32 Gift Ideas for Magicians of All Ages

By Louise
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There are many people that enjoy doing magic or want to learn how to do it whether they are children or adults. It can be a fun thing to learn and if you know someone that wants to learn how to do it then you will find that there are different gifts that you can buy them to help, there are also some for more established magicians as well. We have put together a list of some of the gifts that we have chosen that we think will be suitable for magicians and hope that they will inspire you to pick the perfect thing for the magician that you are buying a present for.

32 Presents for Magicians

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This is a cute fancy dress outfit for a child that wants to look like a magician. It includes a cape with a bow tie, waistcoat, hat, wand, coin, rabbit, white gloves and a card with tricks on it. It is suitable for children aged from three to eight years of age. The tricks included are a vanishing coin, levitating wand and magic rabbit trick which are simply explained and easy for a child to do.

This is a Marvin’s Magic set which has 225 magic tricks enclosed. It has all sorts of props included such as cards, reading canisters, magic theatre, wand and much more. The set is designed for children over the age of six and the props therefore have their hand size in mind. There is a detailed instruction booklet which explains everything in simple steps so that it is easy to understand what needs to be done to master each trick.

This is a set by Marvin’s Magic which includes 50 card tricks. It comes in a presentation tin and there is a deck of cards and five props to enable you to do all sorts of classic card tricks. These include united nations, psychic vision, all the hearts and mysterious hearts. The instructions are really clear which means that children over the age of eight will be able to succeed as well as adults as well.

This is a short sleeved t-shirt. It says on it ‘always be yourself unless you can be a magician then always be a magician’ and it has cards on it. It comes in black, navy, asphalt, royal blue and cranberry and in sizes for children aged 2-12 and also in fits for men and women sizes small – 3XL. It has a classic fit with a round neck and is made from cotton and polyester.

This is a Harry Potter themed magic wand. It is a Draco Malfoy wand in a boxed set. It is durable and hard to bend or break as it is made of a hard plastic. It has a lovely gift box and so is all ready to give away as a gift to any one that likes magic or who is a big fan of the Harry Potter series and particularly Draco Malfoy.

This is a very fun trick. It is a desktop toy which has magnetic particles inside it. When you use the two magnets with it, it will attract the particles in the jar and they will form all sorts of fun patterns and you can move them by moving the magnets. The product in the jar looks like normal liquid but can form interesting shapes when the magnets are nearby.

This is a Marvins Magic set called Marvins Magic Hat. It is suitable for children from the age of six years old and the tricks are therefore suitable for them to understand and the items are a good size for them to be able to handle. They will be able to pull a rabbit from a hat and all sorts of other fun tricks which will impress their family and friends.

This is a t-shirt which says on it ‘Evolution of Magic’ and has the picture of an ape evolving into a magician. The t-shirts come in a range of colours such as black, navy, red, pink, grey and green and in sizes for children and adults. They have fits for 2-12 year old children and adults from size small – 3XL. They can even be washed in the washing machine so are easy to keep clean.

This is a special magic colour changing scarf pack. It is a special magic trick which can be easily learned by children and adults of all ages. The scarf starts off green and yellow and the hand is just run down it and it changes to red and blue. It looks impressive and will be fun for children to perform at home, parties etc and wow their friends and family with the trick.

This is a notebook which says on it ‘You’re a great magician probably one of the best ever very special very talented, really terrific. Believe me, ask anyone.’ It is written in white on a black background with a picture of Donald Trump on the front. It measures 6 x 9 inches and has white lined paper inside. This means that it is useful to use as a notebook, journal, diary or for lists or other things.

This is a special magic finger. It is a soft plastic cap which fits on top of a finger. It glows red as well. It means that you can have fun with them doing magic tricks and you can also wear them in the dark or at discos for lots of fun. They come in a pack of four and they measure 4.5cm high and 3cm across. They are powered by an LED.

This is a tie clip which has a magician theme. It is made from a metal alloy and can be used to make sure that your tie stays attached to your shirt in the right place. On this clip there is a picture and it is a taro card picture of ‘The Magician’ in colour. It comes with a gift pouch which means that it is ready to present to someone as a special gift.

This is a fun costume for a child. The outfit is of Merlin the Magician and it comes with a blue and silver hat with moon and star on and a robe which has the same design on it. It is available in sizes suitable for a child aged 5-6 years and 8-9 years of age. Would be great for a party, Halloween or for putting on fun magic performances.

This is a long sleeved sweatshirt with the word ‘magician’ printed on the front of it. It is available in black, navy and royal blue and comes in sizes small – 2XL and is suitable for men or women. It has a classic fit and a round neck. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix which means that it is comfortable to wear and can be easily washed in the washing machine.

This is a framed poster from ‘The Magicians’ TV show which has been signed. It is available either as a poster only or framed in a black wooden frame with perspex glass and mounted with a white bevel edged photo mount, so you can choose which option that you think will be the best. It is 12 x 8 inches in size and is a high quality poster which has been printed in the UK.

