27 Presents for a Long Distance Couple

By Eve
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There are some couples that have distant relationships and this can call for a special gift. There are gifts that are designed especially for couples in this situation and we have put them all together in one place so that you will be able to choose from them. We have picked different types of items at different prices so that there will be something for every couple and to suit all sorts of budgets. There is a mix of gifts for people to give to the couple or for members of the couple to give each other.

27 Gift Ideas for Long Distance Couples

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A pair of bracelets can make a lovely gift for a couple and a reminder of each other. This pair are matching but one is made of black onyx and the other is white howlite. They each have one bead from the other so each has a part of the other. They are held together with strong elastic which will not break easily and can be adjusted to fit different sizes of wrist.

An engraved wallet card can be a lovely way to send a sentimental message to someone. This one has a message of love to someone saying how distance means little when they mean so much and that they are made for each other. It is made from durable stainless steel so it will not bend but is thin as well as durable. It is 55 x 86mm in size and will fit in most wallets.

Pillowcases can be useful but this one also has a sentimental message on it which says ‘Hug this pillow until you can hug me’ and there is a heart on it. It is made from cotton which means that it is comfortable and smooth and the print is just on one side. It is 30 x 20 inches in size and could be used for covering a pillow that is on a bed or a sofa.

A pair of keyrings can make for a romantic gift. These fit together as they are shaped like jigsaw pieces. One says ‘I love you more than the miles between us’ and the other one says ‘You are worth every mile between us’ and both have a heart on. They are made from stainless steel and therefore will not tarnish or rust and are durable. They come in a velvet pouch.

Matching bracelets can be a lovely item for a couple to have. These are made from stainless steel which will not rust or tarnish and have an engraved plate on them. The plate says ‘Forever & always’ on it with a heart. The bracelets are the same but different sizes one being 18cm and the other 22cm. but they can be made smaller. They come in a pretty gift box.

Jewellery sets can make lovely gifts and this one has two matching bracelets and necklaces. One set says ‘His Queen’ on it and the other says ‘Her King’ and they come in black and rose gold colours in slightly different sizes. They are made from stainless steel and titanium so they will last a long time and will not fade. They have a highly polished finish and are therefore eye-catching.

Pendant necklaces can be a romantic way to feel close to someone. This pair of necklaces both have a howlite pendant on them (although there are other stone options available). The pendants are in a wolf tooth design and are two different sizes. They are hung on a nylon cord which can be adjusted to a size of between 38 and 70cm so they should be a suitable fit for most people. They come in a gift box.

A survival kit may seem a bit extreme for a long term relationship but this one is a lot of fun. It is a small organza bag with a selection of items inside it. Attached to the bag is a card which explains the significance of each of the items in the bag. The gift can be sent directly to the recipient and so it can be a lovely surprise.

Pillow cases can have all sorts of patterns on them and this one can be personalised with the initials of the couple. It has a black heart design on the white case with the initials in white. The pillow case size is 30/35cm x 50cm and it is made from cotton. It is machine washable and due to the simple design would look good on any bed or sofa as it would fit in with any room.

Mugs can make useful gifts and this one has a sentimental message on it. It says ‘Together forever never apart maybe in distance but never at heart’. It is black and when a hot drink is put inside it, it will turn white and reveal the words which are in black. The mug holds 11oz and it is 3.74 x 3.23 inches in size. Hand wash only – not dishwasher safe.

‘The long distance survival guide’ is a book which is available as a kindle edition or a paperback. It includes secrets and successful strategies from successful couples that have gone the distance. There are eight essential skills taught such as communicating effectively, establishing goals, dealing with trust issues, having fun, managing time, keeping things real, balancing intimacy and transitioning to being together. It is based on interviews with 100 couples.

Keyrings can be useful as well as fun items to have. This pair are designed to be owned by each person in a couple. One has a plane on it and says ‘I’ll be back’ and the other has a globe on it says ‘I’ll be waiting’. They are made from stainless steel and will therefore not rust or tarnish. They are 25mm across and fixed to a thick and sturdy ring.

