30 Gift Ideas for a New Father of Any Age

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Becoming a new Dad can be a difficult job. Not only do they have a new baby to care for and learn about but they also have to look after the mother of the baby, and cope with less sleep. It is a job that many people forget and the mother tends to get all the attention and not the father. Therefore, we have put together a list of gifts suitable for new fathers. So, whether you want to give a new father a present when the baby is born, before the baby is born or as baby grows, you should find something suitable.

30 Presents for New Fathers

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This is a book by Rob Kemp called  ‘The New Dad’s Survival Guide: What to Expect in the first year and beyond’. Many people read a book about the birth of the baby and once it is born forget about learning more, however, there is a lot more learning to do. This book covers all sorts of things that you will need to experience such as bonding with the baby, supporting baby’s development, managing work arrangements, finance and sorts of other information to prepare you for fatherhood.

This is a very cute matching set of tops for Daddy and baby. They are white, grey, red, green or blue coloured and Dad gets a short-sleeved t-shirt with ‘Daddyasaurus’ on it and baby gets a short-sleeved vest with babyasaurus on it and they both have a dinosaur picture. They are both 100% cotton and can go in a washing machine. A cute pair of items for Daddy and baby.

This is a fun Haynes manual all about babies. It discusses babies in the same way it did cars in the original series but is a smaller version, although still has some of the original line drawings inside. It is a fun book covering different topics in a humorous and informative way and could be a great way to treat any new Dad before or after his new addition comes along.

This is a very useful changing rucksack bag. It is lightweight but has plenty of space for lots of items. It has a small zipped front pocket with sleeves to hold bottles and cutlery and inside there are also elasticated pockets as well as large area in the middle with a large volume, for nappies, wipes, clothing etc. There are even pockets on the back of the bag too. It is waterproof, well reinforced with adjustable buckles on the straps.

This is a white mug which says on it in black writing ‘Can’t keep calm I’m a Dad now’ and has a picture of a red dummy or pacifier on it. It measures 12cm x 8.5cm and is ceramic and holds 350ml. It is printed using a dye sublimation method so it does not fade and is suitable for microwave and dishwasher use. It comes in a matching presentation box so it is all ready to give away as a gift.

This is a book called ‘Diary of a new fat adoptive Dad. It is a book about a gay couple who decide to adopt two children and chronicles the first two years with those children. It discusses the good and bad experiences they had when adjusting to being parents for the first time as well as information about the adoption process. It is interesting and comical book for any parents thinking of adopting a child.

This is a funny baby vest for new Dad’s. It has writing on it with the word ’arm’ written twice with arrows pointing to the arms and the same for the legs. In the centre, it says ‘come on Daddy! You can do this!’. The vest is white with black writing on it. It has three poppers at the bottom. It is size 0-3 months and made from 100% cotton.

This is a survival toolkit for new dads. It is a novelty kit which contains nine items such as a gas mask, gloves, nappy, biohazard bags, baby wipes, dummy, ear defenders, rattles and baby care instructions. A fun gag present for a new dad, which may actually be useful to him. It comes in a box and has free shipping too, so all ready to give away as a gift.

This is a metal badge for a new Dad. It is available in either 1 inch or 2-inch sizes and has a yellow background. Written in black capital letters it says ‘Real Men’ and underneath in red letters it says ‘Change Nappies’. It has a rear pin fastening and has high definition printing. It is a great hint to any new Dad that he can do this role and take on his share of the dirty jobs!

This is a New Daddy survival kit which comes in a blue organza bag measuring 12cm x 18cm and has a selection of small items inside. There is a card attached explaining the significance of all of the gifts that are enclosed which is written as if it is a gift from the baby. It also comes with a keyring with a charm of two mini feet which is attached to a backing card with a sentimental poem on it.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘First Time Daddy est 2020 #wishmeluck’ with stars and a pair of mini footprints on it. The t-shirt comes in a choice of colours: black, navy, white, brown and dark heather. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix and can be washed in a washing machine. It is a lovely gift for the first time Dad to show off his status!

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which says ‘TopDad’ on it with a cog symbol which looks like the Topgear logo. It is available in black, grey or white. It is made from 100% cotton jersey and has a loose fit. It is available in size small and has a taped neckline and twin needle stitching. It is machine washable. Makes a fun gift for any Dad, whether a new Dad or more established one.

This is a pair of keyrings to give to a new Mum and Dad. They both come on the same backing card which says ‘Congratulations! We are wishing you happiness with your new little baby’. The keychain has three pendants on it – there is a pacifier, mini footprints and a heart on the bottom. The hearts are different as one says ‘Mum’ and the other ‘Dad’ and they both have a small crystal embedded in them.

This is a keyring with a series of fun pendants on it. It has a circle with ‘Love you Daddy’ and also has a screwdriver, hammer and wrench, pendant on it as well. They are made from metal alloys and can be used for putting with keys, as a bag charm or just as a keepsake. It comes with a pouch and so is ready to give as a lovely gift to give to a Dad on behalf of his child.

