for comfort and has a mesh to make it cooler to wear.

This is a robotic science set. It has all the parts required to assemble four different robots. There is an electric balance car robot, doodling robot, reptile robot and worm robot and it also comes with small magnetic screwdriver. Putting them together will help children to learn how they work and they will understand about circuits and robotics. Lots of fun for children over the age of eight years of age, which may require some adult supervision.

This is a book by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees called ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’. It is a lovely story for toddlers with rhyming text about how the giraffe would like to join in with the other jungle animals but he cannot dance so cannot join in. However, he has a go and finds that it does not matter how he moves, that he can dance anyway and join in the fun with everyone else.

This is a pop-up tent for children. It has a fun theme as it has a camouflage design with a green pointed roof and green curtains on the door. It has a red flag on the top and says ‘Command HQ’ on one side and ‘Top secret keep out’ on the other. It allows children to quickly form a secret hideout which they can use for all sorts of imaginative play. It measures 102 x 102 x 135cm.  It has 4 vertical poles which need to be inserted to make it sturdy.

This is a pretty tepee tent for indoor or outdoor use. It comes in two fabric designs – white with black spots and a blue top or a blue bear design. It is made from 250gsm heavy cotton canvas which is thick and durable. The frame is made from Russian wood which is smooth and strong. The pole is 24mm so will not easily break. It is big enough for 3 children to fit inside it ages 3-7 years old.

This is a wooden easel frame which has a blackboard on one side and a whiteboard on the other. The blackboard has a play clock on it as well as letters and numbers printed around the edge.  There is a shelf underneath for putting chalk on. The board comes with a pack of magnetic letters and numbers which can stick on the whiteboard as it is magnetic. Suitable for children over three years of age.

This is a handy portable football kit. It has a set of two football goals with nets which are collapsible. It also comes with a ball and pump. It means that the goals can be taken apart and put away when not in use to keep a garden tidy, or can be transported to a park or common to be played with outside. The goals are 92cm wide, 61cm tall and 48cm deep. They have free delivery.

This Girlzone kit provides everything needed to paint your own unicorn money box. It has 3 brushes, glitter, gemstones, sequins and stickers to decorate the unicorn, as well as 12 pots of paint in various colours such as black, white, green, blue, yellow, red, pink, grey and turquoise. There are also instructions on how to mix paints to make different colours and of course the ceramic unicorn which is white when you get it.

This is a Vtech Kidizoom Duo camera. It is a digital camera for children which is suitable for children aged three years and older. It comes in either blue or pink and is a great first camera for children. It takes high quality photos and videos and they can be edited or funny effects can be applied. There are front and rear facing cameras and children can learn about how to take photos and edit them.

This is ‘The Kids Book of Wordsearches’. There are 150 word searches all aimed at children. The puzzles have pictures on them and have themes which will be of interest to children such as fluffy animals or are educational such as capital cities. The grids are small so they are easier for children to cope with. There are four levels of puzzles, so children can start with the beginners level after reading the instructions and move on to the ace puzzler.

This is a swimming bag with a Disney Frozen theme to it. It is 40 x 25 x 18 cm and has a drawstring top. The picture on the front features Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf with a snowflake print. It also has side mesh pockets, a front zipped small pocket and two shoulder straps on the back. It is a pretty and practical bag which can be used for carrying anything as well as a swimming kit.

This is a cute lunchbox to play together with Kindi Kids. It comes with three Shopkins with a stackable sandwich, magic spoon and fruit cup treat. The magic spoon can be placed in the fruit cup and it can then be used to feed a Kindi Kid, as when it is pushed into their mouths the food disappears off the spoon. The items fit inside the lunchbox so it is portable.

This is a kids astronaut costume. It has a white logoed jacket and matching trousers with boot covers and a matching helmet. It comes in a range of sizes for different sized children. It is a NASA design outfit and can be great for fancy dress parties, role play, Halloween or even World Book Day. It is made from polyester so is light and will not weigh the child down.

This is an interactive smart robot toy. It is suitable for children over the age of three and comes in a choice of colours; blue, red, yellow, green and pink. It has touch and voice controls and can move forward or backwards and turn left and right. When it is in voice control mode you can order it around. It can record speech and repeat it as well. Good fun for younger children.

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