29 Gift Ideas for Your Mum & Dad

Updated on January 19th, 2021
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If you are looking for a gift for your Mum and Dad then you may tend to get a bit stuck. It can be easier at times to buy gifts for just the one of them, but if it is their anniversary or an occasion where you want to buy them a joint present then you will need to think of something. Finding something original can be tricky, especially if they already have a lot of things. Therefore, you may find our list of suggestions useful. We have ideas for all sorts of gifts, some are quirky and funny, others are serious and practical and so hopefully you will find something that will work.

29 Lovely Presents for your Mother & Father

This mug could work as a gift for Mum or Dad or you could buy them one each. It is a white mug which says on it ‘My favourite child gave me this mug’ in black writing. It is made from ceramic and is suitable for microwave and dishwasher use. It measures 11.8 x 10.6 x 9cm and the words are printed on both sides so can be seen whether the recipient is left or right handed.

This is a sentimental heart shaped wooden plaque. It says on it ‘Mum & Dad for all the times that I forgot to thank you for all the special things you do for all the words that sometimes go unspoken, I need to say I LOVE YOU’. It has a decorative flower, button and heart stuck on it. It measures 17cm x 15cm and is a lovely gift to show parents how much you think of them.

This is a memory light which says on it ‘In loving memory Mum and Dad, loved beyond words missed beyond measure’. The light is 20cm and has a shimmering silver lining with a butterfly and lavender silhouette design to compliment the sentimental words on it. The base has a mirrored finish and has a slot for 3 AA batteries. Once the LED lights are lit it provides a twinkling tribute to your lost ones.

This is a luxury gift hamper which would impress any parents. It contains red wine, cheese, biscuits, chocolates and jams. They are all top brands, but might be substituted depending on availability. It comes in a hand wrapped hamper basket with a golden ribbon and a personalised gift message can be added if required. A great gift for any occasion which will look and taste great from a company based in the Cotswolds!

This is a cute handmade charm keyring for new Mum and Dad’s to be. The card says ‘Congratulations we are wishing you happiness with your new little baby’ and there are two keyrings on it. Both keyrings have three charms on them, a pair of little feet, a pacifier and a heart shape which is either engraved with ‘Mum’ or ‘Dad’.The Dad keyring has a blue footprint on the card next to it and the Mum has a pink one. It comes with free delivery.

This is a set of two gin glasses which would make a great gift for a couple including parents. They are 560ml balloon shaped glasses with an elegant stem so they look good and have plenty of room for ice, tonic or other mixers. They come in an elegant box with a jigger or spirit measure which can measure 25ml or 50ml and there is also a cocktail spoon for mixing your drinks.

This is a brightly coloured pair of mugs for parents who like caravans. One says ‘Dad’s caravan mug’ and one says ‘Mum’s caravan mug’. They both have the same picture of bunting and caravans but Mum’s is in pastel colours and Dad’s is in primary colours. The mugs can be stacked together so that they take up less room in the caravan or in any cupboard. They are dishwasher and microwave safe.

This is a cute pair of socks for newborn babies. They are white and say ‘I [heart] mum’ on them or you can choose ‘I [heart] Dad’.  The heart is in red and the writing is in black. They are made from a soft material which is a cotton blend with elastane for warmth and comfort and they are 7-9cm long and will fit a baby from 0-6 months of age. They can go in a washing machine.

This is an ornamental tree with hanging photo frames to display family photos. There are 6 frames which can be hung anywhere on the tree using ribbons. The tree is made from black metal and therefore stands out when placed against a pale wall. You can choose to add photos and give it with them in or you can let your parents choose the pictures. Can be great for pictures of children or grandchildren.

This book is called ‘The book you wish your parents had read (and your children will be glad that you did). It is a parenting guide so is a great gift to give to new parents, but would not be wise to give it to your own! It lays out a plan to have a good parent-child relationship and how to handle feelings, break negative cycles and learn from the mistakes that you make.

This is a cute pair of elephants. They have their trunks intertwined to show their love for each other. One is dark grey and one is white. They are made from ceramic and are 25.5cm high. The design is very simple so they look modern and elegant and the colours will mean they will fit in with any home. They come in a box so are ready to give to your parents as a sentimental gift, perhaps for an anniversary.

This is a lovely box of chocolate which would be a welcome gift to anyone. It contains a selection of small bars from Green and Black’s range of organic chocolates. There is a mix of flavours: dark 70%, white, milk with sea salt, milk, milk with butterscotch, dark 85%, milk with almonds, dark with hazelnuts, dark with hazelnuts and currents, dark with crunchy toffee, dark with ginger and a larger sized bar of 85% dark.

This is a personalised horseshoe which can be hung up. It has a gold mirrored effect on and says Mum & Dad in the middle of it. On the bottom of the horseshoe you can have it personalised if you wish, perhaps with a date or a greeting. It is 120mm wide by 129mm high and is 3mm thick and made of gold mirror acrylic which has been laser cut to size. It has a satin ribbon to hang it up and an organza bag to keep it in.

This is a silver plated photo frame which is 6 x 4 inches and silver plated. It can be engraved with a message above and below the photo so you can say who it is to or from, what occasion it is for or put a date. It fits a 6 x 4 inch photograph which you can put in or leave for them to put in. It comes with a stand and in a box.