This is a ‘Daddy’s Nappy Aid Kit’. It is a card box which has an instruction manual with do’ and don’ts as well as eye protection, toxic sack, ear guards, mess wipes, surgical gloves, gas mask and an emergency nappy. A great way to encourage any new Dad to see the funny side of changing dirty nappies and hopefully will encourage them to help out as they will be well protected for the job.

This is a decision coin which has ‘Mum’ on one side and ‘Dad’ on the other. It is a great gift for new parents as it will help them to decide who needs to do the next job. It is easy to find yourselves arguing over who needs to change the next nappy, particularly if it is dirty so the coin can help! It is made from pewter, is 4cm in diameter and comes in a red organza bag.

This is a book of Dad Jokes. A really useful book for any man who is a new Dad and does not have a good repertoire of jokes. These will give him plenty to choose from as there are over 600 enclosed so there is a good selection. Hopefully, it will give him plenty to laugh about and he might even share the jokes around to share the fun or the groans with others.

This is ‘The Little Book for Dads’ which contains stories, jokes, games and more. It has all sorts of traditional things in it such as games like crazy eights and slapjack, creative activities like rainy day crafts, bedtime stories such as Aladdin and jokes. Hopefully, these traditional things will bring back some lovely memories for any Dad as well as giving them the opportunity to share some fun with their children as well.

This is a set of 6 pairs of socks designed for Dads. They are mainly black but they have words on them in bright colours such as ‘super dad’ and ‘world’s best dad’. They fit feet from shoe size 6 to 11 and are made from 80% cotton, 17% polyester and 3% elastane so they are soft and stretchy. They come in a polybag with the message: ‘to the world you are one person, but to one person you are the world’.

This is a book by Mark Woods called ‘Pregnancy for Men: The Whole Nine Months’. This is a useful book as men may feel a bit detached from the pregnancy as he is not carrying the baby of course but it will certainly have a big impact on him too. It includes information on how to support their partner and how the baby is growing so any man is prepared for the new arrival when it comes along.

This is a word art picture for a new baby boy. It is a pair of footprints made out of words in different shades of blue. It is A4 in size and is printed on premium 250gsm paper. It comes in a silver frame which allows the blue colouring to really stand out. It can be hung on a wall or stand up on a shelf. A lovely gift for a couple expecting a son or who have just had a little boy.

This is a car air freshener in the shape and style of a number plate. It has a white background and ‘BE5T D4D’ written on it in black and has a black surround too. It has a hole in with twine through so it can be hung up. It comes in a selection of 15 different fragrances and you can choose between them or just opt for the standard vanilla one.

This is a black short-sleeved t-shirt with white writing on. The writing reads ‘Daddy you are as smart as Ironman, as strong as Thor, as fast as Flash and as brave as Batman you are our favourite superhero and has the superhero symbols on too. A lovely gift for children to give their father. It is available in sizes small – XXL and is made from 100% cotton in the UK.

This is a baby’s keepsake and memory box. It is a white box which has silver embossed writing on it. It measures 11 x 28 x 22cm and it has things included inside too. There are velvet pouches for hospital bracelets, baby’s first tooth and first curl. It also has a white card box for their first booties and frames for their first photo and scan. There is also a foot and handprint kit, 2 silver wallets for congratulations cards and a birth certificate storage tube.

This is a mug set for parents. Each mug is made from ceramic and is white in colour. Printed on the mug in gold metallic writing it says ‘new Daddy’ on one and ‘new Mummy’ on the other. They make a cute pair and will allow parents to have a nice drink and also feel proud of their new roles. A lovely gift to give to show a couple how much you are thinking of them.

This is a wooden frame which is engraved with ‘Dear Daddy Our adventure is about to start I love you already with all my heart love bump’. It comes in 4×6 or 5×7 inches so fits different sized pictures and is the perfect place to put a scan photograph. There is a stand on the back of the frame which means that it can be displayed easily on any flat surface.

This is a fun sign to hang up in a car. It says on it ‘Mum and Dad to be on board’ and has a picture of a cartoon couple with a baby on it. It comes with a suction cup so that it can be easily attached to a car window. It is 14cm x 14cm and therefore not so big as to obscure the driver’s vision while they are driving but will still stand out with its bright blue colouring.

This is a sentimental guitar pick. It says on it ‘I couldn’t pick a better Dad’. It is made from stainless steel but available in rose gold, silver or gold colour. It is 3.5 x 3 cm and would make a great gift for a Dad that plays an instrument that needs a pick such as a guitar or a banjo. It comes in a black velvet bag so is all ready to give away.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt with a mock-up of the Jurassic Park logo on it with the word ‘Daddysaurus’ on it and a red background. It comes in black, grey or navy and in sizes small – 4XL. It is an officially licensed t-shirt and is made from cotton so if soft and comfortable with a club or crew neck style collar. It is suitable for washing in a washing machine.

This is a funny baby vest which says on it ‘Breaking dad’ in black with some green and white. It is available in white, pink or blue and in sizes 0-3, 3-6, 6-12, 12-18 and 18-24 months. It is made from cotton and is super soft. It has short-sleeved and pop studs underneath for easy changing. It has an envelope style collar for easy removal. It is suitable for boys or girls.

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