35 Presents for Kite Surfing

Updated on February 19th, 2021
By Louise
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If you know someone that enjoys kite surfing then you may want to get them gifts, which relate to this hobby when it comes to their birthday or Christmas. However, it is not always that easy to know what to get, especially if you do not know much about this hobby. However, we have come to your rescue as we have put together a list of gifts that we think will be suitable for them. Hopefully the list will help you to find a great gift that you know they will love and is within your budget.

35 Gift Ideas for Kite Surfing Lovers

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This is a flexifoil kitesurfing trainer kite. It is red white and blue and is expertly designed. It has 18m flying lines and comes with a stylish carry bag and measures 60 x 20 x 15cm. It arrives almost ready to fly, so you can get going almost right away. It takes just three minutes to set up and five minutes to learn how to use. It packs down really small.

This is a kite surfing safety hook. It is a cutter made from stainless steel and can be used for cutting ropes, fishing lines and other things. It is stainless steel and therefore will not rust or tarnish. It is made from a strong zinc alloy and has a design which protects fingers from cuts. It has a high strength nylon knife bag to keep it in and it seals with a hook and loop fastening.

This is a an A5 notebook which has a circular picture on the front with a kite surfer and says ‘kite surfer’ on it. The cover is black so the coloured picture and yellow writing stands out well. It is a paperback notebook with 120 pages, which are white with lines on. This means that it can be written in and used for notes, lists, journaling or as a diary.

This is a long sleeved hoodie which has the word ‘kite’ on the front of it and a picture of someone kite surfing on it. It comes in black, navy, royal blue, dark heather and heather grey. It is available in sizes small – 2XL and comes in a unisex fit. It is made from polyester and cotton, so is soft and warm and easy to wash in a washing machine.

This is a special bungee rope used for kite surfing. This is a slider release leash rope with two spring snap clips. It is high strength and durable and works well for handle passes. It is attached with stainless steel carabiner hooks and has high strength nylon webbing covering the rope to absorb the shock. It is strong, safe, comfortable and can replace broken parts on your kitesurf kite and board.

This is a can of wetsuit cleaner. It is made by O’Neil and it is a black canister which holds 250ml. It helps the wetsuit to remain supple and has a pleasant small as well. It is really easy to use and will be a product that you use a lot, so that you can keep your wetsuit in prime condition, so that it will always look good and will last a long time as well.

This is a special changing mat and bag. The changing mat is 37 inches in size, which can be stood on whilst changing to stop the feet getting dirty. It is black in colour and made from strong, heavy duty material. It has a carry strap, so that it is easy to transport once folded up into a bag. Very convenient when changing in or out of a wetsuit or swimming clothes.

This is a waterproof wallet which is 7 x 62 x 32mm. It is made of waterproof plastic and is a good size to put in keys, phone, notes, coins etc. It seals completely and can be fully submersed and will still keep all of the items dry. It can cope with depths of up to 50m. It can be easily opened and closed using the twist of a lever and can fit in a pocket or inside a wetsuit.  It has an adjustable lanyard so you can easily carry it around your neck.

This is a long sleeve top for men which is ideal for wearing when kite surfing. It comes in two tones of grey and has a zip down the front. It comes in sizes XS – 4XL. It protects from the wind and water but is also breathable. It has an anti-bacterial and moisture wicking inner fleece layer in the arms and body and is lightweight and stretches. The seams are overlapped so they provide a full range of motion.

This is a pair of padded wrist wraps for Big Buzz and Stacker kites. They help to provide a really secure grip and they are made from polyester and nylon. They are especially good when teaching, as they will give confidence for the person using them. They are also comfortable for them to use, which will make it easier for them as well. Should prevent chaffing and blisters on the hands.

This is a set of four kiteboarding fins designed as replacements in case yours get lost or broken. They are professional quality and they have 8 washers, which means that they can be easily mounted as well, although you will need two screws for each one. They are made from nylon and fibre glass, which means that they are strong and durable. They are 48 x 13.4mm in size and are black.

