34 Gift Ideas for a Lawyer

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If you know someone that is a lawyer or want to buy a gift for your lawyer then you might be interested in our gift selection. We have put together a list of items that we think will be suitable gifts for a lawyer. There is a big variety of items because we know that people have different tastes and will like different things so there is a mix of fun and serious presents. We are also aware that people will have different budgets and so have things at different prices so there should be something that everyone will be able to afford.

34 Present Ideas for Solicitors

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If you know someone training to be a lawyer then this mug could be a great gift for them. It is a black and white mug with ‘Trust me I’m almost a lawyer’ written on it. It is ceramic and 11oz in size and it is printed on both sides so is suitable for left and right-handed people. It is dishwasher safe as well which means that it is very practical.

A wooden gavel and wooden block would seem a very appropriate gift for a lawyer. The wooden gavel is 26.5cm long with a 7.6 x 4.5cm sized head on it and the block is 14cm across and 2.5cm thick. It is handmade and made from hardwood and is in a vintage style. The gavel has a gold metal ring around the middle of it and they both look stylish.

Books can make great gifts and this one by Joel Trachtman is suitable for lawyers. It is called ‘The Tools of Argument How the Best Lawyers Think, Argue and Win’. It would be a useful book for a law student but also for a professional who might need a bit of help to be able to do their job to the best of their abilities. The techniques described are ones that have been honed through the ages in the discipline of law.

An interesting book can make a good present and lawyers are likely to find this one good. It is called ‘The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and how it is Broken’. It has lots of real-life stories which might be funny but also moving and life-changing. It has first hand accounts of what it is like to be a lawyer and why the job really matters.

Rubber ducks can make fun gifts and this one is not just any old duck. It has a lawyers outfit on with a white wig and black cape. It is 8cm high, 7cm wide and 9cm long and will look great in the bathroom of any lawyer, barrister or solicitor whether they are training or fully qualified. Can be used in the bath or just as a decoration on the side of a bath or on a shelf in the bathroom.

It is easy to think that lawyers are very serious people but this ‘Lawyers Joke Book’ may change that. There are lots of law themed jokes in the book and so lawyers should enjoy them and hopefully will also enjoy sharing them with others. They may help them to lighten the mood at serious times, reduce the stress levels of the lawyers or just to share a bit of fun with friends and family.

Notebooks can be extremely useful for anyone and this one is designed specifically for a lawyer. It is black with white writing on it and says ‘Lawyer because badass isn’t an official job title’. It is 6 x 9 inches in size and has 100 pages inside. It is, therefore, a very useful item as well as one which will show how much you appreciate someone and hopefully bring a smile to their face as well.

Personalised gifts can feel really special for the recipient. This one is a mug that can have a name added to it and below says ‘caution lawyer at work’ with a picture of a gavel on it. It has the design printed on both sides of the mug which means that it will be suitable for left and right-handed people. It is dishwasher safe which means that it is very convenient as well.

Mugs can be very useful items and this one is useful and makes a statement. It is a white mug and has writing on it which says ‘don’t hate litigate’ on it with a scales picture on it with a star underneath. It can also be personalised with a name above the writing. It has the design on both sides of the mug and it is suitable for dishwasher use.

Most people enjoy eating sweets and would enjoy receiving this tin of retro candies as a gift. The box has a metallic look to it with a blue lid that says ‘This belongs to an awesome solicitor’ on it. Inside there are 400g of sweets such as lollies, refreshers and fizz whizz. The tin will be able to be used for storing other items once the sweets have been finished.

Colouring books are used by lots of adults these days, both for relaxation as well as fun. This one is specifically a lawyer colouring book. Inside there are mandalas to colour and there are sayings and phrases inside which could help to motivate both when working and in life generally. The book has a pretty mandala on the front as an indication of how the pages inside could be coloured.

Keyrings can be useful gifts and this one has lots of lawyer related pendants on it. There is a book and the scales of justice as well as one that says ‘trust’. There is also a large circular pendant that has a motivational message on it to show that they have support. It is made of stainless steel and will therefore last well. It comes in a velvet jewellery pouch.

Anyone studying law, whether formally or not will appreciate this book which is a ‘Dictionary of Legal Terms’. It has over 2500 terms all clearly defined to make it easier for anyone to understand them better. It is designed for non-lawyers but could also be good for trainees and also for lawyers wanting to make sure that they explain things clearly to their clients and other people as well.

Anyone that carries a laptop will need a decent bag to keep it in. This one not only has room for a laptop but will also expand when a side zip is opened so that there is room for extra items inside. It is made of waterproof Oxford fabric and is well padded with a breathable sponge inside. It has a removable shoulder strap and top handles as well. It is 18 x 12 x 2 inches externally and will fit a 17-inch laptop.

‘The Addicted Lawyer: Tales of the Bar, Booze, Blow and Redemption’ could be an interesting read. It is a book about the life of the author and how he turned his life around. He reflects on what he learned as a lawyer including information about how the legal profession enables addiction. He also discusses therapies that he feel will help anyone in this situation or heading that way.

Mouse mats can be very useful items to have. This one is pink in colour and says ‘keep calm I’m a solicitor’ on it. It also has a picture of a crown. It has a fabric finish which means that it is soft to touch and it will also protect the desk from any rubbing that might happen from the mouse as well as helping the mouse to work better. It is 235 x 197 x 4.5mm in size.

