29 Presents for Someones New Home

Updated on May 5th, 2021
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When people move into a new home it can be nice to give them a gift. Often, they will need a few things to help them out, perhaps because it is their first home and they do not have a lot of things or because they have had to spend out a lot of money and will not be able to treat themselves. There are lots of things that you could potentially get them but you may feel rather overwhelmed and not really sure of what to get. Therefore, we have put together a useful list of items that you can pick from so that you can get some ideas.

29 Housewarming Gift Ideas for a New Home Purchase

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This is a personalised map print. It is a heart shaped print which has an OS map inside it. About the heart it says ‘Home is where the heart is’ and below it says the name of the couple or family, their address and the date they moved there. It can come in A5, A4 and A3 sizes and can be framed or unframed. The frames have a safe acrylic glazing which is similar to glass but will not break.

This is a wooden photo frame which has ‘Our New Home’ engraved on it with a key underneath. It will make a lovely gift to pop in a photo of them in front of their new home or inside it or to use for any photo they wish. It takes a photo 6 x 4 inches in size and will be a sentimental keepsake for them to treasure. It comes with free delivery.

This is a reed diffuser designed specifically for New Home gifts. On the packaging it says ‘Fill your New Home with Fragrance’ and ‘Happy New Home’. It is a lovely boxed set by Wax Lyrical and the fragrance is fresh and fruity with hints of peach and vanilla. A pretty gift and could be handy if the home is newly decorated and has paint smells or has any other smells that a new home has.

This is a rustic looking ornamental figure which is holding a house in their hands. It is 5.5 inches and made from hand painted resin and will work on any mantle shelf or china cabinet due to its simple design. In the enclosure card it says ‘Mi cases es su casa’ which means my house is your house. It comes in a cardboard box and is easy to clean with a light cloth or soft brush

This is a small organza bag which contains ‘your new home survival kit’. It has all sorts of small items in it which will all help out with a new home. There are 12 items in total and it comes with a card tied to the bag which explains the relevance of each item. For example:, ‘candle -just in case of a power cut’, ‘seeds to plant in your new garden’ and ‘love hearts – to fill your new home with love’.

This is a slate chopping board which has been engraved. It says on it ‘cooking together in our new home’. It is around 30cm x 22cm in size. There is the option of ordering one with or without a gift box so you can decide whether to have it boxed and ready to give or whether you want to wrap it yourself when you get it. It can be used for chopping, serving food on or just displaying as a kitchen plaque.

This is a wall plaque in a heart shape. There is a large heart which says ‘home sweet home’ on it and it has two holes in the top with twine through for hanging it up. There is also a hole at the bottom from which another heart can be suspended. This one can be personalised with the names of the people living in the home. The main heart measures 12cm x 12cm x 4mm and the smaller one 8cm x 8cm x 4mm.

This is a pair of keyrings for a couple moving into their new home. They are made from veneered oak and are personalised. They are in the shape of a house and say ‘Our first home’ and underneath it can be personalised with the date they moved in. Then underneath it says a name with a heart and another name. The names are swapped around on the different keyrings. The keyrings are 5cm x 5cm in size.

This is a special new home themed cushion cover which can be personalised. It says ‘new home’ at the top then the name of the couple, their house number, street name and date they moved in. It is made from heavy linen and is white/cream coloured with a zip to make it easy to get a cushion in and out of it. It is 40cm x 40cm and is suitable for machine washing.

This is a personalised wine box, ideal for giving when someone moves into a new home and you want to present them with a bottle of wine that is special. The box says on it ‘All the best in your New Home’ and has ‘2020’ on it too. The wine is not included so you can choose one that you feel they will really like. Makes a very memorable gift.

This is a cute gift for a family moving in to a new home. It is a lucky sixpence which comes in a 50 x 50mm plastic case. On the top of the case it has a picture of a house and it says ‘Good luck in your new home : lucky sixpence’. The sixpence is traditionally thought to bring good fortune and good luck so this is a thoughtful gift.

This is a his and hers keyholder which could make a useful gift for a new home. It is a house shape and has a male and female figure cut out of it. These figures are keyring pendants which you leave on your keys and then when you are not using the keys you can put them in the right place in the holder so that you will always know where they are. It is 100m x 100mm x 7mm and made from birch wood.

This is a plaque which can be hung on the wall of your home. It says on it ‘wifi password’ and underneath is a chalkboard so that you can write it on. It measures 200mm x 100mm and is 5mm thick. It is a great idea to put this in a hallway so that your visitors can connect to your wifi as soon as they come into the house. A friendly gesture for guests.

This is a useful shelf which is made of metal and has concealed fittings. It comes in a choice of colours such as black, white, blue, pink, red, grey or green colour so looks stylish and will fit in with any modern room design. Once it has a stack of large books on it you cannot see the shelf at all and it can take a weight of up to 12kg.

