33 Perfect Gift Ideas for Knitters - Don't Get Yourself Tied in a Knot

Updated on May 5th, 2021
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There are a lot of people these days that knit. Knitting has grown in popularity so it is likely that you will know someone that enjoys knitting.  If this is the case then when you buy them a present you might want to get them something that they will enjoy as part of this hobby. However, if you do not knit yourself, then you may not really know what to get them. Therefore, we have put together a useful list of ideas so that you will be able to find them some things to get. There are lots of things including practical and fun items so you should be able to find something that will suit them.

33 Perfect Knitting Presents

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This is a fun knitting machine for children. It can be a great way to get children involved with knitting, as it can be easier than using needles and it is quicker to make things. This Rabbit knitting machine allows for scarves, socks and hats to be made easily. It is easy to operate using the turn of a handle. It is made of plastic and is therefore durable. It comes with full instructions.

This is a wool holder which revolves. It is a wooden construction with a pole on a turntable so your knitting wool can be kept easily in one place. It is a very pretty looking wooden bobbin and can make knitting easier, especially as balls of wool are more easily kept free of knots and tangles. It is also useful to keep balls of wool away from children or pets, as they can be prone to roll over the room.

This is a coaster which is fun to give to a knitter. It is white and says ‘The World’s Best Knitter’ with pictures of wool, knitting needles and a sheep underneath. At the very bottom it can be personalised with a name and it says ‘lots of love from [name] xxx’.  You can put their name on it to make a lovely gift. It is 9cm x 9cm in size.

This is a special necklace for knitters. It is magnetic and can be extremely useful for any knitter. The reason that a magnet can be good is for a knitter when they are doing cable knitting. For cable stitch you need a small needle every so often, and sometimes it is easy to lose that needle, so keeping it attached to the necklace can be very useful. It has a leather look cord on it which can be altered to different sizes.

This is a fun tote bag which says on it ‘Beware crazy knitting lady’ and has a picture of some needles and wool on it. The bag is 38cm x 42cm and is made from a poly blend making it durable. It has long handles so that it is easy to carry on the shoulder. It can be used for keeping knitting in or just for general use. It is printed on one side using the dye sublimation method.

This is a special storage bag for storing wool or yarn for knitters. It is large enough to store up to ten balls of wool so you will be able to keep the wool neat and tidy. It is 10.3 x 11.8 inches and includes slits in it to prevent the wool from tangling up. It also has some storage pockets on the outside which you could use to put in needles, scissors or other accessories.

This is a Miaoke knitting machine. It has 48 needles and weaves the wool much faster than it can be knitted. It can be used to make all sorts of things like hats, gloves and scarves. It comes with a manual but is very easy to use. It is made from durable plastic and you just need to turn the handle to get it to work. It comes with some wool, a screwdriver, accessory bag, hand pins and the wire frame.

This is a special magnetic wool feeder called ‘The Wool Jeanie’. It has a special magnetic attachment which means that your ball of wool can spin and hang freely on it. It means that you can keep your ball of wool tangle and knot free really easily. It comes flat packed with illustrated instructions on how to put it together and use. It can hold balls of wool up to 200g.

This is a funny mug which says on it ‘Fuck off, I’m knitting’. It is a white mug and the writing is in black with a picture of a ball of wall and needles on both sides, so it is suitable for left or right handed people. The mug is a generous 15oz and is made from high-fired ceramic. It has a large easy grip handle and is suitable for use in the dishwasher or microwave.

This is a notebook with a grey cover which says on it ‘All I Need is Coffee and Yarn’ which is written in white. It has 120 lined pages which are white. It is 6 x 9 inches in size and therefore has plenty of room for writing notes. It could be used for keeping notes about knitting rows, for journaling, a diary, knitting projects and more. A useful and fun gift idea.

This is a lovely sewing case which can be personalised. On the front it says [name]’s sewing pouch. It measures 21cm x 13cm x 6cm and is a handy and durable bag for keeping sewing things in. This can be useful for knitters too, as they will have to stitch things up if they make items with multiple pieces and also need somewhere to store scissors, pins and other things that might be useful when knitting.

This is a book with twenty knitting patterns in by Sachiyo Ishii. It includes cute patterns for pocket pets using soft fleecy yarn to make lovely cuddly toys. They include a penguin, koala, chick, fox, mouse, hamster, bunny, otter, owl, hedgehog, seal, robin, raccoon, cat, puppy, duck, guinea pig, squirrel and a teddy bear. They are easy to make with full instructions and photos, so that the toys can be made really quickly.

This knitting umbrella is made from birch wood. It is designed so that you can easily put yarn on it and wind balls of wool with ease. It has a smooth and easy rotation so that it can be used without any fuss. It is highly sanded so that it is safe to use and will not snag the wool. It measures 28.34 x 24.80 inches. These are designed for using when you buy wool in hanks or skeins and later want to wind them into balls for easier use.

This is a special knitting cushion cover. It is personalised so you can have a name put on it. It says on it ‘reserved for [name] and her knitting’.  It is a canvas style fabric cushion cover which is 16 x 16 inches or 40cm x 40cm. The cushion is white and the text is black. It has a concealed zip fastener. The design is printed on one side. The cover is 50% cotton which means that it is lovely and soft.

This is a journal which says ‘I [heart] knitting journal’ on the cover which has a shabby chic, pale blue wood background with a sheep and ball of wool on. The book has 120 pages and they all have squared or graph type paper on them. These pages are designed for you to sketch out your knitting designs and there are also some blank and ruled pages so that you can keep notes too.