This is a mug that can be personalised. It is white and says ‘world’s best magician’ on it with a picture of a top hat and cards and at the bottom you can add a name of your choice. On the back of the mug it says To [name] love from [name] xxx and also has the cards and top hat pictured. Makes a great gift – both practical and fun as well as flattering to the person that receives it.

This is a coaster that can be personalised. It says on it ‘world’s best magician’ and you can put a name underneath and then ‘love from [name]xxx’ at the bottom. It is white with red and black writing and a picture of a top hat and some playing cards. It is 9cm x 9cm in size and has a high gloss finish which can be wiped clean with a wooden back so it protects the surface it is on and does not slip.

This is a baby vest which says ‘magician in the making’ on the front of it with a cute picture of a child magician. It is white and has short sleeves and no legs with a pop stud fastening underneath and an envelope neck so it is easy to get on and off. It is made from 100% cotton and comes in sizes suitable for babies of 0-3 months, 6-12 months and 12-18 months.

This is a coffee mug which says on it ‘am I still a magician? If yes, please refill my coffee’. The mug is 14oz and made from stainless steel. It is 9.5cm x 12cm x 16cm and is thermal lined to keep the drink inside warm for longer. It has a black plastic bottom, handle and lid so that you are insulated from the heat and the lid is non-spill which swivels to reveal a drinking hole.

This is a t-shirt which is white with black print. On it, it says ’this is what an awesome magician looks like’ and there is a large black arrow at the top pointing upwards. It is available in sizes small – 3XL and is made from 100% heavyweight cotton. It has a classic fit and is unisex so will make a great gift for a male or female magician. Hand printed in the UK.

This is a set of magic playing cards. They are marked on the back so that you can see what number the card is just by looking at the back as the design incorporates the number. It means that you will be able to check when you are playing poker and other card games. They measure 8.9 x 6.3cm and are smooth with a clear pattern on them. Suitable for magicians of all ages.

This is a top hat which could be used for a magicians hat. It could be used as part of a fancy dress costume of for performing magic tricks or just playing as a magician. It is one size and will fit an adult. It has a wide brim, is not too tall and has a ribbon band around it. It measures 12.8 x 9.8 x 6.3 inches in size.

This is a pack of novelty fake cigarettes which would be great for a magicians trick or other jokes. They will give the impression that they are lit because they have an end that will glow and they look like they smoke as you blow as there is powder that comes from them. They are good for stage work, such as acting as well as magic shows. They come in a pack of ten.

This is a hoodie which says on it ‘trust me I’m a magician.’ It is black with long sleeves and a pocket on the front and comes in sizes small – 2xl. It has a bright picture on the front of a scary skeleton magician. It is made of a cotton and polyester mix and has a classic fit. It has a drawstring around the hat which is the same black colour as the hoody.

This is a magic prop which is a stretchy tongue. It is really stretchy so you can make it look like your tongue is really long and perhaps even pierce it with something. It measures approx. 5.7 x 3.6 x 1.2 cm/ 2.24 x 1.42 x 0.47 inches and it stretches to about 15cm but is easy to pull off after you have used it. Could be funny or gross depending on how you decide to use it!

This is a duvet cover set. It is black and white and has a picture of a taro card with a skeleton magician with ‘The Magician’ written on the bottom. It comes in sizes suitable for a single, double or king size bed. It is made from 100% super soft polyester material. There is an invisible zipper to keep the duvet in place and it can be machine washed and tumble dried.

This is a fun apron which comes in black, blue, red or pink. It says on it ‘are you a magician because abraca-dayum’. It is made from 100% heavy weight and absorbent cotton and has a high quality print so is suitable for cooking and baking, art and craft or DIY jobs. It is 60cm wide and 87cm long and has fabric ties which means that it fits most people.

This is a desk clock with a witch on it. It is a fun magical item which has a cartoon witch holding a pumpkin and it says ‘trick or treat’ on it. It is 9.44 x 0.2 inches in size and takes one AA battery to work. It can stand up on a shelf using a plate holder type stand or be hung up on the wall if required and would work in any room in the house.

This is a cushion cover which says on it ‘Are you a magician? Cos abraca dayum’ on it. It comes in black, blue, pink, navy, green, red, grey and yellow and has either white or black writing on it. It measures 41cm x 41xm and you can choose to buy it with or without an inner cushion. It comes with free delivery and would make a fun gift for a magician.

This is a fridge magnet. It has a pretty multicoloured background but you can choose from plain black, fuchsia, white, mint or yellow or marbled black, white and red. The writing on it says ‘are you a magician? Because abraca-dayum’. It has a gloss finish on the front of it and a solid durable backing and measures 50.8mm x 76.2mm. It would brighten up any fridge or metal item that it is stuck to.

This is a book called ‘The Magician’s Assistant’ by Ann Patchett. It is available in paperback or kindle versions. It is a story based around a magician’s assistant who married the magician after his lover died of AIDS but when he does she finds that he had lied about his family background and she discovers all about his horrific past and why he had not kept in touch with his family.

This is a book called ‘The Magicians House’ by DM Potter. It is a book for children aged 10-12 years old and it is an interactive story. This means that you can choose where to go in the book by deciding what you want the character to do next but you have to make sure that you do not get turned to stone or else you will have to start back at the beginning again!

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