This is a Mystic brand kitesurf twintip board bag. It comes in black with a white logo on it and measures 135 x 42 x 10cm in size. It has a Hxcomb shell and is solar reflective. It has a shoulder strap with an ergonomic design, as well as a carry handle and it is made from PVC coated 600D polyester. It has a heavy duty zipper, so should last well.

This is a Wolensturmer brand paraflex trainer 3 in 1 action kite. It comes in either 310cm or 230cm and it is ready to fly as soon as you have unpacked it. It is really easy and comfortable to fly on four lines and is therefore really great for beginners. It is high quality made from ripstop polyester which is light and stable and the line is tear resistant too. It can be extended if required.

This is a kitesurfing Hydrofoil board. It has an EPS core and is light weight and very buoyant. It is made from a durable bamboo construction. It has a concave deck for positive control. There are bevelled rails for an increased and forgiving lean angle. It is fully compatible with the modular HI:RiseA foil system with full EVA pad 3 strap insert configuration sizing 148.8 x 45.2 x 7.7cm. It has high end materials and performs well and efficiently.

This is a surfboard sock. It is a point cover for a 6 foot surfboard. It is made of stretch fabric and provides protection. It is plain on the top with a striped pattern further down and comes in a selection of different colours. It protects the board from being damaged by the sun as well as from bumps, dings and minor wear and tear. It can also protect it from scratches as well. It has an adjustable drawstring closure and an inner pocket for keeping accessories in.

This is a special wax comb for using with a surf board, which has a handy bottle opener on it. It is designed to remove wax and then rewax the surface of the surfboard. It has a small hole, so that it can be threaded onto a lanyard to make it easier to carry. It is 8 x 5.2cm and has three sides that can be used a flat scraper for most boards, a concave edge for rails and a comb for forming wax to create great traction.

This is a grab handle to be used on a kiteboard for kitesurfing. It is a universal one and can be used on any Flexifoil Anarchist kiteboard. It is black with 19cm hole spacing on it and has a rough surface to make it easy to grip on to and non-slip. It comes without the screws but is really easy to use and to attach to your board. Could make a very useful gift for someone that really needs it.

This is a Prolimit kitesurfing board bag. It is light grey in colour and has a golf bag design. It can be loaded from the top which makes it really easy to use and is a great travel bag. It fits 2-3 kites plus boards inside it and is made from heavy duty 600D polyester, so it will last well. The zips are also durable and non-corrosive. It even has an easy storage loop.

This is a water sports helmet. It comes in black, blue, orange, red or yellow and is designed for keeping a person safe when doing water sports. There is an adjustable strap to fit it securely under the chin. It has a quick click release button. There is an adjustable mini rachet at the back of the helmet to adjust it for a snug fit. It has 11 ventilation holes, so that it is breathable and keeps the head cooler.  It is also lightweight and buoyant.

This is a special waist harness for using when kite surfing. It is black/grey in colour and comes in sizes M, L and XL. It is very comfortable with neoprene inside and moulded EVA pillow. It has been heat moulded to give a good shape, It has four buckles and a special bar to make it sturdier and more durable. It has a slide in bar pad so that it does not ride up.

This is a fun t-shirt which is available in sizes for adults and children. It is short sleeved and comes in a selection of colours. On the front there is a sum which has a wave picture then a ‘+’ then a wind picture, then an ‘=’ and then a picture of someone kite surfing. It is a fun t-shirt which is made of a cotton and polyester mix, so is comfortable to wear and will not lose its shape easily.

This is a Mystic watersport vest or gilet style top available in size XS and S. It is a sleeveless top with a zipper down the front and is in a mint green colour. It is made from soft touch neoprene. The lower part is not padded for harness attachment and the top part is padded. It has a zipper lock at the top. Great for wearing while kite surfing.