This is a UEETEK knitting counter. It can be tricky to keep count of the rows that you are knitting and there are different ways to count them. Some people like to write it down, but this can use up a lot of paper and means that you need to let go of the knitting every row to write it down. This stitch row counter is easy to use as you can quickly press it whilst still holding on to your knitting.

These are circular knitting looms. There are four plastic round knitting looms in different sizes – 14cm, 19cm, 24cm, 29cm. It also comes with a handy looming hook and a wool needle. The looms can be used to make all sorts of things really quickly such as mats, headbands, hats, socks and more. They can use different thicknesses of wool as well. It is possible to do all sorts of different stitches and they can be speedier than traditional knitting.

This is a wool ball holder. It is a plastic holder which has a plum coloured base and transparent lid. It is 10cms in diameter and has a height of 12cm. It has a string to easily pick it up and carry it around. The lid has a hole in the top for threading the wool through. This will help keep the wool from knotting or tangling as this can happen if you have the ball of wool lying loose.

This is a set of knitting dollies made by KnitUK. There are different sizes of knitting dollies with four and six pegs on the top. There is also a double ended tool which has a pick and hook for weaving the wool as well as a plastic sewing needle. They come in a box so ready to give as a lovely gift for someone who is interested in learning about knitting, French knitting and weaving wool.

This is a useful set of knitting needles. They are made with stainless steel so are lightweight and durable as well as being lovely and smooth to knit with. There are 11 pairs of knitting needles, in sizes B(2mm), C(2.5mm), D(3mm), E(3.5mm), G(4mm), 7(4.5mm), H(5mm), I(5.5mm), J(6mm), 7(7mm) and L(8mm). They are nice and long and labelled with the size at the top.  It also has large eye blunt needles, knitting stitch markers, measuring tape and bag.

This is a set of crochet products. It includes a selection of different sized crochet hooks with comfortable handles which are soft grip. They come in different colours and sizes. The grips means that they are easier than the traditional thin hooks, which are especially good for those with arthritis or problems with their hands. There are nine hooks in total and a case to keep them in. Great for those that love to crochet.

This book is called ‘Knitting for Beginners’ and has space for up to 50 different knitting projects. It is actually a blank book with pages set up to keep useful notes for knitting such as drawing up designs for things, counting rows and things like that. It has pages with graph paper, lined paper, plain paper, and inventory pages at the back. It is a paperback book which is 8.5 x 11 inches and has 103 pages altogether.

This is a Rosewood Nostepinne Centre Pull Yarn Winder. This has been hand churned from Indian Rose Wood. It is portable and light weight and can be easily hand held. It is finely sanded and has a glossy and waxed finish with a visible grain. It is used to wind the ball of wool into a consistent sized ball. A very pretty and useful item that would make a great gift.

This is a yarn bowl made of really pretty wood. It is handmade and designed to hold the yarn, so that it does not get tangled or knotted up. It has a pretty wood grain and is smooth and glossy. It is easy to carry around and will look pretty at the same time and can make a really great gift for any knitter. It is safe to use and can be better than ceramic alternatives as these could break.

This is a metal sign. It says on it [name]’s knitting room and in the background is a photo of balls of wool in different colours. There is also a ball and wool and needles logo which say ‘born to knit’. The metal sign measures 22cm x 16cm. The sign comes with double sided adhesive tape so that it can be easily stuck on a wall. They are designed for indoor use.

This is a keychain which is designed for knitters. It says on it ‘Keep Calm and Carry Yarn’ with a picture of needles and wool. You will get a pendant and a matching chain to go with it. The image is printed on matte photo paper so it is good quality. This can be a useful item to have to either use for keys or to be put on a bag.

This is a book called ‘The Knitter Dictionary’ by Kate Atherley. It is an A-Z guide which you can use to learn all sorts of things about knitting. It is designed to be useful for beginners and experts as there are lots of different bits of information in the book. There are over 150 illustrations to show all sorts of information, references to things and lots of tips and tricks.

This hoodie says ‘If I’m sitting I’m knitting’ and has a cute picture of a bear with a ball of wall on it.  It comes in a selection of colours: black, navy, royal blue, dark heather and heather grey. They have a drawstring around the hood, which is the same colour as the hoodie and has a large pocket on the front. They are made from a cotton and polyester blend and are therefore soft and keep their shape. They are suitable for machine washing.

This is a really cute brooch. The main pin is a kilt pin which is silver plated and hanging from it are a selection of Tibetan silver charms with a knitting theme. There is a jumper being knitted, a heart, a ball of yarn, a ball of wool with needles and some scissors. It is a very cute item and would look good on a lapel or pinned onto a knitting bag.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt with a picture on it of a fox knitting and the slogan ‘knit happens’.  It comes in sizes suitable for men and women; small – 3XL. It also comes in a selection of different colours – black, navy, asphalt, slate, royal blue, brown, olive, dark heather, heather blue and purple. They are made from a cotton and polyester mix with a classic fit and are lightweight and can be washed in the washing machine.

This is a fun road sign. It has a black background with a white border and white writing which says ‘Knitter Dr’. It is made from metal and measures 16 x 4 inches with sides that are edged for safety. It has holes drilled into each corner so that it is easy to hang up with nails. It can be used anywhere inside the house such as in the craft room, sitting room or bedroom.

This is a very useful transparent case for craft accessories. It could be used for knitting, sewing or any craft tools to be stored in a handy place when not being used to be kept neat and tidy. Being transparent it means that it is easy to see inside to work out whether what you need is in there. It is a very pretty case and could be very useful. It even has free delivery.

This is a really handy needle case. It is pink with black edges and a zip all the way round it. Inside it has a selection of different sized needle ends. These are for circular knitting and there are wires to thread inside them, so that you can join them up. They are in different sizes and there are also other tools and fixing buttons included in the kit as well.

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