32 Gift Ideas For Liverpool Fans - It'll Save Them Going Shoplifting

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If you know anyone that is a Liverpool fan then you might be on the hunt for a great gift for them. We can help as we have put together a list of Liverpool gifts that you can look at. Hopefully you will find something that you like as there are lots of different things that you can choose from. We have purposely picked a range of different things, so a mixture of fun and practical presents. We have also looked at things for different budgets. This means that you should be able to find something that you will be able to afford that will make a fantastic gift for a Liverpool fan.

33 Presents for Liverpool Football Club Fans

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This Liverpool FC themed mug can be personalised. It is a dressing room picture with shirts hanging up with names on and you can have a name of your choice added on to one of the shirts. Underneath the picture it says ‘Liverpool FC’ with the club logo. It is a bright picture and is durable as well as being microwave and dishwasher safe. You just have to provide the name you want on the mug and it will be printed for you. It is a fully licensed product.

This is a book that has newspaper headlines based on a particular team. You can choose between some of the most popular teams with the most supporters so you should be able to find the one you want. It features memorable moments in the clubs history, all in newspaper clippings which have been put together in a book. It is possible to get a personalised label which will fit inside the book.

This is a Liverpool football. It is gold and red and has the club logo on it as well as ‘Liverpool FC Anfield’ and some signatures from the 2019-2020 squad members in gold too. It is a size 5 football which comes flat packed in a plastic bag all ready for inflating. Great for playing with or for displaying in a fan’s bedroom. It is official club merchandise and comes with free shipping.

This is a street sign for a Liverpool fan. It is white and says on it ‘Anfield Road L4 : Liverpool Football Club’ and has the Liverbird club crest on it. It is about 40cm x 18cm and has predrilled holes in the corner to make it easy to hang up but is made of light metal so can stay up using drawing pins so no need for screws or nails.

This is a set of Liverpool themed pyjamas. They have a red short-sleeved top with three buttons at the top and grey piping on the neck. There is a matching pair of grey shorts which have an elasticated waist. Both top and shorts have the club logo on. They are made from 100% cotton and are available in sizes small, medium, large and extra large. They are officially licensed merchandise.

This is a Liverpool FC boot bag. It is white and red in colour with white at the bottom that has ‘LFC’ on it in red and then on the bag top there is the club logo. The bag has a black zip all around the edge and a black carrying handle. It is a wipe clean bag and measures 16 x 10 x 36cm. It is made from 100% polyester and comes with free delivery.

This is the ‘Liverpool FC Quiz Book : 600 fun questions for Liverpool fans everywhere’. It is a fun and entertaining book which will be great for new and old fans to learn all sorts of things and to test their knowledge. There are sections on specific players, transfers, cups etc and the questions are all multiple choice so you can even have a guess if you are not sure. The book has the answers in as well, so you can check whether you have got the quiz answers correct.

This is a stylish white insulated water bottle which has the Liverpool crest on it and can be personalised with a name of up to 12 characters. It measures 27cm in height and 7cm depth. The white bottle has a silver coloured lid. A great replacement for single use plastic bottles as they can be easily filled from the tap and as a bonus the insulation keeps the water cool.

This set of three car air fresheners each have a different Liverpool theme. One has a red shirt with club crest on it, one is just the crest and the other is a mock number plate with LIV3RPOOL on it. They are about 7cm x 7cm depending on their shape. They come on a header card but each are individually wrapped to preserve the scent. They are an officially licensed product.

This is a fun Top Trumps card game with a Liverpool theme. Each card is a different Liverpool player and they are all rated on attack, power, height, defence, skill and Top Trumps rating and there is some fact file information about each of them. So as well as having fun playing against someone the players may also learn fun things about the players. They come in a plastic box so they can easily be kept safely together and transported easily.

This is a Liverpool FC themed executive ballpoint pen. It is 100% official merchandise and has the hologram on the box to prove it. The pen is metallic red with silver detailing and has a white club crest on it towards the centre. It comes presented in a plastic case which is see through so the recipient can see the pen inside which is nestled in a grey holder. The pen writes with blue ink.

This is a drinks bottle which is red and has a Liverpool theme. There is a gold club crest on the bottom of it and it has white detailing on the back and lid. It holds up to 750ml of drink and has a sports cap style lid. Great to take to games or just to use at any time to show support for the team.  It is an officially licensed product.

This is a lunch bag in the shape of a Liverpool shirt. It is mainly red with gold lettering and the club logo on it. It has a double zip opening and includes a space to put a name tag in. With a handle on the top it is a handy shape and size for carrying to and from school each day. It measures 29cm x 24cm x 7cm. It can be wiped clean. It is an officially licensed product.

This is a Liverpool official scarf. It is red with white tassles and white writing on with the club crest and logo on it. This is made of 100% acrylic and will be nice and warm for wearing to matches or just out and about when it is cold. Perfect to both keep you warm and to help you to show support for the club that you love.

This is a Liverpool FC wallet. It has a fading design colouring in white and red as well as ‘LFC’ and the club logo on it. It is made from 100% nylon and has a touch fastening. Inside it has a space for cash, cards, keys etc with a zip pocket. It is wipe clean and measures 12 x 8cm. It is presented on a header card so ideal for a gift and even has free delivery.

This is a special keyring bottle opener and torch with a Liverpool FC theme. It is silver coloured with red details and a Liverpool badge in red and green. A useful item to carry around with keys, as you never know when you may need either a bottle opener or a torch. It measures approximately 7cm x 3.5cm and comes in a gift box. This officially licensed product would make a great gift for any Liverpool fan.

