32 Gift Ideas for Music Lovers & Musicians

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If you know someone who loves music, whether they like playing an instrument, singing or listening to music, then you might like to buy them music related gifts. However, it is not always that easy to know what to choose. You might feel that they have a lot of music related things and that you want something that will be original and different. We have therefore put together a useful list of gift ideas to help with this. You should be able to find something that will suit people of all personalities as we have useful and fun things, some that are funny and other that are serious that will suit all budgets.

32 Presents for Music Fans

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This is a fine china mug which is white in colour. It has a black print of music staves with a melody on it which is Fur Elise by Beethoven. The edge of the handle and the rim are edged with black giving an elegant feel and it has a treble clef inside it. The mug measures 9.5cm x 8cm and comes boxed so that it is all ready to give away as a special present.

This keyring has a treble clef pendant as well as a blank oval shaped pendant. The oval pendant can be engraved with a personal message or name.  The pendants are chrome plated. The keyring is 92mm x 36mm x 3mm and would make a great bag charm as well, particularly on a musical instrument case. It comes in a presentation box, so it is all ready to give away to a music lover as a special gift.

This short-sleeved t-shirt says on it ‘The Best Ever’ and underneath is a music stave with three notes on it ‘B’ ‘E’ and ‘D’ which only someone that could read music would be able to read. It comes in sizes suitable for men and women and children to fit ages 2-12 years and adult sizes small to 2XL. It also comes in a big variety of colours black, navy, royal blue, baby blue, cranberry, dark heather, heather grey, heather blue, pink and purple.

This is a pen holder with a musical theme. It is made from metal and has a barrel and next to it is a musician and there is a choice of a guitarist or a violinist. The barrel can hold pens and pencils which will help you to organise your desk. It is a fun item that will not only keep a desk tidier but will also provide some fun decoration at the same time.

This book is called ‘The Classical Music Lover’s Companion to Orchestral Music’ and is available in hardback or kindle editions. The book by Robert Phillip covers classical music from 1700 to 1950 and provides information on four hundred works by sixty eight different musicians including key features, subtleties and surprises using terminology which is not overly technical. There is also background and biographical information about the composers which will provide context to the pieces.

This is a personalised guitar pick which is a bright silver colour as it is made from highly polished stainless steel. The plectrum measures 30mm x 25mm and can be customised to have a name or message engraved on it in your font of choice. It comes in a presentation box with a magnetic clasp so it is ready to give away as a special gift for a guitar, ukulele or banjo player.

These are cookie cutters that are in the shape of musical notes and instruments. There are seven different shapes with 3 notes, a treble clef, a violin, guitar and grand piano. The shapes look even better when the cookies are decorated with icing. They are made from stainless steel which will not corrode and can go in the dishwasher. They are durable and have sharp edges to cut cookie dough or fondant icing easily to make the required shapes.

This unique clock is made from a vinyl record. The central part has a picture of a DJ in gold on a black background. The main clock matches in with this as the hands and numbers are also gold on the black background. Some of the numbers have been replaced with musical notes. The clock is silent so there is no annoying ticking noise but it is very accurate using a quartz movement.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which comes in styles and sizes suitable for men, women and children. There are sizes suitable for ages 2-12 as well as adult sizes small – 3XL. The t-shirt has a multicoloured guitar picture on it and comes in a choice of black, navy, royal blue, white and brown. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix which is lightweight and soft and is suitable for machine washing.

This is a music notebook for kids with a fun design on the front cover which is brightly coloured. It is 6 x 9 inches and has music staves inside so that they can use them to learn music notation or to compose music. It has 120 pages and so there is plenty of room for lots of musical notation to be filled in it. It is great for music students and children learning music at school.

This is a cushion case with a vintage look. It says on it ‘Where words fail music speaks’ in black and has a picture of a guitar on it. It is made of durable soft fabric and measures 18 x 18 inches. The pattern is on the front and the back is white. The case has a zip on one edge so that you can easily open it to insert a pillow inside.

This is a unique set of guitar shaped spoons. There are seven spoons in total and they are made from stainless steel but all come in different colours: gold, blue, black, turquoise, purple, rose gold and silver. They are a great novelty item but practical too as they can be used for stirring hot or cold drinks, cocktails or eating puddings and they can go in the dishwasher. A great idea for a music lover.

These are pens which have a musical theme and have a handy stylus on the end. They are ballpoint pens and have a treble clef on them. They come in different colours – orange, gold, silver, black, yellow and red. They are about 5.8 inches in length and have a soft silicon end which can be used with phones, tablets and other mobile devices without scratching the screen. The pens come in a pack of six with one of each colour included.

This is a set of four music coasters. Each coaster has a white background with black printing on which is a stave with musical notation on it. The coasters come in a box and each have a cork back to protect the surface underneath. They have a heat resistant laminate surface. They measure 10.5cm x 10.5cm and can be easily wiped with a clean damp cloth. Will make a great gift for a music lover.

This is a music song writing journal. It has an attractive cover which is blue with a musical note print on it and different coloured notes. Inside it has printed staved across all pages so that it can be used for composition. It is 8 x 10 inches in size and has good quality paper so it can be written on with a pencil or pen easily. A great gift for a composer.