Making a cast of your hands can provide a lovely memory. This kit will allow you to be able to do this. It has enough materials to make a cast of two adult hands interlocked together. There are full instructions and everything you need to make the hands. It is quick to do as well and as long as you follow the instructions you should get a really detailed cast for a long lasting memory.

Matching gifts can be a good idea for a couple that are apart from each other. This pair of pillowcases can fit the bill. They have a design with a stick figure with hearts near a city and say ‘I miss you’ on them. One has a male and the other a female figure. They are 30 x 20 inches in size and they will fit most standard pillows. They are white and made of cotton and polyester.

Cushion covers can make great gifts. This one is black and has a red heart on it with writing above in white that says ‘Hug this pillow until you can hug me’. It is 45 x 45cm in size and it is made from cotton. It is soft and durable and will look good on a bed, sofa or elsewhere in the house or car. The standard size means that it should fit over a cushion that the recipient may already own.

A niece that has got very close to her aunt might like to give her this mug as a Christmas gift. On one side it can be personalised with names and has a picture of two women sitting in front of an open fire by a Christmas tree. On the back there is a sentimental message about how much the aunt means. It is microwave and dishwasher safe with a large handle.

It could be useful for long distance couples to have a book to help them. This one is by Tamsen Butler and it available as a paperback or Kindle edition. It includes lots of useful tips about how to build trust and what to do together while apart. It has information about communication and making up and has advice and anecdotes from couple that have been through it.

Tips and date ideas could be really useful for couples that are in long distance relationships. This book is written by someone that has been through this situation and has information on how to keep your partner happy as well as how to keep yourself sane. It also includes lots of unique and romantic date ideas for when you are together and when you are apart. It is available in Kindle format.

Charm bracelets make lovely gifts and this pair are matching so that each member of a couple can have one. They each have two pendants on and one is a compass and the other is a disc with the words ‘no matter where’ on it. The pendants are silver plated and the chains are 20 inches in length. They come in a gift bag so all ready to hand over as a romantic gesture.

Mugs make handy gifts and this one is 10oz and white with a message on that says ‘Distance means so little when someone means so much’ on it. It is printed in black with some red hearts. It is made from ceramic and the printing is high quality so it will not fade. It is dishwasher and microwave safe and it has a large C handle which makes it easy to hold.

Matching bracelets can make a lovely present for a couple. This pair have different stones, so one bracelet is black onyx and the other is jasper but both have one bead from the other on them. They come with a card which says ‘if I know what love is, it is because of you’. The beads are 8mm stones which are strung on high quality cord and measures 7 inches in total.

Bracelets can be great gifts and this is a pair designed for a couple. Each bracelet is made from stainless steel but one is a silver colour and the other a rose gold. They each have half a heart displayed on them and so will fit together to form a heart. They have a lobster clasp so that they fit on securely and there is an extender so that they should fit most wrists.

Socks are really useful gifts to give and this pair have a sentimental message on the bottom. They say on them ‘Distance means so little’ on one sock and ‘when someone means so much’ on the other with some hearts on them. They are unisex socks that are size 4-12 and there are two pairs supplied so one for each person in the couple. They are made from cotton.

A double necklace can be a romantic item for couples to have. This one has a pendant which fits together, each is a cat and they will slot together to make a circular pendant. They can be customised with names as well. They made from stainless steel and are on a cord which is made from leather and is 18 inches with an extra two inches so it can be extended if required.

A cute t-shirt can make a lovely gift. This is a short sleeved top which says ‘Love is not tourism’ on it with a picture of a plane. It comes in sizes suitable for men and women and in a choice of colours. It has a classic fit and is lightweight. It is made from a cotton and polyester fabric and is suitable for machine washing and tumble drying.

Sentimental books can make great gifts. This one is called ’What I love about you by me’ and it is a small journal with spaces on the pages to fill in information. There are prompts to complete the pages so that it makes it easier to express what you are feeling. It is a hardcover book with a plastic jacket which means that it can be treasured for a long time.

Puzzle pieces can be symbolic of a couple fitting together so this keyring and necklace set can be a great gift for a couple. The keyring has a puzzle piece gap in it and that piece is a pendant on the necklace. The pendant on the necklace says ‘His Always’ on it and the keyring says ‘Hers Forever’ on it. They come as a set in a velvet gift pouch.

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