This is a kitesurfing kite. It is made by Ocean Rodeo and it is black and green and the 7th generation Razor model with the name printed on it. It is a narrow C shaped arc size which means that it is ultra fast for turning and has consistent power. It is built using New Dimension Polyan and designed with forward wing tips to optimise turning and mega kite loops.

This is a special swivel pulley for kite surfing. It is made of stainless steel which means that it is strong and corrosion resistant. It is coloured silver and black and has a diameter of 16mm. The pulley size is 35 x 20mm. It is lightweight and solid and works on almost all snow and water kites. It is a useful spare part and is really easy and convenient to use.

This is a Mystic Watersports poncho for kids. It has a large kangaroo pocket and is made from terrycloth. It is 80cm long (from the shoulder) and 55cm wide. It is made from 100% polyester and has a large hood and a wide arm opening. It is water absorbing and is a very useful garment to have. It is suitable for boys or girls with its grey zig zag pattern.

This is a pair of unisex pants. They are grey in colour and come in sizes XS – 4XL. They are thermal and so protect from the wind and splashed water and they also have moisture wicking. They have an anti-bacterial inner fleece layer and so are really warm to wear. They have side hooks which attach to the jacket or can be stored in the pocket when not being used. There is a front buckle to adjust so the fit is perfect.

This is a wallet which has a kite surfing theme. It is black and it has a picture of a kite surfer on it with a red, yellow, green and blue striped background. It is make of diving material and is soft and lightweight. It is 15cm x 9.5cm and 2cm thick and can hold a phone, cash or keys. It has a removable strap and is convenient for carrying small items inside.

This is a bottle opener keyring with a kite surfing theme. It has a plastic pendant which has a photo of kite surfers on the water with a pretty sky behind. On the end of the pendant is a metal bottle opener which is very useful. Therefore, the gift would not only be useful but also looks good and therefore would be great for someone that it a kite surfer or maybe a fan.

This is a dog tag necklace with a kite surfing theme. The dog tag is black with white printing on it, which shows the evolution of an ape to a person kite surfing. It is made of a zinc alloy, so is durable and the chain is 23 inches in length. The pendant is 1.1 x 2 inches in size. It will make a fun gift for someone that likes kite surfing.

This is a cushion cover with a kite surfing theme. It is black and measures 41cm x 41cm in size. On it is says ‘Kite Surfing is the answer who cares what the question is’ in blue and white writing. And it has a picture of a kite surfer on it in white. There is the option to buy it with or without an insert so you can choose which to get.

This is a retro travel poster which says ‘Fehmarn’ on it and has a picture of a kite surfer. It comes in various sizes 30 x 45, 50 x 75 or 60 x 90 cm and you can choose to buy it with or without a frame. A thoughtful idea for someone that is a fan of kite surfing and likes to have pictures relating to it in their home.

This is a fun novelty apron which has ‘evolution kite surfer’ on it with a picture of an ape evolving into a kite surfer. It is printed in white and it comes in a choice of four colours – red, pink, blue and black. The apron is 33 inches long and 23 inches wide and it has a tie on the waist, so that it is easy to fit to different sizes.

This is a mug and coaster set. It is a white mug with blue printing on it. The coaster and mug both have a blue background and both have a crown that say ‘keep calm and carry on kite surfing’ on them in white. The mug is 8oz in size and made from ceramic and the design is on both sides. It is also suitable for microwave and dishwasher use.

This is a face hood made by O’Neil. It has a drawstring to adjust it to size around the face area and provides sun protection for the head, neck and face. It is available in sizes XS – XL and therefore there should be one that suits everyone. It will help to keep the person warm and protected and ideal for when out kite surfing in the sun and the wind.

This is a pop socket for a mobile device. It is black and has white print on which says ‘kitesurfing’ with a dictionary definition of it underneath. It is a useful tool which will make it easier for you to grip your phone or tablet and can also be popped open, so that it can stand up on a surface when you are wanting to watch a film or use video chat.

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