This is a Teeny Tiny Turntable. It looks like a record player but is a miniature size and comes with 3 mini-LPs which come in a printed sleeve and the records play 30 seconds of music. It also comes with stickers to decorate the records and their sleeves and a 32 page miniature book. Although it looks like a record player it is actually a fun toy which plays music and can be a great novelty gift for children or to go in a dolls house.

This white scarf has brightly coloured musical notes printed on it in a random pattern, mainly towards the ends of the scarf so some areas are plain. It is a funky design that would suit all music lovers. It measures 90 x 180cm so can be draped around the neck or wrapped around the shoulders. It is made from soft and comfortable chiffon material and is suitable for wearing at all sorts of occasions.

This is fun nightlight or lamp. It is made of wood and has a musical instruments and musical notes carved into it. You can choose between a guitar, cello, saxophone or just notes, depending on which instruments the recipient plays or likes. It measures 7.48 x 7.48 x 1.18 inches and the power comes from a USB connection. It can be used in the bedroom, sitting room or on a desk to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

This is a magnetic poetry kit with a music theme. It has over 200 magnetic words and they are designed to stick on your fridge so that you can write poetry or make messages. This set has a music influence so there are many music related words. Can be fun for families to play with or for guests when you have a party. There is lots of fun to be had even if you do not use it for poetry.

This is a shopping bag with a music theme. The tote bag is made from cotton oxford cloth which is mainly black in colour. Along one side is a keyboard. It therefore makes a great gift for a music lover or pianist for carrying their music or just for their general shopping needs. It measures 32 x 28 x 7cm and has short handles for easy carrying in the hand.

This is a print which has a dictionary definition of music on it. It is mainly white with black writing and the paper is 260gsm photo paper which is acid free and water resistant. It is printed in fade resistant ink. It is available in different sizes – A6, A5, A4, A3 and A2. They are provided ready to frame so you can choose whether to pop it in a frame before you give it away.

This is a novelty treble clef cufflink and tie pin set. They are in polished stainless steel. The treble clef measures 3cm x 1cm. It would make a great gift for someone that likes to dress formerly or to give to someone to wear at a formal occasion. They come in a black presentation box so are all ready to give away as a special gift. They even have free delivery.

This is a set of paperclips that are in the shape of musical notes. There are 11 novelty paperclips in the packet and they are all in the shape of a quaver. They will be great to keep together loose pages of music or a place keeper in a book of music, being capable of holding up to 20 sheets together. They are heavier than normal paperclips so feel good quality and do the job well.

This is a 16GB MP3 player which allows you to play music on the go. It has HiFi lossless sound and headphones with a built in speaker and voice recorder. It is compact in size and lightweight so great for use when exercising. It can play MP3’s and FM radio and you can also use it for picture browsing and file browsing as well as a calendar, ebook reader and more.

This is a set of 6 brightly coloured kazoos. They are coloured metallic blue, green, purple, orange, gold and silver and you receive a pack of 6 with one of each colour. They are made of an aluminium alloy and are smooth and polished. Just hum into it and they produce the sound. They are a fun starter instrument for children and perfect for popping in party bags or using as stocking fillers.

This is a bottle opener in the shape of a treble clef. It is made from chrome which means that it is durable and it will not tarnish or rust. It is shiny so looks good and so will sit nicely on a bar or kitchen counter. It comes in an attractive box which has music notation printed on the cardboard base and a see through lid so you can see the product.

This is a fun novelty product. It is a poster which you can scratch off. It has a list of 100 albums and you scratch off the ones that you have listened to. The list of albums are all classic titles some of which all music lovers are bound to have listened to. Once scratched it can be framed and hung on a wall or hung up like a poster without a frame.

This is a set of four bookmarks. Each bookmark has a musical theme as each has a musical item at the top: treble clef, French horn, trumpet and violin. They are each made from stainless steel which is plated in 18k gold. They are 1 x 4 inches in size and are really thin so will not damage the book that they are placed in. They would make a great gift for anyone that likes reading and music.

This is a useful bulldog clip or clamp which can be used to hold music. It has a fun design with the word music on the top and a keyboard at the bottom. There are four in the pack in black, red, blue and brown. They can be used to hold music books open or to attach them to music stands. They are made from durable plastic and even have a hole in the top so that they can be hung up when not in use.

The Skwitch will transform your iPhone into a one button musical instrument. You will be able to use it to play songs that you know or to compose music. It can be a great introduction to music technology. It is very quick to get stated with and needs no batteries. It can be used with no music skills, although if you already play or compose you can use it alongside other instruments.

This is a music song sheet holder. It is a folder which has 40 pockets to keep music in which means that it does not get worn or damaged from frequent use. On the front of the black folder there is a keyboard and treble clef design. It is light weight for easy transportation. It measures 30.2cm x 24.8cm x 2.5cm and can hold up to 80 A4 sized or smaller pages.

This is a mini guitar replica. It is an ornamental piece which comes with a stand and is made of wood. It is made to a 1:4 scale so is about 10 inches in height. There are different styles to choose form such as Hendrix, ACDC, Kiss, Led Zepplin, McCartney, Motorhead, Oasis, Steve Vai, Rolling Stones, The Doors and The Wall. A fun gift for a fan of these musicians or a guitar player.

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