This is a D&J Glassware friendship ball. It is a glass bauble which has a tree inside it. It comes in either gold, blue or pink. It is 10cm x 10cm with a white ribbon threaded through the glass loop at the top. A lovely gift which would look good hanging in a window and would make a new home look pretty. It comes with a sentimental message.

This is a rug in a geometric design. It comes in a selection of different sizes from 120 x 170cm to 200 x 290cm. It has a choice of colours: ochre/dark grey, blush pink/dark grey and blue/dark grey. It has a series of patterns on it such as striped in a geometric pattern. It is made from a durable polypropylene which is family friendly. A great way to brighten up a new home.

This is a special journal for a new home. It is a way to record all of the upgrades and improvements you do in the home while you are there. Can be a useful place to store warranties, receipts and records, tradesperson’s cards and useful things like this. You can also put in paint colours in case you need to touch up, maintenance schedules, flooring materials and every useful detail. Includes places for sketching room layouts too.

This is a cut set of cat coasters. There is a wooden holder which has in it six rustic wooden carved coasters which are in the shape of cat heads. The heads each have a cute cat face on them which looks like a sleeping cat. Each coaster is 11cm x 11cm x 0.5cm. The rustic style is very trendy and will fit with most homes. They are a lovely gift which will brighten up any new home and fit in with most décor.

This is a handheld cordless vacuum will be a very welcome gift. It is wireless and has a 120W high performance motor and a long battery life. It takes 4 hours to fully charge and can be used for 25-35 mins before it runs out. It can suck up liquid as well as dust and dirt and has 3 useful attachments. A very useful gift to keep a new home looking clean.

This is a useful book for anyone wanting to style their new home. ‘The New Creative Home’ by Talib Choudry and Ingrid Rasmussen and has pictures of lots of homes of famous people that have been very carefully designed but are in very different styles. It will be able to provide inspiration to anyone looking to style their home and might show them what they like and dislike so that they can replicate some ideas themselves.

This is a foil banner which says on it ‘Welcome to your new home’. A great idea for a house warming party or just to pop up in a friend or family members home when they first move in. It is 9ft long and the words repeat three times. It has a silver coloured back with bright coloured keys and balloons in the background and writing in bold blue. This item has free delivery.

This is a very pretty handmade hanging globe light. It comes in a choice of sizes and is a silvery nickel colour. It is hand crafted and has holes in the metal so that the light can come out when it is switched on. It is made of an iron base and has a nickel polish finish. It will add a Moroccan style to any room. It is easy to install.

This is a money box which has ‘Our new home’ written on it. It is a Terracotta pot in a grey colour with a slot in the top. It has no opening so has to be smashed to get the money out – the tradition is that it needs to be full and you need to wish while breaking it. It is 18cm tall and will help those with a new home to save up for refurbishing.

This is a really useful kitchen gadget which is ideal for someone just setting up a home who has not got many things. It is a plastic bottle which opens up to turn into lots of brightly coloured tools such as a funnel, measuring cup, squeezer, egg masher, spice grater, egg separator, cheese grater and can opener. Takes up a small amount of space too so good for small spaces.

This is an Echoshow 5 in black. It has a smart display with Alexa so you can get instant help. It also makes it easy to make video calls to others with compatible Echo devices. Can be used to manage calendar, to-do-lists, weather and traffic updates and even recipes. You can watch films and TV, listen to the radio and even personalise the display to a clock or photo. There is also Voice or touch screen control.

This is a fun LED light. It is available in different deisgns such as a cactus, green dinosaur, white dinosaur, flamingo or yellow pineapple. It is wireless so just needs 2 x AA batteries to work. Great for childrens bedrooms but also fun for dark corners, on shelves etc where a bit more light is needed. Lamps can be really handy in a new home so could make a fun gift idea.

This is a cute memory book which has kraft board covers and the picture of a house which has two red hearts as windows and says ‘our first home’ on the roof. It is a lovely keepsake to keep in memories of a first home together. It has 10 quality rustic brown recycle kraft sheets inside which are ring bound so they are easy to lay flat for scrapbooking or writing in memories.

This is a handy gadget for anyone that likes fresh lemons or limes. It fits half a lemon inside it and it helps to keep it fresh. It has a handy see through lid which means that you can see what is in there so if you get one for lemons and one for limes you do not need to open it to work out which is which. It is a great way to keep things fresh without trying to use cling film that tends not to stick to a wet and oily fruit.

This tin would make a really handy storage solution. We all have stuff that just does not seem to find a home and this tin is for putting those things in. It has on the lid ‘stuff that doesn’t go anywhere else tin’. It measures 20 x 7 x 15 cm and has a secure lid to keep things in place and protected from dust. A fun storage solution – so much better than using an old shoe box!

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