This Liverpool bedding would please any young fan. It is mainly red with the club logo on the pillow and a mix of logo, street sign and words ‘the reds’ & ‘Liverpool football club’ on the duvet cover. It is made of a cotton/polyester mix so is easy to wash. The pillow case measures 50cm x 75cm and the duvet cover measures 135cm x 200cm and they fit a standard single duvet and pillow.

This is a fun Liverpool FC themed monopoly game. The game is the same but instead of properties you have to collect players. The playing pieces include a football, trophy, boot, cap and whistle. Rather than buying houses and hotels on your sets, you buy stands and stadiums and instead of chance and community chest you have home and away cards. A fun game for Monopoly and Liverpool fans alike.

‘The Official Liverpool FC Quiz Book’ has a selection of 1000 questions. It has questions on all sorts of things, from the old greats to the 2019/2020 season. It has been compiled by life long fans and official club statisticians Dave Ball and Ged Rea who have both worked on quiz shows so know how to set difficult and fun questions. An interesting and informative book for fans of the team.

This is a Liverpool pencil case. It has a white and red fade colour across it and has ‘LFC’ and the club logo on it. It has a black zip which has a Liverpool pendant hanging off it. The case is made of neoprene and rubber. It measures 21cm x 12cm and therefore will fit in a good selection of stationery such as pens, pencils, rubbers and pencil sharpener. Perfect for any fan to take to school.

This red Liverpool FC cushion will stand out in any room! In white it has the club logo and ‘L.F.C.’ on it. It is made from 100% polyester and measures 40cm x 40cm. It would work on a sofa or bed and brighten up any room. Could work in a Liverpool themed room or just as a single stand out piece. It is an officially licensed product and comes with free delivery.

This is a Liverpool FC themed knitted beanie hat. It is black and has the club logo stitched on the overturned part. It is made of 100% acrylic and fits an older child or average adult head. It is great for keeping heads warm during a match or for general wear. There are other colours and styles also available such as navy blue and red and some children’s bobble hats. It is official merchandise and comes with free delivery.

This is a golf set for Liverpool fans. It is official merchandise and comes with a carboard sleeve. Inside it has a presentation tin, 3 golf balls, 2 golf ball markers, a divot tool, golf bag tag and golf ball marking pen. All of them have a Liverpool FC theme with the club logo on them and they are white with red print apart from the luggage tag which is red with white print on it.

This is a LFC desk lamp. It has a red top and base and the top has ‘LFC’ on it and the base has the logo both in white. It has a silver stem which can be adjusted to change the angle of the lamp. It is 220v – 240v and takes a E27 bulb which is not included. It measures 15 x 14 x 24cm and is ideal for a bedside lamp or a desk lamp.

This a road sign for Liverpool fans. It is a window sign which looks like a street sign. It says ‘Anfield Rd L4 : Liverpool Football Club’ and has the club logo on the side of it. It is a metal sign and has rubber window suckers to attach it. Can then be hung in a bedroom window or car window.  It is 26cm x 7cm and is an officially licensed product.

This is a twin pack of adults Liverpool FC boxer shorts. They have different designs but are mainly red with black trim, although they have different wording on them, one says ‘the reds’ with a shield and the other has the logo and says ‘the reds’ lots of times in smaller writing. They are available in sizes small, large and extra large and are made from 95% cotton and 5% elastance so they are comfortable and stretchy. They are an officially licensed product.

This is a Liverpool FC scarf in a college style. It is a rare design which is black with red and white stripes and has a club badge on it. It is official merchandise and comes on a card holder. This scarf is no longer in production and therefore is an opportunity to give a gift which no one else may be able to find. It has a classy design too.

This is a Liverpool FC lanyard. It is red with white writing which says ‘Liverpool FC’ and has the club logo. It has a durable clip and can be used to hang things like passes around your neck at work or college or just as a decorative item or to hang things up on a wall. Comes with an official Liverpool Football Club tag so you know that it is official merchandise.

This is a fun garden gnome with a Liverpool design. It has a red hat with the LFC logo on it in white. It has a red short-sleeved top with a white ‘Liverpool FC’ on it. It has white shorts and red socks with black boots. It is holding a white and red checked flag behind it. It has a white beard and hair and is standing on green grass. An unusual Liverpool themed item which many people will not have seen before.

This is a Liverpool themed car sign. It is in the shape of a baby vest which is red with white detailing. On the vest it says ‘LFC baby on board!’ and has the club’s logo on it. It comes with a rubber suction pad so that it can be attached to a car window. It measures 18cm x 16cm and comes on a header card so it is ready to give as a gift. It is an officially licensed product and even comes with free delivery.

This is a tall and slim pint glass for Liverpool fans. It has ‘Liverpool FC’ on it with the club logo. It is 24cm tall and comes in a blister pack showing that it is official club merchandise. An unusual gift, but very useful and fun for a fan of Liverpool Football Club. Great for not only drinking pints but any types of cold beverage.  It even comes with free delivery.

This is a fun book called ‘The Funniest Liverpool Quotes….Ever!’. It is by Gordon Law and has all sorts of funny quotes quiffs and gaffs from the players and managers in the team over the years. There are over 300 funnies which will keep any Liverpool fan entertained for a long time and give them and their friends and family a good laugh. Comes in a kindle and paperback version.

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