Keyrings can make lovely gifts and this one is for someone studying law. It has an engraved pendant on it which says ‘trust me I’m (almost) a lawyer’ on it as well as a separate 3D pendant with scales on it. It is made of stainless steel and therefore will not rust or tarnish. It is 12 x 50mm in size and comes in a jewellery pouch ready for gifting.

Fun socks can make a great gift. This set is black with white print on them which says ‘Trust me….I’m a lawyer’ on with a picture of some scales. They are one size fits all which means that they will make a great gift for anyone that is a lawyer. They will be fun as well as useful and they are suitable for men or women to wear. They are made from cotton too, so will be comfortable to wear.

Lawyers really need to look the part and this means that they need to dress smartly. Therefore, this set of tie and pocket squares could make a really great gift. There are three different ties in blue and grey and matching pocket squares using the same fabric. They come packed in a box with each tie in a section and the pocket squares together in one as well. They look very elegant and well presented.

Colouring books can be a good way to relax and unwind and this one is designed for lawyers to use as the book has law-related pictures in it. The pictures are printed on one side of the paper only which means that they can be taken out of the book and framed and the colourist need not worry about bleed-through if they use pens or paint. The book is 8.5 x 11 inches in size.

Travel cups are really useful and this one has a fun design as well. It is white in colour with a black lid which is removable and has a sombrero pictured on it and says ‘nacho average lawyer’ on it. It is 16oz so holds a large drink and has a stainless-steel body that is double insulated. The design is on one side of the mug which should fit in an average car cup holder.

Notepads can be very useful and this one is 320 x 240mm in size. On the front is printed ‘This belongs to an awesome solicitor’ in white on a red background so it really stands out. It has an elastic pen holder on the side of the pad as well as an inner pocket to store small things in. A useful pad that can be carried around or just used at home.

Aprons are really handy items to own and this one is white with a fun print on it which has a picture of a sombrero with ‘nacho average lawyer’ underneath. It is made from high-quality polyester material which is durable and therefore will last well. It is 86 x 60cm in size which should fit most adults of average size and the waist ties can be tied to fit different waist sizes.

Storage pots can be useful to give to people. This one is white ceramic and says ‘Trust me I’m a solicitor’ on it in black writing. It can be used for storing pens as well as for makeup brushes or other items. It can be very handy to keep desks, cupboards and dressing tables tidy. It is 11oz and good quality and the printing is on one side only.

If the lawyer that you have in mind writes with ink, then they may appreciate this special pot of ink. It is made by Herbin and comes in a 30ml glass jar. It is designed for fountain pens and it contains tannin which gives it exceptional performance. It is formulated especially for use with a reed and brush or with a glass nib, quill or fountain pen. It comes in a cardboard box.

Lawyers may enjoy getting this joke birthday card. On the front, it says ‘A birthday question what’s the difference between a gigolo and a lawyer?’ Inside there is the answer which reads ‘the gigolo only screws one person at a time! Happy birthday!’. It is a Simon Elvin card that measures 18 x 12cm in size and has a cartoon picture of a lawyer on the front of it.

Cufflinks can make a really great gift and these are designed to be suitable for a lawyer as they look like a pair of Lady Justice scales. The cufflinks are made of stainless steel and are 0.86 x 0.7 inches in size. They have a silver colour and high shine so they look really good. They have a toggle back to make it really easy to secure them on a shirt cuff.

A pop socket can be a great way to keep a good hold on your phone and it can also be used as a stand for a phone when you are watching a film or video chatting. The pop socket is black and on the top says ‘This lawyer is always appealing’ with a picture of scales and a gavel. It would make a great gift for a lawyer with a good sense of humour.

Lawyers with a sense of humour will enjoy this book which is called ‘101 Lawyer Jokes for Lawyers’. The jokes poke fun at clients, the courtroom, litigation, judges and law school but also have respect for the lawyers themselves which is why it is an ideal gift to give to a lawyer. It is by Elias Hill and comes in paperback and Kindle editions and has funny and humorous wisecracks.

Socks are very useful but these make a great gift as well as a practical present. They are black in colour and in white they say ‘trust me I’m a lawyer’ on them. They are one size which means they should fit adults with average-sized feet. They are cotton rich which means that they are comfortable to wear and are soft and moisture repellent. They are suitable for men or women.

Trainee lawyers may really like this shopping bag. It says on it ‘Trust me I’m (almost) a lawyer’. It comes in a choice of colours and is 42 x 38cm in size and holds 10 litres of items. It could be very useful for carrying books and other items as well as for shopping, the gym, the beach etc. It is made of 100% cotton and is ethically produced and made to order.

Colouring books can be extremely relaxing to use. This one is a lawyers Christmas colouring book and it has 48 different designs to colour. The pictures are printed on one side of the page only and the pages are 8 x 11 inches. It means that they are easy to take out and frame and the size is a handy size for framing too. Being single sided also protects from bleed through onto a design on the back.

Books make great gifts and this one is amusing. ‘Queens Counsel Lawyers Omnibus’ is 20 years of cartoons from The Times and contains comic strips which were put together by two young lawyers who wanted to make fun of the law profession. This is a collection of the best cartoons which are great fun and should bring a smile to the face of many lawyers. It is a paperback book.

A green and brass lamp is very much associated with a lawyers office. This one is suitable for offices or homes and it takes a 60w bulb. It is made of green glass and brass and it 360mm high. It can take an energy-efficient bulb so will be cheap and environmentally friendly to use. It will make a useful gift and will look smart in any setting.

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