30 Presents for New Mothers - For Both Mum & Baby

Updated on August 9th, 2021
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Anyone that has had a baby will know how difficult things can be for a new Mum. Although it is normally a joyful time it can also be exhausting and overwhelming so it is nice to spoil the new Mum. It may have been traditional to take her some flowers when in hospital but flowers are no longer allowed in hospitals so you may wonder what else you can get. Luckily, we have put together a list of things which should give you some ideas of a present that you can give. There is a range of different items that you can choose from and hopefully you will find some things that you think will be suitable.

30 Gift Ideas for a New Mother

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This is a special gift set for new Mums which contains Sanctuary Spa products. It has 30ml hand cream, 50ml wet skin moisture miracle, 35ml heel balm and 30ml moisture burst facial wash. The products are suitable for pregnant women as well as new mums which means that you can give it before or after baby arrives. A pretty set which comes in a gift box and that will show how much you care.

This is a hardback book which is called ‘The Little Book of Self-Care for New Mums’ by Beccy Hands and Alexis Strickland. It is a guide which helps new mums to handle the emotional and physical rollercoaster of becoming a new mum. It is written by a midwife and doula who have tips and tricks to help all new Mums. It has tips for helping the pains of birth and breast feeding, recipes to nourish the body, humour fixes and other things to help out.

This is a lovely photo album for a new mum. It has a blue spine with jungle animals printed on it. It is cute design and take 6 x 4 inch photographs. There are 200 pockets to insert pictures in so it is a lovely way to create a special memory of the new baby. It measures 23 x 23cm and has an info page that you can write on as well as an index page to label the pictures. It has a DVD pocket so you can keep the original photos in it as well.

This is a silver necklace for a new mama. It has a pretty pendant which shows two foxes, a large and a small one. It has an inspirational quote on it. ‘You are your baby’s hero, their protector and their safe place. This necklace is here to remind you that you already have the strength and wisdom you need to lead the way. I know you will be an amazing mother.’

This is a baby hand and footprint kit. The idea is that you use the kit to make a permeant handprint and footprint from baby which you frame with photos of them. It comes with clay which you knead and then press into the frame and press down flat. Then you press babies hand and foot into it in the positions you want and allow it to dry. Then you just need to put it in the frame with two photographs.

This is a pamper box for Mums that need a bit of ‘me time’. It contains nine different items; Himalayan bath salts, natural loofah pad, soy wax lavender aromatherapy candle, bed socks, padded eye mask, do not disturb sign, nail grooming kit, toe separators and a head massager. They all come in a lovely white gift box which measures 20 x 20 x 10cm so it looks like a really special treat.

This is a Mr Men book which has been updated and is called ‘Little Miss Busy Surviving Motherhood’. It is the original style and contains artwork from the original series but it has a funny story written about how Little Miss Busy struggles to cope. It will have a familiar feel to any new Mum but also should make them smile too as well as bringing back some childhood memories.

This is a keepsake box which has 40 baby moment cards inside it. The cards have pretty pastel colours on them and each has a different theme and space for you to write. It has things like first smile, laugh, steps, words as well as different dates and other milestones. You can put a photo on the back to mark the occasion and write the dates when everything happened.  A cute alternative to a diary or baby book.

This is a rose quartz baby bonding bracelet. It has lots of rounded rose quartz beads and one larger heart shaped one. The stone is thought to evoke greater love and affection. The bracelet is designed to be moved from wrist to wrist. This is for when mother is feeding baby and she needs to swap breasts each feed. However, this can be tricky to remember so the bracelet can be used to remind her which side she fed on last so she can easily pop the baby on the correct side.

This is a word art print in the shape of a tree. It can be personalised with a family name and location or special date. It is available in A5, A4 or A3 sizes and there is the option of having it framed in a black or white solid wood premium frame with mount or unframed. It is printed on a digital printer on quality 210 gsm silk paper. It comes with free delivery.

This is a sterling silver pendant necklace. The pendant is heart shaped and has a mother and baby on it. It also has cubic zirconia crystals on it. The pendant measures 19 x 20mm in size and is made from sterling silver. The chain has a spring ring clasp and is also made from sterling silver. It has a high polish finish and the gemstones really sparkle so it will look really special.

This is a lovely book called ‘letters to my baby’. It is something for a new Mum to write and keep and then give to her child when they are much older. There are 12 letters and they all have prompts to make it easier to know what to write about so that the Mother can for example write about the hopes and dreams that they have for their child. It can then be sealed up and even marked with a date for when they want the child to open it up and read it.

This is a very practical nappy changing bag. It has a smart design and is available in pink/grey, grey or blue. It has top grab handles and shoulder straps so you can choose whether to hold it in the hand or carry on the back. It has plenty of space and pockets for keeping all the things you need for baby such as nappies, wipes, change of clothing and bottles.

This is a baby rabbit made by Doudou et Compagnie of Paris. The rabbit comes with a soft cream towelling blanket which is known as a doudou or comfort blanket. The rabbit is 10cm high and white. It comes in a gift box so is a lovely gift that could be a great toy that will give baby comfort and might help them to sleep for longer as they get older.