This is a fun hamper of retro sweets which will be a great gift for parents if they have a sweet tooth. It includes a big mix of items such as dib dab, fizz wizz, white mice, anglo bubbly, sherbet fountain, rainbow drops, candy sticks, curly wurly, drumstick, jazzles, jelly beans, flumps, wham, candy necklace, love hearts, black jacks, fruit salad, parma violets, candy whistle, dairy milk, candy lipstick and many more.

This is a gift hamper containing cheese, chutney and crackers. It has Snowdonia Cheese Company cheese: Black Bomber, Red Devil and Green Thunder and comes with Cartwright & Butler Wafers for Cheese as well as Snowdonia Balsamic Caramelized Onion Chutney, Snowdonia Fig & Apple Chutney and Cottage Delight Farmhouse Pork Pate. It all comes in a gift box with wood wool inside it so all ready to have delivered straight to Mum and Dad.

This is a lovely word art print for a new Mum and Dad. It forms the picture of two blue footprints and has words relating to ‘son’ and parenting. It is printed on 250gsm card so it is good quality and has a hardboard backing with a silver frame. It is A4 in size and can be hung on the wall or free standing. It makes a lovely gift for new parents expecting a baby boy or having just had a baby boy.

This cute cat doorstop could make a lovely gift for Mum and Dad. It is a sturdy and heavy doorstop which will not fall over. It is 31cm in height, 19cm wide and 10cm deep. It is filled with aggregate to keep it heavy. It is made from a grey material with a stitched face and bow around the neck. It has a white tummy panel and is made from a plush polyester material.

This is an ornamental figure which can be given to a couple, such as Mum and Dad, as a 50th anniversary decoration. It features a man in a black suit holding a woman in a gold dress and has the number 50 on the rock that he is standing on. The item is 11cm high and is made of plastic and so would be great as a cake topper as it can be easily cleaned.

This is a cute pair of willow planters which are in the shape of teacups. Each looks like a cup with a handle on a saucer. They are two different sizes, one has a 25cm diameter and the other has a 14cm diameter and so they are great for planted herbs or small flowers to make an attractive display. Each is fully lined so that it can be watered without leaking.

This a mini lamp which has a stand that is a log with a cute couple sitting on it. The couple are embracing and they have bags and bright clothing. The lamp is 11.5 x 9 x 16.5cm so it is cute and small and so easy to fit on a desk, shelf or bedside table. It is made of synthetic resin which is durable. It has a little switch near the top of the bulb to switch it on and off.

This is a pewter Mum & Dad decision coin. Basically, the coin has ‘Mum’ on one side and ‘Dad’ on the other. This means that if there is a chore to be done, the coin can be tossed to decide who will be doing the chore. Can make a fun baby shower gift for parents to be or even for any parents who tend to disagree over whose turn it is to do jobs in the house.

This is a personalised engraved glass plaque. It says on it ‘Mum & Dad I’ll always appreciate the things you have taught me and how much you love me love [Name] xxx. The glass plaque measures approximately 90mm x 125mm and it comes with a stand so that it can be put on a shelf. A lovely gift idea to show your parents how much they mean to you, suitable for any occasion.

This is a book called ‘Nosh for busy Mums and Dads: A family cookbook with everyday food for real families’. It is a book which provides recipes that are simple and stress free but made from fresh ingredients. There are even tips on getting young children to eat, snacks and party food and everything is designed to encourage children into the kitchen. The meals are also cheap with an average cost of £1.28 per person for each meal.

This is a lovely heart plaque which is for Gran and Grandad. It is a word art print in the shape of a heart and it can be personalised. This means that names can be put at the bottom so the names of grandchildren can be inserted. Also, the names of Gran and Grandad can be changed so that they are the names that you use for them. It could be given to parents from children to show how much they think of them as their Gran & Grandad.

This is a fun book for a couple that are about to become a Mum and Dad for the first time. It is called ‘We’re Pregnant: The first-time Dad’s pregnancy handbook’ by Adrian Kulp. The book helps a man to be a confident Father and to know all the things that they might need to know on a month by month basis both through pregnancy and beyond. It is a practical book outlining actions that should be taken.

This is a fun set of matching aprons for a couple, which could suit Mum and Dad perfectly. One apron says ‘Head Chef: Always in Command’ and the other says ‘Sous Chef: second in command’. They come in different colours and you can buy a pair in the same colour or in different colours. Choices include navy, black, bottle green, fuchsia, red and purple. They are made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton twill with an adjustable neck strap, fabric ties on the waist and a pocket on the front.

This is a special ornament in memory of a loved Mum and Dad. It is teardrop shapes and says on it ‘Special Mum and Dad A silent thought, a secret tear, keeps your memory ever near’. It has a hanging diamante crystal in the middle of it as well as flowers on it with crystals in the middle of them. It is designed to be a graveside ornament and measures 14 x 23cm. A lovely tribute to a special couple.

This is a matching pair of marmite jars with personalised labels. One says ‘Dad’ and the other says ‘Mum’ on it. It is a gift pack of two jars which are 250g each. A great gift for a Mum and Dad that like marmite or maybe a fun gift for one if only one is a lover of Marmite and the other isn’t. Marmite is yeast extract which is high in B vitamins and suitable for vegans.

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