This is a book called ‘Mindful Mamma: Mindfulness and hypnosis techniques for a calm and confident first year’ by Sophie Fletcher. It will teach new mums how to create moments of calm, tackle fatigue and anxiety, connect with baby and tune in to their world. This can help Mum’s whether they are on their first baby or have had a few as it will teach new techniques that will help them.

This is ‘The New Mum’s Notebook’ which has a hardcover and is bright pink! It is a guide for new mums which has been written by Amy Ransom who has three children and writes a motherhood blog. She explains all sorts of things that should help and recounts experiences and give help. There are also spaces to write thoughts, feelings and memories. It is divided into the first twelve months of motherhood and has 304 pages.

This is a colouring book for adults called ‘#Mumlife: A Snarky Adult Colouring Book’. It has pictures printed on one side so you can use markers, paint or pencils and not worry about it bleeding through. It is 90gsm card stock and the pages are 22 x 28cm. There are pictures which all have a baby and child theme all with added humour such as ‘tub poop happens’, ‘toddlers are Aholes’,  ‘coffee versus sleep’ and ‘door bell broken’.

This is a nightdress which works for maternity wear as well as nursing. It has a cute cartoon print of a mother and baby giraffe which is in green and white on the grey fabric and it has grey trim on the collar and sleeves. It has easy access for nursing in bed. It is made from 100% cotton and is suitable for machine washing. It has a regular fit with short sleeves and is size 14 or large.

This photo frame has spaces for lots of milestone baby photos. It has space for a photo at birth and then every month up to a year with a large space in the middle for the first birthday picture. It makes a lovely keepsake and the aluminium frame is also pretty with a teddy and rabbit design and neutral beige colour. It measures 23 x 28cm and the spaces for pictures are small and cute.

This is a useful cookbook ‘The Organix baby and toddler cookbook’. Feeding babies and toddlers can be tough. Some will be fussy from the start and only eat a few things. Others will start off trying lots of things and then get fussier as they get a bit older. Having a selection of recipes on hand which are specifically suited to little ones can be really handy. This book has 70 recipes so there will always be something to choose.

This is a lovely Yummy Mummy gift set which will allow a new Mum to pamper herself and feel special. It has a relaxing lavender massage oil, a lavender bath bomb , a soap slice and a white flannel. She will feel really special and having the gift could force her to find the time to relax and pamper herself from time to time. It comes in a white gift box with a hand tied ribbon so it makes the perfect gift.

This is a baby wrap sling made from organic materials. It is actually a boxed set which not only contains the sling but also has a baby hat to match the sling and a user manual in full colour. It is eco-friendly and breathable and cool. It is made from soft and luxurious quality material so feels nice to wear on baby’s skin. It is suitable from birth to 16kg.

This Bio-Oil Skincare oil is designed especially to help to smooth skin. This means that it can improve the appearance of scars, such as stretch marks or any other uneven skin tone. It contains vitamins A and E and plant extracts in oil which improve the texture and elasticity of the skin. It is easily absorbed and needs to be gently massaged until absorbed twice a day for at least 3 months, so a good supply is needed.

This is a very handy machine from Tommee Tippee. It will make a fresh bottle at the right temperature in two minutes. It works with any powdered milk and dispenses the right amount of water. It gives an initial shot of hot water to kill any bacteria present in the formula. Once that shot of water is in the bottle, add the formula and shake and it will them top up with cooler water so it is body temperature and ready to give to baby.

This is a cute bath thermometer. It has a giraffe shape and is pastel blue in colour. It measures 15cm x 7cm roughly and floats in the bath. It will enable you to be able to make sure that the bath is the right temperature for your baby. It can be hard getting it exactly right and it can be worrying when you have a new born as you want them to be able to enjoy their bath.

This is a thermometer which you can put in baby’s room. It changes colour with the temperature of the room so it is easy to see quickly whether the room is too hot or cold. It also has a gentle night light in it which could be very useful for night feeds and to give baby comfort when they are in a room on their own. It even comes with safer sleep guidance.

This is a breastfeeding cover. It is a breathable cotton apron style cover which easily slips over the head to create a discrete cover for Mum and baby. This is great for any Mums that want to feed their baby but are concerned about privacy. If there is nowhere that they can go where they feel comfortable, they can use this instead. It can be used as a car seat cover, baby blanket or sun shade as well.

This is a sleeping bag for a new born baby. It is a soft warm blanket made from acrylic fibre and comes in Pink, Beige, Mid-Grey, Green. It is 14.2in x 29.5in when folded and a zip on the front so that baby can be put in a snug and warm wrap to make it easier for them to seep. It comes with a hat attached too to keep the head warm. Can be used in a pram or pushchair or in a cot or Moses basket.

This is a breastfeeding top which has a striped pattern on it. It comes in grey, black, navy and striped black. It is designed so that the breast area has a hidden panel so that it can be used for easy feeding. There are different designs with long sleeves so it is nice and warm and also cooler short sleeves. It is made from 95% cotton and 5% polyester so it is soft and comfortable.

This is a Haakaa silicone breast pump. It uses natural suction to express milk so it is gentle to use and it is made from 100% food grade silicon. It is a compact size so can fit easily into a baby bag or handbag. It is easy to clean and use and has no need for any batteries or a power supply. It is free of BPA, PVC and phthalates.

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